David Gray - Babylon (Live on The One Show)

  • Published on Oct 21, 2019
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  • helenaruth W
    helenaruth W 26 days ago

    8 people lordy.

  • Greaser5550
    Greaser5550 29 days ago +2

    Paddy mcguiness really enjoying the performance 👍🏼 little wonder. Excellent music

  • Scottish Always Dixie

    Thank god he,s still going Strong 👌

  • Keith Ryder
    Keith Ryder Month ago


  • hotfuzzrichards
    hotfuzzrichards Month ago

    Takes me back to the Fleece and Firkin in Bristol. One of the best gigs ever!!!

  • Kirsten Connolly
    Kirsten Connolly Month ago +1

    Love his music no talent like this anymore

  • Cyro De Cicco
    Cyro De Cicco Month ago

    Come to Brazil, São Paulo, please!

  • Dai Bennett
    Dai Bennett Month ago

    He’s coming back as Michael Jackson’s with them white socks,is time as been and gone

  • Wilderness Void
    Wilderness Void Month ago +1

    David Gray is up there as one of my favourite artists.

  • Simon Mitchell
    Simon Mitchell Month ago +1

    The real deal with a great back story. Made some great music after white ladder too

  • Gaz 84
    Gaz 84 Month ago +2

    Holy shit. I forgot about David Gray. He was a thing once.

  • Greaser5550
    Greaser5550 Month ago +1

    Absolute belter of a song!

  • Mathew Jones
    Mathew Jones Month ago

    Do you think David still enjoys performing this song?

  • stuart forsyth
    stuart forsyth Month ago

    Is that Paddy McAloon on keyboard?

  • Takayuki Ishiguro
    Takayuki Ishiguro Month ago +4

    One of the most underrated songwriters.

  • Charles Duvall
    Charles Duvall Month ago +1

    christen slater is a great singer.

  • Jiggs111
    Jiggs111 Month ago +1

    Saw him for the first time this summer in Philly. Loved him!

  • Mentle Gen
    Mentle Gen Month ago

    God what a blast from the past. I've not heard this since I was detained at Abu Gharib. Definitely one of my favourite tracks of those several years.

  • Joy Tackett
    Joy Tackett Month ago

    Beautiful song, no one should be afraid to let the person know just how they feel. You put the past in the past an take one foot towards that person an take her in your arms an tell her. Thanks for sharing 😊

  • 前橋みき
    前橋みき Month ago +1

    Absolutely gorgeous-great track-great post!

  • ian holmes
    ian holmes Month ago +1

    Don’t forget bonzo on bass ☘️☘️

  • Marija Završki
    Marija Završki Month ago +2

    Ah when music sounds as itself

  • Helen Swinger
    Helen Swinger Month ago +1

    Love this song x

  • xxnonstopdancingxx
    xxnonstopdancingxx Month ago

    His drummer is so fucking good.

  • Mark Passfield
    Mark Passfield Month ago

    Saw him at Brixton Academy back in 2005 - “not exactly Zoo-fucking-ropa is it” 👌🏻

  • ernieb69
    ernieb69 Month ago +18

    Clune's back 😍 I love it

    • Mark Phillips
      Mark Phillips Month ago

      ernieb69 just about to write the same thing. here come the smash hits.

    • ernieb69
      ernieb69 Month ago +1

      @cadamdo1982 He should keep them. They make him sound better

    • cadamdo1982
      cadamdo1982 Month ago +2

      Tim Bradshaw and Rob Malone too. Got the old band back for White Ladder's anniversary.

  • Gareth Jones
    Gareth Jones Month ago +7


  • Luke Bletchly
    Luke Bletchly Month ago +34

    Hugely underrated talent is David Gray!

  • John Haynes
    John Haynes Month ago +14

    I was living and working in the States when I first heard this back in 2000, it still seems fresh today :)

    • Ramo Chai
      Ramo Chai Month ago

      I was living and studying in Istanbul when I heard this back in 2000. Although I was fluent in English, i never managed to comprehend the chorus line (I guess even some native speakers failed to do so) but I loved it so much. I was frustrated by not knowing the artist and the song title for a long time. So thank you internet.

    • Flutter Girl Mystified
      Flutter Girl Mystified Month ago +2

      I was living and working in Dublin when I first heard this song in 2000. It brings me good memories.

  • Nemesio
    Nemesio Month ago +27

    And this generation have been lumbered with Ed Sheeran and Stormzy

    • Goncalo Amaral
      Goncalo Amaral Month ago

      Sheer 2waist David Gray & Chris De Burgh would both think you’re a fuckin idiot & be embarrassed to be asked if they’re better song writers than Lennon/McCartney. They won’t be remembered by future generations. You have a brain the size of a ping pong ball if you believe they will.

    • Sheer 2waist
      Sheer 2waist Month ago

      Goncalo Amaral guaranteed you should not be Here listening to this you should be on your beloved Beatles TVclip channel so go there now you know you want to

    • Goncalo Amaral
      Goncalo Amaral Month ago

      Sheer 2waist I guarantee you, if asked, they wouldn’t claim to be better than Lennon/McCartney. No one is that stupid

    • Sheer 2waist
      Sheer 2waist Month ago +1

      Goncalo Amaral oh really have you heard of Al Stewart? Chris De Burgh who write very wordy songs about history that Lennon and McCartney could never ever match so put that in your pipe and smoke it

    • Goncalo Amaral
      Goncalo Amaral Month ago

      Sheer 2waist Lennon/McCartney are greatest popular music song writers ever. You won’t find any contemporary song writers pretending they are better

  • Елена Зарубина

    такой драйв)) спасибо музыкантам)))хорошее настроение меня не покинет)

  • Marisa Vilella Surur
    Marisa Vilella Surur Month ago +1

    simplesmente linda obrigado bom.dia ❤❤👏❤❤

  • amangogna68
    amangogna68 Month ago +1

    Very nice !

  • Thanks N Please.!
    Thanks N Please.! Month ago +13

    David Gray reminds me of my late teenage years. That weekend in Hitchin with new friends.
    Moving through the crowds...
    Chemicals running through my Blood stream😎
    Admitting to some of those bad mistakes i made.
    👍 BABYLON🎶

    • Thanks N Please.!
      Thanks N Please.! Month ago +1

      !🔥Wow wow wow wow Wow 🔥
      🎶🎶💖 David Gray 💖🎶🎶

  • John Smith
    John Smith Month ago +11

    One of my favourite songs

  • Fiona M Baird
    Fiona M Baird Month ago +2


  • Fred and Chris
    Fred and Chris Month ago +1

    Vendredi, samedi, dimanche....💖....

  • andrew mabs
    andrew mabs Month ago +5

    This lovely song brings back great memory , thanks a lot David 👍😁and BBC

  • Susana Rossi
    Susana Rossi Month ago

    Babilonia... vivir... triste show diario...conciencia nos falta

    • Susana Rossi
      Susana Rossi Month ago

      @Juan Pablo Aleman, hice una referencia en castellano por mi mal Inglés ...me pareció bueno lo que escuché...

    • Juan Pablo Aleman
      Juan Pablo Aleman Month ago +1

      Susana Rossi ???

  • Stella Curteanu
    Stella Curteanu Month ago +1

    What do we talking about....!!!! We see/ heard ,a real, genuine value....!! Congrats! Chapeau! Thanks!