Pantera - 5 Minutes Alone (Official Video)

  • Published on Oct 29, 2009
  • Watch the official video for Pantera's "5 Minutes Alone" from their 1994 album 'Far Beyond Driven'
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    STORY BEHIND THE SONG (from Vinnie Paul): There was a guy in the front row in San Diego who was heckling Phil Anselmo (vocalist). Phil finally had enough, so he incited the crowd to jump this guy's ass and beat the shit out of him on the spot, so he sued us. And when his dad called our manager, his exact quote was, "You just give me five minutes alone with that Phil Anselmo guy and I'll show him who's big daddy around here." Phil's response was, "You just give me five minutes with that cat's dad and I'll whoop his ass." That's where that song came from.
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  • Chase Stone
    Chase Stone 22 minutes ago


  • ECE
    ECE 3 hours ago

    Song: *is called 5 Minutes Alone*
    Video: *is 6 minutes long*

  • Give em hell
    Give em hell 7 hours ago

    15 years without you, Dime...he died just a few miles from where I am living. I was only a year and a half years old

  • Transgressorassessor
    Transgressorassessor 22 hours ago +3

    Today (Sunday, December 8) marks the 15th anniversary ... r.i.p. Dimebag

  • Albert Vasu
    Albert Vasu Day ago +1

    Rex Brown is so under rated...he's a killer bassist

  • Валерий Кичкаев

    8 December rip Darrell

  • That One Guy
    That One Guy 2 days ago

    We all know this song kicks so much ass the guitar played it's own note at 4:00

  • texasrider 4D5
    texasrider 4D5 2 days ago

    Pure fuckin metal. Murica.

  • Tracey Fitzpatrick
    Tracey Fitzpatrick 3 days ago

    So F* Cking Awesome! I'm listening twice ! Rest In Peace Dime and Vinnie Paul 🤟🖤🤟

  • David Dougher
    David Dougher 3 days ago

    This song is about a guy who wanted to fight phil and the guy said all i need is five minutes alone with that guy hence the song five minutes alone

    • Jömpa
      Jömpa 13 hours ago

      No it was his father who wanted to fight Phil due to an alleged confrontation between Phil and said son that led the audience to attack the boy. The father told the press '' I don't care about a lawsuit, I just want that Phil Anselmo guy 5 minutes alone''. To which Phils manager answered '' No you wouldn't''.

  • Brian Keith
    Brian Keith 4 days ago

    How in the name of the living Lord could 10,000 fools find themselves here?

  • nox metal2
    nox metal2 4 days ago

    Los riffs de dimebag son supremamente limpios, impecables, simplemente Dios

  • TwoheadedFetus
    TwoheadedFetus 4 days ago +1

    The influence of this on deathcore is so appearant

  • главный враг

    А кто за пукина-пидорас.

  • szonja pap
    szonja pap 4 days ago

    Na ez mi tők rosz fuj 😒😒😒😒

  • Michael Moroni
    Michael Moroni 4 days ago +1

    Una persona vera. Tanta rabbia in corpo!

  • Grinning Shine
    Grinning Shine 5 days ago

    Please just give US!...

  • Andrew Shuford
    Andrew Shuford 5 days ago

    Awesome, nuf said!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nuno Alexandre
    Nuno Alexandre 5 days ago

    A TimeLess Master Piece !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Макс Иванов


  • Sheyda M
    Sheyda M 6 days ago

    This is what Hollywood don’t get . Can’t be what your idols are says Anselmo . We like the characters they play .we actually don’t know or like the person that’s playing them . There is a huge difference .the real jackin the titanic would have thrown Kate winslets ass into the water and got up in that door in a New York minute to save himself . Even though Cameron claims that there was enough space for them . Well Cameron there can only be one winner

  • Michael Salazar
    Michael Salazar 6 days ago +1

    Best pantera album since volugar

  • Ben Mari Margelino
    Ben Mari Margelino 6 days ago +2

    Best story of my life
    5 years alone.

  • Hardy’s Game Room
    Hardy’s Game Room 7 days ago


  • Downhill Nut
    Downhill Nut 8 days ago

    My balls just grew balls.

  • GladesGrown85
    GladesGrown85 8 days ago

    Everytime you play Pantera the Devil wheeps alone in a corner 🤘🖕🤘

  • David Smith
    David Smith 8 days ago

    I remember when Vinnie Paul was on the cover of Moddern Drummer........................
    95% of the response was funk that guy no talent was the biggest. ..
    His technique at that level of his career is fananimal and always got better .....
    Much love BRUT

  • mindy watkins
    mindy watkins 8 days ago

    more like 6 mins alone

  • rednome1
    rednome1 9 days ago

    Arm grab at 4:01 is AWESOME

  • steviebkhall
    steviebkhall 9 days ago

    These fuckers(pardon language),were awesome ! Peace.

  • Beau Littzen
    Beau Littzen 9 days ago +2

    I talk to these children, and they say the pits at these ELECTRONIC show are so hard. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. I wish Pantera was still going.

  • Marcus Cambrand
    Marcus Cambrand 9 days ago

    high testerone music! Love it

  • Domino Godbane
    Domino Godbane 9 days ago +1


  • Timothy Bordelon
    Timothy Bordelon 10 days ago +8


    • Sheyda M
      Sheyda M 6 days ago

      Jizzless probably have something personal to prove and using the masses to do so

    • Jizzless
      Jizzless 8 days ago +1


  • Glenn Holloway
    Glenn Holloway 10 days ago +1

    Will you listen to this? This is the sickest, most skilled and committed band you can find. they didn't need a $20,000 a month therapist and they played clubs or festivals and not for Metallica sized paychecks and I bet Dime never cried about Nothin'. My heart is broken.

  • Sphagnum palustre
    Sphagnum palustre 11 days ago

    По-видимому, я один здесь из-за "Зеленого слоника"

  • barista
    barista 11 days ago

    Dimebags murderer shouldnt die instantly. That motherfucker deserved a long time torture. Fucking bitch. If he was prisoned after killing Dime, other prisoners would fuck him in the ass. I will piss on his grave

  • Jeramey Church
    Jeramey Church 12 days ago

    I'm glad the guy who shot dime is gone it wasn't dimes fault pantera isn't here now its Phil's and i hope ur band falls and you now

    • Integrity101
      Integrity101 11 days ago

      Dimebag would be embarrassed his fans have gotten as dumb as you.
      You have NO CLUE what u are talking about. Learn how to look things up it is almost 2020. My god my fellow Pantera fans are STUPID

  • Morten Andersen Birkeland

    Panthur rra is gayer then george michael. Prison rape music, de luxe.

  • Micheal Tzitz
    Micheal Tzitz 12 days ago

    Back in my high school days of rockin this song out made my homework wanna eat the dog!

  • yukie Nunez
    yukie Nunez 12 days ago

    He's wearing a s&m bmx bikes shirt. Bad ass

  • Kc Swan
    Kc Swan 12 days ago

    shit slaps harder then make uncle

  • Alessandro K
    Alessandro K 13 days ago


  • Shawn Begley
    Shawn Begley 14 days ago


  • Josef Stylin
    Josef Stylin 14 days ago

    I work on a farm and have this on loop while I jump off the cherry picker and pull wrestling moves on the produce trees. Flying elbow drop onto a cherry tree with plate carrier protection XD \m/ \m/

  • OneSh0t TV
    OneSh0t TV 14 days ago +1

    Was listening to this while laying. Had to stand up to headbang

  • Linda Faucette
    Linda Faucette 14 days ago

    Me too dont need that long RIP Dimbag WE MISS YOU

  • Sekiro
    Sekiro 14 days ago

    Its totally 6 mins.

  • Aug Snow
    Aug Snow 15 days ago

    So glad they put a camera on dimebags guitar neck.

  • Sammy Lenjou
    Sammy Lenjou 15 days ago

    5 million views, November 2019.

  • Aaron Gonzalez
    Aaron Gonzalez 16 days ago

    Listen to this at 0.75 speed. You won't regret it

  • Phil Greenwood
    Phil Greenwood 16 days ago +1

    Vinnie was cool as fuk.. Bought me a beer at the tx state fare.. Those brothers were solid dudes

  • Señor Beso
    Señor Beso 17 days ago

    What should I do to the kid at school who says they like metal but “Pantera sucks.”

    • George Mantzos
      George Mantzos 3 days ago

      Pull our your weenie and give him a slapping

    • Señor Beso
      Señor Beso 16 days ago +1

      Love the walk reference

    • mercy1
      mercy1 16 days ago +1

      tell him politely that hes a poser and then walk away

    • SunDiegoRockStar
      SunDiegoRockStar 17 days ago +1

      Tell him to Walk on Home Boy

  • Aiden The Rocker
    Aiden The Rocker 17 days ago

    The only thing that gets me mad is that it is 6 minutes

  • Jul Giul àn O en 4 Manoir

    my two favourites groups were nirvana and pantera. for the guitar riffs. rip kurt and dimebag both murdered by crazyness. genius is the opposite of crazy

  • Scotty McScottyScott
    Scotty McScottyScott 18 days ago

    Anyone know what band t shirt Dimebag has on 2:26? Looks pretty dope.

  • Grant Nielsen
    Grant Nielsen 18 days ago +3

    Who else thinks that Phil Anselmo is an underrated metal vocalist??

    • Grant Nielsen
      Grant Nielsen 12 days ago +1

      Mad Max yeah, I am turning 17 next week and I love heavy metal and rock music. I listen to just a little rap, but like 99 percent of music I listen to is metal🤘🏻

    • Mad Max
      Mad Max 12 days ago +1

      @Grant Nielsen So nice to see young people discovering and loving Pantera nowadays, it makes me feel younger too!!

    • Grant Nielsen
      Grant Nielsen 13 days ago +1

      Mad Max yeah, your right about that. I actually just started listening to pantera this year after my uncle told me about them last Christmas. That uncle is one of my favorites because he loves rock music too. But anyways, pantera has become one of my favorites and I have researched them a lot and stuff. So I am really hoping there’s a reunion tour soon or something🤘🏻

    • Mad Max
      Mad Max 13 days ago

      @Grant Nielsen I see, I agree about Rex too....I think Anselmo's importance is more connected to his personality and his attitude on stage than his vocal range or quality, with Anselmo a new kind of frontman is born in metal world that changed forever the idea of what a vocalist in a metal band should be or do...his voice was cleaner and higher in Cowboys from Hell and even more in Power Metal but i think that everyone will remember him for the way he sang from Vulgar to the end of Pantera, his voice's evolution maybe didn't realize all his potential but sure made him a unique vocalist, that inspired a whole generation

    • Grant Nielsen
      Grant Nielsen 13 days ago +1

      @Mad Max Well my point is about a couple factors. When people think "Pantera" they think: "Ohh yes, Dimebag's guitar work is amazing and Vinnie Paul does awesome drum work." They don't think a whole lot about Phil's shredding and awesome vocals. Without philip, pantera wouldn't have become as popular as they did and they wouldn't have been as successful with thrash metal. Their album Cowboys from Hell was phil's first album with the band and was the band's first big album. Also I think Rex brown is underrated. To me, i don't think rex and phil were given enough credit with pantera. For these reasons, I hope there is a Pantera reunion soon with Phil, rex, and Zakk wylde in dimebags spot. And then whoever they pick for drums.

  • Steve Fortney
    Steve Fortney 18 days ago

    It's the title of the song, not how long the song plays, Christ... Talk about taking things TOOO literally...

  • Meh Sugaaar
    Meh Sugaaar 18 days ago +2

    The only dislikes are from the ones who broke their neck while headbanging. There is no other explanation.

  • Accidental music
    Accidental music 19 days ago

    I ask youplease