Hyenas doing it...

  • Published on Jul 6, 2010
  • I saw this at Busch Gardens
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  • person
    person 2 years ago

    I thought it meant hyenas laughing, then I saw this, WHY IS IT ON TVclip 🙈

  • LunaandKaz C
    LunaandKaz C 2 years ago +1


  • Sydd Faith
    Sydd Faith 2 years ago +7

    I don't understand why people find it absolutely hilarious when animals mate. Like, would you like people watching you and laughing at you while you are trying to make babies?

  • its Hayley osborn
    its Hayley osborn 2 years ago +2


  • bryant farrell
    bryant farrell 2 years ago

    He had to blow himself to get horny. I've been there.. lol

  • David Flores
    David Flores 2 years ago

    los pitbul ganan yo tengo dos pitbul de pele quien quiera aser peliar perro los agamos pelisr a cualchi

  • odnalro40
    odnalro40 2 years ago

    what the fuck was so funny?

  • A Beautiful Hyena
    A Beautiful Hyena 2 years ago +2


  • WarriorWolfeh
    WarriorWolfeh 2 years ago +5

    A girl's pseudopenis cannot become erect. It is always flacid. So no, it was not a female on top. The male was on top and trying to blindly find her pseudopenis to insert his actual penis into. That's how they mate.

  • Zuhayr Foendoe
    Zuhayr Foendoe 2 years ago +1

    theyre mating is natural

  • Sid Smily
    Sid Smily 2 years ago

    enjoy unlimited

  • David Pescetta
    David Pescetta 2 years ago

    on #gbfreepfp m

  • David Pescetta
    David Pescetta 2 years ago

    on #g

  • Jessica Olsen
    Jessica Olsen 2 years ago


  • Anika Jarquin
    Anika Jarquin 3 years ago +2

    both male and females have a penis, the make has to get his inside the females.

  • Boosted Beats
    Boosted Beats 3 years ago

    I ut know how I got here

  • nexelg
    nexelg 3 years ago

    It's reverse for the hyenas, the one behind is the girl :)

    • Dirty Nappies
      Dirty Nappies 3 years ago

      +Elodie Coquillat THANK YOU!

    • AME C
      AME C 3 years ago +1

      nope. Femle hyena have a penis like clitoris, into which the male has to enter. That why its a bit hard for them. But its a clitoris and the female is in the front.

    • Dirty Nappies
      Dirty Nappies 3 years ago +2

      No it's not

  • Marsha Murphy
    Marsha Murphy 3 years ago +1


  • axel lozada
    axel lozada 3 years ago

    my eyes exploded

  • DailyActivity
    DailyActivity 3 years ago

    why all we hear is female laughing?

  • Dogman
    Dogman 3 years ago

    "Guy." Its a female

  • Jasmine Richardson
    Jasmine Richardson 3 years ago +3

    Ok so I was listening to music...then I got here -_-

  • Claystar
    Claystar 3 years ago

    wtf how did i get here

  • sketch aj
    sketch aj 3 years ago

    girl on top

    • Mckenzie Wellenbrink
      Mckenzie Wellenbrink 3 years ago

      boy on top girl on bottem only cuz if it were girl it should be attacking the male

  • Jason Mars
    Jason Mars 4 years ago

    That was a girl on the back guys

    • UltamatesuperSaiyan
      UltamatesuperSaiyan 3 years ago

      +Jamie Krehbiel it wasn't. the thing is the males have to get their penises into the female's "penis". Spotted hyena females have pseudo penises that can get erect to be bigger than a males penis.this is why he was having trouble.

    • The Lost Aardvark
      The Lost Aardvark 3 years ago


  • raakone
    raakone 4 years ago

    Hyenas mate like airplanes refuel in midair. Unlike just about every other mammal out there, the females have "tubes"....that are wider than what the male uses. So it's easy for the male to "miss."

  • Ronette Sutton
    Ronette Sutton 4 years ago

    get in ther

  • Prime Jeremy
    Prime Jeremy 4 years ago +13

    hyena is probably traumatized now because all those people were laughing at him!

    • Prime Jeremy
      Prime Jeremy 3 years ago +3

      No that is a giggle, not a laugh. Hyenas giggle not laugh.

  • LølaQuinzel
    LølaQuinzel 4 years ago +11

    The peoples are so stupid that's not funny they need privacy i don't think it be funny if they were at there places
    Stupid humanity i'm not proud of being a human so sad :(

    • Tiffanie Pham
      Tiffanie Pham Year ago

      lølstrass The animals don't even care lol

    • Bunny Muy
      Bunny Muy 3 years ago

      to the top

    • Jared Drake
      Jared Drake 4 years ago

      Are you the Doctor? xD

    • smolandnonbinary
      smolandnonbinary 4 years ago +1

      Well, that's what happens when zoo tourists see that kind of thing. I feel the same way tho

  • luciferforpresident
    luciferforpresident 4 years ago


  • DemontiaDaClown
    DemontiaDaClown 4 years ago

    Female hyenas have penis and they hump guys the girls are alphas in hyena world its just liek that

    oh also females give birth trough PENIS

    so yep

    females are herm meaning have both ganders

    • Angelotube5000
      Angelotube5000 4 years ago +1

      @DemontiaDaClown What is it related to my comment? LOL

    • DemontiaDaClown
      DemontiaDaClown 4 years ago

      @Angelotube5000 When wolfs/dogs are mating when the male is about to release the female vagina makes males dick stuck....like for a hour or so but after that she jut lets out

    • Angelotube5000
      Angelotube5000 4 years ago +1

      Not penis but clitoris, only males have penis.

  • BCarrier02
    BCarrier02 4 years ago

    OMG they kinda look and mate like horses omfg sooo weird and that's how they do it soo ya.

  • Mason Eckert
    Mason Eckert 5 years ago +36

    Actually, that was a female asserting dominance over a male

  • jasmin24ist
    jasmin24ist 5 years ago

    They're both female, wildlife docos ftw

  • kayleeinternalflame7
    kayleeinternalflame7 5 years ago

    0:37 Bye, I'm sleeping

  • Brittany 'Rae
    Brittany 'Rae 5 years ago +1


  • Hi
    Hi 6 years ago

    I would hate to be a hyena.

  • Underskor
    Underskor 6 years ago +1

    Female hyenas have pseudopenises. Thats your fun fact. Yes the females lack external vaginas due to their labia fusing with their pseudoscrotum. You can only imagine what spelling check is doing to this whole paragraph!

  • Shanna Thibodeaux
    Shanna Thibodeaux 6 years ago +1

    I think it isn't really the fact that they are 'doing it' that makes this video funny... it's more the fact that the male is failing miserably at hyena love making and the female just stares completely nonplussed by the whole act. You have to admit, that is amusing...even if in a immature way.

  • M
    M 6 years ago

    I've watched documentaries that show mating in slow motion with epic orchestral scores playing. It's the creation of the next generation and therefore an amazing thing. Maybe it's humanity's belief that sex is a personal thing between two people and doing it in public is strange and anything strange is either scary or funny. In natural selection, if you're different, you'll be shunned and in the case of humans, mocked. Perhaps people percieve animals much more like us than they think.

  • Sleep
    Sleep 6 years ago

    His expression at 1:19: "Man, forget this!"

  • dante sanchez
    dante sanchez 6 years ago

    It looks like he is booty dancing

  • Clarence X. Mouzone
    Clarence X. Mouzone 6 years ago

    There's a video of a hyena giving birth here at watch?v=oMR21z5Xz3k . It's not her first litter, but her clitoris tears anyway. And the video is sped up (why, I don't know), so yep, it looks like her cub explodes from her. :-o

  • Clarence X. Mouzone
    Clarence X. Mouzone 6 years ago +1

    Not explode but tear, and tear badly: 20% of first time mothers die. :(
    The female hyena's clitoris is slightly larger, both in length and girth, than the male's penis. Her vagina is closed and covered with black hair, a fatty pad beneath each of the fused vaginal lips so it resembles a male's scrotum. Mating and childbirth takes place through the urethra, which runs along the bottom of the clitoris. The female can retract her clit and expand the opening of the urethra to help with sex.

  • MegaSteve16
    MegaSteve16 6 years ago

    Its nothing new people have always been that immature.... And ya.... Nature can be freaking hilarious sometimes! :)

  • jjj7790
    jjj7790 6 years ago +1

    Females don't really have a penis, they just have a sex organ that is external and points forward, making doggy style really difficult.

  • AP_Thomas
    AP_Thomas 6 years ago

    The reason why he can't have sex is because both male and female hyenas have penises. I guess they took away her penis because it could be deadly giving birth for hyenas. When they give birth, their penises might explode I guess :/-

  • Fiesty Rattlesnake
    Fiesty Rattlesnake 6 years ago

    The male knows what he is doing. But hyena sex is difficult. Not to mention if the female gets pissed off enough she'll kill him. The lowest ranking female is higher then the highest ranking male in spotted hyena society.

  • Mimi luvcat
    Mimi luvcat 6 years ago

    remind me f 2 folks in a nursing home slow and hit/miss''

  • Tanglemane Wes
    Tanglemane Wes 6 years ago

    Shenzi and Banzai

  • Cyanhyena
    Cyanhyena 6 years ago

    Do some quick research on hyenas. It was really difficult for the male for a reason. Hyenas have some interesting anatomy.

  • Vincent Heartland
    Vincent Heartland 6 years ago

    Click here to go on an adventure!

  • Vincent Heartland
    Vincent Heartland 6 years ago

    Don't do it.

  • tigerstripesTV
    tigerstripesTV 7 years ago

    holy shit haha.. I used to go to Busch Gardens a lot, all I ever saw was the hyenas sleeping.. wowow owow

  • nucleareactor007
    nucleareactor007 7 years ago

    In a parallel universe, Hyenas are laughing at humans doing it. And they're laughing even harder because they're fucking Hyenas! Hell yeah!

  • ribbonandhearts
    ribbonandhearts 7 years ago

    isn't that two females? the fem has a 7 inch clitoris

  • mattehFLCL
    mattehFLCL 7 years ago

    soooo unsuccessful

  • Sean
    Sean 7 years ago

    Reminds me of my first time...

  • GodsUnwanted88
    GodsUnwanted88 7 years ago

    Sexually frustrated? chill the fck down lmao you

  • MsTicklemesilly
    MsTicklemesilly 7 years ago

    give it up male hyena lol!!!!

  • Emanuel Blanco
    Emanuel Blanco 7 years ago

    what idiots would you like to bone with people talking and laughing like it isnt hard enough for the poor animals to begin with

  • dondena21
    dondena21 7 years ago

    I know hyena mating is hard in the spotted kind, because her clitoris is hard to locate. But the whole course result of mating with the ending of babies being born is REAL HARD on the female. Especially if she is a first time mother. When they give birth, it's like giving birth thru a penis! Female spotted hyenas are unique among mammals for having organs nearly similar to a male's and also the hormones.

  • llx2o1
    llx2o1 7 years ago

    thats where hot dogs come from.

  • Angelika
    Angelika 7 years ago

    he needs viagra

  • Fiskerton52802
    Fiskerton52802 7 years ago

    @XxTreetailxX ikr

  • Clarence X. Mouzone
    Clarence X. Mouzone 8 years ago

    It's not that this male is inept, but that hyena sex is VERY difficult (and potentially dangerous) for the male. See scientistatwork.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/07/19/how-spotted-hyenas-mate/ for a good description of the difficulties.