How To Make Homemade Japanese Food

  • Published on May 20, 2018
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  • Rie McClenny
    Rie McClenny 4 months ago +6398

    Hope you enjoyed the video ☺️
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    • Apple Zauce
      Apple Zauce Hour ago

      Hiiii rie!!

    • Di Hu
      Di Hu 2 days ago

      thank you so much Rie! you are exceedingly talented in the kitchen. even watching your confident, graceful actions is lovely. and these recipes are absolutely genius😋

    • Ashley Gonzalez
      Ashley Gonzalez 5 days ago


    • Wkcheiosms Fuck
      Wkcheiosms Fuck 10 days ago

      Japanese food is so amazing

    • Tajrian Bhasha
      Tajrian Bhasha 13 days ago

      Subscribe countdown....i'll be subscribing within 20 sec...and my time starts NOW..

  • avnish goyal
    avnish goyal 18 minutes ago

    I love Rie's voice so soothing 😋

  • Huge Music Lover
    Huge Music Lover Hour ago

    'If I have to choose a last meal'
    Rie, the only thing you can be arrested for is your huge adorableness!!

  • Alek
    Alek 8 hours ago

    素晴らしい!!! I really love Japanese cuisine - when I ate my first ramen I fell in love! Polish cuisine is very different, full of fat, flour, and potatoes, (for the cold winters we get) so discovering Japanese food with such different ingredients was amazing to me!
    There's a lot of Japanese restaurants where I live, but they're usually very expensive, and most of the time I can't afford anything more than treating myself to a ramen from time to time. But Japanese and Asian cuisine in general is getting really popular, so the new ingredients get more accessible! this inspired me to cook some for myself- it's an even better way to explore Japanese cuisine!
    I made chicken ramen for my girlfriend last week and she was amazed! Can't wait to try other recipies :3

  • Chimichanga
    Chimichanga 10 hours ago +1

    3:03 you already know ;)

  • Savage Yoongi
    Savage Yoongi 13 hours ago

    I just wanna get my hands on their sugar

  • Huey Vlogs
    Huey Vlogs 15 hours ago


  • Neon Clouds
    Neon Clouds 17 hours ago

    my dream is to go to Japan. im so in love with the food, the culture and all. my favorite plate is ramen and onigiri!

  • Bloxxer John
    Bloxxer John Day ago

    While I don’t know how to use a microwave.

  • Mawla42
    Mawla42 Day ago

    0:19 What does she use to oil the Tamagoyaki pan?

  • Drew Peacock
    Drew Peacock Day ago

    That salmon looks so bomb 🤤

  • Almira Mae Cainglet

    Mine is Takoyaki 💕 i lovee em

    • GamingwithKen
      GamingwithKen 10 hours ago

      What is takoyaki??? You mean Tamagoyaki?

  • Ho Homer
    Ho Homer Day ago

    Rie strangely reminds me of Marie kondo.... Does it spark joy...?

  • Sal Larkless
    Sal Larkless Day ago

    anyone know what that white stuff was that she put on the omelette?

  • Khaing Soe_.
    Khaing Soe_. 2 days ago

    At 4:42 they way she said it 😂

  • 고등 지능 ODINS trash

    When it comes to Asian food will make it at home, I want to get my hands in there to make authentic ass food guy.

    Give me a cigar and a big ass bowl I’ll be sitting there making kimchi.

  • Budget. Slimes
    Budget. Slimes 2 days ago


  • Rob Treb AUTS
    Rob Treb AUTS 2 days ago

    The Best Ramen in Tokyo⤵️⤵️⤵️

  • Rukito kun
    Rukito kun 2 days ago +3

    That octopus shaped wiener.

  • Di Hu
    Di Hu 2 days ago +1

    fav Japanese dish: ramen completely made from scratch 😊

  • Tatiana Phillips
    Tatiana Phillips 2 days ago

    Rie is so kind and sweet

  • Sam Lan
    Sam Lan 2 days ago

    I make Japanese food too. Instant Ramen.

  • deku
    deku 3 days ago

    i made the tamago, although it just tasted like normal egg but was kinda gross :< not at all how tamago is supposed to taste. i've had it at japanese restaurants but i can't get it to taste the same ?

    • GamingwithKen
      GamingwithKen 10 hours ago

      Yea same i made tamagoyaki but it was kinda gross and i used a normal pan cus Buying that rectangle pan would probably be a waste

  • Tasneem Mawas
    Tasneem Mawas 3 days ago

    My favorite Japanese dish is Takoyakii

  • Gustavs Strazdins Tutorials

    Good info! 🔥

  • let's talk real
    let's talk real 3 days ago

    Thanks for sharing... I can't wait to try them 🤤🤤

  • Naomi Jacobs
    Naomi Jacobs 3 days ago

    And this is way Japanese people aren’t fat

  • Ken Ramirez
    Ken Ramirez 3 days ago


  • Broken Heart
    Broken Heart 3 days ago

    What a lucky husband that he has a pure QWEEN as a wife!😍

  • Draw Nocrabal
    Draw Nocrabal 3 days ago

    And this is why the japanese are the healthiest if not, one of the healthiest people on earth.

  • mrlokalist
    mrlokalist 3 days ago

    01:34 is the Chef called Kartoffel (german for potato)

  • Georgy Alexander
    Georgy Alexander 3 days ago +2

    Octopus-shaped *weiner*

  • Maeve Of Blades
    Maeve Of Blades 3 days ago

    She said KAWAII!!!!!!!

  • ツXxcarlosxX
    ツXxcarlosxX 3 days ago

    Reí is the best I swear

  • Vexquoi
    Vexquoi 3 days ago

    why do i think the egg omelette looks like sushi

  • Max
    Max 4 days ago

    Fell in love with Rie after watching this video

  • Cotton Panda Cloud
    Cotton Panda Cloud 4 days ago


    JOAN ROBERTS 4 days ago

    Enjoyed the video very much. My son is an Asian Studies Major and learning to speak Japanese at school. We had an incredible Japanese lunch in NYC yesterday. He wants me to learn to cook some Japanese dishes. I will try. Just wanted to add that you give a lovely presentation. Thanks!

  • dark pumkin gaming
    dark pumkin gaming 4 days ago

    Some yorubers bully asian and im asian yhea

  • Falcon Feathers
    Falcon Feathers 4 days ago

    I’ve never actually tried anything with a Japanese background or origin (at least I don’t think) but I saw Jun from Jun’s Kitchen making Sukiyaki and it looked really nice 😊

  • sohini chatterjee
    sohini chatterjee 4 days ago

    Love from India

  • Grouzard Killer
    Grouzard Killer 4 days ago

    dont worry even though im only 11 years old i wont do it because i am reasonable and follow orders very good

  • Adrian Guzman
    Adrian Guzman 4 days ago

    Your food looks good

  • mind is a universe
    mind is a universe 5 days ago

    I love you Rei, you are so cute thank you so much for your videos and for sharing the love

  • MysteryMelon3
    MysteryMelon3 5 days ago

    How much you wanna bet that 50% of the comments would be weeaboos

  • Her
    Her 5 days ago

    Why would I cut tofu on my hand when I have a cutting board !

    NARESH TANWAR 5 days ago

    वाह क्या बात है मजा आ गया

  • renangso drai
    renangso drai 5 days ago

    She has got more subscriber than Ramsay....👍

  • Kayin Mehta
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  • Victoria Saisong
    Victoria Saisong 5 days ago +3

    Me:I have no friends
    Rie:once you get to know your rice cooker it’s your friend
    Me:well looks like I have a friend now

  • Naima Irfan
    Naima Irfan 5 days ago

    Can i skip wine. Because i am a Muslim but I love Japan.wish i could eat Japanese food someday. It's like art. I can't cook now because my 2 bones are broken and i am healing.

  • Bio Hazardous
    Bio Hazardous 5 days ago

    Sushi easily is the best Japanese dish it’s sooooo good

  • hunny bee
    hunny bee 5 days ago

    This was soooooo therapeutic!!

  • Mandy
    Mandy 5 days ago

    Fun fact: Rie had around 79K subscribers before posting a single video

  • ugly rat
    ugly rat 5 days ago

    Every thing that Japanese people make always ends up being cute like the egg 😂

  • Bean Milk
    Bean Milk 5 days ago

    Never watch this when your hungry

  • sasha trejo
    sasha trejo 5 days ago

    japan is so cool i swear ill go when i can

  • Jakub
    Jakub 5 days ago

    "Im from hiroshima'"
    *Laughs in Radiation*

  • Luctator 05
    Luctator 05 6 days ago

    I don't think there is anything left of hirochima

  • ShadowZZZ
    ShadowZZZ 6 days ago +1

    Miso soup, Udon, Ramen, Omurice are dome of my favourie japanese meals, But without meat because I'm vegetarian.
    I also love green tea.

  • Nexel Ray
    Nexel Ray 6 days ago

    Wowowowowow, there are two types of okonomiyaki?!
    That’s news to me!

  • DumpsiteMemery GachaQ

    "Not that difficult

    Um excuse me what

    FANTASICK 6 days ago +1

    Okonomiyaki is basically like the Rochester garbage plate for Japan. It's funny how if it's foreign it seems sophisticated to Americans.

    FLUMMI 6 days ago

    i really love chineese or japaneese food because it is very diffrent from the food i eat everyday and it is just a nice stwitch around of my eating habbits :P

  • megha singh
    megha singh 6 days ago

    Making Japanese food requires skill.

  • In my opinionばかー
    In my opinionばかー 6 days ago +2

    0:12 *B R E K F A R T S*

    • Fluffy
      Fluffy 4 days ago

      In my opinionばかー don’t make fun of Rie’s accent. She is so pure and wholesome

  • Aely
    Aely 6 days ago

    I want Rie to become my other mother so she can cook these delicious foods for me

  • Peach Blossoms
    Peach Blossoms 6 days ago

    3:03 lolololol

  • Daniella Zahra
    Daniella Zahra 6 days ago

    My favorite dish was....ALL OF THEM!

  • Riley Brooks
    Riley Brooks 6 days ago +17

    Rie and Alix are the reason I keep coming back to tasty.

  • liam draw
    liam draw 7 days ago

    ria is amazing person!

  • Kim Seokjin's Wifeu
    Kim Seokjin's Wifeu 7 days ago

    My favorite Japanese dish is Takoyaki, Mochi, Pork Ramen, Chicken Kaarage and shrimp tempura

  • Korbes
    Korbes 7 days ago

    God bless y’all! We need to turn to Jesus as Lord and Savior and leave sin behind. Preach the Gospel! John 3:16

  • Rachel Ireland
    Rachel Ireland 7 days ago

    why do you call them snow peas? in the UK we call them sugar snap peas (i think because they are sweet and crunchy!)

  • Eric Nagamine
    Eric Nagamine 7 days ago +4

    Are recipes available on tasty? Could you provide links.

  • Anime Person Here
    Anime Person Here 7 days ago

    Nice now i can express my self proclaimed anime culture like the weeb i am.

  • Kayla Goldsworthy
    Kayla Goldsworthy 7 days ago

    I love this so much, thank you!

  • Ignacio Benavides
    Ignacio Benavides 7 days ago


  • Peter Smith
    Peter Smith 7 days ago

    I bet she is a freak in bed

  • Yrene Gonzalez
    Yrene Gonzalez 7 days ago

    I love shush l mean l never tride it but you no🍣🍣🍣🍣🍣🍣🍣🍣🍣

  • Vlado Atanasow
    Vlado Atanasow 7 days ago

    If my country got nuked i wouldn’t go to work for the enemy

  • Liam Downey
    Liam Downey 7 days ago

    Weebs lol

    MADISON RUMAN 8 days ago

    I made the egg this morning and it was a little rubbery. Did I do something wrong? It was delicious though. Thank you for sharing this. 💜🍤

  • Mahaboob khan
    Mahaboob khan 8 days ago

    I love japanese food but one thing i dont like sorry but i love you

  • Zeejay L
    Zeejay L 8 days ago

    I can imagine antoni from queer eye having a look of horror and worry as watches her cutting the tofu on her hand.

  • Karina Wang
    Karina Wang 8 days ago

    U mean Asians cuz I’m Chinese and I eat a lot of fish

  • IzzDizz
    IzzDizz 8 days ago

    Rie is from Hiroshima dam I feel bad I’m from America

  • Talan Digiacomo
    Talan Digiacomo 8 days ago

    All weebs rise up

  • doughnut evolution
    doughnut evolution 8 days ago

    Their lunch breakfast and dinner looks so nice and I could eat all of it for a snack

  • applmmo
    applmmo 8 days ago

    Every rie vid: “it’s one of my confort food

  • Cook With Sruthy
    Cook With Sruthy 8 days ago


  • Tiarnán Duddy
    Tiarnán Duddy 9 days ago

    Can anyone tell me what the red sort of fluffy paste Rue put on top of the omelette was?

  • Karla Peña
    Karla Peña 9 days ago

    Please do more videos like this 😔

  • ThatOneLad 22
    ThatOneLad 22 9 days ago

    I got a Tasty ad for a Tasty video..

  • crystal small
    crystal small 9 days ago

    She sounds home sick 😔

  • XxGachaRexilMir xX
    XxGachaRexilMir xX 9 days ago

    Rie:I don't want young audience to watch this video
    Me:the young audiences give you subscribers and likes like I am only 9

  • Kathryn Tan
    Kathryn Tan 9 days ago

    Have anyone tried the cheese cake in rice cooker?

  • Kathryn Tan
    Kathryn Tan 9 days ago

    Hello I like to bake the cake if I use rice cooker should I select cooking porridge? Please help me

  • Kathryn Tan
    Kathryn Tan 9 days ago

    Hello how to bake in rice cooker?

  • Secret Soul
    Secret Soul 9 days ago

    Show us how to make takoyaki😍😍😍😍