ASMR In Dollar Tree

  • Published on Dec 1, 2019
  • we love a good dollar tree

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Comments • 1 561

  • Miranda Herrera
    Miranda Herrera 5 hours ago

    ASMR at the mall next😍😍

  • Nostalgia On The Air Michael Christopher

    Your videos seem to get more and more desperate for views.

  • Millie ASMR
    Millie ASMR 2 days ago

    Do public asmr in Walmart

  • Emma Smith
    Emma Smith 2 days ago

    She atttack
    She smack
    But most importantly she relacc

  • Sophia Hurtado
    Sophia Hurtado 2 days ago

    What!! u don’t know what cocktail sauce is??

    U usually eat it with shrimp

  • tumblr bee
    tumblr bee 3 days ago +1

    11:40 How dare you?

  • Worm Shack
    Worm Shack 3 days ago

    Cocktail sauce is for shrimp usually

  • soggy sandwhich
    soggy sandwhich 6 days ago

    Dean: there's lot of people looking at us today-ok look there's puzzles

    wE aLl LoVe A gOoD pUzZlE

  • Chloe Williams
    Chloe Williams 7 days ago +1

    You remember when your mom gave you that talk before you went into the store: Don’t touch nothing, don’t ask for nothing cause you ain’t gettin nothing.

    Me as an adult: touches everything in sight

  • Rosie E
    Rosie E 8 days ago +1

    “We love a good...” is now your thing, so you can never stop😂

  • joanne
    joanne 9 days ago

    Too short and too bitchy

  • yassin hassin
    yassin hassin 9 days ago

    nice asmr at the dollar tree

  • Ana Johnson
    Ana Johnson 10 days ago

    im perfectly fine sir looooooooooool

  • Carly Rae Nation
    Carly Rae Nation 11 days ago

    Cocktail sauce is for shrimp

  • Annie Cox
    Annie Cox 11 days ago

    I wanted to let you know you are the first ASMRist in awhile who is not so far up their own ass about triggers and mouth sounds that they don’t accidentally wake me back up ❤️ thank you queen!!!

  • Sleepy Gabzzz
    Sleepy Gabzzz 12 days ago

    CEO of loving that

  • ASMR Hudson
    ASMR Hudson 13 days ago

    I like your Dollar tree video. Let's stay connected

  • Merilyn Rodgers
    Merilyn Rodgers 15 days ago


  • iGriz
    iGriz 16 days ago

    "Im Not Sure If Everything's a dollar"
    It says in big green letters in the front of every dollar tree " Dollar Tree *EVERYTHINGS A DOLLAR*"😂

  • Cayden Thompson
    Cayden Thompson 17 days ago

    does it piss anyone else off that he didn’t crinkle the tissue paper? just me? okay.

  • firestorm 710
    firestorm 710 18 days ago

    We love a good...thats your thing and you should keep being you...we love a good Dean ASMR! 💙💚💛💜

  • Charlie Martin
    Charlie Martin 19 days ago

    Southernasmr is queen of these types of videos

  • Jeremy Dixon
    Jeremy Dixon 19 days ago

    Your public ASMR is kick ass

  • Álvaro Hernandez
    Álvaro Hernandez 20 days ago

    Who eles is mad he dident go to the makeup section 😅

  • Border hopper
    Border hopper 20 days ago

    A egg noodle is an egg noodle

  • blanko
    blanko 20 days ago

    1. we love a good
    2. we love a good
    3. we love a good
    4. we love a good
    5. we love a good
    6. we love a good
    7. we love a good
    8.we love a good
    9. we love a good
    10. WE LOVE A GOOD

  • Antwon Anthony
    Antwon Anthony 21 day ago +1

    “oh crap this moms gonna come down here” LMFAOOO

  • Xavier Maravilla
    Xavier Maravilla 21 day ago +1

    That little girl was mean af

  • Nosey YT
    Nosey YT 21 day ago

    When he comes home

    Mom: what did you do at dollar tree
    Dean: just tapped on everything I saw and had people stare at me

  • Destiny Renee
    Destiny Renee 22 days ago

    I can't help but wonder why I never shop at the Dollar store while watching this...🤔

  • Sebastian Guzman
    Sebastian Guzman 22 days ago

    2:50 you boil them and they turn into beans there not for what you said I forgot.

  • Arlot gamer 275
    Arlot gamer 275 22 days ago

    I love the camping on the cleaning aile

  • Lillian Blunk
    Lillian Blunk 22 days ago

    This is the dollar store how good can it be

  • Osvald Aponte
    Osvald Aponte 23 days ago

    0:20 he got a snap

  • Softbunny
    Softbunny 23 days ago +1

    Sister rich we don’t know her

  • Sage-ish IDK
    Sage-ish IDK 23 days ago

    Dean after tapping for 30 seconds: "Guys I'm getting kinda bored"

  • Emerson Rhodes
    Emerson Rhodes 24 days ago +1

    One of my favorite ASMRtists💕

  • Emma Lee
    Emma Lee 25 days ago

    Lol he put a toilet brush on his neck

  • Emma Lee
    Emma Lee 25 days ago

    James Charles befor he became rude and mean vibes

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover 25 days ago +1

    “I don’t know if everything in this store is a dollar... but I guess it is”

  • AlanaGotNext
    AlanaGotNext 26 days ago +1

    2:26 ish, did anyone else see that girl drop that tube thingy

  • ii_ вяσкєи
    ii_ вяσкєи 27 days ago

    Asmr in a thrift store

  • Retarded Fortnite lover

    Imagine if the Camera man is jame Charles

  • Anthony
    Anthony 28 days ago

    of course people are going to stare especially in a dollar tree don’t act surprised , not hate :)

  • minesia jackson
    minesia jackson 28 days ago

    Make more of these please

  • Fiori Brito
    Fiori Brito 28 days ago

    Relajante y entretenido!!!
    Gracias Dean!!

  • Raven Reads
    Raven Reads 29 days ago

    Weloveagood ASMR returns, yaaaas! lol. I love it. Sometimes I watch your channel and I imagine how much freer I would feel if I could give as few Fs as you do in public lol. I mean that as a compliment. Love that confidence. You're awesome.

  • Lily Henderson
    Lily Henderson Month ago +1

    I love your voice so darn much 💓

  • Libertty Reels
    Libertty Reels Month ago

    You is gay

  • A p h r o d i t e
    A p h r o d i t e Month ago

    Lmao I love how he thought the beans where fake, you’re supposed to cook them first before that they’re hard BEANS

  • izele 2
    izele 2 Month ago +1

    99% talking 1% asmr

  • Kacey and friends
    Kacey and friends Month ago


  • Tra'mayne Gaines
    Tra'mayne Gaines Month ago


  • ElChamakito0 YT
    ElChamakito0 YT Month ago

    At this point anything he finds “we all love a good ____”

  • ElChamakito0 YT
    ElChamakito0 YT Month ago +2

    7:42 - 7:44 that was so tingly I would love to here more

  • _Mary_ XOX
    _Mary_ XOX Month ago +1

    you're soo cool!
    we love ya❣

  • tyler jacob
    tyler jacob Month ago

    “i’M pErFEcTly fInE siR”

  • Sasha Hale
    Sasha Hale Month ago

    cocktail sauce??? the stuff u dip shrimp in ? rice noodles ??? a type of noodle ????

  • Kim Taehyung
    Kim Taehyung Month ago +7

    "Lets tap on the candy"