Why Tobey Maguire Will Always Be the Best Spider-Man


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  • Dorkly
    Dorkly  12 days ago +158

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    • Connor Stickels
      Connor Stickels 4 days ago

      So that's why Shuckle is always so good. Mike Trapp. Makes sense now.

    • Chevy Storm
      Chevy Storm 6 days ago

      The Incredible Mr Joe I don’t think I do because it’s a fact

    • The Incredible Mr Joe
      The Incredible Mr Joe 6 days ago

      I think you need to explain yourself. Andrew Garfield made for a great Spiderman. He played a "Poor Peter Parker" in the first movie, but by the second movie he struck a great character balance.

    • C Ol
      C Ol 6 days ago

      After watching Spider-verse I rewatched the Raimi versions and for some reason I find Tobey Spiderman to be a bit iffy. But Tobey does make a nice Peter Parker. Plus the Raimi train scene reminded me of the final act in Nausicaa Valley of the Wind.

    • Chevy Storm
      Chevy Storm 7 days ago

      Dorkly you are fucking stupid, Tom Holland is the best Spiderman. Tobey was just meh as the character of peter Parker and Spiderman.

  • Bird_ man
    Bird_ man 3 minutes ago


  • EsTaNo_ 21
    EsTaNo_ 21 Hour ago +1

    Mmmmm NO

  • deleted
    deleted Hour ago

    I love Tobey
    People say Tobey was a good Peter Parker , and then they say the andrew Garfield are a good spider man but not a good Peter Parker , then they say the guy in MCU movies is average at both so he is best , I don't really feel anything from the mc u Spiderman , Tobey was the best , he made me wanna go try crawling on the walls ,he made me feel shit , which the new MCU movies just don't ..

  • GoGo24
    GoGo24 Hour ago

    Y didn't he consider TASM series

  • White Bear
    White Bear 2 hours ago

    Toby McGuire was the worst Spider-Man ever and will always remain so.

  • Johann Cejares
    Johann Cejares 2 hours ago

    Tom Holland is still the best spiderman

  • Gryg23
    Gryg23 2 hours ago

    Peter the Park Ranger

  • Jay Jello
    Jay Jello 2 hours ago


  • Bartu Tetik
    Bartu Tetik 2 hours ago

    Have you watched spectacular spiderman?
    Becuz if you did you would be like yesss yesss this is the spiderman screw them all

  • Rajaram M
    Rajaram M 3 hours ago

    They made spidy a joke in MCU..

  • Frank Schimmenti
    Frank Schimmenti 5 hours ago

    I think the Sam Raimi movies are the Spider-Man movies and the Christopher Nolan movies are the best Batman movies.. they have a similar meaning throughout both trilogies and I think that Tobey Maguire played the best Spider-Man and Christian Bale played the best Batman.. also both trilogies have arguably the two best super hero movies of all in time in Spider-Man 2 and The Dark Knight

  • Volound
    Volound 6 hours ago

    1:26 core tenant?
    so spiderman is a landlord?

  • budal15
    budal15 6 hours ago

    He isn't the best already so what's the point of the whole video?

  • Stormcloak Shreds
    Stormcloak Shreds 7 hours ago

    I hate Tom Holland's Spiderman. I hate the new "high school boy" character overall. I like to stick to the original like the comics, the animated series and that's why Tobey Maguire's Spiderman was the best movie adaptation of a character overall

  • game ster
    game ster 8 hours ago

    tobey spiderman was comic accurate

  • Near 87
    Near 87 8 hours ago

    The 2002 spiderman is one of the best super hero movies of all time.

  • JGI Productions
    JGI Productions 8 hours ago

    Toby maguire is the worst spiderman

  • lincoln jordison
    lincoln jordison 8 hours ago

    They all got nothing on the electric company spiderman

  • Colton Capps
    Colton Capps 8 hours ago +1

    Yeah ok but just wait for tony to die in end game.

  • Sergio Lopez
    Sergio Lopez 9 hours ago

    I think the PS4 Spider-Man is the first time I played a game where you get evicted.

  • unexpected deaths
    unexpected deaths 11 hours ago

    toby McGuire is the ugliest and the background affect is cheesy and it looks so shit like a cheesy trash green screen

  • Brian L
    Brian L 12 hours ago

    Most memorable moment of Tobey SM is that... dancing. It's burned into your brain whether you want it to be or not. I had actually forgotten about the train scene.

  • yash Verma
    yash Verma 12 hours ago

    Being the best
    doesn't need justification

  • Brian L
    Brian L 12 hours ago

    Tobey is the Spider-Man that I could most see selling his marriage to protect his identity.

  • Nekore Legaia
    Nekore Legaia 12 hours ago

    Mmm, mmhmm... I disagree.

  • breynoso17
    breynoso17 12 hours ago

    The video should be, why your opinion doesn’t matter, Tobey was too goofy and nerdy and never really gained confidence like in the comics unless he had the symbiote

  • Char Plays
    Char Plays 13 hours ago +1

    Sam Ramey's spiderman provides everything a spiderman story needs. Motivation, a love intrest that he feels like he cant get, and as he said awful personal life. Andrew garfield is the worst, Tom Holland is good but homecoming feels like to much iron man not enough uncle ben. Ben is his entire motivation to become spiderman.

  • Daviid Chacón
    Daviid Chacón 13 hours ago

    i fuckin agreee

  • Sieanna Lloyd
    Sieanna Lloyd 14 hours ago +1

    No, just no. Tom Holland is the best.

  • Austin Zarrella
    Austin Zarrella 14 hours ago

    I might be missing something here but what about Andrew Garfield. Believe me i prefer Toby McGuire over any other spiderman out there but are we not talking about him. Also who else is watching Spiderman 2 at the moment.

  • Quirkless
    Quirkless 15 hours ago +1

    *”You’ll get the payment if you fix this damn door!!”*

  • marscaleb
    marscaleb 15 hours ago

    Personally I thought the Amazing Spider-Man was very well-structured and written for a superhero movie... Just not really a good Spider-Man movie. You could have swapped out Spider-Man for just about any hero. His personality never came off right to be Spider-Man.

  • Misael Toral
    Misael Toral 17 hours ago

    Good thing Tom Holland has literally decades ahead of himself to get better if he ever gets to play the character for that long.

  • Cameron Leonard
    Cameron Leonard 18 hours ago

    He’s a freaking pile of dust

    HOTDOG_FROM_IKEA 18 hours ago

    He still sucks, Sam Raimi did a poor job overall. He took our childhood hero and spread a massive deuce all over it. Tobey would have been better if the script was better, just do it for the fans the rest will follow.

  • Tara Raynal
    Tara Raynal 19 hours ago

    Tobey's spiderman full of memory of my teenage years, but i will say tom holland as spiderman are great too. I think i prefer tom than tobey actually.

  • TCOrigamist
    TCOrigamist 19 hours ago

    My spiderman doesn't have organic webbing.

  • Michele Barbieri
    Michele Barbieri 19 hours ago

    Tobey is childhood... 😍

  • Avery Blackcloud
    Avery Blackcloud 20 hours ago

    I swear, these videos always seem like they are made to spite people, but when you actually watch them, they give valid reasons why they say what they say and why it matters.

  • Mo Mashala
    Mo Mashala 20 hours ago

    That's a fact

  • George Angelos
    George Angelos 21 hour ago

    I agree the first Spider man Was The best he was Poor and his power not From his Suit not like the other Number two Spider man he Made his Web shooter and the last one his Suite got Everything iron Spider IQ Wow and yea the first one made me once Tear in that Train shot and when He Saw MJ kissing other that wow without Super Suite

  • Sung Jae Mun
    Sung Jae Mun 21 hour ago

    Why dont MCU bring back Tobey Maguire in Spiderman movie as The Black Spiderman but not in symbiote suit. The Dark Spiderman facing all villain simultaneously by himself when people not appreciate him, hate him, make him a most wanted criminal in all country, just to prove the corruption that happen cause by the villains until then people realize that he is speaking the truth and died after the villains captured and imprison forever. That will be iconic movie. Hope MCU look at this comment

  • HS Gaming King
    HS Gaming King 21 hour ago

    Tobey Is best for spiderman

  • willturnerfanAWE
    willturnerfanAWE 22 hours ago

    While that I enjoy Spider-man Homecoming, especially Spidey's place in a bigger MCU world and his relationship with Stark, I will always have a place for Tobey's version of him. Especially Spider-man 2 was the best, I really liked the complexity of the villain in Doc Ock and I have yet to see a villain that has matched him in the other Spidey movies

  • FlexViper
    FlexViper 22 hours ago

    out of all the spider man Tobey is one of the poorest one. And he can still fight and endure every single hit that was given to him. Imagine how op Tobey would be if he got his hand on the homecoming suit and being funded by tony stark at the same time

  • Peka Hauhnar
    Peka Hauhnar 22 hours ago

    YES YES YESSSS !!!!!!

  • warlord 9001
    warlord 9001 23 hours ago

    Pizza time

  • ryan mcmillan
    ryan mcmillan 23 hours ago

    Toby sucked dick toms the best

    • Robert Savageau
      Robert Savageau 23 hours ago

      Tobey's the best adult Spidey and Tom is the best teenage Spidey.

  • Aweyz Khan
    Aweyz Khan 23 hours ago +1

    0:53 whats wrong with her hair

  • Rafael Steinbuks

    tom holland is better in my opinion

  • Juan Lopez
    Juan Lopez Day ago

    hte first movie ja, the sequel yeah, the 3th ruined him. but.. holland is much better. :D

  • Arif Jauhari Bin Mashkuri

    Agreed.. Also, Tobey's Spider-Man is relatable to me not just cause the great power comes great responsibility has been the famous quote for the character.
    In my life, I too got bullied during school days & even though i have my older brother around me during those days, part of me just wanna be independent & stand up to myself. At the same time, i have to remember of the consequences of my actions if i do anything.
    My school & university days kinda sucks & i can relate to peter parker during those phases.
    To summarise:
    Tobey's Spider-Man = A geeky/nerdy person being bullied during high school but becoming a super-hero later on
    Andrew's Spider-Man = Some rebellious person with issues.
    Tom's Spider-Man = Modern teen that has the "senpai notice me" vibes

  • Sintrias
    Sintrias Day ago

    Nope. The new Tom Holland iteration is the best Spiderman.

  • Aditya rex
    Aditya rex Day ago +1

    Tobey Maguire best spider man

  • Joseph Zothanpuia
    Joseph Zothanpuia Day ago +1

    Other Spiderman Movie sucks & Toby's Spiderman was/is better because their(Others) Movies were always better than Spiderman himself. Not like Toby Spiderman, he (Toby/Spiderman) made the Movies better.

  • Rutheless Truth
    Rutheless Truth Day ago

    In Deadpool 2 when Ryan was riding on the scooter I was actually expecting a Toby joke sadly I was disappointed.
    Edit: and they never should of made MJ black in the news ones. Not a racist comment just don't believe they should change decades of history to make SJW's happy.
    Garfield was a great Peter and Spiderman

  • Joseph Zothanpuia

    I'm gonna cry..

  • Subraj Rabidas
    Subraj Rabidas Day ago

    Deep meaning ❤️

  • Reji Jupiter
    Reji Jupiter Day ago

    So you actually mean Reimi’s direction is the best so far? Because Tobey was never a good Parker. Way too meek and sad

  • Mateo Querol
    Mateo Querol Day ago

    I'm waiting for all the marvel fanbois hating in the comments

  • khayyam Al
    khayyam Al Day ago


  • Resho Loitam
    Resho Loitam Day ago

    "With great power there also come a great responsibility"

  • Resho Loitam
    Resho Loitam Day ago +1

    MCU spiderman is not spiderman ...he is ironman junior...

  • Sean Mills
    Sean Mills Day ago +1

    Rami’s films helped paved the way for the MCU to be given a serious chance. Spider man is one of the greatest comic heroes to be given a live action rendition. You see him in his suit thwipping around enormous NYC and you can’t help but want to be him. You wish it was you. Another thing that Rami’s films captures was excellent actions scenes/spidey overcoming incredible physical challenges including his train stopping face/the actual endeavor, but also every physical battle he encountered no matter how cringy the villain was (topher grace as eddie brock). I absolutely love the MCU Holland version, despite the depth there is that is missing, but Rami’s Parker/spidey really helped capture the struggle there is that is Parker and spidey both. Plus seeing him live in action was incredibly entertaining. Andrew Garfield was too ‘cool’ and cried every scene he was in unmasked.

  • Ghiyãth Klink
    Ghiyãth Klink Day ago

    Nah.. Tobey Maguire's Spider-man wasn't cocky enough, there wasn't enough contrast between Peter Parker and Spiderman. Garfield's has this same problem, where his Peter was too confident.

  • Carter Phu
    Carter Phu Day ago


  • Justin Morgan
    Justin Morgan Day ago


  • Wall Fork
    Wall Fork Day ago

    I think your points are gonna be directly addressed by the next movie

  • Wall Fork
    Wall Fork Day ago

    Yuri god damn Lowenthal.

  • Xoja Mula
    Xoja Mula Day ago

    Great video

  • Matthew 1984
    Matthew 1984 Day ago

    So basically you liked "Spider-man" having real life issues and nothing to do with the shit acting Toby Maguire.....annnd the fact that you just didn't get to see Tom Hollands spider man on screen UNTIL Tony Stark comes into the picture?
    clickbait and full of shit review.

  • Azmi Redy Pradana
    Azmi Redy Pradana Day ago +2

    2.4K dislikes are from *poor fanboy morons* with shallow thought

  • Chetan Gupta
    Chetan Gupta Day ago +1

    In my view, if one thinks/says/imagines Spiderman and the "that" performing Artist comes in mind - we can say Hero and Artist became entangled to one another e.g- Neo (Keanu Reeves), Dark Knight, aka, Batman (Christian Bale) etc., however, the director & casting associate also plays a vital role in it. No doubt Tobey Maguire will be the best and only Spiderman who has justified the character (hero) and fits perfectly in it. And it's not only Tobey Maguire, but all the characters in Spiderman also fit perfectly to the role. Thanks to Sam Raimi who made the hero larger than life. I hope & wish both will collaborate once more in the future and give an another gargantuan Spiderman title.

  • Hodey FU
    Hodey FU Day ago

    Just from your title I'll say no.

  • suarezguy
    suarezguy Day ago +1

    Tom Holland's Spider-Man seems like, for the most part, he's in it for the glory-which is a terrible depiction of the character.

  • CyclicAtom33
    CyclicAtom33 Day ago

    Ah, three movies I never care to sit through again. I'd rather revisit the live-action tv series.
    Toby was whiney, he was stiff/had no charisma and he sucked big time when it came to the humor/quipping aspect of the character.
    You have very low spider-standards 😂

    • suarezguy
      suarezguy Day ago +1

      Tobey and Tom were both whiny-which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

  • Edward Lewis
    Edward Lewis Day ago

    Being in a crapy situation isn't a character trade it's not what makes a character. Spider man's gift was a bird because there weren't any other superheroes that could share that burden with him in so he took upon all the responsibility of being a hero while in the actual Marvel universe you have X-Men Avengers guardians ect. To share the responsibility of saving people. Spiderman is able to fail without everything falling apart. And sure that may take away from his struggle but it should not be the end all be all on who your character is.

  • Psych0t1c An0m4ly

    I dont agree on this. I think Holland makes an amazing Spidey, and even a bit better then Toby

  • Chinstrap 91
    Chinstrap 91 Day ago +1

    27 year old checking in here. Toby was so far from what I thought Spider-Man was in the comics it blows my mind.

  • Lars Chue
    Lars Chue Day ago

    Western Women and modern feminism = All Power No Responsibility.

  • ravensblm
    ravensblm Day ago

    Just from this title itself made me think you're out of your goddamn mind I think he's fucking better I'm not even going to watch a video I'm going to dislike it and block you if you retarded ass you can't have a 30 year old man playing a teenager like Tobey Maguire did

  • TwiceThePraise
    TwiceThePraise Day ago

    I don’t think y’all understand, MCU spiderman is a teenager. We’re not in the life crisis stage in life. He gave up proving Flash Thompson wrong where all he had to do is show up to the party in homecoming. Or skipping a his date at the homecoming. These may not seem life devastating to adults but as teenagers these are important/good memories growing up that you cant get back. As he gets older he’ll get more hardship choices. I’m just saying giving it time

  • Jordan Sweet
    Jordan Sweet Day ago +2

    Wow,what a video. I love Spiderverse and the Spiderman trilogy but you really covered all the bases.Toby Maguire will always be Spiderman at the core.I really like Tom Holland though. Amazing video!

  • Taka Baruna
    Taka Baruna Day ago +2

    The thing about MCU Spidey is that the character seems to have adopted Miles' character arc from the comics, where Miles is always trying to live up to someone else, whether it's the Avengers or the old Spider-Man. That's why I find Into the Spider-Verse so refreshing. It's a similar arc to Peter's original story arc, but with a few twists here and there.

  • you scare me
    you scare me Day ago +1

    Your comparing an ADULT with high school STUDENT!!! He doesn't know the cost that come with being a hero because his movies are still ongoing. Give him some time.

  • Kitsunekun2
    Kitsunekun2 Day ago

    Tobey Maguire was never the best Spider-Man, he was a great Peter Parker, but he sucked as Spider-Man. Andrew Garfield sucked as Peter Parker, but was good as Spider-Man. Tom Holland is the only actor to get both sides of the character right.

    • Ti My
      Ti My Day ago

      Another simpleminded false dichotomy

  • Cole Duffy
    Cole Duffy Day ago

    This sounds wrong, but I hope that Tony Stark is the one that dies in Endgame, because in the mcu; Tony Stark is pretty much an Uncle Ben to Peter and that would maybe drive Peter to take matters into in own hands and become the independent man he’s supposed to be.

  • Kitsunekun2
    Kitsunekun2 Day ago

    This will be followed by a video about "Why the Sky is Green" and "Why the Earth is Flat"

  • Shwkw 15
    Shwkw 15 Day ago

    Shut up

  • Dean Woodford
    Dean Woodford Day ago


  • Romiel Franco
    Romiel Franco Day ago

    Toby is spiderman no more no more
    That's why

  • H8FULL gamer
    H8FULL gamer Day ago

    Not gunna lie, mark web did this just as good in tasm1.

  • Corbin Garrett
    Corbin Garrett Day ago

    Tobey was NEVER even an OK Spiderman.

  • Addem
    Addem Day ago

    So we're just gonna act like spiderman didn't damn near DIE in homecoming ?

    • Addem
      Addem 18 hours ago

      Ti My so you're saying he wasn't nearly crushed to death?

    • Ti My
      Ti My Day ago +2

      He didn't

  • David Berrios
    David Berrios Day ago

    Yep old spider man is best
    Andrew is good

  • Reilus Johnson
    Reilus Johnson Day ago

    Tobe is not the best spiderman at all lol amazing spider man was better

  • Rafael Nascimento


  • ashish bhatt
    ashish bhatt Day ago +2

    Worst moments of sam raimi triology is better than later spiderman movies

  • Marcos Figuereo
    Marcos Figuereo Day ago

    All your points are irrelevant just because in the other movies they can't use anything from the toby ones because it will just be the same movies just with a different actor and everyone loves him just for the fact that it was the first spiderman movies we got and people dont like new and cant let go of the past