Big Guns - Kadirov’s personal Spec Ops units

  • Published on Jun 22, 2018
  • Hello, guys! We came from Chechnya with a load of really cool stuff for you. We met with the country’s top Spec Ops units which are personally supervised by Ramsan Kadirov himself. We asked these guys to simulate tactical drills like the ones that US NAVY Seals mastered through-out the years before storming Osama Bin Laden’s compound. Sadly, we brought no helicopters to the site the way Americans did in Pakistan, but we gladly accomplished ‘seek-and-destroy’ mission.
    Suppressors, rails, and optics for Russian arms -
    Russian Spec Ops battle gear -

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  • 林肯
    林肯 7 months ago


  • pgunhil
    pgunhil Year ago +4

    Just translate this: Россия, хоть и выглядит большой, она такой не является. Люди выживают в городах за Уралом, множество самоубийств из-за образования, РПЦ(Российская православная церковь) судит и садит в тюрьмы за простые шутки, слишком много коррупции, трата денег на другие страны, бессмысленные гос-закупки, людей пытают в полицейских участках. Зато в Москве всё есть, дальше Москвы финансирование не уходит, когда в Москве живут хорошо, другие экономят даже на воде.

  • Nikita Knyazev
    Nikita Knyazev Year ago

    Russian military are best

    • toothpicksticker bananas
      toothpicksticker bananas Year ago +1

      They are badass! I always get pumped watching spec warfare from other countries. By far one of my faves. Most of the Russian military personnel I’ve met in the past were outstanding. Had a great time with them.

  • Александр Неизвестный

    chechenes specforces - i do not like it

  • YewTube
    YewTube Year ago


  • Ahmed Humoud
    Ahmed Humoud Year ago +2

    shame on putin's dog Ramzan kadyrov
    kadirov has managed to pacifiy his own people for Russian occupation
    putin will throw him in the garbage when he is finished with using him

    • Nikita Knyazev
      Nikita Knyazev 7 months ago

      @Ahmed Humoud you have been infected by western propoganda

    • ησяϯн кαяεlια
      ησяϯн кαяεlια Year ago +2

      Ahmed Humoud
      _You look like a typical dumb Arab living in Britain or the United States. I'm sure that your favorite evening TV show is the fake news of Al-Jazeera. Ahmed, your place in the cesspool and stop eating pork at night. Allah sees everything.))_

    • Oleg Chromov
      Oleg Chromov Year ago +1

      Ahmed Humoud, and that's exactly why we build the biggest mosque in Europe? Don't be stupid.

    • Oleg Chromov
      Oleg Chromov Year ago

      Jovan Jovanovic, I wouldn't go that far. There was always the tensions between Russian Slavs and Chechen Caucasians.

    • Ahmed Humoud
      Ahmed Humoud Year ago +2

      you are just Russian subject under their rule
      you are second class citizen to the Christian slavs

  • Buffalo Lodge
    Buffalo Lodge Year ago +3

    Right on, brothers! Stay strong...stay vigilant!!!

  • Buddha's Disciple
    Buddha's Disciple Year ago +3

    I hope they will fight for Russia and NOT against.

    • Oleg Chromov
      Oleg Chromov Year ago +2

      Some of Caucasians are very loyal to Russia, some hate Russia. It's hard to say who they will be fighting for.

    • Jovan Jovanovic
      Jovan Jovanovic Year ago +1

      Buddha's Disciple Well they have Russian flags on their uniforms so ...

    • Vasisualiy Lohankin
      Vasisualiy Lohankin Year ago +2

      you're so naive

  • Michael Kline
    Michael Kline Year ago +6

    Don't you have anything POSITIVE about Russia to report about today besides bloody Guns?!?! Come on! There is so much going on there. Get with it!!

    • toothpicksticker bananas
      toothpicksticker bananas Year ago +1

      This seems pretty positive to me. Mother fucking spetznas..... woooo .... get some! To bad it ain’t longer.