Joe Rogan Experience #1336 - Legion of Skanks

  • Published on Aug 20, 2019
  • Legion Of Skanks has been called “the most offensive podcast on Earth” and the hosts and creators are stand up comedians - Big Jay Oakerson, Luis J. Gomez, and Dave Smith.

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  • Steven Levine
    Steven Levine 2 hours ago

    Dave Smith suuuuuuucks

  • Kieth Stone
    Kieth Stone 2 days ago

    he seriously did these cunts but not cumtown

  • uncrownedoak
    uncrownedoak 4 days ago

    Get Gus Sorrola or Burnie Burns from Rooster Teeth on. They have different style podcasts and would be interesting to hear in the same episode.

  • shadfurman
    shadfurman 6 days ago

    I'm sitting across from a gay dude right now that's pissed cause an oil line broke on his f350 diesel, seazed the motor and sent metal shavings through both turbos and now he doesn't have anything to go hunting in so his tag is gonna be wasted.
    I'm more of a pussy than he is. I'm such a pussy I don't even know if it's an f350, I just know it's a full-size pickup. I don't hunt, I've never shot anything bigger than a chipmunk (which I ate).

  • Nate Clasen
    Nate Clasen 6 days ago

    “Oh shit, they goin North South, he’s got his dizzle in his bizzle”
    Is the ultimate ‘make me happy’ quote

    • Nate Clasen
      Nate Clasen Day ago

      EastCoast Fury 1:25:25 its tough to tell but you might be right

    • EastCoast Fury
      EastCoast Fury 2 days ago

      im sure he said dizzle in his mizzle

  • crisqo1984
    crisqo1984 12 days ago

    Was this the episode where they talked aboot ari shaffir whipping his dick out at skankfest and chasing the girls around?

    • Davy Roger
      Davy Roger 10 days ago

      lol I had to come find that after he drugged Bert

  • shoplifting began in ancient phoenicia

    Legion of skanks EL O EL well their at the right place ya fkin SATURNIAN SODOMITES

  • Pro Fights Info
    Pro Fights Info 13 days ago

    I watched this on August 19, 2019!

  • KB405150
    KB405150 14 days ago

    I remember that video of the black guy beating the white female officer in front of his daughter.

  • Dave Randall
    Dave Randall 15 days ago

    iphone is hilarious mundane garbage

  • Mason Soye
    Mason Soye 18 days ago

    when joe was talking about babies shooting XD

  • William L.
    William L. 19 days ago

    mimi choi just got real famous -
    also, 4 guys talking up the importance of proper sneaker wear is one of the big reasons why this country is circling the drain

  • kelly burgess
    kelly burgess 19 days ago

    You're a loser if you're still in the android/iPhone debate with anyone. Wtf cares! Unless you're paying their phone bill mind your damn business

  • ImSoBaNjO
    ImSoBaNjO 20 days ago

    19 quarter blunts a day for 30 days... Not that crazy if you've ever had a real amount of weed

  • Adam Piasecki
    Adam Piasecki 21 day ago +1

    I clicked this because I thought it would have a legion of skanks...

  • JonezBB
    JonezBB 21 day ago +3

    Big Jay is absolutely hilarious whenever he is in anything

  • Misunderstood78ca
    Misunderstood78ca 21 day ago

    Why do we as a society have to tell people what to do? It's for their own good, it's not a good idea for her to be a cop, she's too small...... If these people are not your child or immediate family keep your mouth shut about what people can do!!! If its a woman's dream to be a cop and she passed the training, by that point I think she's pretty familiar with the dangers!!! Who in the fuk are you to tell her she can't do what she always wanted?

  • Mousey The Bear
    Mousey The Bear 22 days ago


  • First Last
    First Last 23 days ago

    The skanks were in sync this time

  • aiRCoft
    aiRCoft 24 days ago +1

    Two minutes in and I've already got to give this video a like.... X'D

  • CadillacJak
    CadillacJak 25 days ago +1

    These guys know absolutely nothing about technology

  • CadillacJak
    CadillacJak 25 days ago

    Trump is s great POTUS 🇺🇸

  • Patar
    Patar 27 days ago +1

    I always looked down on people with iPhones, inferior and pretentious. But you're in the club lol

  • Ken Brunet
    Ken Brunet 28 days ago +2

    At least 3 occasions where Jay made a joke and there were crickets. But i was pissing myself laughing at home!

    • Ken Brunet
      Ken Brunet 24 days ago

      @graig quan He said funnier then. Implying Rogan is funny as well.

    • graig quan
      graig quan 25 days ago

      Adam Chlebovec Rogans not funny?

    • Adam Chlebovec
      Adam Chlebovec 28 days ago +1

      These guys are funnier than Rogan

  • Kudo
    Kudo Month ago

    Legend of Shanks

  • Dustin Dumaw
    Dustin Dumaw Month ago

    No matter what people say about football, those athletes know the risk long before they start their first practice, and certainly know after the first snap, but the the feelings and the lessons learned are lifelong and were worth the risk for me

  • Dustin Dumaw
    Dustin Dumaw Month ago

    I have no clue who these Skanks are but this is my favorite podcast yet

  • Not Sorry
    Not Sorry Month ago

    Luis is so freaking fine

  • Kendall thompson
    Kendall thompson Month ago +1

    Joe's hat is holding on for dear life

    • Not Sorry
      Not Sorry Month ago

      that's killing me, lol, its so distracting

  • Ronnie Martillo
    Ronnie Martillo Month ago

    Threw the like for the legion not Joe.

  • Jose vasquez
    Jose vasquez Month ago

    If you buy the b es st of the best at 4k a pound, that's 10packs a month to get 40k. Its possible.

  • Noname Nolast
    Noname Nolast Month ago +9

    joe "every joke goes over my head" rogan

  • Karaoke Wayward Son

    Legion of Shills

  • Adam Golden
    Adam Golden Month ago +1

    I refuse to believe that every comedian is obsessed with MMA as they pretend to be when they're around Rogan.

  • Newmarket Dispatch
    Newmarket Dispatch Month ago +1

    My mom bought me these knock off jordans back in grade 7. They looked nice but they were "hoops" shoes. Walked in to class my teacher sees shoes goes oh new shoes...."no stripes no swoop" what are those before that was a meme.
    When got home threw them in closet never wore them again

  • DjWolfDub
    DjWolfDub Month ago +1

    They don't commingle men and women prisoners but let female cops fight the male criminals.....great idea folks

  • Alex Donald
    Alex Donald Month ago

    Someone who supports Trump because they are a real estate developer is plain and simple a horrible person. You either agree with his policies and the way he conducts himself or you are prepared to make money by turning a blind eye to his policies. Both scenarios make you a horrible person

    • Crunch Buttsteak
      Crunch Buttsteak 19 days ago

      Oh stop they're not "horrible", you don't even know then personally. Politics are so dumb.

  • Michael Cardona
    Michael Cardona Month ago

    Always great with these guys. ✊

  • Dhanush Selvaraj
    Dhanush Selvaraj Month ago +1

    22:09 haha luis calls joe out

  • 131untouchable
    131untouchable Month ago

    Gillette lost alot of money

  • 4lphad0g
    4lphad0g Month ago

    I know no one's going to see this because I'm 2 weeks late on this podcast, but can someone please get Joe a bigger hat? The bill starts on top of his head...

  • Bob L
    Bob L Month ago


  • Lukas Wavra
    Lukas Wavra Month ago

    These boys need to arm wrestle that lady cop w man arms from live PD and see if their opinions change lol

  • pstcontrl
    pstcontrl Month ago +1

    Hena is a part of a traditional make up applied by women for women and has nothing to do with tattoos. It's also not a Thai thing. It's a thing in the Arab world and the Indian subcontinent. Tattoos also exist along side Hena in many of these parts as is the case in Morocco for example where indigenous Imazighen women used tattoos and Hena for looking good and had traditional significance. Didn't mean to go on like this but those dumb asses need to stop sounding like stupid teenagers.

  • Ronaldo Murphano
    Ronaldo Murphano Month ago

    Why does Jamie always leave the camera on someone like he did to the dude sitting next to Joe? He's not doing anything interesting, he's just sitting there.

  • neggit
    neggit Month ago

    Joe"what if babies could shoot guns " Rogan

  • Jack Linari
    Jack Linari Month ago +1

    Joe get the fucking MythBusters on here already that shit would be genius

    • Jack Linari
      Jack Linari 13 days ago

      Crunch Buttsteak right Adam and Jamie in this environment not a kid friendly show would be unreal

    • Crunch Buttsteak
      Crunch Buttsteak 19 days ago

      I'm surprised he hasn't had them on yet

  • L. M.
    L. M. Month ago

    Fuckin’ LOVED this episode. Big Jay is the man! We need another solo episode with him soon.

  • Ethan Johnson
    Ethan Johnson Month ago

    These guys are fucking idiots. Pretty funny, but still fucking idiots lol

  • Lou Zear
    Lou Zear Month ago

    What cooties does Joe Rogan have on the back of his neck?

  • J0hnnie
    J0hnnie Month ago

    1:42:00 low key shittin’ on Schaub. It’s silly and fickle but it fucking annoys me that guy got a special almost instantly havjng material that consists of retelling others old stories with piss poor delivery.

    • Crunch Buttsteak
      Crunch Buttsteak 19 days ago

      I dont like to hate on people but even Schaub's vernacular doesn't seem genuine. Like ever since he started hangin' out with Joe he started talking like him. He now always says "he got starched" instead of "he got k.o.'d" I'm not surprised if his stories aren't genuine either.

  • Greg N
    Greg N Month ago

    The bit about suing over the tattoo on Tyson is false. You can't sue someone for that. However, in the Hangover 2, the other character gets the SAME tattoo on his face. That's what the artist sued over. The movie studio copied his work and put it on someone else.

  • silentmarcus
    silentmarcus Month ago +1

    Apple phones are overpriced products for people who don't know what they are doing, period ...

  • iBleedScarlet&Gray
    iBleedScarlet&Gray Month ago +1

    How bout them Buckeyes Jamie? O-H

  • dood poop
    dood poop Month ago +2

    Anybody find a picture of cheryl lynn sleeter?

  • Bianco Nero
    Bianco Nero Month ago +1

    What kind of Hat is Lou wearing? 🧢🇨🇺🤔

  • beksski87
    beksski87 Month ago

    These guys sound fucking retarded.

  • Evan Lowney
    Evan Lowney Month ago

    that's not right. lawyers. the first time you're on the record, you're on the record, irrespective of how big the audience is. no practicing privately.

  • Drkwolf.ll
    Drkwolf.ll Month ago

    Most offensive my ass, check Drinkin' Bros'

  • MCcookiebreath
    MCcookiebreath Month ago

    lol at them puffing on thc distillate like it's a cigar