A Rant on Annoying Moviegoers


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  • Astral Luminosity
    Astral Luminosity 6 hours ago

    Seriously... this is the reason why I have not been to a movie theater in at least 10 years.

  • Rocket Shakira
    Rocket Shakira 6 hours ago

    One time when I was like 15 I was the annoying movie goer :( my phone wasn't functioning properly so even when I tried to put it on silent it would still make a sound... and my Dad texted me 3 times to make sure I was okay and this lady got really mad at my existence I still remember how bad I felt but she wanted to murder me lol

  • Eddie Murillo
    Eddie Murillo 14 hours ago

    Isn't it funny, this video is 5 years old yet it's still relevant today, probably more so now

  • Verdi Limao
    Verdi Limao 16 hours ago +1

    Words of advise Stuckman...if u ever wanna prove ur not racist nvr start off by saying u have blk or Asian friends 😂
    I’m jus saying ....
    You still the man to me I don’t think u racist tho ...luv ya vids btw ...👍🏽

  • Barney Isadinosaur

    Can't stand irritating movie goers (mostly teenagers). That's why I go the earliest time, a small movie theater, or get VIP tickets. That or just wait for it to be released on Blueray. Haven't seen a movie since Infinity War though cause these kids just made me snap and boycott theaters for a while.

  • swift shot
    swift shot Day ago

    i went to go see kong with some of my friends because chilling a dumb action movie , full fucking class of teens like 16 yr olds . all scream all movie long and make a scene and make everybody in the theater annoyed . everybody tells them to shut the fuck up , but of course they dont listen and we all have to live trough this crap , end of movie and my and buds get out of the theater , i see the little shits and because i yelled at them alot they had a bit of beef with me , (im tall and at that time i was like 175cm [was 12 at the time]) one of the kids come up to me in a threatening manner , he was shorter then me so he had to look up and he said this to me: "do you want me to fuck you up? because i can fuck you up real good" . i lookedd down on him and told him to fuck of and pushed him on the ground and walked away so yeah , fun times there are alot more asshats like these 4 groups in israel

  • Kim Jong Un
    Kim Jong Un 2 days ago

    This is fucking fantastic

  • Tyler O'Quinn
    Tyler O'Quinn 2 days ago +1

    This is why scary movie has one of my favorite scenes in film.

  • 1ranjeeves21
    1ranjeeves21 2 days ago

    I'm not racist either but have you ever seen that part in Scary Movie? That's all I'm saying....

  • Jay Donagh
    Jay Donagh 2 days ago +1

    It must be a universal thing that disruptive people in movie theaters are either entitled teenage white cunts, young children, large groups of family/friends, middle-aged suburban mothers, loud people with no filter or disabled people. I would add one more to that list, but people will probably call me a racist. So figure it out yourself.

  • Jacob Garcia
    Jacob Garcia 3 days ago

    This is why I love Alamo Drafthouse and I’m fortunate enough to have several where I live. There don’t talk, don’t text or you will be told to leave with no refund policy is awesome because they will enforce it. I can’t ever recall having a bad experience there. That being said and I realize not everyone can do this is to build your own hometheater like I did and you won’t have to deal with rude audience members anymore, I promise it’s a project worth doing if you love movies.

  • Austin Chamberlain
    Austin Chamberlain 3 days ago

    Asking people not to talk during a movie is like asking people not to slurp in a restaurant. Yes, it's rude to slurp, but who's worse, the slurper, or the asshole who walks across the building to tell that guy off.
    You seriously showed a level of immaturity the day you filmed this, you prejudged a guy as a 'whole film talker' and pissed him off, so when he had an opportunity to show how ridiculous you were being, you obviously freaked out... Then you left. He won. You angered him by, essentially, being an entitled [insult redacted], so he called you out on equal levels of bs, and he got you so mad that you actually, physically left.
    At the time of filming, you acted spoiled and cowardly. Time has passed, and I'm not insulting you as you are today, but to the man in this video, I would've bugged you for 2 1/2 hours, just to show you for trying to be the "arbiter of movies!

  • aussieskates
    aussieskates 3 days ago

    If possible, I tend to avoid commercial or mainstream movie theatre screenings for the very reasons you outlined.
    Some folks think they are on a theme park ride, where vocal interaction of every kind is mandatory.

  • aussieskates
    aussieskates 3 days ago

    Thank you for posting.
    Sadly, this behaviour isn't only limited to cinema.
    Recently, I paid $!20 to see a live production of the musical, Jersey Boys.
    For the duration of the show, an older woman sat directly behind me taking selfies, texting, and worse, singing along. Very badly, I might add.
    I was so tempted to turn around and play the arsehole card by saying, "Save it for Karaoke night."
    But instead, I said nothing, and her entitlement ruined what should have been a wonderful experience.
    When did some folks start treating public spaces like their personal lounge rooms?

  • Whip antenna
    Whip antenna 4 days ago

    We all know what kind of cinema goer you’re describing.

  • PandaAnimated
    PandaAnimated 4 days ago

    One thing if you can’t handle a horror movie rated fucking R for gore and violence with warnings don’t watch it because I don’t want to hear your screaming the whole time that will make me deaf and people screaming Don’t go in there or he’s definitely dead or anything along those lines sure horror movies are supposed to scare you but people who can’t stop screaming from the opening seconds to the credits can irritate me

  • Nikolaj Nielsen
    Nikolaj Nielsen 4 days ago

    Stop being a bitch and grow some balls, tell people to be quiet, don't ask

  • Joe Sycamore
    Joe Sycamore 5 days ago

    I liked the House at the End of the Street

  • Back Country Pastimes

    Don't even get me started on those teenage cellphone bitches

  • Euriah Is Nerd
    Euriah Is Nerd 5 days ago

    I live in a small town so i dont have many bad experiences. My worst one was when i saw halloween (2018) because my aunt came with me and my family and she likes to comment on everything it drives me crazy and i did tell her to shut up at one point because i told her to stop like five times and she just didint

  • TheCrazyGamer
    TheCrazyGamer 5 days ago

    When I was really young, toddler young, I had a movie experience where I got kicked out for talking. That somehow burned the rule not to do such things into my brain

  • Maegan Baker
    Maegan Baker 5 days ago

    I know these experiences were probably annoying when they were happening but they sure do make a hell of a funny story

  • Eli
    Eli 6 days ago

    The thumbnail gets me every time though

  • Ryan K
    Ryan K 6 days ago

    trashy, nasty people don't comprehend the fact that they are a plague on mankind... i have a feeling that, like, 1% of people originate 95% of all negativity in the world... it's a pay it forward in reverse type deal. all the good people get so fed up in their lives with all this extremely disrespectful behavior and treatment that they develop a preemptively less compassionate stance in their lives on a constant basis... an example would be where good people are happy to help those who are less fortunate and need help in life. but then these welfare type taxes are abused by trash to the umpteenth degree who keep having babies they can't take care of, on purpose, just for the check it brings them. this type of behavior is really a plague in this world and it makes a sad situation because you worst of the worst people are breaking your fellow man's capacity for empathy when they see u put your diarrhea attitude and your low brow mentality on blast all over the place. i honestly think we should collect all the people like this (based on a particular amount of random votes submitted per individual) and isolate them all in one city together.

  • RavingTurnRuth
    RavingTurnRuth 7 days ago +1

    I once experienced a really noisy theatre where people just kept shouting at every scene they saw while watching X-Men Apocalypse. They could not shut up. And the worst part is, it didn’t stop until the end credits scene showed.
    I wanted to stand up and tell them to keep quiet, but there were too many people and my parents would just get mad.

  • the drive
    the drive 7 days ago

    turds can ruin a party

  • Joseph Noble
    Joseph Noble 8 days ago +1

    I went to see Halloween 2018 with my wife. That's a "talk during movie" type of movie because it can get so intense. There were people screaming "SHOOT HIM... SHOOT HIM!!!" And I feel like it added to the experience. Besides those kinds of movies, I definitely agree.

  • Allan Alberts
    Allan Alberts 8 days ago

    You go girl!

  • Furious Figures
    Furious Figures 8 days ago

    I went to a pirates of the Caribbean movie and it was just me my dad and my friend but half way through the movie 2 girls come in and start talking to us trying to sell cookies and I’m sitting there like are you serious

  • Caron Pearson
    Caron Pearson 9 days ago

    I’m loving the racists who claim they aren’t racist in the comments.

  • Lane Henkle
    Lane Henkle 9 days ago

    I will work for you when that day comes! LOL

  • Mohammad Ali
    Mohammad Ali 9 days ago

    To be honest I’m probably loud in the theater, now that I think about it.😬🤫

  • Al Yawnez
    Al Yawnez 9 days ago

    So what? Does that mean I can't sneeze or cough? No care by Stuckmann.

  • GoreQuill NachoVidal
    GoreQuill NachoVidal 10 days ago

    moviegoers who annoy me

  • eric lopez
    eric lopez 10 days ago

    I had this white teenage girl on the row behind me rest her bare feet next to my face. I pushed them off and to my surprise she acted offended and in shock!....like you really didn’t think that was disrespectful? Piece of shit. I hate people with no common sense

  • Sandvich Man
    Sandvich Man 10 days ago

    I have a 16 year old, pregnant cousin...

  • FreddyVoorhees666
    FreddyVoorhees666 10 days ago

    2 years ago, a friend and I went to the cinemas to watch Lights Out. Before the movie even began, there were a group of 12 year olds sitting at the front, and not shutting the fuck up. They were laughing and chatting the whole way throughout the film, and simply mutilating the experience for the rest of us moviegoers who wanted to watch in peace. They were very inconsiderate, people were getting mad, I was even tempted to throw my drink at them. Guess they were too scared so they decided to ruin it for us.

  • Sagge Ytits
    Sagge Ytits 10 days ago

    Thats why i stopped going to the movies. I dont want to pay money to hear someone stuff their face and yell at their kids. If i wanted to do that i'd just sit next to my wife all day for free.

  • spideyboro Allison
    spideyboro Allison 10 days ago

    I feel bad and I did experience watching Infinity War and somebody was kicking me at the back of my chair and It was so annoying I know how you feel man

  • Anakin Skywalker
    Anakin Skywalker 11 days ago

    while watching Mad Max Fury Road some ass-holes decided it would be fine to talk the whole way through me and my friend eventually had enough and asked them to please be quiet, they did but 20 minutes later the one person started texting and the person had that noise when you text
    fucking peasants

  • Darragh Hynes
    Darragh Hynes 11 days ago

    I went to a special screening of The Big Lebowski for the 20th Anniversary with some of my mates, one of which hadn't seen it at the time.
    It was an amazing experience as TBL is one of my favourite movies ever, but there were SO many annoying audience members quoting so many of the lines before they were even said and cheering while someone was speaking. I'm all for enthusiastic audiences but these guys took it way too far.

  • B. Ouellet
    B. Ouellet 11 days ago

    When i saw last jedi, I had 2 bad 3d glasses. I had to get out twice to get another pair. I got a refund and finished the movie. Now i grab 2 pairs at a time! ;)

  • John Moore
    John Moore 11 days ago

    Years ago I was seeing a movie with my ex. Pretty good crowd. About five seats to our left there was a couple who I’m guessing was on a first date. And the dude was talking and talking and talking to the point I finally couldn’t take it anymore. I had shushed them. Then I graduated to verbally and politely asking him to be quiet.
    Finally, after another few minutes, I spoke into regular volume and said, “Will you please be quiet”
    With a very firm tone.
    So he leans toward me and says, “do you wanna step outside?“
    I said quite emphatically and as if talking to a simpleton, “Noooo. I want to watch the movie!”
    Eventually the manager came in and asked them to leave.

  • Taylor Reed
    Taylor Reed 12 days ago +2

    As a black woman I feel incredibly embarrassed and apologize on her behalf . And I promise we are not all like that. You just happened to be dealing with someone whose just so happened to be low class.

  • Mark Saguindel
    Mark Saguindel 12 days ago

    That's why I stopped going to the theater

  • Tyler Durden
    Tyler Durden 12 days ago

    Everybody up in here be talkin'.

  • David Brown
    David Brown 12 days ago

    where I'm from they don't even have security guards like if anyone talks you legit have to silence them yourself no one comes in to check on us or anything so I can relate to you Chris on those people.

  • Callus1234
    Callus1234 12 days ago +1

    I was in a theater and in the middle of the movie the guy behind me phone rings. He actually answered it and I guess the person who called asked what he was doing and he says “just watching a movie” and then proceed to have a 5 minute conversation.

  • Seven Ellen
    Seven Ellen 12 days ago

    Me and my parents always opt to watch movies at home now. No annoying noisy people, no rustling, no one getting up to the toilet, no half-hour wait for adverts to finish, the ability to pause when we want to get more drinks or use the bathroom ourselves, and we always get the seats with the legroom. ^_^

  • buster1quinn
    buster1quinn 13 days ago

    I got an overhead projector .blu Ray movie ;put a great pair of headphones on or have surround sound and I’m in bliss. I can wait for most films a couple of months . Star Wars,avengers ?Yea I’ll go to imax I will admit as the crowd really want to watch the film opening weekend

  • llskippyll
    llskippyll 13 days ago

    This doesn't happen in th UK from my experience 😂

  • Devs
    Devs 13 days ago

    nibbers are always shouting in movies.

  • Robert_6- _
    Robert_6- _ 14 days ago

    Lol im not racist

  • Invisible
    Invisible 14 days ago

    such people are one of the reasons why i do not watch films and movies any longer , thanks for your bravery

  • OCT Khaliif
    OCT Khaliif 15 days ago

    5:55 God dammit Chris lmao

  • Marian M
    Marian M 15 days ago +1

    I feel you! I mostly go to screenings around midnight. Sometimes you can hear people snore but no loud comments and shit. However when teenagers get in, it's hell ... and top was when I went to see BvS in BFI imax in london ... ticket nearly £20 and asshole sitting next to me was laughing non stop but with his nose like quietly but non stop ... so If someone doesnt like the film why the most expensive big ass option there is ? anyway ... chari kicking, texting, ranting all shit I've been through ...

  • Austin Trench
    Austin Trench 15 days ago

    Sadly I agree with you but also if turn on you if I sneezed by accident and you went “shh” at me. Then it would be on.

  • Lover of everything
    Lover of everything 15 days ago

    When people talk during the previews it doesn’t bother me that much cause the movie hasn’t started yet

  • Red Lion
    Red Lion 15 days ago +2

    As an Indian who had a bad experience last night because of three talkative idiots while watching Alpha i can relate. Indians are classless and obnoxious and either don't know the rules or simply ignore them. 3/4th of the city of Hyderabad is bad for theatre experience whereas the western part of the city is more developed and people are a bit classy so going to theatres is better there. Crying babies and teenagers who think they are cool and are the worst in my experience. But i also came across adults who should know better. I used to watch 2 or 3 movies in theatres every month but now i only watch 1 movie per month.

  • bob the jew
    bob the jew 15 days ago

    i talk in movies when im watching with my friend but i literally put my hand on my mouth and whisper in his ear because i have had shitty experiences like yours

  • ukchristian28 JA
    ukchristian28 JA 15 days ago +1

    I am in the UK and this kind of thing is unheard of over here. I have never encountered it. They must have stricter standards here.

  • Monkuso_103
    Monkuso_103 16 days ago

    Let’s not forget about the group of hipster 12 year olds all in a group who think it’s funny to overreact to every little suspenseful moment

  • Vankruze
    Vankruze 16 days ago

    Use the 3 warning system, in roughly 100 movies I've only ever gone beyond #3 three times but I've used #3 about five times and #1-#2 probably about 8-10 times so for me at least you've got roughly a 1/10 chance of encountering complete morons in the cinema. I will say this though I talk through the previews with friends and I honestly couldn't give a shit if others are loudly talking through the previews but when the movie starts I am the guy that goes "Shhhhhh".
    #1. "I would really appreciate it if you guys/girls wouldn't keep talking through the movie thanks".
    #2. "You guys have to stop talking or at least change seats".
    #3. "Seriously, Shut the fuck up!"
    *Walk out and demand a refund*

  • Kampfarsch
    Kampfarsch 17 days ago

    they joy of entertainment is that it looks cool and makes time pass by
    just because you have a cinema fetish doesnt mean that everyone has to snort every frame of a movie

  • bramologist
    bramologist 17 days ago

    That girl needs a foot in her a--.,,that is one reason why people of other nationalities belief we are like that idiot..Your patience is truly amazing..just do not stress yourself,,it is a real killer..good day sir....

  • Wolf Pack
    Wolf Pack 17 days ago

    This is why I watch movies illegally. Also because it's cheaper

    PASTRAMIGIRLS 18 days ago +1

    I was waiting for him to say "so I was at the theater watching The Dark Knight Rises, and then I heard a loud pop like a gunshot." 😏😏

  • Alvin Halim
    Alvin Halim 18 days ago

    Im feel sorry for you

  • GamesBuffalo
    GamesBuffalo 18 days ago

    I can understand it in a kids movie. But in anything else, it gets annoying. Watching JW Fallen Kingdom on the back row, and a mother on the left, in her 30's, just texting. I haven't got a problem with that, because I'm in the back row and cant really see it, but the nails. THE NAILS. Goodness. Just annoying.
    It's a 2 hour movie. I'm sure the person you're texting is not going to miss you for the rest of the movie (around the 2nd act, so about a hour). If it's anything serious then just leave.
    Even the people on our right. A mother and 3 children no older than 14 no younger than 8. Before the previews, got a pack of sweets each, not a word said from any of them.
    But what made me laugh more, was that out of the mother's 10 year old son, my 6 year old brother, and a 30+ year old, the mother was the worst.

  • Ben Richards
    Ben Richards 18 days ago +1

    Ive never seen shit like this...like ever. Must be the fact that i was born and raised in CANADA, i mean most of us Canadians feel bad if we accidentally forget to suck on a piece of popcorn rather than chew it like a normal human being...in fear of making one tiny peep! Total silence, except during the trailers...where rapid crunching can be heard as everyone tries to down all or most of their popcorn...again in fear of making a peep during the movie. Move to canada bro!

  • Norman 4515
    Norman 4515 18 days ago

    I normally don't have to deal with people like that because I like to wait a week after the movie comes out to go see it and usually those annoying people aren't there. But in some cases where it's a movie I have been anticipating I like to go see it the weekend it comes out and then. But lately I haven't had this problem when going to the movies

  • Justin Sabatini
    Justin Sabatini 19 days ago +1

    I saw Avengers: Infinity War and my sisters kept talking through it.
    I saw Incredibles 2 and every five minutes, a baby would start crying.

  • ProcyonAlpha
    ProcyonAlpha 19 days ago

    Simplest solution is to supply headphone sockets in each seat so we can bring our own noise isolation cans.

  • ProcyonAlpha
    ProcyonAlpha 19 days ago +1


  • Napoleon tas
    Napoleon tas 19 days ago

    After having witnessed the behavior of a monkey, he still screams "iam not racist" the typical idiotic white feminized man.

  • Jonah Thompson
    Jonah Thompson 19 days ago

    As a teen the things I hate about moviegoers is the inconsiderate behavior they display, babies in theaters, rowdy people, etc.

  • Euan Cormack
    Euan Cormack 19 days ago

    It really annoyed me when I watched first man when some kid laughed at EVERY scene he crashed the prototype lander and the kid went HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAH

  • Euan Cormack
    Euan Cormack 19 days ago

    I remember watching interstellar and some guy behind me when literally anything happened he loudly went HMMM and it got really annoying

  • Rosie Jones
    Rosie Jones 19 days ago

    I come from a small town. To elaborate I mean we have one theater or else you have to drive an hour to find another. I went with my father and a few family members to go see "IT." I am a soft spoken person, but the group behind us was kicking my father's seat. He had just broken out of the house after going through a knee replacement. Let's say that I have never felt so good about "accidentally" screaming and flipping my drink and popcorn behind me. Let me tell you I had been polite to these people and asked them in a calm manner each time to pls stop. The reason I did not get beef from doing that was that the couple next to us claimed it was an accident and even ratted the group behind us out. Also, big group vs that small group of teens may not have really been in their favor. Thank you again random strangers for your help! ^_^

  • Bob Bobete
    Bob Bobete 19 days ago

    Dude they're previews. You didn't come to see the previews you came to see the movie. You're basically telling them to be quiet and silently watch ads. Me and my friends were loud as fuck when the previews we on. We cracked jokes and messed around, just to pass the time. But we sat down and shut the fuck up when the actual movie played. Even rarely quietly whispering was discourage. So don't think if people are loud during the preview that they're going to be loud during the movie. People do that just to pass the time.

  • Black Douglas
    Black Douglas 19 days ago

    I would go to your theatre.... my mom had to scold two teen girls for using there cellphones

  • Dani ele
    Dani ele 19 days ago +2

    Its tough out there

  • Vishwa Thejas
    Vishwa Thejas 20 days ago

    i went to watch the croods the same thing happend with me

  • Auracore _
    Auracore _ 20 days ago

    This happened to me during venom, witch is a bummer because he is one of my favorite comic characters, and it was disappointing. But also I wish I was brave enough to say something about it, but I didn’t,

  • MoeJohnson23
    MoeJohnson23 20 days ago

    I know it was wrong of the pregnant girl to do what she did but damn the other lady should not have attacked her so I hope she got handled too

  • Miguel Pabello
    Miguel Pabello 21 day ago

    I also HATE people at the back of my seat who continuously shuffle in their seat and occasionally kick the back of my seat.

  • Nick Mediano
    Nick Mediano 21 day ago

    I work weekends so i go on a weekday in the morning. I hate watching movies with people.

  • samthekid1000
    samthekid1000 21 day ago

    Hi, Chris. Thank you for this video. Can't wait for your new chain of theaters!

  • D J
    D J 21 day ago +1

    I relate. I went to see The Fountain and these two .... people were eating chili cheese hot dogs which smelled and being all loud it was annoying. I still enjoyed the film nonetheless.

  • robert armstrong
    robert armstrong 21 day ago +1

    i whent to see goosebumps 2 with my niece who is 10 thay was a grope of six teenagers shouting and throwing sweets at the screen i was about to say something but my niece shouted shut up or get out i was in shock thay where quiet the rest of the movie

  • Evan Parrott
    Evan Parrott 22 days ago

    Thank god someone else agrees with me

  • Sinead Deroiste
    Sinead Deroiste 22 days ago +1

    just saw the new Halloween movie tonight. paid 27€ for 2 tickets and 2 cokes. I hope michael myers comes for every fucker who talked, shouted and laughed throughout the entire movie

  • Darren Parker
    Darren Parker 23 days ago

    Unfortunately its retards like the people you described with a heavy since of entitlement who ruin it for everyone else

  • Donnie D
    Donnie D 23 days ago

    I went to see ready player one and at a moment a character hesitated the guy in the back of the theater angry said
    I was upset because while he was complaining about Wade not taking the Oasis Wade was explaining why not and I myself missed the explanation

  • Phoenix Mister Two
    Phoenix Mister Two 23 days ago +1

    Happened to me at a theater and it was a gangsta gangsta black couple who were threatening anyone that told them to be quiet. Mean mugging, pointing and shouting, slobbering, accusing, for about half the movie until their obnoxious asses were booted out by security. I wanted to cheer and clap afterwards, once they were gone, all peace broke out and the rest of us finally got our money back. This racist black couple pulled the same race baiting nonsense mentioned in this video, accused all white people of attacking them somehow, but luckily it didn't work and they were both thrown out.

  • Jaroslav B. Kořínek
    Jaroslav B. Kořínek 23 days ago

    When I rise to power, these people will be sterilised.

  • Varshneya Bhushan
    Varshneya Bhushan 24 days ago

    If I have to find a reason to get into the jail, I will kill those who make nuisance in theatres.

  • Mark Ant
    Mark Ant 24 days ago +2

    I live in London and went to the cinema and these youths were talking constantly during the movie King Kong (2005) so someone made a complaint to the cinema usher and the idiots swere removed.

  • Stephen
    Stephen 25 days ago

    Honestly I try to avoid sitting near black people at movies. I'd say around 70 percent of the time they talk. Sorry guys, but stereotypes exist for a reason.

  • Abhi Abz
    Abhi Abz 25 days ago

    I would pay 'EXTRA' if you start a theatre with security that actually do their job! What you just detailed here actually has a deeper connection to abuse, racism etc. It basically is a complete description of what a person actually is. Security managers are a joke, in fact they irritate and test the patience of victims more than the abusers.