A Rant on Annoying Moviegoers


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  • Tessa Hewitt
    Tessa Hewitt Day ago

    Yesterday I watched dragon ball super broly at the movie theaters and it was so full that people sat on the floor, it was perfect no one talked everyone was sucked in the movie but then this couple brought a baby!!! I guess y’all know how that went.

  • Marin Plavetic
    Marin Plavetic Day ago +1

    Good luck with the movies

  • CrazyComic Guy
    CrazyComic Guy Day ago

    Chris I know how you feel, I'm the same way to. Another I can't stand is when people fall asleep while watching the movie. I was at this special event in my town's local theater. It was showing the original Halloween for one night/one time only. I was very excited and eager for it. And there was this guy sitting next to me, who literally feel asleep within the first 25 minutes of the movie. He then started to snore so loud, and I just couldn't take/handle it anymore. It almost ruined the experience for me

  • Ariel Casanova
    Ariel Casanova Day ago

    Sounds like a series of completely horrible experiences… it's a positive thing for the community, though, when you discuss reactions, as that way other people will know what to expect. The trouble is, it's very hard to know how someone will take it. They could be quite humbled, or completely blow up, or (as most often happens, seemingly) just not give a fig. My movie trips have been quite uneventful, thankfully, but there was one time during World War Z that a couple of guys were talking louder than they should have been, and some other incensed audience member boldly yelled, "Hey - shut up, dude!". That time it worked, too. xD Still, it's a risky approach. Better to mind your manners the way you obviously did.

  • Pierce Altier
    Pierce Altier 2 days ago

    I went to see it in theater and it was so annoying because these groups of teenagers who were screaming and laughing.

  • kassard1
    kassard1 3 days ago

    I live for films and my treat to my dad whenever I would go visit him would be to take him to the cinema. We've even managed a marathon where we were there from the first movie in the morning to almost midnight.
    He. Is. A. Talker.
    Not all the way through just when things catch him off guard and he is a loud laugher. I would always choose to sit in the single seats and sit behind him so he wouldn't disturb anyone else and so I could subtly lean forward and patiently whisper into his ear when to shush or calm down 😂

    There was one time when I had paid for a friend and myself to go to the US and we chose to go see a few films and she's like me phones off, no talking and we get lost in the film. The second film we went to see was Monster's Inc and a group of 6 or 7 guys all sit in the row behind us and talk loudly all through the trailers to the point my friend is getting REALLY wound up so I turn around to ask them if they can keep it down and I suddenly sit back down.
    "What's wrong?"
    "Elijah Woods." (her fave actor at the time)
    "It's Elijah Woods, Elijah Woods is sitting behind us being noisy with his chums."
    "Yeah right!"
    She turns around to say something and then turns back again.
    "Holy f**k it IS Elijah Woods!" 😲
    And we just sat there not knowing what to do 😂 luckily it was him shushing the group as the film started but it was hysterical. We were both ready to scold whoever was chatting and froze.
    She met him a little while later at a LotR premier after party and got to share that story with him as an ice breaker.

  • Max Williamson
    Max Williamson 3 days ago

    I went to go see Captain America: Civil War and these group of people were high and drunk and were talking throughout the movie. The worst part was that they were sitting next to me and there were no other seats to sit in.

  • 88 blankets
    88 blankets 3 days ago

    ok so it's sports week in my school right now. and to keep the people who don't have any games on that particular day entertained, the 10th graders hosted a movie booth 15 pesos per person.
    it usually showed shitty horror films that had nothing but cheap scares (although it did show ONE good horror. once). one day, they premiered the nun and lots of people came, including me. though i watched it just to pass time. not the kind you're talking about though. i actually tried to watch it and stay quiet. wouldn't say it was a waste of money though, but the people who came made me think otherwise.
    everytime there was tension, or a shot of a long black hallway, the students watching would go "ooooo" in a deep voice, which was obviously annoying. then there was loud, unified screaming whenever there was a cheap jumpscare (i wasn't even that scared of the movie itself, but their screaming made me jump. i had to cover my ears for the rest of the film), but the worst part was that there was this guy and he had a flashlight. and everytime something scary was happening he'd shine the flashlight on the screen.
    i yelled at the guy to stop, of course everyone suddenly turned to me but i sure as hell didn't care. and he stopped for like 5 minutes before resuming. and to add salt to the wound, his buddies started mocking me too. ever since, whenever i go to the movie booth i always pray that "flashlight faggot" (sorry for the slur. he's just that annoying) isn't in there annoying everyone with his damn flashlight.

  • JCH Studios
    JCH Studios 4 days ago

    I've got a tinsy theater that is actually hidden! no joke, it's hidden right behind on of our only big buildings and is hard to find every time. So only people who want to see a movie go and it's great. Hope your experiences get better.

  • Rhien Crouch
    Rhien Crouch 4 days ago +2

    I got really annoyed with a mate of mine during the opening day of infinity war. He would constantly try and chst with me about things we just saw on screen. Also when he finished his drink he kept sucking making the gurgling sound and instead of removing the lid and straw to finish the drink he slowly pulled the straw up making a scraping noise. A man next to me was so agitated and confronted us. This was during the climax of the movie and i felt so bad for him. Therefore im seeing endgame alone this year

  • LeapingDogFilms
    LeapingDogFilms 4 days ago

    Chris’ impression of the pregnant teenage girl was pure gold

  • ela ela
    ela ela 4 days ago +2

    This is why I go to the movie theater in the afternoon on weekdays.

  • Trowa
    Trowa 5 days ago +1

    Well, when you go to a movie with black people you can't expect to enjoy it. Because they can't shut their mouths for even five minutes.

  • Cal Walker
    Cal Walker 5 days ago

    I was bumblebee and the people to the top right from me not like on the other side of the theater i’m talking right next to me took off his shoes and put them right next to my face so I had to deal with a guy with sweaty socks for 90 minutes

  • Rubbishyoutuber
    Rubbishyoutuber 5 days ago

    Also never watched Seinfeld but that clip was great!

  • Rubbishyoutuber
    Rubbishyoutuber 5 days ago

    I always see a movie in the morning, barely anyone around and no trouble makers

  • AwkwardPhangirl
    AwkwardPhangirl 6 days ago

    I was Watching Into the spiderverse and these 12 year old boys were talking ALL THE TIME! Kicking the seats. My friend and I was pretty annoyed about it because we was trying to enjoy the movie.

  • Owen McNee
    Owen McNee 6 days ago

    Cut to emoji movie

  • The Lewinator
    The Lewinator 6 days ago +2

    I saw Bumblebee and there was this little Black kid ( Not racist) probably about 5 years old sitting right next to me with his parents and he kept babbling nonsense and sating stuff like “ Thats bumblebee!!!” In a high pitch voice and he said gibberish too for alot of the movie eventually his parents tried to tell him to stop but he kept saying nonsense and saying other things.

  • J2 C
    J2 C 7 days ago

    Are you not going to mention the people who bring they're freaking babies to the movies!?? People leave your babies at home! 🤦‍♂️😡👎👎

  • Athrun000
    Athrun000 8 days ago

    I'm so glad that this kind of thing almost never happened from where i'm from...
    So disrespectful !!!

  • MADEinTexaz
    MADEinTexaz 9 days ago

    This is why everyone needs a good ass whoopin from a total stranger once in their lives. Teaches you respect for others.

  • Ketchup Co.
    Ketchup Co. 9 days ago

    The first time I went to watch into the spider-verse I knew there would probably be kids there so I prepared myself to have to listen to a parent shushing their child every 30 minutes or so, and I wasn’t worried about that. But when got there, I was seated right next to a group of three probably seven year old boys. And they were well behaved for the first fifteen minutes, then they started talking. Their mom or what guardian was with them did literally nothing and let them talk for like five minutes straight before even suggesting they quiet down. Now, kids are hard to wrangle, but these kids were like that group of five people that were seated behind Chris that would not shut up. And their parents were right there! They could’ve done something but they didn’t! Luckily they were eventually quieted down and my experience wasn’t completely ruined and certainly wasn’t a worst-case scenario, but the parent didn’t even seem to have any respect for the movie because I believe they were using their phone at one point! That’s what pains me more than the kids, when a grown adult doesn’t respect someone else’s hard work. UHG!

  • GayLord II
    GayLord II 10 days ago

    I can't stand kids. Now wait, the kid is obviously not the responsable for noise or talking they're kids but THE PARENTS if your notice your kid doesn't shut up make them or take them outside. I'm not easily annoyed by them it's like "mna whatever they won't be much of a bother" but when i went to see coco i was next to a lady with her kid. Coco is obviously for kids i get that and i wouldn't bat an eye for a kid talking, but THIS WOMAN WAS TALKING TO THE KID. She was forcing his kid into conversations with her even if her child, super sweet kid, never spoke a word. She would go "oh look, that's coco" , "hahah look at that dog, so cute", "you like the cat?"

    Like,, z z z , , , zdndn???"!*?$??? LADY NO

  • Hey Mcfly
    Hey Mcfly 10 days ago +2

    I once saw (I think) fantastic beats and where to find them. And these group of 7 to 9 year old girls had to go to The bathroom AT LEAST 7 times. Which if it was one girl it’d be ok, but no all the girls, every single one and there were probably about 12 of them got up during the theater and ran as fast and as loud as possible. Not to mention they were giggleing and “whispering” and kicking seats the entire movie. This was opening day. I am also a HUGE Harry Potter universe world fan. Finally my mom told them to please be quiet. They didn’t. My mom finally told them to shut the f*** up. And their mom got super mad because they were *being quiet*. My mom got the manager and they were finally quiet. I wanted to die.
    But yes. I love the movie theater to watch the movies on the big screen. And it’s the BEST feeling when you have a perfectly silent and comfortable movie. It’s just amazing.

  • thatguywith1millionsubscribersandnovideos

    I can't agree more! I hate when people do that!

  • Petros
    Petros 11 days ago

    I went to see the meg this summer and this huge group of kids were in front of me and throughout the trailers they were laughing and jumping in their seats having literal seizures and when the movie just started we weren’t even a minute in this kid purposely turned up the brightness and put on his flashlight on his phone and shined it to all the audience members, now I just dealt with that but the two kids right in front of me started throwing his popcorn at people so I got in on the act I got my straw and some napkins and launched spit wads at them. I missed a couple but I got one that landed perfectly on the back of the kids head and I know that because I saw him scratching it

  • EV Films
    EV Films 12 days ago

    Man I feel bad for you. I really do. I don't experience anything like it because I live in LA and more film buffs live there, who are respectful to the theater.

  • ATL Falcons
    ATL Falcons 12 days ago

    im a 15 year old boy with ADHD and I don't even cough during movies and watching A Quiet Place (one of my favorite movies) was eye opening to see people actually stuff

  • Marlar House
    Marlar House 12 days ago +2

    I think this is the fourth or fifth time I've watched this video - and I get angry all over again every time I view it. I'm almost to the point that I just don't want to go to the theater anymore and wait for the movies to show up on streaming. Only problem with that though is by the time the movie comes available, all the spoilers have taken place.

  • Milstead on Movies
    Milstead on Movies 13 days ago

    Black Panther... the douchebag behind me draped his feet over the chair beside me, so I had his filthy trainers next to my head for a lot of the movie. Modern cinema audiences are cunts.

  • The Nerd Who Loves Entertainment GMJ

    The morel of this video and the morel of the story is this... Don't be a Douchebag At The Movie Theater.

  • Dylan Bakken
    Dylan Bakken 14 days ago

    I have never had a bad theater experience, but I feel really bad for you.

  • Don T
    Don T 14 days ago

    15:58 I look forward to that day.

  • J-Vibes Gaming
    J-Vibes Gaming 15 days ago

    As a black person i can say that a lot of our people are ignorant in movies. I don’t even go to black theaters nowadays. Not worth it tbh

  • Mara India
    Mara India 16 days ago

    🤣🤣🤣 " Oh he switched seats.."

  • Q Almost
    Q Almost 16 days ago

    Don’t go to a cheap movie theater

  • Andrew Stevenson
    Andrew Stevenson 17 days ago

    Almost 100 to 1 like to dislike ratio. Well done 💯

  • Joshua McGreevy
    Joshua McGreevy 17 days ago

    One of the worst experiences I had at the movie was when I saw Don’t Breathe and three people in front of me kept talking the entire time. It got so infuriating that I got up and had to move to the other side of the theater.
    One time I saw When a Stranger Calls years ago and whenever something scary happened this woman would release an ear piercing blood curdling scream. Like I had to watch the whole last act with my fingers in my ears so I wouldn’t get hearing lose.
    Just this past year when I saw a quiet place. There was a guy who sick in the theater. Throughout the whole movie he was coughing and sneezing. That you can’t really help so I felt bad for that guy.
    The last one I recall was a good one. So we went to see Reel Steel with Hugh Jackman and fighting robots. Anyway there was this couple behind us and they let there kid run up and down the aisle and basically do what ever they damn well please. The movie wasn’t anything special so we didn’t really care. But there was this one scene where Hugh Jackman is screaming, “Do you know who I Am? Do you know who I am?” And this little kid behind use screams out Wolverine. And we are just dying laughing for the next 15, 20 minutes.
    Thanks for sharing. Hopefully not all your movie going experiences are that bad. I really do appreciate the stance you took against the negativity on your channel. Hope you have an awesome year. Cheers.

  • jesse williams
    jesse williams 17 days ago +1

    Those people that tell people to be quite are absolute heroes. I respect you doing that, the world needs more people like you Chris.

  • jesse williams
    jesse williams 17 days ago

    I went to see into the spiderverse and the people behind us were making noise with wrappers, talking and on there phone. God it’s annoying.

  • Gage H
    Gage H 17 days ago

    Yoo I hate loud terds in movie theaters, but horror movies scare tf outta me😂

  • LoneWolf245 -
    LoneWolf245 - 17 days ago

    We need part 3 i love the comedy😂

  • Terror Attack
    Terror Attack 17 days ago

    @ 4:47 by the way It sounds you know she a blk ghetto girl...not being racist but that's how of the majority of blk ppl talk, I know because I'm blk...Stuckmann spot on with that analysis.

  • Jennifer Rhoades
    Jennifer Rhoades 17 days ago

    This is why I rarely go to the theater anymore. People have no manners and zero respect for other people. I've just gotten so sick of it. I will go to your theater, though :D :D :D

  • Astroma
    Astroma 18 days ago

    "Kicking the seat" man I always get it..

  • MissToii
    MissToii 18 days ago

    Ugh same! I absolutely hate when people talk in the theaters. Literally 70% of those people are black, and the rest is kids/ other races

  • Justin Grey
    Justin Grey 18 days ago

    My friend and I went to go see Kubo and the two strings back in August of 2016 (amazing film) but some jerk from the previous screening put gum on the armrest and my arm was completely stuck. After I left the theater I was in the restroom for ten minutes trying to rub the gum off of my sleeve. Some people just have such disregard for others in the world.

  • James Moore
    James Moore 18 days ago


  • Matt Byers
    Matt Byers 18 days ago

    Lazy Security guards need to do their job and keep the riffraff trash out of theaters.