A Rant on Annoying Moviegoers

  • Published on Mar 9, 2013
  • Chris Stuckmann gives you his thoughts on the texters, talkers, seat-kickers, throwers and all-around annoying idiots in the movie theaters these days.
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  • Átila Santos
    Átila Santos Hour ago

    A few weeks ago I went to this Batman (1989) screening and there were like 5 people at the theater wearing Batman shirts in completely silence. It was amazing.

  • koschwarz
    koschwarz 5 hours ago +1

    People are selfish pricks. I love going to the movies but i actually hate it the same time. I can't stand the fucking mindless loud munching either. Because people have to munch loudly on something like a zombie even during scenes like torturing Jesus in The Passion. And i'm not religious at all.

  • Roman Shalskiy
    Roman Shalskiy 20 hours ago

    "yeah its definitely a ghost movie"......bahahahahahaba people are hilarious

  • Squire Whitney
    Squire Whitney Day ago

    I actually usually get out my phone during the trailers. Do I qualify among these obnoxious movie-goers? I'm asking, because if it actually bothers anyone, I'll stop.

  • SPZ Max
    SPZ Max Day ago +1

    Anyone in the theater younger than 5.

  • SPZ Max
    SPZ Max Day ago

    Those people are the fucking worst.

  • SPZ Max
    SPZ Max Day ago

    I love you Chris!!

  • drake128
    drake128 Day ago

    Had similar experiences.I want cinemas to be controlled. Policed. If you can’t act civil in cinemas you get your eyes gouged out and no refund.

  • Tony Rock
    Tony Rock Day ago

    I told two chatter boxes "If you are going to talk, move to other seats"!

  • Youtube Central
    Youtube Central Day ago

    Women always the annoying

  • The KowarD
    The KowarD Day ago

    I cant stand people who get annoyed by other people. Ignore it

    • Rosencrantz
      Rosencrantz 9 hours ago

      If the people talking are as loud as the movie......can you ignore it?

  • islam islam
    islam islam Day ago


  • Heidi Baird
    Heidi Baird Day ago

    Yes!!! I would go to your theater! I’ve had so many bad experiences. Mom’s giving kids their phones and then shining the flashlight in my face, teenagers talking -narrating everything happening, dads playing candy crush while his kids run up and down the aisle. I finally said something and got popcorn thrown at me. Ugh. I can take it anymore. Why can’t people just stay off their phones and be quiet?!

  • Zachery Hole
    Zachery Hole Day ago

    Your rant makes you sound sooo white

  • john r
    john r Day ago

    Lucky for me most people are good where im from

  • JM Studios
    JM Studios Day ago

    Not only that I love your video I also love reading people's stories in the comments.

  • Silvya Wambui
    Silvya Wambui 2 days ago

    This is why I go to see movies two weeks after they are out, never on premiers . I also make a point of going as early as 8am in the morning. Theatres are practically empty then. Poor you, not much choice since you have to review them.

  • The Last Waltz
    The Last Waltz 2 days ago

    😂😂😂😂😂 🙈 I really don't mean to laugh but your stories and the way you say everything is funny even though I know that it isn't .. and for that I am sorry

  • Joe Scanlon
    Joe Scanlon 2 days ago

    I made the mistake of seeing a horror movie (Sinister) on a weekend night in a college town. Stupid, stupid, stupid. I probably should've asked the loud group of kids politely to be quiet early on, but I let it fester for half the movie and wound up yelling at them to shut the blank up. I came very close to getting my ass handed to me. Fortunately, others spoke up in my defense and threatened to have them thrown out and that was the end of it. Since then I make a point of going on weekdays when there are fewer people

  • Caleb Reese
    Caleb Reese 2 days ago

    I went and saw skyscraper, and I remember this African American kid (probably 3 or 4) kept coming up to me and asking me “R u a faggot?” THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE MOVIE!!! And his family did absolutely nothing about it, except his slightly older brother who was trying to help out so props to him. Most awkward experience I’ve had at a movie theater

  • Alex Guerin
    Alex Guerin 2 days ago

    My worst experience was when I saw into the spider-verse. There was a group of little kids constantly saying “who’s that?” when ever a new character appeared. They all screamed at the top of the lungs when Stan Lee showed up. AND when Sunflower played they obnoxiously sang it out loud.
    Tbh I kind of wish they just gave it a PG-13 rating to keep families from bringing obnoxious kids to the theater. I bought it on digital so now I can watch it in quiet

  • Santi Monday
    Santi Monday 2 days ago +3

    these are the kind of people thanos wants snap

  • Thanos
    Thanos 3 days ago

    So a couple of weeks ago I was going to go see Pet Sematary(👎🏽) and 2 of my teenage nieces wanted me to take them too. They begged me to so I did and what do they do? Well they embarrassed me in the theater by playing tag with each other, texting throughout the movie, talking abt boys. I was mortified it was the 1st and LAST time I will take them to watch a movie with me🤦‍♂️

  • Vivian Delgado
    Vivian Delgado 3 days ago

    Yesterday I went to see La llorna and so far I'm enjoying myself when a group of teenage girls sit behind me. One of them decides to put their feet by my head. I have high functioning autism so I really don't like to be touched from behind. Because I don't like conflict unless it's absolutely necessary, I moved a seat over. However, the girls behind me feel like it's their right to narrate everything for about half way through so I finally had enough. While still facing the movie, I groaned and said "oh my Goddd, just.shut.the.fuck.up." They were stunned and actually did stfu. With that being said, I got to enjoy the movie with no more disturbances.

  • Jamie Paton
    Jamie Paton 3 days ago

    The theater I go to every week is admittedly in a let's say developing area. The theater itself is part of a chain and is fairly old. It's a decent theater and it's kind of close to me. I have been going to this same theater for over 10 years. I have only ever experienced a disruption twice. Once during last year's Tomb Raider and once during Hellboy like 3 days ago. Both times were due to a person with presumably mental disabilities. Obviously it's not their fault and I would never blame them. But the most they ever did was hum or maybe go "oh look!" It's amazing how I have never once been in the same theater as someone like the people talked about in the video. And I go to big showings aswell. Like 7pm on a Friday or something. I think it might be better to go to a big showing because the disrupting people probably go on a weekday at say maybe 1pm because they think it'll be quiet. Tbh I love my local theatre even though the customer service is lacking, and it's old, and the screens aren't too big. But there aren't any idiots. And I can watch a film in peace

  • danielle lefteau
    danielle lefteau 4 days ago

    Chris! Come to Austin- the go-to movie theater here is Alamo draft house. They are huge on giving people a true movie experience- you can order drinks and food but they have a NO text or talk policy will eject after ONE warning. No texting is even allowed! Even with a dim screen. Highly recommend you check it out and visit sometime :)

  • MiraiStar 未来星
    MiraiStar 未来星 4 days ago

    There were a couple times where I was so pissed at others.
    So the first one I was watching Sherlock Holmes with my father (which is a movie that requires intense focus because of the heavy british accents and plot details) and these teenagers started saying random stuff out loud and giggling amongst themselves. Thankfully the security guard walked in and they ran out of the theater.
    The second situation was were I was again watching a movie with my father (I forget what movie) but this couple asked a group of guys sitting infront of them (who were talking) to be quiet. The group of guys then started to escalate the situation and started yelling and cursing at the couple. The security and manager was no where insight so my father and some other male moviegoer had to calm down the group. Sheesh.
    People think just because they pay for a movie they can get away with rude behavior.

  • Alice Pierce
    Alice Pierce 4 days ago

    literally, the reason my family goes to a more expensive theater for the good movies

  • 44_gormz_44
    44_gormz_44 5 days ago

    All these comments about crying babies. That actually happens? Thank god ive never experienced it but I’d never thought that’d actually be a common thing

  • John Rain
    John Rain 5 days ago

    "Took up the tail pipe!" lmao

  • bball jams
    bball jams 6 days ago

    I watched The Help in theatres and these two women were giggling at every dang thing. When the scene with skeeter and constantine came on it was supposed to be a touching and meaningful moment, but the girls kept making fun of the old woman’s voice and laughing the whole time. i was with my mother at this movie and she kept looking over at them and making remarks trying to politely let them know they were being disruptive, but they instead gave us dirty looks! they even tried following us outside! so we asked a manager to have security escort us to our car because the women were acting hostile about it for some reason?? I hate going to theatres, too many stupid people.

  • Sara Grace
    Sara Grace 6 days ago

    I have to admit i can be one of those people who whispers to my mom when i recognize someone i know from another movie but as i get older I get really irritated when other people do it so im trying to not do it anymore

  • sharpaycutie2
    sharpaycutie2 6 days ago

    I know , a bad audience can fck up a whole movie experience.

    Too many of those nowadays.

  • jblease
    jblease 6 days ago

    I know this is an older video but I hope this finds its way to you. I completely agree with you about annoying and thoughtless people in theaters while you're trying to just enjoy the film. I am now finding that theaters want to assign you seats when you buy a ticket. IT'S JUST A MOVIE, NOT A BIG THEATRICAL EVENT. I want the option to move if I don't like the people whom I end up next to. I work security at DTE Music Theatre near Detroit and I work a lot of big concerts. Although concerts are louder and you expect people talking and texting there are times that someone is just a butthead who drunk and gets obnoxious. We appreciate that people have spent a lot of money to see the show and we address the situation as quickly as possible, but, like Patrick Swayze says in "Road House", "Be nice until it's time to not be nice". I give the guy an opportunity to change their behavior but I have no problem kicking the guy out so the rest of the audience can enjoy the show. Anyway, keep up the good work. -Joe

  • Heather Smyth-bailey

    The worst thing that happened to me was when I went to see the 5th wave a second time with my best friend, this lady had two toddlers with her and a baby. They were at the far end on the right side of the lane, my friends and I were on the left... Those kids walked, run and crawled through the lanes in front of everyone. THIS LADY DID NOTHING! those kids were laughing talking and being completely distracting, but I snapped when one of the kids tripped over my bag making me look like the bad guy while he's mother final looked over and gave me a nasty glare. australia needs to get this shit sorted!!

  • Amber Jones
    Amber Jones 6 days ago

    Thank you for putting this video out there! You have respect for those around you and you expect the same from others. It's not too much to ask that people stay quiet during a movie - if someone cannot stay quiet and relatively still for 2 hours, they should not be in a movie theater. They should wait for the movie to come out on Amazon or DVD and be as obnoxious as they want to be in their own home.

  • ChristopheDoesVlogs
    ChristopheDoesVlogs 7 days ago

    Same thing happened to me when my family and I watched Spider-Man Homecoming. These two girls behind us throughout the whole movie laughed throughout every single scene. They obviously kept on saying Tom Holland was hot. I looked at one of them madly but didn’t say anything. It didn’t work. I know it was a good movie but I couldn’t appreciate the damn film.

  • bourgeoisHellion
    bourgeoisHellion 7 days ago

    I hate going to the cinema with my mom's boyfriend (my mom comes too, of course, but I like going with her). I watch movies with a strong intent to _watch the movie_ and my mom and her bf treat it like it's just another sitcom on the TV. That's reasonable, I tend to take movies more seriously, but there's a reason I'm not waiting for this to get on Netflix, and I've told her.
    Mom's good at watching movies with me. She asks me what's going on and I tell here (her first language is Spanish, she can't tell sometimes) and sometimes even takes the movie as seriously as I do.
    Her boyfriend though? He will literally buy a ticket to take a nap (he snores), or he will keep using his phone at full brightness. While the movie's playing he'll start playing a facebook video at full volume and won't stop until I tell him or my mom to tell him to shut up. He used to try to strike up a conversation with my mom during movies too, but I got them to stop because they don't know how to whisper. It's so annoying, I've considered sitting away from them during these outings, but the reason we go out is because my mom's visiting me in college, so it kinda defeats the point. Even if I'm just watching casually, it's so rude to start talking on your phone while the movie's going dammit.

  • Zodie
    Zodie 8 days ago

    lol no lie the impersonation was perfect

  • Otto Bangsgaard
    Otto Bangsgaard 8 days ago

    Everything youve said, is beyond truth... youre so fkn cool

  • Diego Shark
    Diego Shark 8 days ago

    My worst experience was when I saw glass

  • Corn Pone Flicks
    Corn Pone Flicks 8 days ago

    One time? I wish it was one time! There was the time we went to Thor 2 and there were three crying babies, one to the left, one to the right, and one directly behind us, none of which were removed for the whole film. There the time we went to see Spider-Man 2 and the jackass next to me talked and texted for the entire film...it was reserved seating, so we couldn't move. Then there was the time we went to the last Alien film in the middle of the day on a Tuesday, and the theater was empty, until a woman came in with three Kindergarten-age children who started talking full volume. Who brings five-year-olds to an Alien film? I swore off theaters after that and didn't go back until this past weekend when our power went out, so we tried to see a late show of Alita. Two people in the theater, and we were elated...for two seconds, after which a baby started crying. We left, got our money back, and I never intend to set foot in a movie theater again. Our local "no talking or we'll kick you out" upscale theater stopped enforcing their own rules, so now I just wait for the home release and try to avoid spoilers. Humans suck.

  • Raymond Luxury Yacht

    Praying we get an Alamo Draft-house in Cleveland. All this nonsense pretty much keeps me out of the theater. I practically only see movies that underperform or long after their release date. If theaters don’t want to fix this let them die. I love my home setup. Save every dime you spend on the theater and put it into a tv and some good sound.

  • John Doe
    John Doe 9 days ago

    That's just the general public bud. Have you ever worked retail?

  • Mera Amber
    Mera Amber 9 days ago

    PART 3 Coming Soon.

  • Benjamin Chen
    Benjamin Chen 9 days ago

    When people feeling in the mood for commentary on the movie they should invite some friends over and watch a movie on the TV instead of going to an actual theater and ruining the experience

  • Benjamin Chen
    Benjamin Chen 9 days ago +1

    And suddenly the movie got better lmao

  • 111 222
    111 222 10 days ago

    Not trying to start shit but dude, if movies are so important to you watch them alone at home. It's great that you're so passionate about them but most people go to the cinema to hang out with friends while watching a movie, wich can be difficult at home especially if they're younger and live with their parents. Let people enjoy themselves. You can watch movies at home.

    • Micah Adamson
      Micah Adamson 9 days ago

      He literally can't, he reviews films for a living and you can't watch new releases at home, they can only be seen at a cinema. People just need to learn to be respectful, cinemas are for watching movies, not talking or being loud.

  • Holly would if she could, and she will

    I don't see movies in theaters anymore so this is something that happens mainly with my friends, but people who asks fuck loads of questions annoy me to the core.

    "Oh my god, is [x] going to happen?"
    "They're going to [x] aren't they?"
    "Why did they do [x]?"

    And I always respond: "Y O U W I L L F I N D O U T I F Y O U W A T C H T H E M O V I E"

    Not to mention my friends who use their phone after they asked to watch a certain movie with me. Like, I thought you wanted to watch it? Why are you on your phone?

  • Down to Earth 80
    Down to Earth 80 11 days ago

    I haven’t had to many bad experiences. There is certain nights and theaters I stay away from but u still run into idiots. My wife always has problems with people bumping into her seat and us having to say something. I usually look at them with a asshole look and waiting for something to go down. I did have a gentleman spill my drink accidentally and offer to pay for another.

  • 23ChrissaysFAREWELL
    23ChrissaysFAREWELL 11 days ago

    When I went to an anniversary screening of Se7en this lady was there with her daughter and they kept saying things like ”you know , the killer actually kills people based of their sins”. They said the exact same thing about three times and then they started revealing the whole plot. It's not like I didn't know already but it was so fucking annoying, it was like buying a DVD and selecting a shitty option that explains each scene for you by accident. It seems like they enjoyed annivesrary screening because I had the same experience with a Back to the Future anniversary except this time the whole family was there and I don't just mean mommy, daddy and the kids. I mean they also brought the grandparents, some uncle who just came out of a drug rehab (and I know this because they had a whole fucking conversation about it and I don't mean to be disrespectful to him but they could have saved it for when the movie ended) and two teenage relatives who kept making annoying and unfunny sex jokes whenever there was a scene between Marty and his mother. I swear this is all true. On the other hand, I had a beautiful experience this year with Glass. Everyone was quiet and enjoyed the film and so I could do that to! And at the end there was this guy in a wheelchair who talked about how much the movie meant to him. That reminded me just how magical movies are and the impact they can have on people and it certainly brought some joy to my heart.

  • deekid311
    deekid311 12 days ago +1

    your reenactment of these people has me dying with laughter on the inside xD 😆😭😭

  • Martino Maciocco
    Martino Maciocco 12 days ago

    Thanks, you just made me realize I often talk too much and too loud at the theater, I probably should stop

  • DeltaFrost117
    DeltaFrost117 12 days ago

    I'm lucky that most f the movies I see I go to between classes at uni & usually have almost empty theatres with generally respectful audience members.
    I have to ask though, what movie theatres have security guards in them?

  • Insert Funny Name Here

    Haha I happily tell people to stfu! Had this army guy in uniform stand up and try and punch me... I grabbed his stupid ass and threw him over the seats in front of him. He went to get up and start some more shit. I just gave him the look. The look that says "that isn't a good idea". He sat down and was silent for the rest of the movie.

  • Ellie
    Ellie 13 days ago

    I so friggin agree. Went to see The house that jack built a few months ago with my best friend, and we were SO excited to see it. But these stupid annoying teenager guys who obviously has never seen a Trier film before started laughing at inappropriate times, going constantly “oh damn “ and commenting on stuff and jawing loudly because the movie was too long for them. I’m a screenplay writer and I also really enjoy the theatre experience, I wanna suck in all that goodness, and people like these just... they make me want to strangle people sometimes, or at least wish that theaters would start making a special place specifically for people who are quiet and are there to actually enjoy the film. Whether it was good or bad. So PREACH! glad to see someone commenting on how much of an issue this actually is. It totally ruins ones experience and it can make you miss elements of the film!

  • Vanilla Voodoo
    Vanilla Voodoo 13 days ago

    Once some people got mad and tried to make a scene about me and my friend laughing during the movie
    *It was a comedy*
    After they did that they started loudly talking and texting.
    I hate people

  • PGOI Vids
    PGOI Vids 13 days ago

    Probably the worst experience I had was when I went to go see A quiet place and because parents can’t afford a babysitter they brought their baby’s to the movie and to anybody that has seen the movie you would know that the main aspect in the movie is that it is very quiet hence the title a quiet place which the theater was not because surprise surprise they cried ALOT it ruined the entire experience and the obnoxious 16 year olds did not help this is probably my worst experience

  • Links Loki
    Links Loki 14 days ago

    Why dont you take another seat if you can't enjoy the movie?

  • Russ Rogers
    Russ Rogers 14 days ago +1

    after watching this I realize I was lucky to only have a old man reading emails in front of me

  • Bruna Silveira
    Bruna Silveira 15 days ago +1

    That's why I don't go to movies anymore

  • Keetin Talks movies
    Keetin Talks movies 15 days ago

    I feel you man I have to deal with my sister when my parents take me to the movies & she’s like ask dad for the popcorn & I’m like if you wanted popcorn YOU SHOULD’VE SAT NEXT TO HIM!!!!!

  • DawnFang 7051
    DawnFang 7051 16 days ago

    what the fuck is wrong with Ohio. just come up to Michigan we are fine.

  • h h
    h h 16 days ago

    this definitely did not happen. this is not true lol

  • jr 57
    jr 57 16 days ago

    I went to go see us by jordan peele the whole movie these kids kept making fun of the movie. The whole theater kept trying to shut them up but they didn't care

  • Steve & Friends
    Steve & Friends 16 days ago

    I really enjoyed this a lot, I felt your anger haha, but it’s so true. Can’t stand these people. Especially when they bring small children to the theater

  • Kay Kay Awesome
    Kay Kay Awesome 17 days ago

    Why do people like that even go to the movies?

  • Michael Hansen
    Michael Hansen 17 days ago +1

    Disrespecting people, bha.
    I usually go to theaters when nobody or less people are there.

  • Gucci_Satoshi-san
    Gucci_Satoshi-san 17 days ago +2

    Just bring a crowbar to the theater

  • Yearlonggiant
    Yearlonggiant 17 days ago

    I remember going to see Captain America: Winter Soldier with my Dad and Friend, and my friend decided to bring 2 other people with him and it was the worst movie experience in my entire life-so far
    As described in this video Every time Their was an Action scene or something happening they’d make crazy Noises Say loud things, It got to the point where a guy in the upper Row told them to “please be quiet” thankfully they listened and when the movie was over and my friend took them back to their homes we both agreed “Let’s never invite them to another movie ever again” and ever since then my movie-watching experience has been much better

  • Jasmen Jackson
    Jasmen Jackson 18 days ago

    There was a man that sat next to me while I was watching Avengers and his phone rung out loud twice. He had the audacity to pick it up during the scene when Tony and Loki were chatting in the tower. I wanted to toss his phone across the theater so bad but I just dealt with it 🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Jake Maddia
    Jake Maddia 18 days ago

    When I saw Deadpool 2 someone brought their infant to the movie

  • sfappetrupavelandrei
    sfappetrupavelandrei 18 days ago +2

    I feel your pain. These people are like that not only in the movie theater. They never care about those around them. For them there is only: me, me, me.

  • Gabe The Walking Dead Films

    *+1000000000000000 respect*

  • Sheepton 1817
    Sheepton 1817 19 days ago

    This wasn't at a theatre but it was still annoying.about a year ago my cousins came over from California. I wanted to show them my then favorite movie jurassic park. They talked the entire time. When the dinosaurs where revealed one of them went on their iPad and played a crappy recorder cover of the theme song ruining the movie.

  • Mike Baxter
    Mike Baxter 19 days ago

    3 or 4 teenagers pretty much ruined my Mad Max experience which is so confusing to me........like what sort of teenager doesn't want to enjoy a movie like Mad Max??? Seems right up their alley.

  • Be Kind
    Be Kind 19 days ago +1

    Just got back from Shazam! where a lady two rows in front of me in stadium seating had her phone screen brightness setting on 11. Throughout the movie she had that thing on. I could see she was text messaging and clicking on pictures and what not. I wish I had an orange I could throw at her head.

  • GirlYouDon'tKnow 2295
    GirlYouDon'tKnow 2295 19 days ago +2

    I can't say I've dealt with any annoying movie-goers (at least not to the same extent as Chris has) but that kind of entitlement, the whole *I paid my money so I do whatever the fuck I want* really gets under my skin! I feel for you, Chris, I really do.

  • CobaltFox Plays...
    CobaltFox Plays... 19 days ago

    Zootopia, about 2 dozen kids in a party, sitting all together in the front, would not shut up, some were even running up and down the aisle.

  • Meghan Lyle
    Meghan Lyle 19 days ago

    Listen, I talk during movies like a lot. I know it’s annoying, and I hate that I do it, but sometimes words just come out of my mouth before I can stop them. I feel really crappy about ruining the movie for other people, and there’s nothing more embarrassing than your family refusing to go to movies with you because you’re too annoying. What can I do to change?

  • Thevenomous
    Thevenomous 19 days ago

    The man whose wife had the soda poured on her was an ass too, unfortunately. Do not yell at the worker who is HELPING you when someone else is the problem.

  • Lex
    Lex 20 days ago

    Yes thank god

  • Francisco D'anconia
    Francisco D'anconia 20 days ago +1

    That is the single reason I stopped going to the movie theaters like 10 years ago. You can watch this shit at home, unless you are a critic like you and have to see it before everyone else does. The only time I will go is if it is a very cheap theater I have a movie that has been out already. I have to admit my mom and I just went to see us by Jordan Peele and we literally could not contain our laughter. Thankfully there were only two other people in the theater with us and I don't think it really bothered him. That movie was hilariously bad

  • Tami Pe
    Tami Pe 20 days ago

    😂😂😂😂 Chris's black voice is too funny

  • Michael Gunnels
    Michael Gunnels 20 days ago +1

    Babies screaming and crying, loud eaters, talkers especially the people who ask "What is going on what's happening" all the time there is a reason why I stopped going to the theaters any more folks

  • Q LaSalle
    Q LaSalle 21 day ago +1

    They should start having showings that promote talking so people who wanna talk can. And for people like me who like to stfu can watch with other people who can put their phone down and stfu

  • Shawn Roode
    Shawn Roode 21 day ago +1

    Just went to see Hotel Mumbai at AMC, one couple was already seated when another couple came in and got into a shouting match with them because they were seated in their seats. It was during the previews and the couple decided to just sit somewhere else. But not before the wife bitched and flailed her arms in a temper tantrum. They were quiet the rest of the movie but I thought why, why couldn’t that couple have been in one of those rooms in Mumbai when that terrorist attack happened and been one of the victims. The world would be a much better place! Please and thank you

  • Allyson Tousignant
    Allyson Tousignant 22 days ago

    My boyfriend and I went to go see a movie and as we sat down, these guys next to me asked my boyfriend if he wanted to borrow their jewel vape, I felt uncomfortable the rest of the movie and probably should've moved

  • Shinson
    Shinson 22 days ago

    As a part of a lumberjack family and heritage, I apologize on behalf of those two absolute fools.

  • Hannah Isabela Sarmiento
    Hannah Isabela Sarmiento 22 days ago +1

    My respect for you just went tenfold. Having the ability to put up with that shit as calmly as you can is no easy feat. Thankfully, I was never put up in that type of situation. I mean, sure there's people mumbling sometimes or people exclaiming when something's going on (mostly big) but it was never enough to ruin the experience for me. I'm pretty adept in tuning out everything when I'm really invested in something. Be it movies, anime, manga, books or video games. It's something I have to put up with every day. My family talks a lot. I am guilty of one thing, though, that haunts me to this day because it's so embarrassing and just out of nowhere. I'm a relatively quiet person but there's this point in the film of Age of Ultron where one of Ultron's broken robots started reaching for the detonator and there was no one there to supervise it. And I screamed. In terror that it'll actually reach the trigger. Like a big ass "AAAHHH!" That was so freaking awkward and embarrassing and I still dunno why I did that. I was surprised at myself. My family was laughing at me, quietly, and my dad did also when I came home. I'm just deeply sorry for everyone else in that room. So sorry. >.

  • Max Schmerz
    Max Schmerz 23 days ago

    Same in germany. If you want to see all different kinds of assholes you normally would try to avoid, you just have to go to a cinema. And we don't have security at cinemas.

    • elle Pe
      elle Pe 17 days ago

      Same in Sweden.

  • Cat zilla
    Cat zilla 23 days ago +1

    Chris, I agree with everything you said in this video and I rewatch it often. I love your channel so much dude.

  • Adam Cortez
    Adam Cortez 23 days ago

    This happened last week. Me, my sis and her husband went to go see Jordan Peele's Us and this girl kept talking to her friend. My sister had to shush them twice and she turned around, "who da fuck keep shushin'?" And that led to a verbal altercation so we just left. There's a special place in Hell for people who talk too much in the theaters.

  • quez shepard
    quez shepard 23 days ago

    ANNOYING KIDS i know im a kid but contanstly i keep hearing texting yelling screaming and everything im a marvel fan and i take the moves cery seruously

  • Luke Cage
    Luke Cage 24 days ago

    I still come back to this video. Recently I had the worst theater going experience in my life when I went to see Us. It was very upsetting a good 25% of the theater was talking loudly through out it was actually crazy. People getting up and walking in and out just talking as if they were at a sports event.

  • lucy lousie
    lucy lousie 26 days ago

    It's not that bad in Ireland because the cinema's are barely ever full

  • Sondre Tornes Andresen

    I watch movies on about a weekly basis.

  • Sondre Tornes Andresen

    Both my Crush & my best friend are black, so i also have friends of different races.

  • Sondre Tornes Andresen

    When i go to the theaters with my family my brother won’t shut up. It’s both anoying and embarresing. I totally understand your critesism.

  • Anaru Xanaru
    Anaru Xanaru 27 days ago

    Amen you tell it...