A Rant on Annoying Moviegoers


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  • LauRadio
    LauRadio 3 hours ago

    Curtesy Cinemas-that could be the name of a chain that takes removal of annoying people seriously!

  • Elijah Kitsmiller
    Elijah Kitsmiller 13 hours ago

    I saw a quiet place a while back.... best experience ever. no one talked the whole movie

  • Scary Hours
    Scary Hours 16 hours ago

    I remember a guy kept kicking my seat one time and i took it for a while but i finally i flipped out and gave him thedeath stare. He looked so scared that I actually felt like a jerk.

    FaZe ZXMBXT 22 hours ago +1

    Chris I feel you brother, I feel you.

  • KRhetor
    KRhetor Day ago

    The absolute worst is going to a revival house or film class and you're surrounded by morons who automatically think anything in black and white or made before they were born is hilarious. I finally got sick of it at a showing of Tarkovsky's Solaris and yelled "Quit laughing and WATCH the fucking movie!" at the giggling idiots.

  • Menama Jeef
    Menama Jeef Day ago

    i went to see The Incredibles 2 a while back (for nostalgia purposes), are i was surrounded by kids at least 10 years younger than me, these little boys on one side of me constantly said stuff like "wooooaaahhhh" and "look at that so cool" etc. and behind me was a little girl who shouldn't even be in the movie theater in the first place. Every time something suspenseful or dramatic would happen, even slightly, shed start screaming and crying when everyone else didn't even make a single noise, then during the intense action scenes which i'll admit were pretty cool, shed scream then start laughing unbelievably loud when no one else was and that alone ruined the movie for me. I could even hear others moan and complain whenever shed make a single noise ugh

  • Benwarp Mc
    Benwarp Mc Day ago

    I understand this. I don't really like going to movies by myself going to the cinema so I normally invite friends. But sometimes my friends will start talking and I feel incredibly guilty even though I feel like I'm not contributing to it. Sorry to hear this chris

  • ice la honk
    ice la honk Day ago

    I had a young family bring their newborn baby to a screening of A Quiet Place. i wasnt even mad and had to hand it to them, well-played

  • Moo Moo Puppy
    Moo Moo Puppy 2 days ago

    I'm gonna do what I want and get pregnant at 16...lol. So, In total it was 3 people, the lumberjacks and you? I only go to the last showing Thursdays Late night weekday full price and Imax 3d if possible. Usually, not many people (only super hardcore fans) want to spend $$$ to watch a new release at 10:30 on a Thursday night. and on $5 discount Tuesdays is good for movies that are nice to see in a crowd. I went to watch a last screening of the night in one of those super narrow, but high auditorium and it was super packed, so I just went to a seat that's grouped with the front seats where nobody likes to sit. I was wondering why they are screening this in such a "want to watch" movie. Right when the trailers were finished, I heard, "I just want to watch the movie. I didn't know this was happening and was only aware of it because a woman came back with the manager and the guy told him to leave and he started his "You better watch out" filled with bad words. When he left everyone cheered.
    Guess what movie we were trying to watch...A Quiet Place...LOL. I was worried the guy was going to wait outside for the other guy to come out so he could kill everyone.

  • Bilbo Swaggins
    Bilbo Swaggins 2 days ago

    My worst experience was watching infinity war in imax a couple of days after release, cinema was completely full probably around 500 people and the fire alarm went off. After 30 minutes outside in the pouring rain we were allowed back in.

  • Jordi Danen
    Jordi Danen 2 days ago

    My worst encounters have always been with either a mixed group of teens (Boys/Girls), and black 20+ alpha guys and their female friend. These days i visit movies on weird time spots during a workday. I love it when white 30+ men (That looks like comicbook nerds) walk in...cause you know these people want to actually watch and take in what is happening both visualy and pay attention to dialoque and plot. Now i don't care what color these people have but it happens to be true from my experiences.

  • Half Death
    Half Death 3 days ago +1

    Believe me or not, there is no such things happen in Indian theaters which are famous and slightly costly than others cause they need to maintain their level and people also here who goes to those theaters are really good.

  • creativeperson
    creativeperson 3 days ago

    Security does not have the authority to do anything but observe & report. That is the extent of their duties.

  • Brayden Secondiak
    Brayden Secondiak 3 days ago

    thank god im canadian

  • Ryan Gallmeier
    Ryan Gallmeier 3 days ago

    Yep, been sayin' it for years now: we are living in an increasingly AUTO-CENTRIC SOCIETY!

  • Chris
    Chris 3 days ago

    Completely agree, subbed

  • TheRantingBoy
    TheRantingBoy 3 days ago

    Once a couple in front translated to each other the whole of batman begins. My girlfriend asked them to be quiet. At the end of the movie the woman turned and said "miss. You need to concentrate if you want to watch the movie" to which I replied "you need to shut the fuck up". I've long since stopped going to the cinema because since smart phones it's got worse.

  • Megara Lyons
    Megara Lyons 4 days ago

    You’d love Japanese movie goers. They are silent. Like silent not a word. Of course it’s in Japan. So yea. LOL

  • Megara Lyons
    Megara Lyons 4 days ago

    Glad it’s not my job to watch movies. I see them during the week in the afternoon a week after it’s released.

  • Kyle Willis
    Kyle Willis 4 days ago

    I live in a town with around 40-45,000 people and as such I never have to deal with this kind of stuff

  • Aaron  Bell
    Aaron Bell 4 days ago

    You were saying something there

  • Danielle
    Danielle 4 days ago

    I saw The Predator on Friday night and was in front of a group of guys who were chatting away and laughing before the movie started and continued during the trailors. Once the movie started I actually had the experience of them all suggesting to each other out loud what was going to happen, laughing there heads off and repeating this same scenario. I turned around four times to politely ask them to keep there thoughts to themselves which they didn't. I too go to see a movie and want to watch it in silence even if its a boring one and I find it rude when people talk, text, take a call or bring there baby or toddler along.

  • Kinky Bartender
    Kinky Bartender 4 days ago +1

    If you're going to movie theatres in neighborhoods with high to moderate percentages of black people then you're doing it wrong. Chris's story is a classic example of how they ruin everything and then act like people who notice their bullshit are racist. Notice how in his story it was the pregnant black teenager (lol) that was the first one to bring race into it. Blacks destroy everything, including a good time at a movie theatre.

  • S Park
    S Park 4 days ago

    Okay, this is why I stopped going to the theater. I prefer to watch in peace at home on my tv. It’s not the same as going to the theater but I prefer it over getting into an argument.

  • A Random Nerd
    A Random Nerd 4 days ago

    Yeah i was watching IW the day after it came out and a couple of teenagers (im guessing like 18 or 19) started hitting on scarlet witch when she first came on screen. Thankfully that was it but they were also kinda annoying during the previews but hey its the previews so whatever.

  • Bryan Thompson
    Bryan Thompson 4 days ago

    I was so burdened by disrespectful people in theaters , I stopped going ten years ago. To me very sad though. I have very nice memories with my father seeing classics like star wars, back to the future and Ghostbusters. Too many people today are lacking in common courtesy.

  • Drew Hauser
    Drew Hauser 5 days ago

    I'm 9 year's old and I respect movies to

  • Robert Robrahn
    Robert Robrahn 5 days ago

    Dude, don't know where you live, but in Chicago, there are certin theaters that white people just do not go to. I'm not racist either, but I've been to a few movies with a predominantly black audience and I was blown away by the crazy shit the audience was doing. Yelling at the screen, texting, talking, jumping up out of their seats to scream some fuvked up comment. I just assume it's a cultutal thing. Now I'm no pussy and when these inconsiderate a-holes start their selfish disruptions, I do not hesitate to let them know what's up. And what I've found is that the audience members pretty much agree and join in. Thanks for your insights.

  • TSM_Kermit
    TSM_Kermit 6 days ago

    I went to the theater and saw hotel transylvania 3 and a man in his 20´s sat and laughed at poop and fart jokes and explained everything to his friend who also was in his 20´s and it really annoyed me.

  • KayloMaster
    KayloMaster 6 days ago

    Fuck I hate people... I feel you, man. I haven't had that experience from people in a theatre unless it's a line or two, but it's my SISTER who points out and complains about every classic horror movie at home ;_; I FINALLY got to watch horror with my family and I never hear the end of the whining during and after the movie :/
    She AND my Mum called the Shining boring.
    She bitched about parts of The Thing
    She never stopped getting angry at the screen whenever Michael Myers got up in Halloween
    Alien she constantly asked questions about logic that we had to debate with her with until she stopped talking about it essentially being dragged out of the movie every 10 minutes
    ^ That one statement about alien was true for EVERY MOVIE WE WATCHED.
    We're watching Friday the 13th soon so god rest my soul.
    Sorry about the angry rant y'all I guess having someone resonate with me so much on annoying people just flicked the right switches :P I'm sorry, Chris, for the bullshit you have to deal with to just fucking enjoy yourself sometimes :/

  • Isaiah Adams
    Isaiah Adams 7 days ago +1

    I feel u, man. Cause I remember the time I went to the theatre to see The Incredibles 2, this girl sitting two seats behind was being loud as hell, in my mind I was saying shut the hell up, I'm trying to enjoy the movie. And on top of that a baby was crying and the parents didn't take it out of the theater area. But ironically I still enjoyed the movie. Despite that experience, I still like going to movie theaters

  • Adrian
    Adrian 7 days ago +1

    Watching Batman v Superman, the 2 and a half hour movie, couple beside me keeps talking and laughing

  • SalvatioN.Blood
    SalvatioN.Blood 7 days ago

    5 years old 43k likes and 400 dislikes, IMPRESSIVE

  • Tom Hayward
    Tom Hayward 7 days ago

    A movie theater that has guards that are allowed to toss annoying people out? I can't wait i'll fly the 12 or do hours to go to that theater for the rest of my life if it is truly built

  • Ryan Green
    Ryan Green 7 days ago

    I remember seeing "Blair Witch" one night and this GROUP of seventh/eighth grades WOULD NOT SHUT UP. I mean, It got to a point where the audience was yelling at them to be quiet but they just kept laughing and talking like a bunch of douchebags. And even WORSE, when they brought in the manager they gave me and my two friends a warning for something we NEVER did. It's funny looking back now...

  • J. C.
    J. C. 7 days ago

    How does texting affect your enjoyment of a movie?

  • Harrison liss
    Harrison liss 7 days ago

    While not annoying, my experience is mostly sometimes seeing kids in R rated movies. My dad and I went to see Machete 2, and this father brought their kid to it. That pissed me off... I began imagining in my head the horror stories of what could happen. Fortunately I didn't hear a peep from them, but I still wanted to know why the fuck he thought he could bring in a little kid. In my day (I am 28) when I was a kid, I was restricted (heh, funny joke) from seeing R rated/M rated stuff.
    Machete 2 is a violent, nudity/sex action movie. Why the fuck are you bringing in a little kid? You can't justify that. Maybe its just me, but kids really shouldn't be going to really really violent action movies that have a lot of sex and nudity in it. I mean granted it didn't have a lot, but not enough for you to avoid being looked at.
    My dad had a worse experience with Deadpool 2 though. A woman was texting on her phone and a guy behind her was yelling at her and eventually resorted to trying to get the phone away from her. Making a bigger fuss as time went on. They eventually stopped the movie and the cops had to be called.
    Other than that, I was lucky. People in my experience mostly talk right as the movie's trailers are about to start, maybe make a few noises, and then nothing from them for the rest of the movie.

  • MrShady1234567890987

    Sorry, I'm that guy who talks during the movie, I love commenting on what's going on, for me it's a social experience, and if I really wanna appreciate and analyze the movie I watch it alone at my home. I, of course, do realize that if you do this for a living you're there to carefully watch the movie, yet I strongly don't give a shit if you're annoyed by my presence. NOW, my phone is on silent, I whisper and I would never intentionally try to ruin someones experience. Also, if the movie is trash/any superhero movie/something cringy happens, I will probably giggle with my buddy, but if I'm watching a serious drama that is really immersive, naturally I won't say a word. I think that's acceptable, nobody ever complained, and if you're with your friend talking about what's going on, it makes the experience 100x better. When I was younger I would probably watch a movie without saying a word out of politeness, but then I realized that trying to make random dweebs(I watched a bunch of movies alone as well), who I will never talk to happy, makes my life a lot less enjoyable, so fuck you and fuck everybody lol.

  • DocterOreo
    DocterOreo 8 days ago

    16:00 please I would love to go there

  • Viktor Olah
    Viktor Olah 8 days ago

    Are you saying that there are guards in the cinema in the USA? Just to adress these type of issues? WTF is wrong with the manners over there that you guys need security for this...

  • sojjaz
    sojjaz 9 days ago

    on the other side of things there all a lot of loser dweebs that come alone and end up complaining about the other people expecting a completely sold out show to be silent and comfortable which isn't logical at all. If you want watch a movie in silence in peace just watch it at home! Don't take it out on the staff or the manager just wait a week later or on demand if such a movie enthusiast

  • Matthew Conrad
    Matthew Conrad 9 days ago

    I feel kind of bad because when I went to see The Last Jedi with my kids about 5 minutes in I snapped and loudly said “will you please shut the $&@& up?” While it did work it doesn’t count as a shining example of great parenting.

    THE BRONZE GOD 9 days ago

    5:48 now that’s what I call climax

  • Tirza Liem
    Tirza Liem 9 days ago

    In the Netherlands we can text the theatre if there are annoying people and they will be removed from the theatre

  • Liam Mack
    Liam Mack 9 days ago

    My last worst experience happened when i saw Hereditary now i know it wasnt the best movie but man these 3 teenage girls wouldnt get off there phones and kept talking so i lost it and told them to turn their fucking phones off before i smash them to pieces and they shut up after that.

  • ToastyMemes
    ToastyMemes 9 days ago +1

    Like if you’re guilty of being annoying during a movie

  • ToastyMemes
    ToastyMemes 9 days ago

    “I’m not racist I have black friends”
    Wait what?

  • Pasta Movies
    Pasta Movies 9 days ago

    Do you still plan to open the movie theater you talked about? I would love to go there.

  • Peter Mad
    Peter Mad 10 days ago

    Last night I watch The nun and this little girl telling the whole movie and spoiled the last part I was so furious.

  • angelit161
    angelit161 10 days ago

    I get the guy and I understand his frustrations but when you start pinpointing race and mimicking them you are just as bad as someone who is a full blown racist because you are opening the doorway for people to start attacking others based on color. I understand you may have had some bad experiences with people who look different than you but in honesty all races can be annoying shits in a theatre. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen big groups of little white blonde girls talking mad loud and smacking on popcorn and slurpees but that always seems to go unnoticed. Go figure.

  • Miguel Almonte
    Miguel Almonte 10 days ago

    I get what you’re saying. But, you’re just whining about a first world problem man. So, basically just quit being a bitch.

  • Justin Daniel
    Justin Daniel 10 days ago

    if you talk during the movies, you should go straight to jail. Like in Venezuela

  • Savannah Sanchez
    Savannah Sanchez 10 days ago

    People now a days suck! No common courtesy or manners! I cannot stand annoying people in the theater, people that shout and woo and most commonly shout “oh shit” when things are happening and it just results in a waste of time and money not getting to hear or enjoy a movie. I literally never go to the movies at night because I know I won’t be able to actually enjoy my time there. I only go in the mornings or first showings of the day.

  • Liz Gato
    Liz Gato 10 days ago


  • Alex Spooner
    Alex Spooner 10 days ago

    Thankfully that was my only really bad experience though as far as I was concerned. I might have ruined Avengers though when I saw it in theaters. My sister's cat kept me up for a long time that morning so I couldn't get to sleep. One guy in the theater fell asleep a couple of times & was snoring, although I feel asleep myself a few times & I have been told I snore. I was just determined to see the movie that day & had been planning it so I was just as determined not to let my sister's cat ruin my chance to see the movie that day. I think it was a decent few weeks after initial release & I was afraid it would leave theaters without me seeing it if I didn't go

  • Alex Spooner
    Alex Spooner 10 days ago

    I feel ya Chris. I am new to your channel. I actually left Annabel Creation because what I swear to God were under 18-year-old, which the movie was Rated R, unless they were with a parent they probably shouldn't have even been there & somehow I doubt they were with a parent cause if they were mine I would have dragged them out by their hair & probably swatted them, were talking really loudly at first. They starting whispering at some point & by them it didn't matter to me. Ever time their mouths opened I found my ears instantly straining in their direction. I agree that people need to shut the hell up period in movie theaters. I talked to the manager who gave me 2 movie passes after I got my money back because I insisted that just wasn't good enough because I felt my movie experience was that horrible & I only saw what felt like it was about half the movie. I still haven't seen all of Annabel Creation. I am one of those weird people who can know literally everything that is gonna happen in a movie & sti enjoy it. I have always ignored the parts of reviews on TVclip where they say the next part is a spoiler cause I have always said a movie can't be spoiled for me. However, the movie going experience most definitely was so believe me Dude I understand your pain. I also want to say good for you for going off on those guys verbally. I would have too if I could pick them out of the crowd. Unfortunately for me, while I was instantly alerted to every time these people talked I couldn't tell who it was nor was I aware of any indicators before hand that would have allowed me to pick them out. I think they were female & minor, however that was all I felt I could say for sure at the time

  • Earth To Josh
    Earth To Josh 10 days ago

    I went to the “SLENDER” movie, and this one guy commentated on every SINGLE CGI in the movie...

  • KP 1337
    KP 1337 10 days ago

    I totally agree with most his points in this minus the previews I think that is acceptable time to talk; let me explain a bit. I dont mind if people talk during previews as that is a good time to talk about what you just saw but QUITELY. Not during the actual trailers tho after you see green talk a quick bit but then shut up for the next trailer. I 100% agree that people need to "Shut the @!$# up" during the actual movie and there is almost no reason to talk during it ethier.

  • Suzanne de Nimes
    Suzanne de Nimes 11 days ago

    I've started exclusively going to movies at Alamo in part because of this sort of thing.

  • Lavaalamp
    Lavaalamp 11 days ago

    (Atlanta, Georgia, Marietta)When i saw IT on opening night, it seemed like a whole school did a field trip to the theater because during the film the whole theater was talking and texting, and people were screaming "DON'T GO IN THERE" and random bullshit. really broke the immersion. watched it a second time on my 4KHDR TV with the lights off by myself and was blown away about how different the experience was. After that I'm pretty sure I'm done with Theaters for BIG movies...and i'll have to go at 11 on a work day from now on. Also there was 8 security guards stationed near the entrance doors. Atlanta is a pretty shitty place, don't visit this Area for a vacation btw.

  • Andrew Loeza
    Andrew Loeza 11 days ago +1

    You had no idea what I have to deal with people in the theather. The worst experience was my brother and I went to go watch Avengers Infinity War. Worst experience ever. The movie was amazing, unfortunately both of is couldn't enjoy the when there were two stupid kids who were seated behind us were who wouldn't nonstop talking. Every time a new character or an avenger appear on screen they would say "Who's that?", or explaining whats happening. The worst is when the action scenes were happening they would make stupid sound effects like gun, flying, and explosion sounds. I was this close to scream at them to shut the fuck up, but i didn't want to the center of attention. So I try to focus on the film.
    Goddamned parents if you can't teach your children to behave in the theather then don't bring them. Shit I never was like that when I was young because i wanted to watch a movie listening to nothing but the movie itself.

  • Musicandhearts23
    Musicandhearts23 11 days ago

    I went and saw the Purge 4 on 4th of July when it came out. And OMG it was a packed theater and my boyfriend and I got there late so we had to sit in the second row. Then everyone around me KEPT TALKING. It was a bunch of young kids maybe like 15-16 years old. And I swear the one girl took out a pair of underwear she had bought from the mall (the movie theater is in the mall) and was showing it to all her friends around her. And then those same friends kept talking LOUD! And climbing over the seats. I was so annoyed I couldn’t even enjoy the movie.

  • Velina Welch
    Velina Welch 11 days ago

    I guess I've been lucky considering what you talked about and some of the comments I've read. I've not really had a bad experience. And believe me I've been to a lot of movies. There's the normal reaction to something sometimes but then they get back into the movie. The only thing I can think of was @ a Nicholas Sparks movie (The Longest Ride , I thnk, lol, I used to go see all of his) but an elderly lady came in with what I'm guessing was maybe her daughter & granddaughter, and in the middle of the movie someone called her. I actually felt sorry for her because the person was prolonging the conversation w/her even though she told them what she was doing. People were already sighing & mumbling about the interruption. But it didn't last long & the only drama was on the screen. Some may think she should have turned her phone off, but I can't say anything there because my mom is now deceased but when she was sick I'd go stay with her during the day and to take my mind off things would often go see a movie. The phone I had then I didn't trust on vibrate so I kept it on but turned the volume low in case I was needed if mom got worse. Of course friends & relatives I would tell where I was going & I never abused by texting. But some of these stories...No! I would have to say something because it's just rude behavior! I guess I've just been lucky...so far @ least.

    • Velina Welch
      Velina Welch 11 days ago

      What I meant was I'd stay with her during the day then go catch a movie before going home for the night.

  • Ana R
    Ana R 11 days ago

    This is why I go at around 10-11 AM every time I've gone its only been 30 year olds who are really there to watch the movie and elderly people. I also go to a cenima that is not well known.

  • happo811
    happo811 11 days ago +1

    Infinity war im a huge comic fan and there was this kid who just kept talking and talking and i dont really confront these kinds of people as im fortunate enough to not encounter them as much but holy shit parents tell your kids to shut the hell up

  • Se7enof09
    Se7enof09 11 days ago

    When I first started dating my kid's dad who was from Venezuela we went to the movies and he talked back at the screen I told him we don't do that here. He never talked back at the screen again. So once when I went to see the movie Singles in the 90's there was a guy behind me talking through the movie "oh that's Bridget Fonda" yadda.yadda Anyway, halfway through the movie I turned around and told him to please stop talking he did. I have never had a bad experience after that. I go to a lot of movies with my special needs client people are pretty respectful.

  • maximiliano sintim
    maximiliano sintim 11 days ago

    Oh my gosh my friend Becky is calling me let me go to the movies so I can answer it

  • Goth Ginger
    Goth Ginger 11 days ago

    I like the peoples' reactions around me, but i've not dealt with a loudmouth yet. It's pretty aggravating how inconsistent the cinema is that I go to. I went with my bf, we're both over 18, he had his ID and i didn't have mine. I still should have gotten into "Suicide Squad," it's PG-13!! So, I have to have my dad grab my ID and drive up there. Not too long after, I go again with him to see Brother's Grimsby, and it's rated r. We don't even need our ID that time, we just get the tickets. These theater workers are dopey as fuck.

  • dee
    dee 12 days ago

    i love watching movies in the theatres, but here in the Philippines, there are so many disrespectful people who kick your seat from behind, talk so loud, have their phones brightly shining throughout the movie, yawning to the top of their lungs and so much more.

  • Farid Habibi
    Farid Habibi 12 days ago

    There was this one time I went to a theatre and I saw a movie in 3D D-box watching the meg, and let me tell you the entire theater was empty.

  • Yoshana
    Yoshana 12 days ago

    Recently went to see a movie and a girl in front of me to the left a bit kept snap chatting the movie. Bright ass phone screen recording the movie.
    An experience of something rude that happened me was my boyfriend and I had showed up late to see Dunkirk. We rarely do this. We always plan to be to a movie early but I had just gotten off of work so it was very abnormal. To give a little back story, I feel and respect movies the same way Chris does. I am very respectful to people around me and movies are my passion. So we're settling in and we both take out our phones to silence them tilting them close to our bodies, and this older couple behind us didn't even give us a second before they quite rudely said, "You're not supposed to be on your phone. Put it away!" My boyfriend turns around incredulously and says, "We're doing that now, sir we are silencing our phones."
    As always, we we're silent the entire film and it felt like they were all fired up to tell us off again, waiting to see if we would annoy them again.
    I always try to give people the benefit of the doubt, watch them for about 5 minutes first to discern if they're being rude or just in the middle of something before I feel like something needs to be said.

  • Andreas A
    Andreas A 12 days ago

    If I was you I would have told them to FUCK OFF. Annoying, rude, moviegoers will only shut up if you tell them off and you don't actually move from there.

  • Idgylizzie
    Idgylizzie 12 days ago +1

    There was a annoying experience I had when a friend of mine and I went to see Blade Runner 2049. We were the only ones in the theatre and we were like “sweet”
    Then these two other college dudes come in and sit right behind us. It bothered me so much, and I know I don’t really have a right to tell them where to sit but, I said aloud “ man, there are so many other seats” and I guess they heard me and decided to move. So then they decide to sit directly in front of us. I hate it when people try to make some kind of unit depending on where you sit like we’re not friends nor family please stop doing that 😂

  • Shujin
    Shujin 12 days ago +1

    Two moments. One is the theater's fault and the other is the audience's fault.
    1. I went to watch Princess Mononoke (my second favorite movie) in theaters for Ghibli fest, and half way through the movie, the lights turn on. The movie kept playing, but the lights were on for the rest of it. It was aggravating.
    2. I went to watch Mission Impossible: Fallout and one kid was just screaming the entire time. In the really emotional scenes, he would be like "is he dead? Mom, mom. Is he dead?" I was three rows behind him and I can still hear him. After the movie ended, I saw who this kid was and gave him a death glare. He looked around 10, which should be enough to understand what a movie theater is for. His mom did tell him to shut up like half the time, but he just kept on talking. And even worse, the audience was laughing at HIS reactions. I wanted to die

  • Pete Matter
    Pete Matter 12 days ago +2

    annoying people in the audience and raising ticket prices are the reason i stopped going to the movies.
    it’s much more fun watching movies in my “home theatre”.

  • Maussiedewaussie Manderfeld

    Question. Isnt the sound really hard so a conversation is basically pointless in a movietheater?

  • Kylo Ren
    Kylo Ren 12 days ago

    Maybe go to a theater that sell expensive tickets can help.

  • Zhongyuan Peng
    Zhongyuan Peng 12 days ago

    Ha, the reason i don't go to theaters anymore.

  • Wonderland Artwork
    Wonderland Artwork 12 days ago +3

    ok so my dad told me about this since I was pretty small. We went to see finding Nemo and actually managed to hit a day where the cinema wasn't completely packed. So we sit in de middle and this other father and his kid (prob same age as me, 4 or 5 maybe) come in and sit down in front of us, with the father sitting in front of me and the child in front of my dad. Me being the little pixie that I am couldn't see shit so dad told the guy to switch seats with his kid, guy doesn't comply (we're still only at the ads and previews luckily) so my father goes "IS IT SO HARD TO SWITCH SEATS WITH YOUR KID SO MY DAUGHTER CAN SEE THE MOVIE WITHOUT HAVING TO STAND TO BE ABLE TO LOOK OVER YOUR THICK INCONSIDERATE SKULL?"

    then the guy moved and boy did he look grumpy 😂

  • Jade Rose
    Jade Rose 13 days ago

    Seriously!!!! Amen. But would you allow infants and young kids in your theaters? I find a screaming, crying baby is the worst.

  • Nemesis Wolf
    Nemesis Wolf 13 days ago

    Yeah it's difficult and very annoying. Almost like you just want to beat up someone because they don't know how to keep their mouth shut.

  • TaterThoughts
    TaterThoughts 13 days ago

    This is why Alamo Drafthouse is my favorite theater chain.


    I was waiting for him to describe two girls that looked like me and my sis ;-;

  • lefthookfishingnow
    lefthookfishingnow 13 days ago

    I wish I Had time to tell about some annoying and also hilarious experiences in New York movie theaters. I’ll just say that going to matinees has basically eliminated 95% of problems.

  • Jett Allyson
    Jett Allyson 14 days ago

    It's a shame to have to go to a showing with fewer people just to avoid this kind of thing, because it can be a lot of fun when a whole theater is into a movie and reacts to a big scene in the same way. Of course, that's the point of seeing a movie with 500 other people. My worst experience was at a showing of Blade Runner 2 in a mostly empty theater. The people behind us were whispering comments to each other the whole film. My husband and I finally switched seats about 3/4 of the way through, but we could still hear them from the other end of the row.

  • Walt Muraca
    Walt Muraca 15 days ago +1

    Me and my dad went to go see the Lego Batman Movie, and for some reason, a woman brought her baby into the movie. In the last sequence, there's this great comedic moment where the sound cuts off in a very high tension/high stakes scene, and you here the Legos click together in a sort of anticlimactic way. Of course, the baby was crying during that, so the comedy of the scene was kind of lost. Please, to everyone, don't bring your baby into a movie theater, just get a babysitter.

  • Decarabia Jo
    Decarabia Jo 15 days ago

    Why am I not surprised that the person who loudly blabbed thru the entire movie was black

  • 12peach4
    12peach4 15 days ago +1

    I was watching Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and at some points the audience would start clapping. IT'S NOT LIVE THEATRE!!!!! WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS????

  • I Want Boba
    I Want Boba 15 days ago

    this is an old video but i'm hoping you see my comment. i'm not saying your feelings with the horrible shit you experienced in this wasn't valid, because it was, but non-white communities are more community-oriented and share everything with each other. every emotion, every thought, everyyyythiiiiing. most of the time, it's fun. i know white people like experiencing things individually and in complete silence-that's fine too. with that said, there was no excuse for you to even mention race. you were literally that "i have a black friend" asshole. not cool.

    • David Guzman
      David Guzman 15 days ago

      My family immigrated from Mexico and yet none of my family I know of does this shit during a movie. Latino and Hispanic culture is the same way, believe me. But it's common sense that everybody paid to watch the movie, not hear your annoying ass blabber on and on.

  • Fel M
    Fel M 15 days ago

    Another reason why I stopped going to the cinema.

  • BEast Sauce
    BEast Sauce 16 days ago

    This is partially why I dont even bother with movie theaters anymore. I can wait for it to come out on DVD or Netflix.

  • PCthesecond
    PCthesecond 16 days ago +1

    Nothing pisses me off more. Ill only go to see something I proper wanna watch, I wait till weeks have gone past and there’s only like 3 people in the cinema.
    Never watch anything with my mom either, with her “oh my gods”, ohh no.
    Like shut up.

  • Sawyer Fitzpatrick
    Sawyer Fitzpatrick 17 days ago

    After hearing all this, I feel so sorry for all the films lovers out there. It's infuriating. I'm just glad that we have luxurious cinemas in here where a single ticket costs 40 dollars and can go up to 70 including food and drinks. Expensive, yes, but the experience is of the utmost comfort, with theater rooms that have only 12 seats, restricting the admission of those who are just killing time. Also, no one under 18 is allowed.

  • Evan Gauthier
    Evan Gauthier 17 days ago

    4:20 are movie pres screenings in Ohio always like that because I would love to see this.

  • zynbw
    zynbw 17 days ago

    My mom is one of those people who talk loud in theaters. It's so embarrassing and I feel so bad for people around us.

  • Richard Ramirez
    Richard Ramirez 17 days ago

    clevelands a chocolate city right?......oh boy lol

  • Isabelle Veltman
    Isabelle Veltman 18 days ago


  • The Rave Music Archive

    I totally feel you on this.

  • S S
    S S 18 days ago

    I've had ppl answer their phones during the film, and try and whisper as if no one was gonna hear it.


    The most annoying thing that happened to me in a movie cinema were kids crying when I was watching 50 shades of grey