A Rant on Annoying Moviegoers

  • Published on Mar 9, 2013
  • Chris Stuckmann gives you his thoughts on the texters, talkers, seat-kickers, throwers and all-around annoying idiots in the movie theaters these days.
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  • Daniel Mcaloon
    Daniel Mcaloon 8 hours ago

    I have two experiences:

    The first was in a crowded theatre watching Endgame, and the two girls on either side of me were constantly pulling their phones out to text at different times throughout the whole movie, I didn't say anything but i put my hand up by my eyes to try and show that the light was bothering me in the dark theatre, but they didn't notice.
    The second time was in a semi crowded theatre for Rocketman and there were two girls just chatting away through most of the songs and emotional scenes like they didn't care at all about the movie.

  • jaggededges
    jaggededges 13 hours ago

    i live n florida and a spanish couple talked normal tone throughout the Thing new one of course. Halfway couldnt take it stood up screaming in spanish to SHUT UP. The Narcissist people that talk non stop asked what i was talking about SILENCE I YELLED. Thought we were gonna fight but he stayed seated

  • Kristi Cottrell
    Kristi Cottrell 13 hours ago

    My husband and I saw Godzilla last weekend at the matinee. 12$ to get in 20$ in snacks. (Food is 5 bucks a pop.) And we were the only ones in the tiny theatre. It was awesome! We were yelling "Godzilla!" Every time he appeared it was so much fun for two 50 somethings. It was Creature Double Feature all over again. 😄

  • Blingdream
    Blingdream 17 hours ago

    Dig the tee shirt.

  • Disney is the Devil
    Disney is the Devil 21 hour ago +2

    That pregnant girl catfight story was awesome. It'd be worth having that experience once just to have that story to tell.

  • Dane's Films
    Dane's Films 22 hours ago

    Sucking baby's in movie theater ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Mar78 Andres
    Mar78 Andres Day ago

    watching Black Panther with a couple next to me taking selfies throughout the whole movie...
    with the FUCKING FLASH.

  • KOS Listed
    KOS Listed Day ago

    I hope he KNOCKED those Hoodrats the FUCK OUT. The second they cross the line, invade your space is an invite for an Ass Whoopin. They really need to make the Purge a Reality.

  • Kirsty Fairley
    Kirsty Fairley Day ago

    I'm usually pretty lucky when it comes to audience members at the movie theatre's I go to, usually you'll hear someone get a fright during a horror movie or laugh at a joke made in the movie as you'd expect but that's usually it. The one bad experience I had was when I went with my friend to see Sinister when it came out, there were a group of teens behind us who sat talking out loud the whole movie about how scared they were by the film and generally just being annoying, so I completely get how it can ruin the experience of watching a film at the movie theatre.

  • liquidhalo
    liquidhalo Day ago

    Chris, Dont you have a few videos out where you talk about laughing and giggling at the cinema? Heck in one of them your guest even winces when you say it clearly showing he was embarrassed by your behavior. You dont get to be annoying then complain about other annoying people like you're entitled to act that way but nobody else is

  • ben thoreson
    ben thoreson Day ago +1

    Going to the theater with my disabled friend in an electric wheel chair. Taking the handicapped space on the ground floor. Having people in the raised row behind us put their feet up, either between the headrests or on the back corner of the arm rests.
    I've had my hair pinched between there shoes and the head rest, head and arms kicked, dirt from the bottom of their filthy ass shoes paint my shoulders in dirty prints and have them laugh like its something we both should find funny.
    This has happened multiple times. Its usually kids, and the parents apologize and rectify the situation. A few times though, extremely immature young people or very entitled parents. I don't have good endings to these stories, because I'm there with a friend who doesn't get out much and I don't want to ruin the evening by going full Mungo (what my friends call me during a fit of frustration, I tend to dawn a very caveman approach when pushed to the limits)

  • DJ Earl
    DJ Earl 2 days ago

    How did i know she was black when he said 16 and pregnant. Typical

  • krzeselko
    krzeselko 2 days ago

    Why did I know the prego bitch was black? And I dont even live in states and never have to put up with these idiots.

  • James Mason
    James Mason 2 days ago

    Stuckmann actually tried to dodge his racism by claiming "some of my best friends are..." If race doesn't matter to you then why did you bring it up? This clumsy "denialist" racism fools no one. I live in Dallas and the white hayseeds ruin move movies they go to. And start more fistfights in theater than I can count. Maybe I should do a whining video about it...and try to hide behind, "some of my best friends are white."

  • Yom Bomb
    Yom Bomb 2 days ago

    Youre not racist for noticing a very obvious trend. Its just their culture, nothing to do with their race. I went to see avengers endgame and a group of black teens, mainly male were in the seats behind me. They literally did the same thing the entire movie. Mainly because it was a group of them and they had to impress their buddies they were with by each chiming in with some stupid comment every minute or so. Or laughing stupidly or making borderline retarded noises when their was a dramatic scene. It ruined the entire movie and people complained but nothing happened because of fear of being called racist. Its a fucked up time.

  • AH-64Apache3
    AH-64Apache3 2 days ago +1

    I went to go see Saving Private Ryan during a Veterans Day screening. A father brought his children who were like 4 and 7. Five minutes into the movie, the children start crying and screaming. Nobody did anything about it because it would sound like whoever complained was being a dick. After 20 minutes, the dad finally left with his kids.

  • ドーナツとコロッケ/Buñuelos n' Krokke

    One time I went to see (I think it was the spider man 3 and Godzilla) a movie and it was jam packed. When the movie started everyone cheered and then stayed quite just watching the movie. If I remember at one point in the movie everyone made a noise I believe it was a cheer and then went quite again 😂😂 I enjoyed that lol

    I think there was one movie I went to see where everyone including myself were not expecting a scene that ended up makeing a lot of us jump 😂😂 some of us were looking at each other and giggling(?) lol

  • Jack Burton
    Jack Burton 2 days ago

    I feel like this could be a conversation about society as a whole rather than watching movies. Some people are never taught the importance of civics. Some people are taught that civics is a tool of oppression to justify all of their failures.

  • ACe GAMing
    ACe GAMing 2 days ago

    I was watching Avengers: Endgame the day before it came out. (It was a special screening at select movie theatres). And obviously the theatre was packed. I didn’t think to much about the people as I was there just to watch the movie I desperately waited so long for. I got good middle seats that I scored weeks earlier and there was a group of... young adults sitting in the very bottom. Every time something cool would happen they would “whoo” and scream “Yea” EVERY time. I did not buy tickets to go to that movie just to have the experience taken away by yelling.

    REX MUNDI 3 days ago

    Life is bullshit... It truly is .

  • ManuMIAS
    ManuMIAS 3 days ago

    You are one of the most annoying ones so stfu

  • moondoggie517
    moondoggie517 3 days ago

    Cat fights and people having full ass conversations..what kind of theater is this?? Sweet jesus 😐

  • clint deAngelis
    clint deAngelis 4 days ago

    Kinda funny: I saw Spider-Man 2 (yeah, obviously this is an old story) at the midnight premiere. Had an absolutely OBNOXIOUS girl two seats down, wouldn't shut up. Decided to see it again, except this time, we had a family with a bunch of little kids who wouldn't sit down or shut up.
    A month or so later, I bought the special edition Spider-Man (the first film) on DVD, which included a voucher for a free ticket to Spider-Man 2. Anyway, I got to the theater a little late to see Spider-Man 2 again, so the theater employees tried to get me to go to the screening that already started. I politely said no, but I wanted to go to the next screening. I walked into that theater, and was completely alone for the next 2 hours. It was absolutely GLORIOUS.

  • clint deAngelis
    clint deAngelis 4 days ago

    Oh..who can't relate to this!!!

  • 308328928
    308328928 5 days ago

    I have a problem with these "leakers" that keep making videos about plot leaks aka fan theories.

  • Miyakolover
    Miyakolover 5 days ago

    You're probably going to love going to the Cinema in Japan. I've been there six times and I always go to the movie theater in each visit...people in there are always quiet and only clap when credits are shown...they even stay during the whole thing till the credits finish and clap for the people who worked on the movie.

  • Sly blade
    Sly blade 5 days ago

    That’s why i watch movies on weekdays and long after it has been released

  • Charlie Alolkoy
    Charlie Alolkoy 5 days ago

    There is a book called "White Fragility" about why it's difficult to talk about race with white people. In the book she criticizes a white woman for telling a story using ebonics. After hearing you do it I must say that it depends upon the context. I think you were right to tell the story that way. We would have never gotten the true emotions of the situation otherwise. America is full of many colorful cultures and sometimes they clash. We talk it out and hopefully learn from from each other.

  • Charlie Alolkoy
    Charlie Alolkoy 5 days ago

    Our American culture seems to have a problem with boundaries. Many are not protective of their boundaries, and many violate the boundaries of others. The non-protective continually allow themselves to be victims. I was no exception until I married my wife who has an extremely good sense of boundaries. In my early years with my wife I would squirm with discomfort when she stood up to boundary violations. Over time I got more comfortable with it and even learned to celebrate her actions and emulate them. I do think it's a cultural thing. As a person of asian decent I was raised to be very restrained often to my detriment. Telling a group of people to be quiet will rarely work because they will lose face in front of their friends if they comply.
    I was an usher in the 70's when ushers actually did something. Under the worst conditions, I worked in a 99 cent theater where parents would just dump off their kids as a cheap babysitter. I was constantly having to correct behaviors but would rarely kick a child out for fear of turning a child out into the streets. But I seemed to be pretty good at being stern with them and they usually listened.

  • 665 Demon Dog
    665 Demon Dog 5 days ago

    this is why i turn off my cell phone, i actually just turn it off, seeing a new movie is better than seeing instagram stories

  • 665 Demon Dog
    665 Demon Dog 5 days ago

    hahaha yes this kind of stuff happened to me when i was watching spider man 3 there was a 4 year old screaming playing around the mom did nothing, then a sex scene in a horror film some teenagers annoying were like " ahh turn it off"

  • Wouter Blom
    Wouter Blom 5 days ago

    You had to stand in line 2 hours?!! Why?

  • Jeffrey Aalders
    Jeffrey Aalders 5 days ago

    I have 65 inch tv, so i only go a theater when i really, really need to see a movie. Like the joker,dr sleep.

  • Jason Long
    Jason Long 5 days ago

    C O M P L E T E L Y O U T L O U D

  • Nicholas Bumgardner
    Nicholas Bumgardner 5 days ago

    This is why I was overjoyed when Alamo Drafthouse came to my town. I barely go to any other theaters now.

  • Welcometo FPV
    Welcometo FPV 6 days ago

    Dude you’re a baby. That last example I was like wow you’re a woman who cares if they talk during the previews not everyone goes to the movies alone lol I bet you get mad when people kiss too in the theatre. All you shoulda said is actually I’m not texting I’m turning my phone off and it’s actually against the rules to talk also did both of you know that? And then I’d turn around but you pulled a Karen and went to the manager lmao.

  • uno23sleep
    uno23sleep 6 days ago

    I really relate to your experience. But so far I haven't had something bad like that.😅 There's just this one time wherein the people behind me were talking and I just leaned back and stared at them angrily for 5 minutes until they shut up.😂
    I think I would enjoy watching a movie with people like you.👍

  • Stefan Moore
    Stefan Moore 6 days ago

    Not enough people actually enjoy a movie for the experience that it is. That's why I usually prefer to watch movies by myself. It's easier that way lol.

  • MCBlazeHunter
    MCBlazeHunter 6 days ago

    i went to see avengers endgame and while captain america was getting beaten by thanos, some woman right next to me was saying "ahh" "oh" "oh no!".

  • oslohes tyagi
    oslohes tyagi 6 days ago

    Luckily this rarely happens in the UK :)

  • Odera
    Odera 6 days ago

    I go see the movies on Sunday around 11 - 2. I'm glad church exists so I can see the movies I want in peace.

  • DyersEve
    DyersEve 6 days ago

    This is precisely why I NEVER go to see a film as soon as it's released. I prefer to wait at least a week or so before I go watch it. People piss me off lol. Also, the woman who lunged at the pregnant girl was completely justified in my opinion. I would have slapped the shit out of that little bitch.

  • Lord Bastian
    Lord Bastian 6 days ago

    I don’t remember the movie I went to watch but there was this short fat guy FREAKING BURPING, you can understand the occasional burp I mean you’re drinking soda more than likely so ok, but the disrespectful piece of trash kept at it. He was there with what seemed was his family and I was with my girlfriend. His family could tell that we were bothered by it so his wife told him to stop, I got up and told him how he should be ashamed at how he was embarrassing himself in front the women in the theater and specially his family. So he eventually stopped.

  • ed rosa
    ed rosa 6 days ago

    Ha! First off since your a movie critic: it sucks to be you.
    A few years ago there were a couple of guys chatting and laughing, it got to the point where I got up pointed at one of them and said "want to take it outside funnyman?". Since then I came up with a few rules for going to the theater:
    1. Never go on opening weekend; if it's a movie I'm really looking forward to, then a midnight showing. If possible, I'll wait several weeks.
    2. Be aware of the location's demographics: I avoid theaters where there are alot of teenagers. If I can find an out of the way theater, I'll go.
    I also purchased a projector so I can have that experience at home, I'm even working on a setup for my garage to have my own drive in.

  • gumedean cj
    gumedean cj 6 days ago

    A couple days ago, I was at the theater to see Godzilla king of the monsters, and these parents were borderline abusive. At first they were just the typical being the baby to the theater people, the baby was crying though. The reason why he was crying at first was because he was tired. Ya know why? Because the parents decided to bring the baby to this show that started at 10:05 PM! Then everyone heard the baby release some gas, smelled horrible. As it continued to smell for over 30 minutes and the baby began crying in more pain, I realized it wasnt gas. The baby was in pain because it had a dirty diaper and it was beginning to cause skin infection. The baby screamed in pain for the rest of the movie as the parents neglected the child. Finally, in the last half hour of the movie, the father brought the baby out who was now wet with tears and maybe something else. I feel so bad for the baby

  • Tanya G
    Tanya G 6 days ago

    So this happened to me during the movie The Conjuring...I'm a HUGE horror movie fan and pre-ordered my ticket for this movie on opening night so I was very excited to watch it. What happens? I'd say about 8 teenagers who sat behind me kept kicking my seat, laughing at quiet and serious parts, and kept talking about stupid shit that had nothing to do with the movie. My friend and me stood up and asked them to be quiet, but instead of common courtesy, they laughed at us and continued. Within no lie just 25 minutes of the film I walked out on opening night and got my ticket refunded because of those teenagers. People are so rude nowadays and I don't understand why would they PAY to see a movie they aren't even going to watch or be quiet for???

  • Jordan F
    Jordan F 6 days ago

    This is why I've started hating going to movies is because of people being annoying assholes. If you're going to talk or play on your phone fucking go somewhere else. I hate people.

  • LisaC A
    LisaC A 6 days ago

    Asking someone (who is disrupting a movie) to be quiet is not racist.

  • # zen bell
    # zen bell 6 days ago

    Just admit it, we are getting older now

  • Brisson Kévin
    Brisson Kévin 6 days ago

    This is what humanity is man, sad truth

  • just a dude with a pencil

    Heres a story
    When i saw "a quiet place" where the premise was *no noise or you die or whatever* everybody who I went to go see it with wanted to get chipotle burritos and chips and stuff while we watched the movie (Yeah yeah I'm bad, I sneak food in, whatever). And I was the only one who before the movie was like "uhh guys, the movie is going to be quiet. Is bringing food exactly wise?" And everyone either didn't hear or straight up ignored that statement. I didn't object much more and just rolled with it, and what I predicted came to pass
    We were nice about it at least and didn't make noise, which is why I'm making this story comment. But by extension to making no noise, we couldn't eat exactly when there was no noise
    It was honestly funny to me how it was almost like a race, to see how much you can eat when noise happened
    Though I wanted to strangle them when they were saying nobody guessed the movie was going to be quiet
    Oh also, yeah for me quiet place was okay, I liked don't breathe better though honestly

  • Leibermuster
    Leibermuster 6 days ago

    Just saw this. You've probably never been to a cinema in Southeast Asia. They stick their ... FEET ... every ... WHERE!!!

  • Neko Mata
    Neko Mata 7 days ago

    I rarely go to a theater, cause they are expensive and the movies are usually dubbed in Spanish, and I'm the kind of person who gasps and laughs out loud or makes other sounds... I cannot help reacting to a movie, specially if it's a good movie, but because I know myself I am self-conscious and cover my mouth or whisper as quietly as possible. I can scream to my heart's content in my own home but at a movie theater I rather just gasp a little and not bother other people.

  • Alan Howell
    Alan Howell 7 days ago

    I am completely with you on this. My favorite genre of movie is horror, which to get the most enjoyment out of requires complete immersion into the atmosphere and story. A stray comment doesn't make me upset, but the need to announce how you would act in a situation or give play by play with commentary is a sure fire way to annoy the living hell out of me. Nobody cares if you think you're smarter than a FICTIONAL CHARACTER. I hope your more recent experiences have been better, I enjoy your reviews because you look at movies from a filmmaker's perspective, something I also want to do.

  • golden age of rap
    golden age of rap 7 days ago +1

    That's why I built a home theater. Teenagers are dicks nowadays

  • Jusu Marlee
    Jusu Marlee 7 days ago +1

    I didn't hear anything after he said " stick it up my tail pipe ". Hmmm.....

  • Connor Jacobs
    Connor Jacobs 7 days ago

    What about when people bring their baby into the cinema

  • Just Another Doodle
    Just Another Doodle 8 days ago +3

    Chris, I can tell you need a hug 😐

  • King Greed
    King Greed 8 days ago

    If u see black women in a theater, they gonna talk. They have no respect for other people in the room. Hate those bitches.

  • SmallTank
    SmallTank 8 days ago

    My brother is annoying as all heII ffs

  • Gruagach. Iron Shoes
    Gruagach. Iron Shoes 8 days ago +1

    Time before last i got into a brawl at the cinema, i was overly polite when i asked the clown to please keep it down and stop swearing (Kids at move Avengers Endgame) offered out and i slapped the head of the cretin, ruined the whole movie as i was still pissed off but these vermin are everywhere , rattling paper, talking, sluping, coughing, on the phones etc etc

  • Dani Boy
    Dani Boy 8 days ago

    Honestly waiting for a DVD release is much better than going to the cinema. And that pregnant lady is rude for doing that

  • tinka beel
    tinka beel 9 days ago

    I haven't been to theaters in over 10 years because of people like this. I have my own private movie theater at home. Fuck public movie theaters, i'll save my money.

  • a hecking walnut
    a hecking walnut 9 days ago

    When finding dory came out I had to see it with my parents, and there were these girls in the row in front of us who would *loudly* shout "AWWWWWWW!" every time baby dory showed up. I wanted to fucking throw something

  • D Bakker
    D Bakker 9 days ago +1

    I went with a friend to see a martial arts film, The Iron Monkey. Some young black people arrived and were loud, using the phone, and being pretty obnoxious. When the movie started they realized it was subtitled and yelled out, "hell naw we got to read this?" They got up and left. It was the best feeling ever 😊

  • Danilo Novaković
    Danilo Novaković 9 days ago

    Luckily i didn't have that kind of experience so far in my theater. The worst is kids crying or something but it's usually dealt with fast.

  • Rob Bradley
    Rob Bradley 9 days ago

    If you talk loud enough to disrupt others in the theater, you're a piece of trash. Period.

  • Paul Williams
    Paul Williams 9 days ago +1

    wanna see a movie in silence? SAVE YOUR TIME AND MONEY & WATCH IT AT HOME. or visit Japan.

  • Silly Goose
    Silly Goose 9 days ago

    Easiest way to get stabbed; ask someone to be quiet in a theater.

  • Silly Goose
    Silly Goose 9 days ago

    And when was the exact time people decided that talking through the previews was normal? At least Alamo Drafthouse Cinema takes this seriously.

  • Lia Flexx
    Lia Flexx 10 days ago

    Awesome story! I'm glad some assholes got what was coming to them! I know you can't do this as a professional, but this is the reason why I rarely go to the movies and when I do it's always a few weeks after it's released. I can't wait until you open your movie theater chain.

  • The Bleach Drinking Novelty Panda

    Your future theater sounds like a nice place.

  • Gordon Davis
    Gordon Davis 10 days ago

    After 2007, the movie experience stopped being enjoyable for me. When I realized I was spending money to be annoyed, I stopped going and just wait for home video. I blame the theater owners for not having ushers or security, the theater owners cram 500 people into a dark room and have them fend for themselves. And people wonder why movie theaters lose money every year.

  • Metal8Ball
    Metal8Ball 10 days ago +1

    I hit a couple with a slushie during 30 days of night for talking.

  • Metal8Ball
    Metal8Ball 10 days ago

    Crying babies and ghetto black people are the worst.

  • Gordon Davis
    Gordon Davis 10 days ago

    People do not know how to behave in public. With texting, people think that they are so funny and insightful that they have to make jokes and comments. But you know what is the problem - movie theaters stopped having ushers. Until the 1990s, movie theaters used to have ushers that ended nonsense. Now, theaters are too cheap to have ushers and the movie experience sucks. When movies became more annoying to me than enjoyable, I stopped going and just wait for home video. Imagine if a city had no cops and citizens had to fend for themselves, that is what theater owners do to the paying public by not having ushers.

  • Tran1193
    Tran1193 10 days ago +9

    When I went to see Endgame for the first time:

    At the end when Ironman says, "I...am.......-" some lady in the back shouts, "IRONMAN. HEH! CALLED IT!"

  • Return_Of_The_Mack
    Return_Of_The_Mack 10 days ago

    My wife and I went to see Deadpool 2. There were a bunch of kids in attendance who not only had a full conversation about topics including and not including the movie, they also decided to throw Skittles at each other. I could hear them on the other side of a very large theater, and what I thought was a police officer, took one out and came back. Did that deter them? Nope. Did the officer looking dude do anything else but look at the kids? Nope. So we left the theater and got a refund. I still haven't seen Deadpool 2.

  • Jacob Hook
    Jacob Hook 10 days ago

    This happened to me while going to see Avengers: End Game............ some dude speaking out loud everything that happened in the movie. I stayed quiet but it was extremely annoying especially because it was such a good movie!!!

  • hugo mikaelsson
    hugo mikaelsson 10 days ago

    I'm convinced that unborn child's got a helluva future ahead of him/her.

  • Dylan Altamirano
    Dylan Altamirano 10 days ago

    My worst movie experience was when I went to watch Halloween 2018, and two things. 1) there's a BABY in a FUCKING RATED R MOVIE PREMIER CRYING FOR THE 1 HOUR. 2) Some fat motherfucker was snoring loudly during the second half of the movie. Fml

  • Aidan O'Neill
    Aidan O'Neill 10 days ago

    When I saw Avengers: Endgame there was this little kid, maybe five years old who was sitting next to me and he kept talking throughout the entire movie. His dad repeatedly told him to stop talking but he didn’t. The whole theater was also constantly laughing at jokes that weren’t funny and I could barely hear what was going on. It was very annoying.

  • dorothy mcconnell
    dorothy mcconnell 11 days ago

    with this theater please do Endgame

  • RZetlin
    RZetlin 11 days ago

    And this why I don't go to movie theaters. Just wait for the movie home release.

  • relax96
    relax96 11 days ago

    Good for you. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  • Zachary Siple
    Zachary Siple 11 days ago

    13:10 If I were there, I would have had the last SIP of the straw!

  • Zachary Siple
    Zachary Siple 11 days ago

    5:55 That was funny, but I thought you were going to say the fight was the best part of the movie! :)

  • Rejected Letters
    Rejected Letters 11 days ago

    Going to concerts is just as annoying, especially being around groups of all girls; I avoid them at all costs. It seems like they (girls) don't see a concert experience the same way men do. Most of them go to talk, take pictures and try to get the attention away from the band in any way possible by screaming random stuff, -drunk- dancing clumsily all over the place, etc.
    It is extremely annoying!

  • Randy Hudson
    Randy Hudson 11 days ago

    We saw Avengers Endgame opening weekend. A girl about 20 y/o ran into the theater and screamed "WHICH ONE OF YOU NIGGAS STOLE MY FUCKING SHOES?!?" "I SAID.....WHICH ONE OF YOU NIGGAS STOLE MY MOTHA FUCKING SHOES!?!" then walked away. We saw her being arrested as we left.

  • Rikard Nilsson
    Rikard Nilsson 11 days ago

    People who bring toddlers to a movie theater should be banned for life.

  • The Rugged Individual
    The Rugged Individual 11 days ago

    I know this is an old video, but I've had such bad experiences lately that I've sworn off theaters. Ironically, these incidents happened outside of Cleveland.

  • TurboJoe -Old School Gaming

    That is exactly why I Hardly go to the theater anymore, I hate the public...I wait 2 months for the digital release and watch it in my man cave on a 70" 7.1 home theater LOL. .. Great video, brand new subscriber! 👍😁

  • Optic
    Optic 11 days ago

    This man masters the patience.

  • Identity Withheld
    Identity Withheld 11 days ago

    It's ironic I'm watching this video on my phone now! Good thing I'm not at a theatre! XD

  • brockbaby
    brockbaby 11 days ago

    Don't go to a black theater if you don't want audience chatter. When it comes to horror movies it actually makes the whole experience better!

  • Jake from state farm
    Jake from state farm 11 days ago

    I would beat up that pregnant lady and her unborn child idgaf, pouring your drink on me is one thing, but talking nonstop deserves punishment.

  • APE55526
    APE55526 12 days ago


  • Chain Sawyer
    Chain Sawyer 12 days ago

    I feel your pain bro.

  • Angel Urena
    Angel Urena 12 days ago

    The idea of having to go to a special building to see a movie needs to end. My 55" inch TV at home is way better than any movie screen.

  • Patrol Pilot
    Patrol Pilot 12 days ago

    Montana Drive-in Theater in Estill Springs, Tennessee. Greatest movie experience ever. SUV full of loud butt holes next to us, rolled up windows, turned on AC, and turned up radio volume. Never thought of them again! Drive-ins are the perfect answer to your problem.

    • Patrol Pilot
      Patrol Pilot 12 days ago

      Your car is your very own private skybox.