IL-96 - the Russian flagship airliner

  • Published on Aug 29, 2018
  • Ilyushin IL-96 is a wide-body long-haul airliner, developed by the Ilyushin Design Bureau in the 1980s. The first airliner of this class in the Soviet Union, which, moreover, carries the Russian President.
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  • David Lawand
    David Lawand 2 days ago

    I love this plane
    I always wanted to board it
    Maybe I could have it as a private jet someday if I had cash 🤔 😂

  • Syedmir Muhammad Bashir

    We think in civil aviation America and Russia have no competition to face.China and Arab world must venture into to invest getting the aeroplanes readied at their doorsteps to combat unemployment and efficiency in affordable air travel.

  • iphone
    iphone 3 months ago

    This just a ripoff of the A330, it’s a 4 engine airbus A330 xD

  • GamingToastAirways GL
    GamingToastAirways GL 4 months ago

    Can u do a video about IL-62?

  • Austin izzyton
    Austin izzyton 4 months ago

    Putin has tiny dictator mouse penis....Russia is nothing but a gas station with old nuclear weapons....their Air force is ancient by modern stabdards....the airports are terrible....they have a one trick pony as an economy (gas)....Putin stifles free speech and executes political opponents....he is a crook and if Russians like him they too are stupid from all that shitty Wodka...TRUMP STRONG!!!!! Putin economy WEAK....Russia is a JOKE🤣🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Tania Mara Campos Reis
    Tania Mara Campos Reis 4 months ago +2

    As empresas aéreas no Brasil são bitolados e não investem em recursos humanos e nem no bem estar, remuneração são infeficientes e só dão prejuízo. Obtusos bitolados e sem planejamento, administração.

  • Shivati Starr
    Shivati Starr 5 months ago

    So you're saying... To make a newer better plane they needed bigger engines that didn't fit under the wing... And instead of squishing them anyway and making a software update (*cough* 737 Max), the Russians did the responsible thing and made a new plane. Good on you Russians. Nice plane.

  • 施宇洋
    施宇洋 5 months ago

    We need those Russian beauties for Taiwan's sky!

  • Chillingstory
    Chillingstory 6 months ago

    This is a mix of a340 and b777.

  • Nikos Nikos
    Nikos Nikos 6 months ago

    Greedings from greece...bravo Russia

  • Marty Rumsfield
    Marty Rumsfield 7 months ago +6

    I like Russian designs because they are robust. I like the Russian people, too. The men have a certain toughness and the women are extremely beautiful. They made great cold war enemies because you could respect them. Not like the Chinese. I wish Russia & The West could unite against them and bring about a New Golden Age...

    • Nograviti2
      Nograviti2 2 months ago

      I am not Chinese, but I am thankful the era of western dominance is ending. You dominated poorer nations brutally and your largely violent racist nature will not be missed..

  • D N
    D N 8 months ago

    4 engine planes......RIP

  • کوروش ایرانی

    IRAN decided buy sevral soon as..can..

  • کوروش ایرانی

    IHOPE Iran buys il.96 the best rutian wide body aircraft..may be do????

    • Owain Shebbeare
      Owain Shebbeare 8 months ago

      Has only sold 30 units in 20+ years. There are better options for airlines.

  • Jason Bouphasavanh
    Jason Bouphasavanh 9 months ago

    So Russia doesn't use Boeing or Airbus for its fleets? Weird I wonder how much pressure and difficult they make it for every airport? Shrugs shoulders**

    • Owain Shebbeare
      Owain Shebbeare 8 months ago

      Aeroflot has used a lot of Airbus and Boeing aircraft, as they are certified for international standards and have lower maintenance costs and greater efficiency that Russual aircraft.

  • Jc Dragon
    Jc Dragon 9 months ago +1

    Narrator sound like an irs scammer

  • faisal vattiyattil
    faisal vattiyattil 10 months ago

    i don'd understand why airlines doesn't use Russian flights for example this IL96 you can compare to Boeing 777 family 0r A330 family and the unit cost is less than 20% of those flights is it because of the operating cost or lack of production or is it even safety issues??? any idea????

  • TDT
    TDT 11 months ago +1

    4:00 is it a techmoans outro? :D great vid btw :))

    • William M
      William M 3 months ago

      Yes it is. The track is called "Over Time" and is part of the TVclip audio library. Techmoan just happens to use it and it has become something of a trademark for his videos. The original song can be heard at . Hope you have a nice tape deck to listen to it with!

  • Cristiano Ronaldo
    Cristiano Ronaldo 11 months ago

    Is it just me or do most of the planes designed by russia look amazing

  • dannytoro
    dannytoro 11 months ago

    I would love to see a short body Il-96 with 4 RB211-535E5 engines. This would be very quiet, economical; and could bring international flights to shorter runway airports.

  • ɴɪɢɢᴀ
    ɴɪɢɢᴀ 11 months ago


  • Homo Quantum Sapiens
    Homo Quantum Sapiens 11 months ago

    4 engines passenger airliners are going to disappear teal fast

  • Flies2FLL
    Flies2FLL 11 months ago

    Disgusting republican airplane!!!

  • Dimitri Zachs
    Dimitri Zachs 11 months ago

    I flew ones ones from Moscow to London ,,, Love the solomev engine scream ,!!!!! Love Aeroflot.

  • Noman Rashid
    Noman Rashid 11 months ago

    I dozed off during the video

  • Richard Shiggins
    Richard Shiggins 11 months ago

    The trend is now well established , ETOPS and nothing else . The best Russian plane in production now is the Sukhoi Superjet 100 . It is a nice looking plane , liked by the flying publin and really good value when compared to a CS-300 or A318 .

  • CaLxRoyalty
    CaLxRoyalty 11 months ago

    Lies this is an Airbus A330 with 4 engines

  • Telum Atramenti
    Telum Atramenti 11 months ago

    LOL "The self-loathing concept" xD

  • beaggyboy
    beaggyboy Year ago

    It sez here in the Narrator's description that the newest of the line had its wings span increased evn further. The 1 thing I always admire western wing-designs are that they do not have too wide spanning wings & that they incorporate essentially a hybrid mix of deltas for the in-board segment of things, while the adjoining out-board extension are comprised of the usual - high wing-loading type typical of all passenger-liner category aircrafts. The most notable examples being Boeing's C-17 Globemaster III & the Airbus's A 380 wing designs. With especially the A 380's wings being evn a step further ahead of (the figurative) "Curve" or everyone else, at by being in fact having a very unique pair of the evr so slightly-marginally curved 'Gull Wings' & at the in-board, running towerds the wing-root, that area actually plunge downwards quite dramatically of any wing-form I've seen, likely in direct accordance or compliance with (aero-dynamic) airflow. Russian aircraft concerns shud likewise explore the same & apply this approach to future versions of yor Country's venerable Il-96s.

  • hawkdsl
    hawkdsl Year ago

    It's a good looking plane.

  • sidharth cs
    sidharth cs Year ago


  • C W
    C W Year ago

    IL-96 is such a unique looking and beautiful aircraft.

  • Teniente Danielsan
    Teniente Danielsan Year ago +3

    Love soviet planes !!

  • Sotiris Miaris
    Sotiris Miaris Year ago

    beautiful long range aircraft

  • Bahjat Tabbara
    Bahjat Tabbara Year ago

    I LOVE the Il-96, and even its predecessor the Il-86 was under-rated, despite being reliable with no crashes or issues in their operations. That being said, they were obsolete even when they were released. At best, they were a significant upgrade over older variants, at worst, they were not competitive with any of their Western rivals at Boeing or Airbus; and to be fair, even rivals that went defunct were slightly better. The Il-96 in particular was at least 10 years late and suffered from 10 years of bad marketing; barely 40 were made. Had they focused on the cargo-freight variant, it would have no doubt done much better, especially as Boeing over-charge for it.
    Ilyushin's marketing was never good enough. Even it's admitted that the PS90A1 engines were never competitive in a global market. It's not difficult to make evolutionary changes (improved engines, improved wings, a small stretch etc) but that is once the baseline model has sold reasonable amounts. The Airbus A340 (its direct competitor) had much better after-sales support, but even it was eclipsed eventually by the Boeing 777-series, & even its own stablemate; the Airbus A330 took away some of its market share, so the Il-96 should have been better prepared to try to win 300-400 orders, possibly beating the Boeing 747.

  • eriksumiya
    eriksumiya Year ago

    I love this channel we should have more Russian aircraft like Tu-22M

  • Yıldıray Öztürk

    It looks to me like a kind of A300. Yes it has 4 engines but Russians doesnt have the Airbus engines.

  • C2D8
    C2D8 Year ago

    Only soviet tanks hit my G spot

    BILLY LAMB Year ago +1

    I wish the narration was in english so I could understand what is being said.....

  • John H
    John H Year ago


  • Ice Man
    Ice Man Year ago

    No jumbo=western planes have become boring.


    Russian planes... great to look at, but many time deathtraps..

  • Andrew Briseno
    Andrew Briseno Year ago

    Very nice historical viewpoint presentation on the aircraft.

  • Gordo
    Gordo Year ago

    cool plane, probably the only russian plane i would EVER fly on

  • ApemanMonkey
    ApemanMonkey Year ago

    Don't just take music:
    "• Optional support (Thanks)
    Please provide the following in the description of your upload:
    Music: Over Time - Vibe Tracks"

  • moinmoin
    moinmoin Year ago

    Looks like there have been very few accidents with both the A340 and the IL 96 and 0 fatalities since sales started in the 90s

  • moinmoin
    moinmoin Year ago

    Wonder why they didn't make a 2 engine version of the IL96 which airbus did with the A340 and A330. They share the same wings etc.

  • moinmoin
    moinmoin Year ago

    Am I the only one who likes the Aeroflot livery a lot? I think it looks great!

  • David Christensen

    Thank you for such a nice look at this plane. I finished your look at the 727 and enjoyed that very much. I will be going through you video you have posted.

  • Jason Vyzer
    Jason Vyzer Year ago +1

    I've gotta admit. That's a pretty good looking aircraft.

  • Bernie Sanders
    Bernie Sanders Year ago

    Russians can’t make good planes

  • James M
    James M Year ago

    haha that looks like a Boeing airliner

    • Aviation Fan-KLAX
      Aviation Fan-KLAX Year ago

      The nose looks like it would come from Boeing

    • Dylan
      Dylan Year ago

      James M It looks nothing like boeing at all haha what are you talking about

    • Aviation Fan-KLAX
      Aviation Fan-KLAX Year ago +1

      Looks more like a smaller version of the A340 to me

  • moztek
    moztek Year ago

    wouldnt trust this plane at all, i mean look at its engines, low bypass crappy engines.

  • Speed of light
    Speed of light Year ago +1

    Who needs to reinvent the wheel again. Soviets and again to be Russians are good at doing that. Result was worse planes then Concordski or 747 where they could save time and money by simply copy it. Then with saved money pay new scientists to advance forward.

  • Mr560sl
    Mr560sl Year ago

    Thank you very interesting info!

  • Valter Costa
    Valter Costa Year ago +1

    So what is the -400M program?

  • Dominic Tan
    Dominic Tan Year ago

    IL 62 looks weird

  • Ole Martin Hoel
    Ole Martin Hoel Year ago

    At 2:13 I swear he says «the BORING 737»... 😂

  • Daniel Eriksson
    Daniel Eriksson Year ago

    This aircraft is not large enough to warrant 4 engines.

  • QuarterBach
    QuarterBach Year ago +1

    IL-96 looks like an A340 that ate a little too much.

    • Aviation Unlimited
      Aviation Unlimited Year ago +3

      i think the a340 looks like an il96 that hasnt eaten for a year