Henry Cavill on Working with Tom Cruise & Mission: Impossible Stunts

  • Published on Jul 26, 2018
  • Henry talks about Tom Cruise getting hurt doing stunts in Mission: Impossible, and reveals what it was like getting his motorcycle license for the movie.
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    Henry Cavill on Working with Tom Cruise & Mission: Impossible Stunts
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Comments • 2 814

  • George Tarantino
    George Tarantino 5 hours ago

    He got shafted by WB!!

  • Raphael Rogel
    Raphael Rogel 7 hours ago

    Bloody hell, Cavill seems to be a pretty nice bloke and is very charming, laid back and just up front nice and communicative in this interview. But Kimmel tries his very best to be everything the world hates about Americans. I mean, come on. He doesn’t even let Cavill finish his sentences. Guess what, even though the majority of the world does drive on the right side, the left side ist the original one. In medieval time horse carriages and riders would always ride on the left since swords were carried on the left side. Nobody could get hurt this way if two riders pass each other’s in a narrow alleyway. Of course Kimmel doesn’t know since the only history America is aware of started some 200years ago. Also, we Germans invented the car. Twice. And the Americans up to this day haven’t produced anything close to the engineering behind German car manufacturers. But yeah Jimmy, continue to interrupt a man who’s knowledge is a bit more precise than yours all for the cheep cheers of the audience.

  • Julio Sotomayor
    Julio Sotomayor 9 hours ago

    what a handsome lad

  • funnybus3rd
    funnybus3rd 10 hours ago

    germany invented the car... typical Americans

  • lakes above
    lakes above 12 hours ago

    Why does Jimmy think American's invented cars?

  • iMaxAL
    iMaxAL 14 hours ago

    Bond. James Bond..

  • Music
    Music 15 hours ago

    Impressive! Henry Cavill

  • Marko25Polo
    Marko25Polo 17 hours ago

    1:02 that pause when he asks if he seen him bleed was Cavils Batman V Superman Acid Flashback XD

  • taniya Chakraborty
    taniya Chakraborty 22 hours ago

    This movie was great....action is just wowwwww!! Henry was villain in this film but he was awesome.. And tom cruise is one of the best always 💖💖💖💖💖💖

  • Wolf Pro1
    Wolf Pro1 Day ago +1

    Henry Cavill as James Bond!!

  • JerryTct
    JerryTct Day ago

    Compared to him I look like a dead fish

  • Hanky
    Hanky Day ago

    The french invented the cars....

  • Sonic The Hedgehog
    Sonic The Hedgehog Day ago +1

    Henry Cavill kinda looks like superman from Justice League anyone else notice this?

    • Kai Lee
      Kai Lee 20 hours ago

      Sonic The Hedgehog he is Superman

  • cheese26611
    cheese26611 Day ago

    Excellent choice for the next James Bond...

  • Emir
    Emir Day ago +1

    The next James Bond.

  • Carla Pierini
    Carla Pierini 2 days ago

    He’s so hot

  • Sally W.
    Sally W. 2 days ago

    dat chest hair peeking out tho

  • Justice Hayes
    Justice Hayes 2 days ago

    He is beautiful!! Damn

  • Adam Waddington
    Adam Waddington 2 days ago

    Jawline goals

  • Buddy Bill
    Buddy Bill 2 days ago

    Move over Chuck Norris

  • Ydome 9
    Ydome 9 2 days ago

    He knows he’s hot and he LOVES it😂😍

  • Nasser Feed
    Nasser Feed 2 days ago +1

    When I look at him I see my Superman.. He has a pure presence and classy behavior

  • S S
    S S 2 days ago +1

    Damn! Henry is so handsome. Makes me jealous

  • Hakaiju
    Hakaiju 2 days ago

    But the inventor of the car is either Nicholas Cugnot or Karl Benz. No americans involved there.

  • terry Sullivan
    terry Sullivan 3 days ago

    Umm, Americans did not invent cars.

  • Kiran B
    Kiran B 3 days ago

    do anyone also having trouble with subtitle of every video of jimmy kimmel live channel???

  • Lorenzo Garza
    Lorenzo Garza 3 days ago

    5:17 not a bad comeback but Americans didn’t make the first cars

  • Nez T
    Nez T 3 days ago

    Have my babies 😍🤣

  • Ry Hartley
    Ry Hartley 3 days ago

    Americans invented cars?? What?? That's bs 😂😂

  • msparrabeth
    msparrabeth 3 days ago +1


    • msparrabeth
      msparrabeth 3 days ago +1


  • I ate your pizza at night

    So many people getting pregnant because of this and I'm in

  • Dizzy247365plus
    Dizzy247365plus 3 days ago

    He is CLEARLY SUPERMAN and I DEMAND that WB fix his character and his film franchise with a PROPER MAN OF STEEL SEQUEL that establishes him as THE BACKBONE OF THE DCEU and the most noble hero there is. In other words...THE PROPER COUNTER TO CHRIS EVANS' CAPTAIN AMERICA IN THE MCU!!!

  • Aubrey Martin
    Aubrey Martin 3 days ago

    Germans invented cars

  • Al Pacino
    Al Pacino 3 days ago

    Cavill = the next Geralt of Rivia

  • Der Adelsspross
    Der Adelsspross 3 days ago

    Jimmy Kimmel is dumb. We Germans invented the car.

    COSMO 3 days ago

    The doctors only said that just because they were tired of seeing him run in every movie.

  • William Rodriguez
    William Rodriguez 4 days ago

    Make him the next James Bond please!

  • RED
    RED 4 days ago

    Americans didnt invent cars though :/

  • Amy Turner
    Amy Turner 4 days ago

    I am trying to listen but he's so good looking, I'm sorry ! lol

  • Lalala Lalala
    Lalala Lalala 4 days ago

    didn't invent roads though...

  • ak2304
    ak2304 4 days ago

    1:03 Oh he got that Superman reference ;-)

  • Alexander Angelkovski

    Typical American, argues with a History savvy Britt about what was the correct side of the road to drive...

  • Pong Casil
    Pong Casil 4 days ago

    Watching him on the film, Im like woah he is the perfect next James Bond.

  • Callie Callie J.
    Callie Callie J. 4 days ago

    God is the Original and Best Artist because look at this man! He is a work of art! He's so ridiculously handsome. But I am so glad he really has a gift of acting too. He isn't just some good looking guy whom cannot do anything. He really can act. And he's got a seemingly nice personality. He has substance.

  • Haliyma Clay
    Haliyma Clay 4 days ago +1

    1:03 "Do you bleed?" Batman v.s. Superman.

  • Tracey Seace
    Tracey Seace 4 days ago

    He is so good looking he does not seem real.

  • Vai82 Dabang
    Vai82 Dabang 4 days ago

    Jimmy is so rude! Gosh ! Why does he invite people ??

  • MotorScotti
    MotorScotti 4 days ago +1

    Americans did not invent the car

  • Henrÿ TM
    Henrÿ TM 4 days ago +1

    Foolish humans. Tom Cruise can't beat Superman

  • Hamzah Jundi
    Hamzah Jundi 4 days ago

    Reminds me a lot of Christopher Reeves in this interview.

  • Kino Zomby
    Kino Zomby 4 days ago

    Kimmel gotem at the end there

  • Troog Stories
    Troog Stories 4 days ago

    In what world americans invented the car?!

  • Jim Rustle
    Jim Rustle 4 days ago

    Americans invented cars? OMEGALUL

  • Rem
    Rem 4 days ago

    Americans invented cars? You mean, Germans invented cars!

  • Nawazish Chowdhury
    Nawazish Chowdhury 4 days ago

    Pretty sure it was a German fella who invented the first automobile...

  • 2006glg
    2006glg 4 days ago

    This man is so fine it makes that ugly suit bearable.

  • Cameron Bruan
    Cameron Bruan 4 days ago +1

    Jimmy Americans never made the first car the Germans did

  • Kandieapples305
    Kandieapples305 5 days ago

    I sat here and watched the entire video.. and I don't have a clue what they talked about. Can somebody help me out?? I was distracted 🙈

  • Mark McAuley mcauley

    In days of yore knights rode on the left hand side of the road as most where right handed they kept their swords etc on the left side as it was easy to draw to fight with
    When the French Revolution happened they rejected all forms of royalty and aristocracy so they start riding on the right hand side of the road

  • A Kelly
    A Kelly 5 days ago

    Original as in the US use to drive/ride on the left side but they changed it after getting Independence from the British. Why does the rest of the world know more about American history than than the US.

  • J-H P
    J-H P 5 days ago

    LOOOOOOL very good answer Jimmy hahaha But at this point, I think he's like "Yes please Jimmy, do it! Get me out of the losing side". Such a shame, because he really could have been an amazing Superman.

  • matt forte
    matt forte 5 days ago +1

    He seems like a nice guy but he's so boring

  • Joe Mama
    Joe Mama 5 days ago

    If god is real.. God will make him the new james bond. He is charming enough. He has the accent. He is good looking enough. MAKE IT HAPPEN HOLLYWOOD.

  • pisswobble
    pisswobble 5 days ago

    This bloke looks a bit like that superman fellow

  • Drislady
    Drislady 5 days ago +1

    He's so BEAUTIFUL!! It makes no sense!!

  • Kris LaWho
    Kris LaWho 5 days ago +1

    “He can totally superman this hoe”

  • Misses Mandarin
    Misses Mandarin 5 days ago


  • Misses Mandarin
    Misses Mandarin 5 days ago

    He is FINE!!!@@

  • Misses Mandarin
    Misses Mandarin 5 days ago

    He looks like a Clark Kent

  • Ben Schmitt
    Ben Schmitt 5 days ago

    The mustache was worth it

  • Agimus78
    Agimus78 5 days ago +1

    Saw the movie today and it was very good 😊👍

  • George Lucas
    George Lucas 5 days ago +3

    Currently questioning my sexuality.

  • DJ 1-8
    DJ 1-8 5 days ago

    Did Henry respond with "No you dweeb, since hundred of years before your nation existed and horses were the only fast transport mechanism with right-handed weapon wielding"

  • Jack Dolah
    Jack Dolah 5 days ago

    Dudes, is he perfect?? He is right.. No homo though

  • Jacob Shury
    Jacob Shury 5 days ago

    We need Man of Steel 2 with Henry, come on, we need that movie.

  • Ivanka2024 for POTUS

    Henry looks well

  • Mesut Yanmaz
    Mesut Yanmaz 6 days ago


  • Marlon Prawl
    Marlon Prawl 6 days ago

    Ladies and gentlemen, behold the Man of Steel!

  • Kai Be
    Kai Be 6 days ago +1

    God damn he's a stud. Wtf.

  • RyonRykal
    RyonRykal 6 days ago

    Americans invented cars? Google the german name Benz.

  • Jiarui Ye
    Jiarui Ye 6 days ago +2

    My ovaries 😍😍😍

  • Elo Ouilla
    Elo Ouilla 6 days ago

    Man, they need a writer who can channel Henry Cavill's personality into Superman...this is how Superman acts.

  • Martha M
    Martha M 6 days ago +1

    He is the definition of perfection. What a beautiful man. He's a dream...

  • Chrispy Chrunchy Chrusty

    Henry is too good for Kimmels stupid jokes...

  • Stella Bella
    Stella Bella 6 days ago +1

    I really want to know what’s wrong with him. There has to be something, no one is that perfect.

  • seling97
    seling97 6 days ago

    didnt germans invent cars first...

  • utubedano
    utubedano 6 days ago

    "...Americans invented cars.." 😂😂

  • Queensage77
    Queensage77 6 days ago +1

    So handsome, le sigh

  • Cát Bùi Khang
    Cát Bùi Khang 6 days ago

    Oh My God It's Clark Kent!

  • reese packer
    reese packer 6 days ago

    if they ever remake a Lethal Weapon ..he should play Martin Riggs

  • Emily Sway
    Emily Sway 6 days ago


  • BldgWha7
    BldgWha7 6 days ago +1

    Jimmy Kimmel the hypocrite, has a hardcore racist convicted of rape in Mike Tyson but won’t have Trump on his show, welcome to the twilight zone that is liberal television.

  • HulkVahkiin
    HulkVahkiin 6 days ago +1

    Lol "you seen him bleed?" Lol was that a BvS referrence?

  • Megan 28375p0
    Megan 28375p0 7 days ago +4

    1:01 ''Do You Bleed?'' 😂😂 idk why I thought of that right away I'm sorry lol

  • carrastealth
    carrastealth 7 days ago

    The Doctor's messed up when they told Tom Cruise that he may never run again.

  • Alex Nüßen
    Alex Nüßen 7 days ago

    The germans invented the car ... Not the Americans...

  • Ishaan Deb
    Ishaan Deb 7 days ago +1

    "Does he bleed?" Lol!
    Like if you got that reference.

  • Robert Robinson
    Robert Robinson 7 days ago

    Drool I love Henry Cavill

  • Andy Lin
    Andy Lin 7 days ago

    On the right side of the road assume it's the right side of the road, lmao

  • A. Greene
    A. Greene 7 days ago +4

    The next James Bond. Make it happen.