Unreal Dybala picks out Top Corner Beauty | Juventus 3-0 Frosinone | Top Moments | Serie A

  • Published on Feb 15, 2019
  • Paulo Dybala opened the scoring against Frosinone with a wonderstrike from outside the box, nestling a shot in the top corner.
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Comments • 144

  • Tigorah
    Tigorah Month ago +1

    Dybala > Ronaldo

  • Ruma Das
    Ruma Das Month ago

    Paulo made the first goal and Cr7 made the 3rd goal..Amazing match

  • nickichavez
    nickichavez Month ago

    Dybala golazo!

  • Carl Morello
    Carl Morello Month ago

    Dybala And Ronaldo play very well together, there is no reason for Dybala not to be on starting line up, playing entire game together with Ronaldo. The two I believe have a chemistry together that works unbelievably, they both can learn a lot from each other. And together with manzukich, they can be seriously an unstoppable scoring machine..
    Forza Juve!!!!!!!

  • XGamerX
    XGamerX Month ago

    He can win the WC with Argentina!

  • bele92
    bele92 Month ago +3

    Che gioiello!

  • KL Rider
    KL Rider Month ago

    He didn't care if there was a defender on the path to the top corner; he just aimed and shot and the ball happened to miss the defender by the slightest of inches. The goalkeeper couldn't react quick enough because he was blocked by the defender.

    I must try this technique: Just aim for the target location and don't care about who or what's on the pathway. Usually I overthink and end up not scoring.

  • Davide Marconi
    Davide Marconi Month ago

    Dybala è un fuoriclasse ma ha problemi di solidità mentale. E Allegri non lo aiuta affatto.

  • Sang Ngọc
    Sang Ngọc Month ago

    Cr7 is number one in the world

    FOOTBALL FIFA Month ago

    Новый финты и голы от Роналдо 👍👍👍👉👉👉tvclip.biz/video/lIWKj2ZGl6Q/video.html

  • sajjad mohammad
    sajjad mohammad Month ago

    fantastic goal by Dybala

  • Sports Newz
    Sports Newz Month ago +1

    Dybala did a Ronaldo 'SIIUUU' celebration plus his own celebration.
    The SIIIUUU mask, I think is going to be Dyabala and Ronaldo personal celebration

  • Khoirul Huda
    Khoirul Huda Month ago

    Paulo dybala

    CZN RIP Month ago

    hopefully, Dybala will have such moments this season
    amazing goal!

  • Rafael Villa
    Rafael Villa Month ago

    quelli che dicono dybala è meglio di salah mi sa che non hanno visto salah negli ultimi 2 anni

  • roo
    roo Month ago +1

    Phenomenal. Unbelievable. And i love the bromance, though my madridista heart is still broken

  • ēad-mund Gabriel
    ēad-mund Gabriel Month ago

    Ronaldo with the assist.

  • Stefano Pasceri
    Stefano Pasceri Month ago

    Grande umiltà!!! X due grandissimi top player

  • Abdoulaye Coulibaly
    Abdoulaye Coulibaly Month ago +1

    Grande CR 7 forza Juve

    THE BIEBER KING Month ago

    O my godness

  • Gabbo_06
    Gabbo_06 Month ago +3

    Davvero complimenti
    Il Dybala che conosciamo
    Questi tiri mi mancavano davvero tanto

  • Wolferl756
    Wolferl756 Month ago

    Uau dybalessi ha segnato contro il Frosinone, adesso sì che è il giocatore più forte del mondo 💩 💩 💩

  • Mbengue Gora
    Mbengue Gora Month ago +1

    Vinciamo contro il barça

  • Mbengue Gora
    Mbengue Gora Month ago +1

    Forza juve sempre è comunque
    È quest ' anno vinciamo la Champions League

  • Adarsh Kumar
    Adarsh Kumar Month ago +1

    peter parker scoreeeeeeeeeedddd........😂

  • Scono Sciuto
    Scono Sciuto Month ago +1

    Non ho mai visto Ronaldo cosi felice quando segna un compagno :)

  • CeK
    CeK Month ago +3

    *Tra quanto arrivano gli haterini?*

  • Sneijder10
    Sneijder10 Month ago

    00:28 Vergüenza racismo

  • SydneyTalker The Towel Guy

    Ronaldo Cant Stop Assisting🙌😩

    • Vincenzo Panza
      Vincenzo Panza 28 days ago

      +Potol Sharkeryou so blind to think that his performance against Lazio is enough to erase what he did with Naples? What a no sense hating. At least try to make a reasoning, a logical one.

    • Vincenzo Panza
      Vincenzo Panza 28 days ago

      +Potol Sharker u can't read and comprehend a simple question, sorry for you dude. When did I say "it's a beautiful assist"? I just wrote he's the top assistman, an objective statement.
      What do you think, I don't know what's a incredible assist? Unfortunately for you, I've seen pirlo playing, so shut your mouth once and for all. But let me tell you if you don't admit cr7 was determinant against Naples, you should follow curling and never speak again about football dude

    • Potol Sharker
      Potol Sharker 28 days ago

      +Vincenzo Panza instead i will see juventus - lazio second goal where he missed the ball and u r barking "what an assist".

    • Vincenzo Panza
      Vincenzo Panza Month ago

      +Potol Sharker were we celebrating the beauty of this "assist"?
      Look at Juventus - Napoli

    • Potol Sharker
      Potol Sharker Month ago +1

      Dumbass ronaldo fanboys. Is this called an assist? He just passed it. There's no credit. What you are so wondering for?

    WHOOO Are YOU Month ago +1

    siuuuu mask

  • oanimal007
    oanimal007 Month ago

    Juve better keep dybala

  • Diptesh Sarkar
    Diptesh Sarkar Month ago +1

    Why the Moh Salah comparisons?

    • Sultan Issa
      Sultan Issa Month ago

      +Lisye Ira Anne Pangaribuan signing ronaldo was stupid decision and now salah .. great

    • Lisye Ira Anne Pangaribuan
      Lisye Ira Anne Pangaribuan Month ago

      rumor says Juventus are interested in Salah and they want to sell Dybala

  • Matuidicharo
    Matuidicharo Month ago +3

    En la juventus El Numero Dieci Paulo Dybaldo!!!! Paulo Dybaldo !!!! Paulo Dybaldo !!!! simmmmmmmmmmmmmmm !!!!!!

  • LmL vd
    LmL vd Month ago


  • Matuidicharo
    Matuidicharo Month ago +1

    He didn’t curve this one it was the shot technique of Ronaldo he kept his foot straight and kept great posture the duo Dybaldo is real🔥🙌

  • Kait o
    Kait o Month ago +25


  • Karl
    Karl Month ago +18

    Unbelieveble goal!da fermo un missile all incrocio.stile Ronaldo.

  • Simon B
    Simon B Month ago +7

    I thought finesse shots got nerfed

  • Luca Salvarani
    Luca Salvarani Month ago +4

    Alla faccia del cagon Allegri che vuole "gestirlo" e relegarlo a fare il terzino aggiunto!

  • luca camparini
    luca camparini Month ago +32

    dybala non deve essere toccato

  • Gadget MAX
    Gadget MAX Month ago

    Siu Mask 😂😂😂

  • Akhil Global
    Akhil Global Month ago +6

    റോണാൾഡോ ടച്ചിൽ ഡിബാല സൂപ്പർ ഗോൾ.... Super goal by Dybala good assist by CR7...Golden boot Ronaldo

    • Andrea Razeto
      Andrea Razeto Month ago +1

      Stop exalting Ronaldo for nothing. I mean, he is a wonderful player but in this occasion he doesn't deserve any credit for the goal.

    • Fawaz Zawaf
      Fawaz Zawaf Month ago


    • Akhil Global
      Akhil Global Month ago +1

      +Silent K u r correct...

    • Silent K
      Silent K Month ago +2

      +Akhil Global smh that was just a simple pass he would have shoot the ball but he was blocked and he tripped so he pass the ball

    • Akhil Global
      Akhil Global Month ago

      +Silent K it is position play

  • Ivan Valenti
    Ivan Valenti Month ago +1

    gran Gol

  • Mihai Pasztor
    Mihai Pasztor Month ago

    Forza juve !!!

  • bhips ahoy
    bhips ahoy Month ago +84

    Dybala > salah

    • monica rex
      monica rex Month ago


    • bhips ahoy
      bhips ahoy Month ago

      +MCFC Cityzen dybala is better just accept it he is worth more for a reason and is younger

    • Nicola Gagliardi
      Nicola Gagliardi Month ago

      +Beats by Admiral Z ok it was an hyperbole but in premier there are teams that has got 58 goals so...

    • Beats by Admiral Z
      Beats by Admiral Z Month ago

      Nicola Gagliardi impossible to score against teams like Chievo? Chievo have conceded 47 goals this season

    • Nicola Gagliardi
      Nicola Gagliardi Month ago

      +MCFC Cityzen he started 18 matches. Do you know the stats of Salah when he was at Roma? Premier is a much competitive league but remember that here is impossible to score to Chievo because defense is the most important things so comparing stats in two different leagues is only a stupid thing.

  • Breyma949
    Breyma949 Month ago +13

    Ronaldoooooooooooooo siuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    • danielfalso 6
      danielfalso 6 Month ago

      Siuuu mask

    • Luis 21
      Luis 21 Month ago +2

      Dybala siuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  • lil leezi Squad
    lil leezi Squad Month ago +1

    Dybala is good but I want salah tho just imagine Ronaldo and salah guys

    • Nejat Ahmed
      Nejat Ahmed Month ago +1

      Salah just knows how to shoot he always loses possession when he tries to use skills

    • Alfredo di Nuzzo
      Alfredo di Nuzzo Month ago +1

      Salah is good for the Premier League, he wasn't that good in Serie A when he played in Fiorentina and Roma

    • varun vicky
      varun vicky Month ago +3

      Salah is nowhere near dybala level...Salah has just started to play...can't even say he playing consistently well...so dybala is > than salah

    • Sam Geee
      Sam Geee Month ago +11

      dybala is far better than salah!

    • Ahmad Fadlan
      Ahmad Fadlan Month ago +14

      lil leezi Squad salah is selfish player..he cant fit well with cr7 while dybala more like playmaker

  • Oscar Rivers
    Oscar Rivers Month ago +143

    1. The bromance in Juve is real.
    2. They are more than ready for the UCL Matches.
    3. Juve has an excellent team that supports each other.

    • Jeff marquez
      Jeff marquez Month ago

      +rohan bardeskar Khderia won 2014 world cup with german without the help of any1 becuz hes a winner and didnt need help with the help of the german ppl suporting and singing german natinal anthem while he was playin agasnt messi and hes gonna beat liverpool and maybe even real or barca or even inter or napoli and the help of the fans like juventus fans and the like the girls and guys supporting him and whith help hes getting like the fans and yah

    • rohan bardeskar
      rohan bardeskar Month ago +1

      Midfield sucks tho.. pjanic is good.. Matuidi is a beast.. can sucks.. khedira sucks.. bentancur is kinda okayish

    • Mbengue Gora
      Mbengue Gora Month ago +1

      sempre forza juve

  • Surge Vinooo
    Surge Vinooo Month ago +11

    Why does he not play 🤦🏽‍♂️

    • Luca Salvarani
      Luca Salvarani Month ago

      +Dihan Islam no it's not about that. Dybala plays the same minutes as previous years... it's his POSITION and relative tasks the real problem... He plays as a midfielder and so it's less effective.

    • Dihan Islam
      Dihan Islam Month ago

      +Luca Salvarani nah they dont want him injured his important for the team!

    • Luca Salvarani
      Luca Salvarani Month ago

      +Represso ci puoi scommettere! Quando ci toglieremo finalmente dai maroni lui e la sua "halma" faccio una festa che in confronto il capodanno cinese è na bazzeccola! Sarò "halmo" solo quando sarò morto, non mezzo secondo prima!

    • Represso
      Represso Month ago

      Luca Salvarani Ancora co sta storia AHHAHAHAH

    • Luca Salvarani
      Luca Salvarani Month ago +7

      because of our idiot sclerotic manager....

  • Tokyo Drift
    Tokyo Drift Month ago +86

    I hope they win CL!

    • Matteo S.
      Matteo S. Month ago +1

      +Wolferl756 copriti bene napoleso che a -13 prendi freddo

    • Wolferl756
      Wolferl756 Month ago +1

      Tokyo Drift Chiavt a mammt

  • Sam Geee
    Sam Geee Month ago +124

    And that is why juve fans prefer dybala over salah, no one wants salah from the club. Juve's director said the other day only messi is an improvement on dybalas left foot and hes right. Dyblado is also a new thing, they're heating up

    • Paulo La Joya
      Paulo La Joya Month ago

      HOAX, paratici said never Sell dybala...

    • Persona Fulgente
      Persona Fulgente Month ago

      MCFC Cityzen not you for sure

    • Andrea Razeto
      Andrea Razeto Month ago

      +Beats by Admiral Z then, a good player should be good also in "worse teams". Then "worse team, let's talk about it, Roma (3rd/4th side in Serie A) is similar to what is Liverpool in PL(2nd ); so, relatively, Salah played and plays in a good team for both leagues. We are not talking about a talented guy who struggled because he played in a shitty side with people unable to play a decent football, he played with Roma

    • Andrea Razeto
      Andrea Razeto Month ago +1

      +Beats by Admiral Z There is a big difference between playing league games and cup games. I remember Salah doing really well in Coppa Italia for example with Fiorentina, even with Roma in CL. He failed in Serie A because he is not able to deal with some types of marking and tactical features alongside small teams, in PL there is more space for him and it fits better with his abilities.

    • Persona Fulgente
      Persona Fulgente Month ago

      MCFC Cityzen Ok, still don’t want him in place of Dybala

  • Luidmila Skrebets
    Luidmila Skrebets Month ago +36

    It was unexpected. Beautiful goal 👏

  • David Gasperoni
    David Gasperoni Month ago


  • robbery 710
    robbery 710 Month ago +8


  • San Gohan
    San Gohan Month ago +21

    Magnifique !

    • Nicole Agustina Cardenas
      Nicole Agustina Cardenas Month ago

      +danish_ 8 i love you then

    • taryho fanoušek
      taryho fanoušek Month ago

      _easy come, easy go, will you let me go_

    • Congratulation Bot
      Congratulation Bot Month ago

      Hes, just a poor boy, from a poor family, spare him his life, from this monstrosity

    • Matuidicharo
      Matuidicharo Month ago +2

      He didn’t curve this one it was the shot technique of Ronaldo he kept his foot straight and kept great posture the duo Dybaldo is real🔥🙌

    • Naruto Uzumaki
      Naruto Uzumaki Month ago +2

      Jok'hair Dragon En effet!