4 F18s 1 A310 & 1 C130H of the Canadian Armed Forces Visit Prestwick Airport | August 2017

  • Published on Mar 22, 2018
  • Hi all. During the 18th & 20th August 2017, Prestwick had a big Canadian Presence visiting over the weekend. This was because it was the NATO Baltic Air Policing switch over and it was Canada’s turn to do this. They arrived on the evening of the 18th at dusk, the light just held out and no more. They were in the forum of 4 F18s, 1 A310 Tanker plus a C130H, a really good line up. The C130H departed the day later, whilst the rest departed mid morning on the 20th. One of the best movements of 2017 at Prestwick Airport. It was great to see 4 F18s on the ground at once as well. On their return to Canada, they routed by Lajes in Portugal. I hope you all enjoy.
    1. Canadian Air Force McDonnell Douglas F18 Hornet 188749: 00:00 & 04:29
    2. Canadian Air Force McDonnell Douglas f18 Hornet 188750: 00:00 & 04:29
    3. Canadian Air Force McDonnell Douglas F18 Hornet 188770: 00:00 & 04:29
    4. Canadian Air Force McDonnell Douglas F18 Hornet 188790: 00:00 & 04:29
    5. Canadian Air Force Airbus CC150 Polaris 15004: 02:22 & 05:46
    6. Canadian Air Force Lockheed CC130H 130336: 03:05
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    Video Editing Software: VEGAS Movie Studio 14 Suite
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Comments • 36

  • C.J. T
    C.J. T Year ago +1

    Great video of the RCAF - but as always everyone drools over the F-18's and the A310. The star of the show was the A330 MRTT, that Canadian forces paint was awesome. thanks for sharing this video.

  • Ian S
    Ian S Year ago +2

    Superb video miss those F18 and A310 looks great

  • mylosairplanefan
    mylosairplanefan Year ago +2

    Absolutely loved the A310, what a beauty. Great catches buddy, nicely packed into one epic compilation :) Liked!!

    • Daniel Sander
      Daniel Sander  Year ago

      Thanks Mylos. Same here, its great to see some still flying after so many years.

  • bristolcardifairport

    Nice video Dan, some great movements!

  • jelmerpilotHD
    jelmerpilotHD Year ago +1

    Awesome video mate!

  • Pete Watson
    Pete Watson Year ago +1

    Nicely done. Fine looking group of aircraft captured well. Thanks.

  • Peorhum
    Peorhum Year ago +1

    The airbus had little of a rough landing there.

    • Daniel Sander
      Daniel Sander  Year ago

      Yeah it did, quite a hard one. Thanks for Watching :)

  • James Waddell
    James Waddell Year ago +1

    Awesome bud keep up the good work 🤘

  • ElliotL- CBGSpotter
    ElliotL- CBGSpotter Year ago +1

    Nicely captured Dan!

  • Stuart Corstorphine
    Stuart Corstorphine Year ago +1

    Excellent Video Thanks For Sharing :-)

  • DutchPlaneSpotter
    DutchPlaneSpotter Year ago +1

    Amazing catches !

  • Howard Zinko
    Howard Zinko Year ago +1

    Fantastic video (as always) in sight and sound. To see the 6 Canadian aircraft and hear the roar of the F-18's taking off is like music to the ears. Thank you again!!

    • Daniel Sander
      Daniel Sander  Year ago

      Thanks Mate. Yeah it really was a site to behold. One of the best movements at Prestwick, during 2017 by far.

  • TheHDAviation
    TheHDAviation Year ago +3

    That's awesome you got to see all the RCAF aircraft, that's a really impressive lineup. Nice video!

    • Daniel Sander
      Daniel Sander  Year ago

      Thanks Mate. Yeah, one of the best lineups of 2017 at Prestwick.

  • TPAspotting
    TPAspotting Year ago +1

    Very cool video.

  • aviationchannel2010
    aviationchannel2010 Year ago +1

    excellent video my friend :D

  • Ernest Gutschik Aviation

    Very nice video Daniel! Good to see the RCAF present at Prestwick once again!

    • Daniel Sander
      Daniel Sander  Year ago

      Cheers Ernest. It is always a treat to see them, especially when its a number of them in at once.

  • YQBspotting
    YQBspotting Year ago +1

    Fantastic shots mate! Very nice video :-)

  • Heathrow Champ
    Heathrow Champ Year ago +1

    Awesome catches