ABH Is SHAKING - Shop Hush Vs. Subculture?! | Jackie Aina

  • Published on Jan 30, 2018
  • Hi babes! Today I’m going to be putting the Shop Hush Retro Love eyeshadow palette to the test! I’ll be comparing it with the Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture palette. Will it be worth the hype? Find out today!
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  • LeChatteNoir
    LeChatteNoir 22 days ago

    I picked up Subculture at TJMaxx for $19.99! 🙌🏾
    (sometimes it pays to wait! lol)
    This palette almost went back tho, because I'm not used to working with cool shades but I'mma learn cuz the colors are pretty.

  • Ashley H
    Ashley H Month ago

    Just rewatching the video one year later. DON’T MIND ME

  • Jose Paez
    Jose Paez Month ago

    I love u so much ❤️❤️

  • Lauren Stewart
    Lauren Stewart 2 months ago


  • Delilah Jasmine
    Delilah Jasmine 2 months ago


  • Laydee Leshay
    Laydee Leshay 2 months ago

    The Jackie song is my favorite part

  • Chelsea Carlton
    Chelsea Carlton 2 months ago

    Jackie you’re literally the only one that got subculture to work , unbelievable

  • Cailee
    Cailee 3 months ago

    is it just me or did Aunt Jackie use different brushes for each eye when she applied and compared each inner corner highlight? The brush she used for the Bad Habit palette looked wispier, and the ABH side the brush looked like a fuller one. Hmm, no shade towards her! I'm just one for details I guess.

  • Jessica Montague
    Jessica Montague 3 months ago

    Ever heard of Face Candy

  • Megan Mann
    Megan Mann 3 months ago

    ik im late but i'm actually thanking god someone used the subculture pallet how it was intended to be used bless up

  • Ebony Love
    Ebony Love 3 months ago


  • Tonya Jeffcoat
    Tonya Jeffcoat 4 months ago

    Subculture is the SHIT!! I dont understand people shaming this palette..soooooo good!!..The hush palette doesnt hold a candle!

  • Amirah leanne
    Amirah leanne 4 months ago

    Jackie i know you made this video some time ago but you should try the aura pallet from shop hush its a dup for abh prism! BUT SIISSS!! The opacity is out of this worrrrrld

  • Salty Crackers
    Salty Crackers 4 months ago

    phalate, sulphate cupcakes HAHAHAHA

  • ndileka ayanda
    ndileka ayanda 5 months ago

    This looks exactly like the w7 on the rocks neutrals on ice palette

  • Ashley Potier
    Ashley Potier 5 months ago +3

    Lol because of all the bad reviews on subculture. .iiiiiiiii bought it anyways.........but at tj maxx lol see smart 😉and I love it

    • Ashley Potier
      Ashley Potier 4 months ago

      @SashaOlivia Girl we know how to shop and when your good at something we can make anything work 💖💕💚💖💚💕
      P.s your name is AWESOME😍

    • SashaOlivia
      SashaOlivia 4 months ago

      LOL yup IO bought it for $20 at Marshall's!!!

  • l0VEasher
    l0VEasher 5 months ago

    this hair is perfect for this palette...whew! gorgeous!

  • Tre'Niece Hall
    Tre'Niece Hall 5 months ago

    I’m all for a “knockoff” makeup butttt there are people out here completely copying the shit the packaging and lying to people about what’s in it .. I rather buy a lookalike then a complete knockoff because you want the name .. even if I had the money I rather try 4 or 5 cheaper shadows then one ☝🏽 because of the name .

  • Ultravioletx1
    Ultravioletx1 6 months ago

    Abh has better color pay off but for the price of hush I'm willing to work with the colors

  • Jodi Kodak
    Jodi Kodak 6 months ago

    I SUBCULTURE. The rich pigments, as as an artist are HAWT. I just touch Subculture and dab; then I’m able to blend. This pallet had me at Bae. As an artist this isn’t for no raw pigments babies. Boo, I want to try these on oils.
    SUBCULTURE LOVER. Take my $10 on fun eyeliners. Also thank you for halal makeup. I have plenty of Tunisian females buy for and they send us preszzies too... meeting halfway ppl💜❤️ they are lovely,!

  • Francis Noir
    Francis Noir 6 months ago

    People buy knockoffs all the time.

  • Emma Hossy
    Emma Hossy 7 months ago

    It was shots on at Amazon! The least expensive of the bigger patios are Huda!

  • Renee Z
    Renee Z 7 months ago

    what lashes are thoseeee

  • Sharan Dhillon
    Sharan Dhillon 7 months ago

    Aaaahahahaaa Jackie's intro ALWAYS cracks me up. You should be a comedian 😂

  • Autumn W
    Autumn W 7 months ago

    what lashes are these?!!

  • Oc Love
    Oc Love 7 months ago

    A lot of shouting In this video. Beware 🙉 lower volume

  • Oc Love
    Oc Love 7 months ago +1


  • Emery Barber
    Emery Barber 8 months ago

    I love how she can be so weird but in such a good way. She is always herself and honest with reviews💕love you jackie🧡

  • Daniela H.
    Daniela H. 8 months ago

    There's a new one. It's called Luna&It compares to the Norvina😉

  • I_am_here
    I_am_here 8 months ago

    Stop! ..."I'm leaving the country and quitting college..."! Ahahaha 🤣

  • Lisa Dukes
    Lisa Dukes 8 months ago +1

    Annastica Side!

  • Dee
    Dee 8 months ago

    ABH looks better... quality is better

  • Carrie H
    Carrie H 8 months ago

    I would rather wait for the real thing. Because then I know I have worked hard and deserved it.

  • Untouchable Beauty
    Untouchable Beauty 8 months ago +3

    Kinda pissed me off how you was talking about how its knock off and stuff but of course u would say something like that because you can afford it. Did you forget they did that FOR THE PEOPLE WHO CAN'T AFFORD A $50 PALLET!! or for people whos just not trying to spend that much on makeup. I think what there doing is great. It not weird, its an great idea. And i love how they're looking out for us broke whoess🤪❤ But yea Jackie, some of us aren't rich like you aha remember that. Smh

    • KaTrina Samuels-Garrison
      KaTrina Samuels-Garrison 6 months ago

      But why are you mad? There are plenty of affordable brands that have their own formulations and colors. It's kind of like someone cheating off of your test that you worked hard to study for. I know this comment is old but I just didn't know why you were upset.

  • Sabrina Grant
    Sabrina Grant 8 months ago

    I love love love The lashes!!! Who’s are they?

  • Miss Trantastic
    Miss Trantastic 9 months ago

    I love sub.. on you

  • Jessica Starr
    Jessica Starr 9 months ago

    Oooo I love the subculture eye!

  • April Voelkner
    April Voelkner 9 months ago

    I would rather wear Anastasia retro love looks crap 👀

  • Little Gumdrop
    Little Gumdrop 9 months ago

    I buy bad habit palettes purely for the shimmers

  • Rebba Alexandra
    Rebba Alexandra 9 months ago

    I don’t care, I love that they make the dupes. I love that they basically throw down with the “high end” brands and basically 8/10 times tell them “hey look we do what you do, maybe not as good but pretty damn close”

  • Stefanie Hamacher
    Stefanie Hamacher 9 months ago

    I prefer subculture. I own that pallet and I honestly love it, some of the colors are patchy so I just stay away which is not ideal, but those colors are the dark greens and I wouldn't wear those on an everyday basis. The two yellow colors are sooooo pretty, honestly love them.

  • Hayden Slater
    Hayden Slater 9 months ago

    Why are your lashes soooooo GORGEOUS 😱

  • Deanna Reed
    Deanna Reed 10 months ago

    For $45 more I would hope they looked better lol

  • Ilene Cassagnol
    Ilene Cassagnol 10 months ago

    Am I the only one who looks forward to her Jackie O foolishness in the beginning of every video 🤣 I just love this girl

  • Tatiana Anastassia
    Tatiana Anastassia 10 months ago

    ABH!!! That Pigment 😍😍😍😍

  • Kayla Green
    Kayla Green 10 months ago

    it's great for $10

  • Areejhaday Wyche
    Areejhaday Wyche 10 months ago

    U should do make switch with MannyMUA hahha

  • Sharise Henderson
    Sharise Henderson 10 months ago

    ABH for me! I’ll catch it on sale😏

  • Jaida Howard
    Jaida Howard 10 months ago

    Can you make a video of Anastasia pallets showing if they are brown girl friendly???

  • Caitlin Mumau
    Caitlin Mumau 10 months ago


  • T.e.e. T.e.a
    T.e.e. T.e.a 10 months ago

    I feel like I’m the only person who loves subculture the way I do. I just use it with a light hand but I love it

  • Celestial Roses
    Celestial Roses 10 months ago

    I liked subculture much better

  • Kaykay
    Kaykay 11 months ago

    ABH Subculture for sure... looks better

  • Forever Healing 100
    Forever Healing 100 11 months ago

    Jackie Thankyou for doing that look and choosing those colors . I have been looking for tthet metallic green shade in something cuz I’m one of those girls who is allergic to Carmine and that means I never got to use the modern ranaissance . In particular those colors you chose do not to my knowledge have Carmine, so I like the shades and I’ve decided on the subculture palette . Yes and I do love watching you. Your energy is very contagious. 😁

  • Sarah Lassiter
    Sarah Lassiter 11 months ago

    "phalates, sufates, cupcakes" LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

  • Zo Miller
    Zo Miller 11 months ago

    I just got my subculture pallete and I'm high-key so excited because I loveeee on the colors in the pallete, I also think that with my green eyes it will be beautifulll

  • LydiaJane Smith
    LydiaJane Smith 11 months ago

    Is there a cat purring near the mic or something girl?

  • Jacqueline Belanger
    Jacqueline Belanger 11 months ago

    * gets a hush add * well shit

  • MegsMakeupLife *
    MegsMakeupLife * 11 months ago

    NEVER NEVER NEVER slow down on you Jackie song. ITS MY FAVORITE!!

  • Shemp
    Shemp 11 months ago

    I got an ad for hush before the video

  • AprilHam Lincon
    AprilHam Lincon 11 months ago

    Phthalates, sulfates, cupcakes 😂🤣 we love you Jackie!

  • Megan Crocker
    Megan Crocker 11 months ago

    Hi.........no please don’t ever stop your song........that’s what got me hooked........I love how you do that!!

  • Natalie Hendrickson
    Natalie Hendrickson 11 months ago

    I finally just returned this pallette because why should I put up with the difficulty when I don’t have to.

  • TAZ Wise
    TAZ Wise 11 months ago

    Subculture. . Would wear..but I do have both

  • Mauve World
    Mauve World Year ago

    I’m not gone lie, I rather wear subculture.

  • Mauve World
    Mauve World Year ago

    I feel like if you’re a beginner to do makeup. Shop hush. It’s not expensive but I love the way the Althena palette 🎨 looks from hush

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  • Queen T
    Queen T Year ago

    You are so silly I love it!

  • diksha malhotra
    diksha malhotra Year ago

    Can u do a full face of shop hush

  • z a myers
    z a myers Year ago

    NEVER SLOW DOWN ON THE JACKIE SONG!! I'm still waiting for a full length version!

  • Trinity P
    Trinity P Year ago

    Jackieeee make a aphrodite palette review 🤧!!!

  • Niesha Grant
    Niesha Grant Year ago

    Jackie 💋💋💋💋love u girl I’m fina do a first time video inspired by u 👱🏾‍♀️

  • louis vuitton
    louis vuitton Year ago

    Tell me why I just got a hush ad on this video

  • laura brutus
    laura brutus Year ago

    I love the Jacki song. I'm from Miami

  • Briana Mcdonald
    Briana Mcdonald Year ago

    If anyone wants to know another company who makes a subculture dupe make up revolution. I seen a video on that and the make up revelation responded better. However, I own alot of bad habit pallettes and the prism palette dupe it really good.

  • ughhh mcrbinch
    ughhh mcrbinch Year ago

    ABH subculture

  • Annabelle Marie
    Annabelle Marie Year ago

    I love the jakie song 😂i always get so lit to it

  • Asyahx
    Asyahx Year ago

    What lashes you used and Also mascara for your bottom lashes omg ❤️❤️

  • Nitra Barrett
    Nitra Barrett Year ago

    Loved this video! Thanks for being real

  • Quanithia Harrison

    Reminder!!!! Yellow Eye Shadow look 😍

  • Isabelle Flores
    Isabelle Flores Year ago

    What lashes are you wearing omg?!? Stunning😍

  • Kayla Melendez
    Kayla Melendez Year ago

    what lashes are those ?!!

  • drkmgic
    drkmgic Year ago

    When I watch videos like this but cant get ur hands in the pallete because you don't live in the us.

  • Jakkia Johnson
    Jakkia Johnson Year ago


  • Emily Minaj
    Emily Minaj Year ago

    what lashes are u wearing???!?!?! :o

  • Jourdan C
    Jourdan C Year ago


  • ella beauchaine
    ella beauchaine Year ago

    please do more subculture looks!!!

  • Mia Margaret
    Mia Margaret Year ago

    I love the eye look!!

  • Frida Sorensen
    Frida Sorensen Year ago

    You see W7 makeup they literally took ABH pallets

  • Kiana Mack
    Kiana Mack Year ago

    Subculture 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

  • Ugly Chynnadoll
    Ugly Chynnadoll Year ago

    Plssssssss do a review on Remmal London’s stay matte foundation PLEASEEEEEE!!!!

  • Toni La
    Toni La Year ago


  • Bath House Becky
    Bath House Becky Year ago

    I’d rather wear the Subculture side too!

  • Melody Smith
    Melody Smith Year ago

    My gurll!!❤❤

  • TeeTee SexyBadAttitude

    😍😍❤️ABH -Yellow! Or orange please

  • Cesca Marisol
    Cesca Marisol Year ago

    Definitely glad I went w/ Subculture tho

  • Cesca Marisol
    Cesca Marisol Year ago

    This is great. I'd watch you do make up and tea for hours.

  • robledo
    robledo Year ago

    i wanted to love subculture but it would fade/crease within minutes on my eyes. i was careful with the colors too but it just didn't work for me.

  • Katrina La Diosa
    Katrina La Diosa Year ago

    I want to see side by side comparisons of them both please! 😍

  • Adalia Rich
    Adalia Rich Year ago

    You should have a sticky note to which side the subscribe is.
    You're so cute tho.😂💘