Eating 33 Year Old US MRE 1984 Ham & Chicken Loaf Vintage MRE Review Meal Ready to Eat Taste Test


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  • Anagram Confirmed

    OH!!! And that creamer is flammable!!

  • Bob Flendorg
    Bob Flendorg Day ago

    I remember I always tried to trade that one for the Pork Patty meal.

  • Tom S
    Tom S Day ago

    7:32 What my girl will be saying to me tomorrow night. Happy Valentines Day!❀

  • Rickard Rakkoon
    Rickard Rakkoon Day ago

    'theres no racidity to those nuts' -That what she said, 2019

  • TheHumanTarget6
    TheHumanTarget6 Day ago

    I'm so glad to hear someone else get excited over MRE Peanut Butter. Nobody quite appreciates how amazing that stuff is so I always go around and hoard all the peanut sachets I can find. They're so good because you can stuff them in your smock pockets and when you're out on patrol you can just peel away a corner and squeeze it out for a nice nutty snack!!

  • Rodny G
    Rodny G Day ago rancidity

  • Michele Ellis
    Michele Ellis Day ago

    I joined the army in 1988. Wish I could go back

  • Jimmy Patterson
    Jimmy Patterson Day ago

    It's actually making me hungry!

  • Patrick Fealy
    Patrick Fealy 2 days ago

    I miss the 1984 grub.

  • The Lonely Pigeon
    The Lonely Pigeon 2 days ago

    I'm eating ham while he's eating ham, I took out a pear out the fridge and ate it while he did, then instant coffee saltine crackers with Pic's peanut butter. Kek.

  • Ojose Garcia
    Ojose Garcia 2 days ago

    Green bay wowow

  • Steve Byers
    Steve Byers 2 days ago

    I got a 2006 B box you can have whatever you want out of, but it may be a little science

  • Lord Vile
    Lord Vile 2 days ago

    no sugar thanks

  • StarKiller
    StarKiller 2 days ago

    My dad has hundreds of MRE’s LoL

  • Mathew Brown
    Mathew Brown 2 days ago

    Lol it comes from McAllen and I like there

  • Zahireen Zainal
    Zahireen Zainal 2 days ago

    I think every prisoners rather eat their own prisons crap meal then a 33 year old mre

  • Aaron Glass
    Aaron Glass 2 days ago

    hey take some papers off your wall

  • Manuel Rodriguez Schmidt

    man are you still alive?

  • purgeist
    purgeist 2 days ago +1

    You meant deez nuts?

  • Diego Garcia
    Diego Garcia 2 days ago

    Patient 0

  • flex a
    flex a 2 days ago

    eating 100% antiseptic

  • YouMockMe
    YouMockMe 2 days ago

    MSG.....the flava enhanca!!!!!!

  • Famalami
    Famalami 2 days ago

    Salt could have been removed due to the consumption of salt results into more thirst?

  • Mike Pitzer
    Mike Pitzer 2 days ago

    That meal is such a set back to early highschool. Those cakes and pears were amazing

  • yalscufdupmyjordans
    yalscufdupmyjordans 2 days ago

    Damn, you're like ReviewBrah's older brother!

  • ez45
    ez45 2 days ago

    Vitamin C fortified instant coffee
    *Screams in millennial*

  • Matthew W
    Matthew W 3 days ago

    Those pears look like shit

  • gazza listermint
    gazza listermint 3 days ago

    How long you get for your luncheon ? 1 hr ? I get 1hr plus 2 15 min breaks.

  • shinto666
    shinto666 3 days ago

    Some of your commentary made no sense.

  • stupullenchannel
    stupullenchannel 3 days ago

    Man did I eat allot of these...went into the Army in 1984!

  • Jyhyyhyh Kskskss
    Jyhyyhyh Kskskss 3 days ago

    Oh well there is $10,000 of profit from collectors gone....

  • Rhakim Ali
    Rhakim Ali 3 days ago

    there's *SALT* on those things

  • Alvin Ailey 3rd
    Alvin Ailey 3rd 3 days ago

    thats spam. it is spam

  • DaMangs
    DaMangs 3 days ago

    "It's blue"

  • Cody Gray
    Cody Gray 3 days ago

    7:52 lol

  • MAstaCheez
    MAstaCheez 3 days ago

    To think that the crackers from an MRE that dates back to 1981 are still in tact. THAT'S the true miracle.

  • The Snookman
    The Snookman 3 days ago

    "That's a phenomenal cracker." How my black girlfriend introduces me. ;)

  • Random commenter
    Random commenter 3 days ago

    Salt makes your mouth dry and you need as much water as you can because a big part of your brain relies on water, without it, your brain will shrink.

  • Blake Carlson
    Blake Carlson 3 days ago

    Apple source is the only thing I won't eat.

  • B Q
    B Q 3 days ago

    If you were Gordon Ramsay I would be astonished right now.

  • Leo Taylor
    Leo Taylor 3 days ago +1

    16:38 made me cry

  • Christopher Allen
    Christopher Allen 3 days ago


  • Boone Brackett
    Boone Brackett 4 days ago

    Imagine eating a meal older than you when you are 30 years old lmao

  • Harsh Rai
    Harsh Rai 4 days ago +2

    chutiya saalaπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Cyber Zombie
    Cyber Zombie 4 days ago

    if it is really 34 years old food , is it ok to eat?

  • Mike Mchugh
    Mike Mchugh 4 days ago

    Hes gonna need more than that ammount of toilet paper

  • Reuzel Green
    Reuzel Green 4 days ago

    Is that has expired date?

  • Ozer Guney
    Ozer Guney 4 days ago

    I kinda smell that pear

  • Hababa Bdbsbs
    Hababa Bdbsbs 4 days ago

    You would be the type to love prison food

  • April_Faye
    April_Faye 4 days ago

    But did you die?

  • Justin Y. Revelation
    Justin Y. Revelation 4 days ago +4

    *NUT CAKE*

  • δΈ‚εŒšγ„šγ„’ε„δΉ‡

    Holy shit breh, I'd probably die after the first bite 😨

  • Connor Giles
    Connor Giles 4 days ago


  • Koon Jay
    Koon Jay 4 days ago

    How da fok I got here zz

  • Red Dragon
    Red Dragon 4 days ago

    I live 20 minutes away from Green Bay, Wi. I also had MRE's in the Army. 😁

  • Extreme Gamer17
    Extreme Gamer17 4 days ago

    I’m hungry now

  • Squidberg
    Squidberg 4 days ago

    Everything looked good until the ham

  • Breana McGill
    Breana McGill 4 days ago

    I'm sorry but him opening the packets and stirring gives me an ASMR feel....

  • sw1tched
    sw1tched 4 days ago

    How is it possible to eat something 30 years old

  • Glerii
    Glerii 4 days ago

    The breakfast sasuage patty is great

  • Camille Gomez
    Camille Gomez 4 days ago

    I loved your excitement about eating 30 year old food!

  • Vince_PlayzzYT
    Vince_PlayzzYT 4 days ago

    I guess you could compare the pineapple nut cake to a modern little Debbie snack?

  • William Scott
    William Scott 4 days ago


  • HoneyBadger
    HoneyBadger 4 days ago

    stale much?

  • save pews
    save pews 4 days ago

    how much is an mre. like could i live off these in college

  • JRosePlays
    JRosePlays 4 days ago

    Okay youtube I finally watched it

  • Zevo Zevv
    Zevo Zevv 4 days ago


  • Jordan Holmes
    Jordan Holmes 4 days ago +1

    diarrhoea incoming lol :) You're braver than I

  • Jacob from new jersey

    skip to 7:30 you are welcome

  • Gary G
    Gary G 5 days ago

    How much are MRE'S to buy??

  • Stephen Clayton
    Stephen Clayton 5 days ago

    Put some under a microscope

  • Passion Plongeon
    Passion Plongeon 5 days ago

    Where's menu NUMBER 9

  • miki mouse
    miki mouse 5 days ago +1

    Man now I'm feeling so hungry πŸ˜…

  • Cash StacheGT
    Cash StacheGT 5 days ago

    pineapple *NUT* cake

  • Milan Avramovic
    Milan Avramovic 5 days ago

    "Look at that congealed fat! Ooohyeah" *nomnoms it*

  • .
    . 5 days ago

    "Meal Ready To Eat, more like meals that make me weak in the knees." -iDubbbz

  • Buddy Barlow
    Buddy Barlow 5 days ago

    are we sure its still good to eat?

  • Rails of the Midwest

    I couldn't survive on that little toilet paper.

  • Elisandro De Leon
    Elisandro De Leon 5 days ago

    What song is thatat the begining?

  • Mike white
    Mike white 5 days ago

    Making me hungry

  • Jorn van Sevenhoven
    Jorn van Sevenhoven 5 days ago +1

    Describing that fifth wank of the day looking goo dripping from the chicken sachet as "goodness" shows the beauty of your soul.

  • kaytlyn baylee
    kaytlyn baylee 5 days ago

    you remind me of my papa he has a cabnit full of expired food everytime i go over to my papas house to look for food he has cans from 1996-2018 cant belive he aint dead yet

  • Citizen23
    Citizen23 5 days ago

    I fuckin love MREs. Now I'm hungry!

  • Und34d Army
    Und34d Army 5 days ago

    When you realize food is older than you and isn't spoiled rotten.

  • Donnie Johnson
    Donnie Johnson 6 days ago

    β€œTruly a decadent rare treat” what the actual fuck?? πŸ˜«πŸ˜‚

  • wenn wenn
    wenn wenn 6 days ago


  • Alex Maison
    Alex Maison 6 days ago

    "I just wanna eat that thing right away."

  • Alex Maison
    Alex Maison 6 days ago

    "There's no rancidity to those nuts."

  • DJ R Superluminal
    DJ R Superluminal 6 days ago

    Wow,I ate 1984 mres when they were new. At camp Pen

  • The Don
    The Don 6 days ago +1

    12:49 _Very Cool_

  • The Don
    The Don 6 days ago +1

    _33 year old spam_

  • Ryan Hampson
    Ryan Hampson 6 days ago

    Peanut butter? Ahh man gimme that jalapeno cheese spread anyday.

  • I.P. Knightly
    I.P. Knightly 6 days ago +7

    That stuff looks more dangerous than combat.

  • Gabi
    Gabi 6 days ago

    kkw beauty

  • Fred Glick
    Fred Glick 6 days ago

    A salted peanut-buttery masterpiece. Your attitude is the perfect cross between wonderment and gratitude. I just wonder if when we drop these on folks we bombed or are about to bomb or whatever if they are as grateful and full of wonderment at American ingenuity and creativity. Ahh the salted peanut-buttery majesty of a meager and yet still amazing meal.

  • FaZe Pepega
    FaZe Pepega 6 days ago

    Fine recommended ill watch it

  • snow bunny
    snow bunny 6 days ago +1

    Im a U.S. Marine & I LOVE MRE's!!!! ❀

  • Jared Beckett
    Jared Beckett 6 days ago +1

    I call them Meals Rarely Edible

  • Jack Crow
    Jack Crow 6 days ago

    The toilet paper might have been wetnaps or intended as napkins to be wetted.

  • Micah Barbee
    Micah Barbee 6 days ago

    His reactions at times is HILARIOUS!!!! 🀣🀣