NYC Planespotter Presents: Heavy Traffic JFK Runways 4L Departures, 4R Arrivals“ ✈ No. 120 (4K)

  • Published on May 19, 2019
  • Hello there plane spotters, jet heads and aviation fans. Traffic jam. Here they come. As the weather gets better, so does traffic at John F. Kennedy International Airport. New York is a tourist mecca bringing about a beautiful diversity of planes from all over. Hope you enjoy my presentation. All hand-held footage.
    Compilation of planes en route and taking off from John F. Kennedy International Airport from Bayswater Point State Park using runway 22l, 4L and 4R. ✈


    Link to KJFK Tower:

    ✈️ Airport: John F Kennedy International Airport
    ICAO: KJFK ✈
    JFK Runways: 4R (Arrivals), 4L (Departures)

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    Dates: Multiple ✈
    Vantage Point: “The Pad,” Bayswater Point State Park, New York ✈
    Five Towns, New York ✈


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Comments • 22

  • Lukas Lebrun
    Lukas Lebrun 2 months ago

    I hate those new skyscrapers in the background. Nice video however !

    • NYC planespotter
      NYC planespotter  Month ago

      The New York Skyline is evolving Lukas with lots of construction in progress

  • kahnzime cephus
    kahnzime cephus 7 months ago

    ever been to Brookville park in rosedale queens. planes fly ever lower.

  • JRJunior8624
    JRJunior8624 7 months ago

    8.00 Hurrry up ya little pipsqueak

  • Belle Starr
    Belle Starr 7 months ago

    Beautiful! Thankyou...

  • Railyard Films
    Railyard Films 7 months ago

    Huge atlas here

  • Triple7Diehard4ever
    Triple7Diehard4ever 8 months ago

    Great Video Spotting!I was wanting to know where is this location at near JFK Airport?It looks like a great spot to do some planespotting videos as I plan on visiting New York Sometime in 2020.Do you have any suggestions?

  • The Huzaifa Official
    The Huzaifa Official 8 months ago +1

    (7:36) Boeing 777 VS Beechcraft so amazing

  • Eivind Bjordal
    Eivind Bjordal 8 months ago +1

    Clear, Sharp, awesome and simply superb footage!

  • ATCkeepsUsafe
    ATCkeepsUsafe 8 months ago +1

    The skyline of Manhattan is undergoing incredible changes.

  • Robin ter Maat
    Robin ter Maat 8 months ago +1

    Awesome video!

  • jelmerpilotHD
    jelmerpilotHD 8 months ago +2

    What an epic compilation mate! Liked!

  • Railstormers Rail & Aviation

    Awesome video! Do you go to the taxi holding area for 13L arrivals? It’s awesome there!

  • Squil
    Squil 8 months ago +3

    Superb video

  • Nat Turner
    Nat Turner 8 months ago +1


  • Paris Plane Spotting
    Paris Plane Spotting 8 months ago +2

    beautiful video

    • NYC planespotter
      NYC planespotter  8 months ago

      Hello Paris Plane Spotting..buddy! Thanks for the kind words.

  • JJ Skippy
    JJ Skippy 8 months ago +1

    Excellent compilation! Do you plan on trying some spotting from the new TWA Hotel?

    • ATCkeepsUsafe
      ATCkeepsUsafe 8 months ago

      @NYC planespotter The TWA idea is stupid. You are at the Million Dollar location. Enclosed by the Rockaway Peninsula and protected from the Atlantic Ocean, the region currently hosts over 340 species of birds, 58 species of butterflies, and 130 species of Finfish. Jamaica Bay is a favorite migratory stop for waterfowl, the area is an integral part of the larger regional ecosystem. One of NYC extraordinary natarul resources, Jamaica Bay remains highly undevoloped and JFK lies right on Jamaica Bay. Jamaica is is giving you the Million Dollar view for airplane spotting at JFK. The TWA Hotel cannot match your location and other locations on Jamaica Bay. I am telling you this as a New Yorker, not some out of towner who knows nothing about NYC.

    • ATCkeepsUsafe
      ATCkeepsUsafe 8 months ago

      @JJ Skippy Getting video on Jamaica Bay is as stunning as you can get for airport spotting. Any view from the TWA Hotel cannot not come close to matcing this location!!!!!

    • NYC planespotter
      NYC planespotter  8 months ago

      Interesting idea, not aware if the lobby can be accessed by the public and if the glass panoramic windows would show aircraft traffic movements