Ben Gibbard - Archie, Marry Me (Little Big Show #10)

  • Published on Jan 9, 2015
  • KEXP.ORG + Starbucks + STG present Ben Gibbard performing a cover of Alvvays' "Archie, Marry Me" live during Little Big Show #10 at Neptune Theatre. Recorded October 29, 2014.
    Audio Engineer: Kevin Suggs
    Cameras: Shelly Corbett, Luke Knecht, Christopher Meister & Michael O'Neal
    Editor: Luke Knecht
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  • edvan gelions
    edvan gelions 7 days ago


  • K
    K Month ago

    Just reported this as a hate crime

  • K
    K Month ago

    Gawd this could not suck harder

  • Oval Teen
    Oval Teen 4 months ago

    I love the little tapping of his foot during the bridge. I've performed originals on piano, and that intimate detail as well as the personalization of it instantly transports me to heartfelt talent show performances. I love the interpretation of this otherwise heavily-prodiced song, especially by a favorite.❤🧡💛

  • MooseMan
    MooseMan 5 months ago

    Archie sounds dreamy

  • TrainInVain
    TrainInVain 6 months ago

    this is a shit cover

  • DV Swia
    DV Swia 7 months ago +1


    JOHN GANNON 7 months ago

    ..when artists do art

  • Chris Randazzo
    Chris Randazzo 10 months ago

    Love the cover

  • Luther Antwoord
    Luther Antwoord 11 months ago +1

    Ben is great. He s no Molly. No likey.

  • ShaOn Fate
    ShaOn Fate 11 months ago +5

    This was on the first mixtape that quite possibly the love of my life sent me... Recently, I decided we should just be friends because of our situation... But we are both so in love with one another... we always talked about how we always had to keep contact... We couldn't completely break contact. We're best friends. We always would be.
    He essentially broke off our friendship yesterday... Or at least said he wouldn't text me for a while... Because of the situations we are both in... he felt like he was holding me back from being with someone who could completely be there for me...
    We knew each other for 3 months... What an insignificant amount of time... Amazing how in my life span of almost 431 months, 3 months will forever be engrained in my being... deep into my soul...
    I remember hearing this song for the first time on the mixtape he sent me... My heart swelled as I realized that this guy that I was so into, did infact feel the same... I couldn't believe my luck... How did I get so lucky to meet him?
    He feels so deeply for me... How can someone so beautiful feel this deeply for me?
    I have no idea how I'm going to get over him, and quite honestly I don't want to...
    I hope he really meant it when he said I wouldn't hear from in a while and hopefully that means not forever, and we can be friends again...
    All these years of searching... And I found you... I finally felt complete... But it was more than that. You made me see the beauty in myself. It wasn't this obsession with trying to please you. It was more I liked who I was when I was with you. I looked into your eyes, and I saw my reflection and through your viewpoint, I could see my own beauty.
    We met at the wrong time in our lives... Perfectly matched puzzle pieces... With the rest of the puzzle gone missing...
    Regardless, I am happy you came into my life... You will always be in my heart, mind and soul.
    I heart you...
    I will always love you.
    I will never forget you.

  • Bad habit, snap out of it.

    I gotta say this really touched my soul. Like I don’t have any other words to describe it. Gibbard is so talented.

  • Moozy Mathers
    Moozy Mathers Year ago +51

    I'd die to see Mazzy Star's cover of this.

  • Caring Is Creepy
    Caring Is Creepy Year ago +1

    So cool when an Artist with a spotlight shines some light on those in the dark.

  • TheFonz995
    TheFonz995 Year ago +1

    Anybody have the chord progression to this? Sounds like he uses a different than the original version.

  • Ahmad Adyarso
    Ahmad Adyarso Year ago +1

    I love this Postal Service version

  • Hayden Nurse
    Hayden Nurse Year ago

    Getting some Neil Young vibes

  • luna reed
    luna reed Year ago +1

    I thought it was,tea leaves on a bubble lo

  • James S
    James S Year ago


  • Rezwanul Choudhury
    Rezwanul Choudhury Year ago +7

    I fail to realise how sad Alvvays' lyrics are until someone else covers it. The same thing happened when Choir! covered In Undertow

  • Timmy Johnson
    Timmy Johnson Year ago


  • Emily
    Emily Year ago

    how am I only seeing this now!!! love this song and BEN

  • Gisela Swaragita
    Gisela Swaragita Year ago

    biasa aja ah. lebai amat rangorang.

    • Gangga Hayu
      Gangga Hayu Year ago


    • Ahmad Adyarso
      Ahmad Adyarso Year ago

      Gisela Swaragita it's a fuckin Ben Gibbard, the presence of him in silence is already an amazing thing.

  • 상인
    상인 Year ago

    his voice amazing

  • Elizabeth Conrad
    Elizabeth Conrad Year ago

    This is simply an amazing cover! His voice is so mellow and I love the slowed down, after hours take on this song. I could listen to this on repeat all day. It's become one of my favorite videos here.

  • Elizabeth Conrad
    Elizabeth Conrad Year ago +1

    Very lovely cover! Low key and mellow.

  • L. Cubias
    L. Cubias Year ago +1

    I appreciate this cover more and more the more I listen to it.

  • Terry Peterstein
    Terry Peterstein Year ago +1

    excuse me where can i get the piano sheet music to this thanks

  • Archie Nytmare
    Archie Nytmare Year ago +124

    My fiance sent me a link to this vid. and yes, my name is Archie.
    to Pearl, my baby, yes! I will marry you!

    • Ysmael Requena
      Ysmael Requena Month ago +2

      +Archie Nytmare So, did you guys marry?

    • TheoPhysicist
      TheoPhysicist Month ago +1

      That's nice and all but very ironic considering this song takes the piss out of the idea of marriage

    • nc_mlj
      nc_mlj 11 months ago

      So cute !

    • Akbar Basit
      Akbar Basit Year ago

      happiest arrow in the knee

    • Olive Bennett
      Olive Bennett Year ago +3

      Pearl and Archie, how adorable ♥️

  • Alyssa Maula
    Alyssa Maula 2 years ago

  • Margaret L
    Margaret L 2 years ago


  • Von Biay
    Von Biay 2 years ago

    its weird to see a guy sing this in a conservative country... i dont mean anything in offense but i just feel awkward... thats just my opinion

    • Von Biay
      Von Biay 2 years ago

      potvwsyrup 93 thanks for the reply now I learned something new about this beautiful song ;)

    • potvw 93
      potvw 93 2 years ago +4

      Von Biay True, but this is just a song talking about love instead of explicit sexual situations so anybody can really sing this song because it's meaning is of true importance, Archie is a guy but it's more of a "person".

  • Nick gers
    Nick gers 2 years ago +32

    Wow this guy has a terrible haircut

    • Zugzwang
      Zugzwang Year ago +3

      Nick gers Anton Chigurh disapproves this :)

  • christopher engelhart
    christopher engelhart 2 years ago +5

    the beginning kind of sounds like different names for the same things

  • jhonathan
    jhonathan 2 years ago +11

    sad version :(

    • ShaOn Fate
      ShaOn Fate 11 months ago +3

      jhonathan urbisagastegui the original is actually a sad version. 😬😂
      It's just sang in a more upbeat format... In kind of a delusional state of mind... This version is admitting that it wouldn't work... No matter how much they care for one another...
      Yeah... You can tell I recently went through a break up.... 😂

    • Moozy Mathers
      Moozy Mathers Year ago +2

      There is no happy version of this song, though.

  • Zahra Winfield
    Zahra Winfield 2 years ago +11

    If a guy sang this to me ❤️

    • howdyday
      howdyday Year ago

      shouldn't this song the other way around?

    • spacesaki
      spacesaki 2 years ago +22

      come ere i'll sing it to ya babe

  • Anna Jacqueline
    Anna Jacqueline 2 years ago +19

    Words cannot express how happy I am that this exists.

  • Sarah Hoffmann
    Sarah Hoffmann 3 years ago +1

    I would love to learn this song on the piano, but I can't find the sheet music for it anywhere!

  • Alyssa Babasa
    Alyssa Babasa 3 years ago +6

    maan you're the best. you really are the best.

  • Andrea Mabellini
    Andrea Mabellini 3 years ago +1

    This is fantastic! Great song and great version!

  • Sebastian1011
    Sebastian1011 3 years ago +5

    Love his interpretation, better than the original IMO!

  • Will Conaboy
    Will Conaboy 3 years ago +171

    This makes me wish I was gay and had a boyfriend named Archie who I could propose to playing this

    • Nord
      Nord 2 months ago +1

      +Pete Shylenko of course it is. It's the way of the modern (((post-marxist communist))) world. Anything to kill tradition and the family unit is what you'll find in 99% of films, music, books, TV shows, and news.

    • Natalie Villegas
      Natalie Villegas 7 months ago +1

      This makes me wish i was a boy named Archie

    • Samuel Irias
      Samuel Irias Year ago +1

      don't worry, you already kinda gay for saying that.

    • K1ddkanuck
      K1ddkanuck Year ago +3

      Wow, that comment doesn't feel like I wrote it so long ago. "Archie" and I now share a condo that we rent. We even have a cat. Feels a lot like marriage (without the wedding), which poses aaaaaaall kind of interesting dynamics I had never predicted. I still love him... it's different these days though, for sure. I'm also minus a father now. Crazy how life changes.

    • howdyday
      howdyday Year ago

      Pete Shylenko ikr archie definitely don't want to commit to marriage

  • Big Foot
    Big Foot 3 years ago +31

    Maaaaaaan anyone else get goosebumps?

  • Gabriella M
    Gabriella M 3 years ago +64

    who put these onions here

    JEFF GADONAS 3 years ago +42

    Ben sings this song sadly - different take than Alvvays! Nice contrast! Glad I found it.

    • Brandon Shwaub
      Brandon Shwaub Year ago +1

      On first glance, thought you said "Ben sings this song badly". Was getting ready to fight you.

  • John Gannon
    John Gannon 3 years ago +14

    What a great cover.

  • CT522
    CT522 3 years ago

    So well done.

  • Milk Carton
    Milk Carton 3 years ago

    ugh. i love alvvays (fav new band last year), and liked postal service despite being overly twee, but fuck DCFC and he made this song bad. when its actually awesome. fail

  • Ryan Spinner
    Ryan Spinner 4 years ago +1

    Alvvays is awesome! This makes me so happy.

  • Ian Read
    Ian Read 4 years ago +10

    He's managed to take all the emotion in the original, and leave it out.

  • SirThomasPicklesXXIX
    SirThomasPicklesXXIX 4 years ago +71

    Those first few lines probably hit him close to home. You can tell he connects to this song

    • Aditya mishra
      Aditya mishra Year ago +2

      SirThomasPicklesXXIX It's almost like something ben would have written...

  • smithtable15
    smithtable15 4 years ago +1

    my favorite song too. i like this guy

  • McDizzle !
    McDizzle ! 4 years ago

    This sucks

    HVYMETL 4 years ago +10

    I just had to order the new Alvvays CD after hearing them live on KEXP, then I find Ben Gibbard loves this song too! Cool.

  • Jennie Mallanao
    Jennie Mallanao 4 years ago +2

    This is great.. Ben gibbard is a talented musician. Not like the famous artists nowadays who only have good looks

    • umjim
      umjim 4 years ago

      Haha what? Yeah if your talking about famouse Pop artists.. then yeah, i suppose..

  • Herman Gummesson
    Herman Gummesson 4 years ago +33


  • pommep0mme
    pommep0mme 4 years ago

    LOVE this song ee yay

  • Caroline Foyle
    Caroline Foyle 4 years ago +41

    trying to figure out how to repeatedly loop this song everywhere I go for the rest of my life thx

    • howdyday
      howdyday Year ago

      Caroline Foyle put it on your player

  • Silja Haddal Mork
    Silja Haddal Mork 4 years ago


  • geovani santillan
    geovani santillan 4 years ago +2

    Solo moly tiene voz para cantar a la perfección esta canción

    • Carolina Monge
      Carolina Monge Year ago +1

      geovani santillan pues el lo hace perfecto tambien

  • Josh Bray
    Josh Bray 4 years ago +7

    YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES. It's alright I suppose. Whatever....

  • Rachel Weeks
    Rachel Weeks 4 years ago +10

    Did a cover of this on my sound cloud, it is rachweeks. You guys might like it:) bye

    • Martin R
      Martin R 8 months ago

      Great cover, i hope you're still alive for read this. I love your voice. Greetings

    • Elizabeth Conrad
      Elizabeth Conrad Year ago

      Rachel Weeks I really enjoyed your cover :)

    • spacesaki
      spacesaki 2 years ago


    • Mike O'Brien
      Mike O'Brien 3 years ago

      +Rachel Weeks Solid cover. Nice voice

    • Nobby Stumbles
      Nobby Stumbles 3 years ago +1

      +Rachel Weeks Good cover!

  • Kyle Wiley
    Kyle Wiley 4 years ago +90

    Wow, beautiful but felt like the opposite direction of Alvvays - whereas the lyrics themselves ride a line of heartache and longing, Alvvays' music gives it a playful lift. Gibbard rides out the melancholy of those lyrics. Heartbreakingly beautiful.

    • ShaOn Fate
      ShaOn Fate 11 months ago

      Kyle Wiley yeah... It's perfect for my situation. It sucks in a really beautiful and heart wrenching way.

    • Grobee
      Grobee 11 months ago +4

      I usually love bands who produce "happy sad" songs because, in my mind, that's just life: a happy sad thing

    • Mark Nguyen
      Mark Nguyen 2 years ago +5

      Yes, Alvvays has often been described as "happy sad". I do like his cover though and appreciate the fact that he appreciates Alvvays.

    • SM
      SM 3 years ago

      +Kyle Wiley Good ol' Ben! I'm sure Mark Kozolek would heartily agree with you and probably sing it the same way

  • Gabby James
    Gabby James 4 years ago +9

    Unexpected but nice pairing!