My Dogs Pick My Makeup


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  • Alicia Bugg
    Alicia Bugg 10 minutes ago

    Love it. What is the liner you used under the eye?

  • Leah Hogan
    Leah Hogan 11 minutes ago

    Can you a a video trying to do fx makeup? Like following glam and gore or madeyoulook

  • simplyhayley 11
    simplyhayley 11 30 minutes ago +1

    The thing is, i always watch Jenna’s videos in public so I’m laughing historically and embarrassing myself. But it’s worth it. Love you jenna

  • Rheya Pigors
    Rheya Pigors 47 minutes ago

    These videos literally make me feel like I'm gonna pass out laughing. Jenna & Julian, you are both amazing people.

  • Disenchqnted
    Disenchqnted Hour ago

    That mcr reference tho ;-;

  • stay positive
    stay positive Hour ago

    You're so gorgeous, if I had the chance I would take you out on a date hiking with a picnic at the top of the mountain with some glasses of wine. Stay beautiful.

  • Samantha Looney
    Samantha Looney Hour ago

    This is actually a LOOK! Loved this video

  • Dannon Taylor
    Dannon Taylor Hour ago

    6:48 marbles face 😂

  • Kristen Autrey
    Kristen Autrey Hour ago

    There’s puppy liner!! It’s a Korean trend I do believe check it out!! It’s pretty cute

  • Derricaaa
    Derricaaa 2 hours ago

    😍😍😍 pup-pupz!

  • Frank
    Frank 2 hours ago

    When i was a young chair
    My father, took me into the livin' room
    To seat all the butts

  • frog mcfrog pants
    frog mcfrog pants 3 hours ago


  • Amoura Deering
    Amoura Deering 4 hours ago

    James Charles is quaking 😂

  • Mya and the Fox
    Mya and the Fox 4 hours ago

    Inspired by this video we decided to let SUGAR GLIDERS pick our makeup! Never heard of them? Check out our channel for a cuteness overload! xx

  • Eunoia Rat
    Eunoia Rat 5 hours ago

    😂 kermet with those lashes looks likea depressed mime

  • Tiger _doodles
    Tiger _doodles 6 hours ago

    @ 10:02 Kermit's my mood everyday

  • Crazy Anna
    Crazy Anna 6 hours ago

    Your dogs Did an amazing job. They are even better at makeup than you xD

  • Phanie D.
    Phanie D. 6 hours ago

    I need to find me a man that hypes me up while I do my makeup like Julien beetch #goals

  • Sara Roberts
    Sara Roberts 7 hours ago

    Your dogs are so cute!

  • YourFriendIzzy
    YourFriendIzzy 8 hours ago

    11:25 I’m living

  • YourFriendIzzy
    YourFriendIzzy 8 hours ago


  • YourFriendIzzy
    YourFriendIzzy 8 hours ago

    9:54 Kermit looks so concerned for our well being

  • Isabelle Monroe
    Isabelle Monroe 8 hours ago

    "Do the beautiful person noise."
    Jenna: *does Shane Dawson tounge click*

  • emi06 banana
    emi06 banana 9 hours ago

    Peach is adorably peachy thicc
    Kermit is adorably crying
    And Marbles is adorably dead on the Inside

  • Jillian Cook
    Jillian Cook 9 hours ago

    10:00 he looks like he j ust peed his pants and about to cry at a fith grade dance

  • Jenna Sessum
    Jenna Sessum 9 hours ago

    My moms from Rochester and she saw you without makeup and said oh that’s like the everyday Wegmans look! 😂

  • PierceThe21ChemicalRomances!AtTheDisco

    Oo this bitch called me interesting

  • Audrey Sykes
    Audrey Sykes 10 hours ago

    *Puts eyeshadow on first * >:)

  • MxstlyMark
    MxstlyMark 10 hours ago

    I literally love that look so much on you wow!!

  • Oskar Paul Ruiz vlogs
    Oskar Paul Ruiz vlogs 11 hours ago

    Your so pretty!!

  • KorrynTH
    KorrynTH 12 hours ago

    Soooo I’m going to be kidnaping this makeup look. I’m sorry. It’s happening.

  • AlwaysMommy
    AlwaysMommy 13 hours ago

    Omg u caught me off gaurd with the 4th of july joke at the beginning i spit my coffee out all over my 🐕 LOVE IT

  • Amy Less
    Amy Less 14 hours ago

    Everyone is like OMG JULIEN IS SOOO SUPPORTIVE but dudes got...a free ride...why wouldn't he be...

  • Amy Less
    Amy Less 14 hours ago

    Why is she doing that clicking noise like that other annoying youtuber does? Is this an annoying youtuber thing

  • Dark2Light&Light2Dark
    Dark2Light&Light2Dark 14 hours ago

    I love the whole look daaaamn

  • Magic 8 Bird
    Magic 8 Bird 15 hours ago


  • • Allу •
    • Allу • 15 hours ago

    9:54 *looks like it's crying omg*

  • Serena Edwards
    Serena Edwards 15 hours ago

    Omg i dont get it either how does doing your eye make up first work for anyone?

  • Jazmin Ortiz
    Jazmin Ortiz 16 hours ago

    What type of dog is Kermit 😍😍plz replyyy!!

  • Manja van Boggelen
    Manja van Boggelen 16 hours ago

    6:48 "You waaaaant foundation?" I died 😂

  • ryu streetfighter
    ryu streetfighter 16 hours ago

    6:48 I love how marbles reacts to Julian asking him questions

    CALI CALI 17 hours ago

    Hahaha kermit 😂😂😂

  • Zoe Holland
    Zoe Holland 17 hours ago

    we used to let my cat which flavour cat food he wanted, we would lay them all down on the floor and which ever he went to first we would give him

  • Mia Stone
    Mia Stone 18 hours ago

    I love how supportive and encouraging Julian is. You guys are perfect.

  • Lei
    Lei 18 hours ago

    you should make a part 2 LOL.

  • Lynz pinz
    Lynz pinz 18 hours ago

    Julien:Kermit put your tongue back in your mouth
    Me: OMG why do I love this

  • Bekah Smith
    Bekah Smith 18 hours ago

    Shishtar Peach wants to talk to yo manager with them brows on... xD

  • innes mitchell
    innes mitchell 18 hours ago

    a "dog eye" is actually s real thing
    Its when you draw your liner to face slightly downwards instead of up, in a way that rounds out your eyes. It's for the puppy eyes effect, it makes you look innocent and have big eyes instead of a cat eye which makes you look sexier

  • Citrine42
    Citrine42 19 hours ago +1

    Collab with Jeffree Star!!!

  • Amy Belbin
    Amy Belbin 19 hours ago

    Marbles’s face at 6:49 😂😂😂

  • Jubilee Register
    Jubilee Register 20 hours ago

    Brows better then mine lol

  • Sugar._.Tamiiz Gacha,Art and more!

    Am I the only one who actually likes her full face?

  • Ithil Greenleaf
    Ithil Greenleaf 21 hour ago

    I hope a MUA youtuber recreates this look (not including the likes of James Charles) lol

  • Maëva Gosselin
    Maëva Gosselin 21 hour ago

    Cermet has taste

  • Emile trash
    Emile trash 21 hour ago +1


  • Amanda ReallyNow
    Amanda ReallyNow 21 hour ago

    I actually like this a lot. I think everything goes together really well!! Neat-O

  • Morgan Devalcourt
    Morgan Devalcourt 21 hour ago +1

    I can't do my eye makeup first either. It ruins everything

  • Anita L
    Anita L 22 hours ago

    This is the content I signed up for 👌🏻👌🏻 u nvr dissapoint

  • 🌹caitlin🌹
    🌹caitlin🌹 22 hours ago

    Anyone know what foundation she used

  • Music Play
    Music Play 22 hours ago

    3:40 kermit

  • Brittni Saunders
    Brittni Saunders 22 hours ago

    Makeup looks so cute girl

  • Citylightsartt
    Citylightsartt 23 hours ago

    *Now what we’re not going to do is make fart noises with our mouths*

  • #Rosegamer AUBREY WILLIAMS

    Kermit and peach are the next top beuty gurus

  • Brennan Probasco
    Brennan Probasco 23 hours ago

    You look like Gabby

  • Ally gamer
    Ally gamer Day ago


  • Jay Dee
    Jay Dee Day ago

    Are you stoned as fuck? I am digging this video

  • Shae
    Shae Day ago

    What breed Is kermit?

  • Jenny Huynh
    Jenny Huynh Day ago

    Hey Jenna! Please please please go on JKNEWS justkiddingnews. You’d be AN AMAZING fit - blunt sarcastic honest and funny. And I think would be a big bonus for your Asian American fans!!

  • Natalie
    Natalie Day ago

    this look is actually so cute
    manny mua is QUAKING

  • Sam Weaver
    Sam Weaver Day ago

    “Um, its aight.”

  • victoria lara
    victoria lara Day ago

    ,i found it sooooo funny when julien said "omg kermit u smell"😂😂idk why

  • Livie Corona
    Livie Corona Day ago +2

    Julian hyping up Jenna gave me life

  • Christel Smit
    Christel Smit Day ago

    I'd like to see your dogs react to the "what the fluff" challenge!

  • Lindsay Tr
    Lindsay Tr Day ago +1

    This was really funny. You are a kick-as* couple. So cute and fun. Loved the smallest dog too! Your dogs and your boyfriend love you. I'm jelly.

  • Loren Manning
    Loren Manning Day ago

    Play fear pong!🙏

  • audrey
    audrey Day ago

    idk if anyone commented this but there is an eyeliner look that's called puppy eye look and it's very popular in china/japan/korea. cat eye liner is when you pull up the tail of your liner and puppy eye is when you pull down the tail of your liner down lol it makes you look younger and makes your eyes look bigger and it looks more natural than a cat eye. lol.

  • Master Jennifer
    Master Jennifer Day ago +1

    JeNnA plEaSE gET tHAt WeT n WiLD ZoDIAc kIT!!! #ithasaVIRGOlipgloss

  • Timetravelinfool

    Omg that is too too cute!

  • jake gill
    jake gill Day ago

    its gothic hahaha your dogs make good choises my dogs dont

  • jake gill
    jake gill Day ago

    is your dog crying but the video was good

  • Abby Bee
    Abby Bee Day ago

    Can you please make marbles a retirement home

  • Paige Hartzog
    Paige Hartzog Day ago

    Kermit is me when I try to put on lashes

  • keeks m.
    keeks m. Day ago

    the day you change your intro will be the day i go vegetarian again

  • Aeri
    Aeri Day ago

    tbh there's a trend called puppy eyes and you do your wing downwards so i guess thats your dog look jenna


    The only content I need in life. the best FROM the best. Any channels want to support each other by subscribing, watching, liking & commenting??? xXx

  • Choco Jack
    Choco Jack Day ago +1

    When I was a young boy my father took me into the city to see a marching band he said”better stay on that side of the road mother f***er

  • Summer Fitzpatrick
    Summer Fitzpatrick Day ago +1


  • Brindille ‘
    Brindille ‘ Day ago

    “Okay what we we’re not gonna do is make fart noises with our mouths”

  • tablesticks
    tablesticks Day ago

    what a queen

  • Person Person
    Person Person Day ago +1

    Did you hear the zodiac signs changed? JENNA IS NO LONGER A VIRGO

  • Aaliyah Garcia
    Aaliyah Garcia Day ago


  • Rae The Panda
    Rae The Panda Day ago


  • O & O Styles
    O & O Styles Day ago

    Jenna!!!! Can you and Julien do a video recreating popular vines!

  • Living The Dolan Life

    When Jenna tells julien not to do something, I think of the teacher telling me not to talk to my best friend . 😂😂😂

  • Olivia Snow
    Olivia Snow Day ago

    I like paesh. Paesh is good. Paesh is a an cermet named paesh

  • Tasha
    Tasha Day ago

    I drew eyebrows on my dog... My grandma got mad😂

  • BreeBree135
    BreeBree135 Day ago

    "Gurl you're like a movie snakk-

    "You P O P P I N"

  • BreeBree135
    BreeBree135 Day ago

    "Gurl you're like a movie snakk-

    "You P O P P I N"

  • BreeBree135
    BreeBree135 Day ago

    "Freedom doesn't knock-"

    "Freedom RINGS" 🎊🇺🇸

  • Desiree Ochoa
    Desiree Ochoa Day ago

    Puppy Eyes are a thing in Japan!