My Dogs Pick My Makeup


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  • Lps Ginger Foxx
    Lps Ginger Foxx 2 hours ago


  • Elīna Brikmane
    Elīna Brikmane 11 hours ago +1

    1:20 BEST PARODY OF BLACK PARADE EVER!! WhEn I wAs A yOuNg ChAiR, mY fAthEr PuT mE iN tHe LivInG rOoM

  • Theresa McAloon
    Theresa McAloon 19 hours ago

    i had an emo flashback when she sang welcome to the black parade LMAO

  • Mae Love
    Mae Love 21 hour ago

    Make Julien pick your makeup from what you already have, like you did with the dogs ...but with Julien😁😘🤟🏼💜

  • Mae Love
    Mae Love 21 hour ago

    Your face when he rubbed the pill pocket on EVERY. SINGLE. BOX. 🤣 “what we’re not gonna do is make fart noises with our mouths.” I literally can’t breathe.

  • JustKeepSimming
    JustKeepSimming 23 hours ago

    Once again beautiful MCR

  • TheWorldOfRandomness


  • Alfred Freedom Jones

    ‘Freedom doesn’t knock, Freedom rings’
    Julien: *covers camera*

  • Alina Bhojani
    Alina Bhojani Day ago

    He did a better job then u do

  • ionfuccwu
    ionfuccwu Day ago

    I just really wanna do your makeup one day

  • Malec Fanatic
    Malec Fanatic Day ago

    Kermit during Marbles and Peach's turn: LET ME FUCKING TRY, MOM! I WANNA BE A BEAUTY GURU

  • Fiona McGee
    Fiona McGee Day ago

    "Do the beautiful person noise" *tongue pop*

  • Chelsey Malkin
    Chelsey Malkin Day ago +1

    can you please do 'dogs pick out my hair colour'

  • Miranda Worley
    Miranda Worley 2 days ago

    i literally found out i was pregnant when you recorded this video

  • MagicalOlivia101
    MagicalOlivia101 2 days ago

    Your dogs can choose my make up noww

  • Azariah Brown
    Azariah Brown 2 days ago

    the joke at 1:43 literally has me dying😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • anti-k avos
    anti-k avos 2 days ago

    0:13 YOURS!!

  • Candy Playz
    Candy Playz 2 days ago

    Wait... so we have *J* enna *J* ames and *J* efferey...

  • Candy Playz
    Candy Playz 2 days ago

    6:49 Say What?!

  • Lynn Claywood
    Lynn Claywood 3 days ago

    I'm new to watching her and holy shit her dogs.

  • naomi
    naomi 3 days ago

    *When I was.. A young chair, My father put me, in the living room*

  • Lucille -
    Lucille - 3 days ago

    get you dogs who pick a cool-toned eyemakeup and BLACK lips

  • TruthOrClaire
    TruthOrClaire 3 days ago

    I love how Julien hypes you up.

  • susan turner
    susan turner 3 days ago

    Is no one talking about how Juilen is always hyping Jenna which is GOALS

  • noodle panda
    noodle panda 3 days ago

    You smell like... Crying? -Julien

  • Leila Lang
    Leila Lang 4 days ago

    4:40 what are those brushes called I’ve been searching for them forever

  • Aliya Mae
    Aliya Mae 4 days ago

    I love Julian gassing you up when you put the black lipstick on 🥰 it looks so good!

  • hermione granger
    hermione granger 4 days ago +1

    Interviewer : Kermit what deodorant do you use
    Kermit : it's this amazing thing called crying

  • Corrupt Pastels
    Corrupt Pastels 4 days ago

    You smell like *crying*

  • Anna Hughes
    Anna Hughes 4 days ago

    This is so amazing🖤

  • olivia hmph
    olivia hmph 4 days ago

    _”okay, what we’re not gonna do is make fart noises with our mouths”_

  • Emylie Powers
    Emylie Powers 4 days ago

    Marble is literally so cute rksjcjejgk does anyone know what breed he is

  • Emily Barela
    Emily Barela 4 days ago

    i love the evolution of jenna's makeup products. like she had hardly anything and now she owns so much!!! we stan a versatile babe

  • Risa m
    Risa m 4 days ago

    this look fucking awesome!

  • Tazoo Reptiles
    Tazoo Reptiles 4 days ago +1

    -Who you fightin?-

  • I play everything 101

    2 months later:

    I died at 7:25

  • Sarah Brodbeck
    Sarah Brodbeck 5 days ago


  • XxbandsaremyheroesxX Fallen

    the new words for Welcome to the black parade. Oh MCR.

  • Kealey Taylor
    Kealey Taylor 5 days ago

    I’m curious as to how she would look with a microbladed eyebrow shape, like what would she go with? Would her life be changed?

  • ElephantGirl03 Toth
    ElephantGirl03 Toth 5 days ago

    I love how Julian always helps and talks through out her videos. I also loved that he came up with every way for the dogs to get to Jenna😂😂

  • Circa McWatt
    Circa McWatt 5 days ago

    How adorable is Kermit at 2:49 😍
    Oh hey Jenna, that's a sweet shirt too..

  • tuğçe m.
    tuğçe m. 6 days ago

    OMG cute look

  • kiara turner10
    kiara turner10 6 days ago

    Jennas bf: bblllppt
    Jenna what were not gonna dp is make fary noises
    ( i forgot his name

  • Abi Mitchell
    Abi Mitchell 7 days ago

    Your so beautiful with out makeup Xxxx and with but wow Xxx

  • Diana Mendoza
    Diana Mendoza 7 days ago

    Jenna honestly this is just a dumb video but guess what you fucking clicked on me well guess what you fucking made it 😂😂😂😂Love you Jenna

  • Grace Hilario
    Grace Hilario 7 days ago

    what brand is the black lip

  • Grace Hilario
    Grace Hilario 7 days ago

    aww i love this video and you and julian are amazing

  • Lily Of Asgard
    Lily Of Asgard 7 days ago

    1:21 Welcome to the Living Room by My Chemical Sofa

  • Jackie Longwell
    Jackie Longwell 8 days ago

    Kermit put your tongue back in your mouth

  • Jamie Vassar
    Jamie Vassar 8 days ago

    Damn Julien. So good

  • emma huysman
    emma huysman 8 days ago

    Man this look is fire 🔥 🔥 🔥

  • Alise Saukuma
    Alise Saukuma 8 days ago

    That look realy good.

  • Gabbi Durham
    Gabbi Durham 8 days ago

    More Cermet videos pls

  • jaina a
    jaina a 8 days ago

    get urself a man that compliments u the way julien does

  • Mincchy Muncchy
    Mincchy Muncchy 8 days ago

    Why did Jenna look like Zoella after she applied the black lipstick

  • Jessica Benning
    Jessica Benning 8 days ago

    Her dog's have good taste. ;)

    BEST FWENDZZ 8 days ago


  • shooglechic
    shooglechic 9 days ago

    Jenna's guns, though...full on assault rifles. Beautiful!!!

  • The Nobody On The Internet

    The second I saw this video I just sat there and thought has internet gone to far and more importantly is Jenna okay

  • Jane Doe
    Jane Doe 9 days ago

    Your house looks HUGE!

  • Claudia Coakley
    Claudia Coakley 9 days ago

    I like it

  • Sam Prowse
    Sam Prowse 9 days ago

    Love it

  • Maddie Sanchez
    Maddie Sanchez 9 days ago

    Hahaha cermet with eyebrows is so funny

  • Go Away
    Go Away 9 days ago


  • Patiii1120
    Patiii1120 9 days ago

    3:50 OMG I DIED

  • Carmel o
    Carmel o 10 days ago

    Chokers mean *_I love butt stuff_*

  • maconwriter
    maconwriter 10 days ago +1

    Jenna's dogs put James Charles out of business.

  • Karen The grilled cheese
    Karen The grilled cheese 10 days ago +19

    10:02 I didn’t know it was possible for him to look sadder than he already does

  • Missy Treadway
    Missy Treadway 10 days ago

    I think you look awesome!
    And I'm glad you feed your dogs healthy treats that are grain and corn free!

  • JesusIsKing Nell
    JesusIsKing Nell 11 days ago

    I have the same mirror

  • Ida Fruitboot
    Ida Fruitboot 11 days ago

    I swear Julian just secretly loves goth girls and is trying to make Jenna become one, remember the twin tail blue hair Jenna? Yes, Julian loved that too, I’m onto you

  • Living DeadGirl
    Living DeadGirl 11 days ago

    Kermit looked like Snoop Dogg high when you put the eyelashes on him.

  • Honey Soul
    Honey Soul 11 days ago

    There actually is a “puppy eyes” look, where there is a eyeshadow/liner focus on the bottom outer lash corner to make the eye look round and smiley

  • Katniss4everdeen
    Katniss4everdeen 11 days ago

    Kermit with the fake eyelashes looks like Kim K when she had the princess Jasmine makeover.

  • kuoinc
    kuoinc 11 days ago

    What’s up with Kermit for real? Does he have dog ptsd or something? I’m actually concerned

  • Karen Bee
    Karen Bee 11 days ago

    I love how it came out! They chose well!

  • Toria
    Toria 11 days ago +1

    You were born where I live! In Rochester new york

  • etherealsara
    etherealsara 11 days ago

    dude this look actually looks cool

  • AmethystGamesAlot
    AmethystGamesAlot 12 days ago

    Why is Kermit always cryingggggg😭😭

  • zea m
    zea m 13 days ago

    when you whipped and said leave those hate comments below I screamed

  • HeLLoSaNtA
    HeLLoSaNtA 13 days ago

    Getchoo a cute as goth gurl who gets her dogs to pick her make up out for her

  • H.E Tiplady
    H.E Tiplady 13 days ago

    Jenna that is not the beautiful person noise, that is the queens noise (it’s Shane )

  • Savannah Kobza
    Savannah Kobza 13 days ago

    2:49. that is all

  • Juliet Bruce
    Juliet Bruce 13 days ago

    I’ve only watched one of your videos but i think your my favorite youtuber now.

  • Elena Roberts
    Elena Roberts 14 days ago

    Peach picked the peach colored eyeliner and Kermit picked the grey eyeshadow lol I just thought that was funny

  • Rilakkuma Kawaii
    Rilakkuma Kawaii 14 days ago

    I love the ending product`

  • Meme God
    Meme God 14 days ago


  • Mica's Domain
    Mica's Domain 14 days ago

    You look tired in this videos

  • Heather F.
    Heather F. 14 days ago +1

    Jennas inner goth kid

  • octo vi
    octo vi 14 days ago

    タレ/droopy eyes are dog eye makeup

  • Sheridan's lifestyle
    Sheridan's lifestyle 14 days ago

    Not trying to be mean but Kermit looks like Sid from Ice Age

  • Laura Frechette
    Laura Frechette 15 days ago +12

    i mean, you're not a green screen but it's alright

  • Jasmine Weibel
    Jasmine Weibel 15 days ago

    I haven’t watched a video in so long and Kermit and Marble got so old 😭😭😭

  • LyricsAreRandom
    LyricsAreRandom 15 days ago

    I would love to know what brand that black lipstick is

  • Gina G
    Gina G 15 days ago

    Jenna reminds me of Phoebe Buffay

  • Fetița Tumblr
    Fetița Tumblr 15 days ago

    Get yourself a man that compliments you just how Julian compliments Jenna

  • hannahbanana 116
    hannahbanana 116 15 days ago

    The dogs made good choices

  • YaN8XiaojiE
    YaN8XiaojiE 15 days ago

    4:05 When you GIF in real life...

  • Musicgirl 654321
    Musicgirl 654321 15 days ago +1

    Aw cute

  • Jacey Hornbacher
    Jacey Hornbacher 15 days ago

    Julian: Make a beautiful person noise

    Jenna: *Shane Dawson click