Toronto Raptors vs Milwaukee Bucks - Full Game 1 Highlights | May 15, 2019 NBA Playoffs

  • Published on May 16, 2019
  • Toronto Raptors vs Milwaukee Bucks - Full Game 1 Highlights | May 15, 2019 NBA Playoffs
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  • Alejandro Gomez
    Alejandro Gomez 23 hours ago +1

    Wow! Why is no one talking about how great of a defensive mind does coach Nick Nurse have? He stopped The Greek Freak then he stopped The Warriors, damn?

  • Another bite to Dust

    and RAPTORS won finals 💪

  • TheFishCat Lord
    TheFishCat Lord 5 days ago +1

    Dang their score was quite close

  • mtrujillo1973
    mtrujillo1973 9 days ago

    The Bucks needed THIS Bledsoe in the series.
    Too much outside and not enough drive and kick
    Hopefully they learned and will be back next year

  • 1995 GetJiggyWitIt
    1995 GetJiggyWitIt 24 days ago


  • Ball Believer
    Ball Believer 28 days ago +1

    Kawhi really shows no emotion

  • Angngun23 Timag
    Angngun23 Timag 28 days ago

    I am a fan both of this team...😢😢😢

  • Joe Led
    Joe Led 28 days ago +1

    Raptors will take tonight's game

  • Daniel Scamine
    Daniel Scamine 29 days ago

    8:20 WTF

  • Rommel Pravia
    Rommel Pravia 29 days ago

    you are spiritually awakening:)

  • Rommel Pravia
    Rommel Pravia 29 days ago

    you are spiritually awakening:)

  • Rommel Pravia
    Rommel Pravia 29 days ago

    you are spiritually awakening!

  • Rommel Pravia
    Rommel Pravia 29 days ago

    you are spiritually awa

  • harold canuto
    harold canuto Month ago

    what makes kawhi leonard so good! check this out unbelievable shot.

  • AnotherBluntPlease
    AnotherBluntPlease Month ago


  • rizdraver
    rizdraver Month ago

    Their "supporting cast" all live in Memphis now; while Gasol can't guard Lopez, Mirotic or Giannis.

  • Angelo Sanguyo
    Angelo Sanguyo Month ago

    Song at 6:15 ?

  • AC Asparoth
    AC Asparoth Month ago

    that threes by lopez🙈

  • JDwJC11
    JDwJC11 Month ago

    Giannis with a massive travel at 0:22.

  • Mauricio Featherman

    Don't be surprised when Draymond accidentally pokes Giannis in the eye

  • Milk2Percent
    Milk2Percent Month ago

    Notice how Giannis had virtually no points VS Kawhi! Kawhi makes everyone scared!

  • Filipe Souza
    Filipe Souza Month ago

    For Downtown 😑

  • Bugersaler
    Bugersaler Month ago

    12 minutes a quarter? why not 10 like a civilized world?

  • harmeet singh
    harmeet singh Month ago

    Download call of duty from below link

  • Thomas Costa
    Thomas Costa Month ago

    0.24 start the travel

  • Sammy Mbaka
    Sammy Mbaka Month ago

    Instant classic. For sure!

  • Matthew Boyce
    Matthew Boyce Month ago +1

    8:22 . WHAT AN EPIC STEAL!!

  • andres m suarez
    andres m suarez Month ago

    bucks looks pretty solid. they looks a real contender for warriors

    • andres m suarez
      andres m suarez 6 hours ago

      im not fan of bucks but they looked solid until raptors series

    • Mary Woo
      Mary Woo 6 hours ago

      LOOL what a joke

  • LC .337
    LC .337 Month ago

    Raptors need to put Jeremy Lin in bro ... Fred Vanvleet trash asf

    • LC .337
      LC .337 24 days ago

      Iain Ferguson bro don’t make seem like he good kus the other series he was fcukin useless

    • Iain F
      Iain F 24 days ago

      LC .337 This aged poorly

  • shane stephenson
    shane stephenson Month ago

    Same old Raptors bottle jobs of the NBA.

  • D Me
    D Me Month ago

    Yawn....Let's see Golden State without KD, play Golden State WITH KD. The only possible matchup that matters.

  • Bob Marley
    Bob Marley Month ago

    MIL 4-0

  • Kaiser Prestin
    Kaiser Prestin Month ago

    This shit is only showing the most of raptors.

    • Mary Woo
      Mary Woo 6 hours ago

      LOL ya champs raptors

  • Adrian Trilles
    Adrian Trilles Month ago

    lopez go go go go go

  • Nathan Barker
    Nathan Barker Month ago

    Thank god im not a toronto fan

    • Mary Woo
      Mary Woo 6 hours ago

      LOL thank god i am :-)

  • Chewy Ltd
    Chewy Ltd Month ago

    Pretty close game but the Raptors shooting fell apart at the end of the game … nothing surprising though

  • G Biggaveli
    G Biggaveli Month ago

    Siakim look like mr popo & piccolo lovechild

  • rahala begum
    rahala begum Month ago

    Click here to NBA TV:

  • rahala begum
    rahala begum Month ago

    Click here to NBA TV:

  • KernelPanic
    KernelPanic Month ago

    what a lopez bro xd

  • mrpoppapill
    mrpoppapill Month ago +1

    damn! great game! nice seeing brook lopez, george hill ect, in the playoffs killing it . while lebrons lame ass sits

  • Hector Bueno
    Hector Bueno Month ago

    They will choke Golden State will get back KD and Milwaukee wont do shit put K D on Antekounmpo and he wont do anything. And overall Golden State has more experience. Milwaukee is a one hit one a fluke season.

  • Dave
    Dave Month ago

    Gasol need to made these shot and Danny green need to step up is game!!!

  • RapGameCastro
    RapGameCastro Month ago +1

    Giannis was M.I.A in this game and if the bucks need Lopez to score like that for an entire series they will lose. khawi Lowry and siakim showed up and they far more athletic and can shoot the 3 but to a lesser degree Bledsoe will be the X factor if he bully Lowry penetrating inside and kicking out to shooters or dishing to giannis like wade to bron toward the basket.

  • Lenny Muth
    Lenny Muth Month ago

    Refs were absolute trash at the end of the game there. Missed some big calls against the bucks.

  • Chance Olson
    Chance Olson Month ago

    I remember when OSN was talking about Toronto as Lebron's team, yet the Lakers didn't make the playoffs, The Raptors beat the 76ers, the Spurs, and the Nets; the team that beat the Los Angeles Lakers, and now Boston was 4-1 by the team that's playing the "Lebronto Raptors". OSN you got some explaining and apologizing to do.

    • Chance Olson
      Chance Olson Month ago

      Really Al Horford ruined Boston by taking things into his hands with Giannis, now Kawhi and Kyle Lowry are out there tryna make a championship season count before Kawhi leaves, I'mma say this Kawhi I appreciate everything you do for Toronto even though you don't plan on staying there after this year, I've been watching you since your very first season at the Spurs, and honestly that was bogus how they did Demar Derozan after last season, but really Kawhi keep up the great games the rest of the team do so as well. You guys are a great, very respected team by me, Toronto is dope as hell. I hope to see many more great things from Toronto.

    • Chance Olson
      Chance Olson Month ago

      I'm not mad at OSN for any means, but know what your talking about before you say sum. Now you on with the Raptors hoping to beat the Bucks that 4-1 Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward, all because of Al Horford wanting to really challenge Giannis in game one. Should've known smh.

  • AllWill KnowMii
    AllWill KnowMii Month ago +1

    Glad that Kyle Lowry finally made it to the playoffs after vanishing for a couple years

  • Demar Derozan
    Demar Derozan Month ago

    Why is Kawhi not playing the full 48 minutes????

  • Deangelo Ware
    Deangelo Ware Month ago

    I hope bucks lose I hate them bitches 😂😂💯


      Deangelo Ware people called deangelo and aren’t Italians are losers. Go get a real name

  • Phils amproperty
    Phils amproperty Month ago

    Where is Jeremy Lin?

    RJ CANARÉ Month ago

    that’s only brook lopez how about if pau is playing wow much more headache to raptors hahahaha nice brook excellent

  • muku muku
    muku muku Month ago

    for godsake dont play lowry with VanVleet. they hardly get rebounds. :(
    and vanvleet is trash. 13mins 1-4 FG. :(

    • Jess Cervantes
      Jess Cervantes Month ago +1

      Jlin with his good D than FVV should be playin. He had proven in playoff games before

  • Kroob
    Kroob Month ago

    Damn milwaukee doing the job. Both teams gave their best, I hope the series stays the same, competitive as hell and energetic. GL on both teams!

  • Marshone Lane
    Marshone Lane Month ago

    So nobody’s talking about that travel in the first 30 seconds or we got use to that?🤔


      Marshone Lane we got used to that, all the NBA players travel like 30 times a game since the 70’s. Go look Kawhi travel twice before hitting the shot in game 7 in Toronto. Curry carries and double dribbles half of the time since forever

  • Kw1cKi
    Kw1cKi Month ago

    antetokounmpo = travel every time

  • Kyle Deming
    Kyle Deming Month ago

    Every time illyasova shoots, i have to squint and get close to my tv to make sure it’s not a simulated 2k game and that really is his jump shot

  • TTV_Trickshot playz
    TTV_Trickshot playz Month ago +1

    i’m from boston but i want the bucks to win. #bruins

  • Off To Road
    Off To Road Month ago +1

    Pildi na

  • 김다인
    김다인 Month ago

    count how many steps 0:23

  • Jacob Quincy
    Jacob Quincy Month ago +1

    Pau Gasol retirement tour

  • Андрей Иневаткин

    Кавая рблизывают судьи

  • Tom Choi
    Tom Choi Month ago

    If the raptors want to have any chance of going to finals, Kawhi has to come out and say his going to stay with the Raptors. This is the only way to have rest of his teammates rally around him. At the moment it looks to me that Kawhi is only playing for himself for his free agency, for a big time payday. Let the team know his got there back and only then the rest of his team will do the same!

  • Matthew Bradley
    Matthew Bradley Month ago

    Nick nurse a good coach

  • DON DaDa
    DON DaDa Month ago +1

    K L one game closer to team up with LBJ ,🎯🎙️👍🏼👍🔥🔥🎤🎱

    • DON DaDa
      DON DaDa 24 days ago +1

      I have a great B word for u 😎 just respect KL baby brother 🎭🎨

    • Water Bottle273
      Water Bottle273 24 days ago

      DON DaDa How bout now lol he ain’t going anywhere Lebron fanboy

  • upt 44boy
    upt 44boy Month ago

    When you put the game on easy everything was goin in lol good shit Uptown Milwaukee

    RAINY SENPAI Month ago

    4th qrt: All i'm hearing is Lopez name. Guy's one beast!

  • zXy nO
    zXy nO Month ago

    All centers can shoot 3s now... cool

  • colton everett
    colton everett Month ago

    they showed the same clip twice at 7:05

  • Tomas Karpenko
    Tomas Karpenko Month ago

    Awesome Milwaukee winn 😍🦌💚

  • O J
    O J Month ago

    0:23, im all for for giannis 2019 mvp and all, but thats gotta be a travel

  • tony 2times
    tony 2times Month ago

    Soft raptors still better team

  • Mook Tv
    Mook Tv Month ago

    Kawhi looked a little fatigued

  • chris martinez
    chris martinez Month ago

    I want the bucks to win the series

  • Fly solo 28
    Fly solo 28 Month ago

    I wish TNT did all the game . But the only thing I don't like about TNT is they still have marv on there pay roll he is a very evil man.

  • ChildOfThe1970s
    ChildOfThe1970s Month ago

    Would love to see Milwaukee win the NBA title but we all know who's going to win it yet again. The rest is just formalities.

  • star
    star Month ago +1

    Lowry would be so much better if he lost like 10-15 lbs

  • A:M
    A:M Month ago +1

    I was dead when Lopez hit 2 3’s and Leonard’s face was on camera

  • Godzillatank
    Godzillatank Month ago

    9:23 Raptors look gassed, nobody ran back on D

  • Og Jon
    Og Jon Month ago

    Eric Bledsoe looked straight at the camera😂😂

  • 女神ANG
    女神ANG Month ago

    Brook Lopez out here bullying Kyle Lowry 9:25
    Lopez smoking 3s 9:33
    Lowry... Lowry.. Lowry..
    Bro, u had 3 guys on u, no way u was gonna make that 10:19

  • basket ball
    basket ball Month ago

    i think the raptors will get swept but if they lose game 2 its for sure over 100%

    • basket ball
      basket ball 23 days ago

      @Iain F the Raptors changed during the series. the raptors adapted really well. credit to the raptors bench and coach, this made the difference. the bucks got out coached along with the bench. but I'm glad I'm wrong.

    • Iain F
      Iain F 24 days ago

      basket ball This aged poorly

  • basket ball
    basket ball Month ago

    why didn't powell play more? this is the second time i think he played well. he plays decent defense and he shot 2 of 4 from the 3 pt line. idk

  • Jess Marroquin
    Jess Marroquin Month ago +1

    Kawhi knows the only way for him to get to the finals is with pop or head east, well he made the wrong decision.

    • Tim Tom
      Tim Tom 4 days ago

      Jess Marroquin pop cant get to the finals without Kawhi. Kawhi first season in east gets to the finals and wins 😂😂😂😂


      Jess Marroquin you sound confused, he is in the east 😂😂😂😂

  • Frankie Essintial
    Frankie Essintial Month ago

    What a game!!!

  • Jess Marroquin
    Jess Marroquin Month ago +1

    Ima spurs fan, but for this series I'm bucks fan, let's go

    • Tim Tom
      Tim Tom 4 days ago

      Jess Marroquin weak 😂😂😂

  • Kinggamesallday
    Kinggamesallday Month ago

    0:25 boy wtf how many steps was that

  • Jon Hohensee
    Jon Hohensee Month ago

    I think the Bucks are going to be good this year.

  • gumby'tha'mane Chamraq

    million of viewers easily.

  • JY Lin
    JY Lin Month ago

    Bench #14 from raptor, he cant do nothing

  • King Kemet 25
    King Kemet 25 Month ago

    7 more wins to go

    • LPT 98
      LPT 98 24 days ago

      @King Kemet 25 lmao im just playing man in all honesty you guys gave us a hell of a series, well played!

    • King Kemet 25
      King Kemet 25 24 days ago

      LPT 98 Trollin huh lol

    • LPT 98
      LPT 98 24 days ago


  • Donray Clower
    Donray Clower Month ago

    Danny Green ain't worth shit.

  • Donray Clower
    Donray Clower Month ago

    Raptors better win game 2.

  • Synai Mccrae
    Synai Mccrae Month ago

    Brooke was not playing

  • drab 1313
    drab 1313 Month ago

    fear the deer

  • mtrujillo1973
    mtrujillo1973 Month ago

    The problem when you play this team is you have to defend every position as shooters, and if you try to build a “Giannis wall” the shooters will make you pay.
    Gasol has to defend the 3 point line for Toronto to have a chance. Why would they have him collapse and help on Giannis to leave Lopez wide open?


      mtrujillo1973 Because otherwise Giannis is gonna get to the basket know what that means...😂😂😂

  • bennyblanco4rmthaBX

    Calling it it now, Raps don't drop another game.
    Raptors in 5.

  • Justin Peterson
    Justin Peterson Month ago

    Lopez was on fire.

  • Alex Jackson
    Alex Jackson Month ago

    @5:58 That patience thouuuu!!

  • Daran Rice
    Daran Rice Month ago

    Kawhi Raptors in 7