Calamity: Poisoned Cow Meat killed vultures in Enugu State

  • Published on Jul 22, 2019
  • Calamity:
    It was a scene of surprises when people in one of the communities in Enugu State of Nigeria went to Eke market day to buy cow meat as usual but by the special Grace of God the community people who were to patronize the meat sellers discovered that the cow meat already deposited at the market prior to eke market day by northern meat suppliers and thereafter by omission or commission some vultures like 40 in number preyed on the meat and all died on the spot. It was then that the community people suspected that the vultures might have died as a result of the meat being allegedly poisoned by the suppliers perhaps the target might have been the people. It was also alleged one more time that the cow meats were poisoned by the supposedly northern cow suppliers. Many people are also speculating that meats taken to south east are being compromised to elicit mass killings upon the people of south east.
    The incident is being looked into to exactly ascertain what happened. People of South East have been advised to take great deal of precaution over buying cow meat pending final determination of this mayhem. Meanwhile there is a campaign that igbos of southern extraction should avoid cow meat and switch over to local goats and chickens as a way to preventing serious problem that may arise from alleged sinister plan.
    Note: This information is yet to be investigated as nobody knows whether it was poison on the meat or not that killed the vultures.

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