Gordon Waits 40 Minutes for Food - Kitchen Nightmares

  • Published on Oct 1, 2012
    Gordon is interested to see what Oscar's menu has to offer, but finds himself waiting over 30 minutes for the main course. He should consider himself lucky though, the girls behind him have been waiting over two hours for their meals.
    You're a restaurant owner in crisis, the wolves are at the door, but the customers aren't. You've got temperamental chefs in the kitchen, lazy waiting staff and the diners you do have aren't satisfied. Desperate for restaurant resuscitation? Call in the restaurant trade's equivalent of the Emergency Services - the inimitable, indomitable Gordon Ramsay.

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  • ichigo kurosaki45
    ichigo kurosaki45 5 hours ago

    People saying they would leave in 20-30 mins don't understand that these hotels are usually empty ,the crowd is there cos of ramsay n they sit there only because of him :)

  • awkwardmagyar
    awkwardmagyar Day ago

    Whats wrong with that beer? I mean come on, that does not look right. Fill it up! In every Bar or Pub you get better than this

  • steffenbieber
    steffenbieber Day ago

    40 minutes isnt much tho?

  • Lexie Luff
    Lexie Luff 9 days ago

    1:36 I’m cleaning the toilet while watching ahaha

  • Gamer Nerd
    Gamer Nerd 10 days ago

    If i wait 40 min, i better get me some fast food XD

  • Maurice Jones
    Maurice Jones 12 days ago

    Ohhhhhhh the bastard lol 😂

  • Rose the cat
    Rose the cat 13 days ago

    Poor Gordon

  • Amarpreet Kaur
    Amarpreet Kaur 14 days ago

    The chicken is always rubbery or Dry.... 😑

  • Tompson
    Tompson 16 days ago

    I waited for two hours for food and in the end was awful I think u have to do something about it

  • * •Tiffany• *
    * •Tiffany• * 16 days ago

    Um why tf is this recommended to me now?

  • MrMississippiMan
    MrMississippiMan 17 days ago

    Forget giving them a bottle of wine, who demands a free bottle of wine? People in England want free food and drinks in a lot of episodes, is that a thing over there?

  • Zack Saunders
    Zack Saunders 18 days ago

    Roses are red
    Incompetent chefs are rude
    Sit down and watch
    Gordon wait 40 minutes for food.

  • Drew Rycerz
    Drew Rycerz 18 days ago

    2 chefs covering 38 seats with 50 items. Come on lol

  • ckchuck lol
    ckchuck lol 19 days ago

    Lol where I come from you wait 40 minutes for chips...

    KENT ROBINSON 20 days ago

    Don't want to wait 40 minutes...go to *MCDONALD'S or BURGER KING* or cook at home and *wait 2 hours*

    KENT ROBINSON 20 days ago +1

    I waited 40 minutes for a pizza...they said it would be about 40 minutes...but they kept my *PEPSI* glass full...that kept me happy

  • dead silence
    dead silence 24 days ago

    Plan is make them pay Never make the food Customers leave 100% profit

  • DJdevil319
    DJdevil319 26 days ago


  • joe
    joe 26 days ago

    I really don't get it. Pasta Carbonara is soooooo easy to make. How can you screw that up?

  • Islam Rana
    Islam Rana 27 days ago

    I like his suit.

  • Odette Widdicombe
    Odette Widdicombe 27 days ago

    Does any one know how to cook no go home every one do not wait .or came back

  • Definitely not the Question

    I cant wait to find out what the menu has to offer.
    Waits 40 minutes for it.

  • phoenix ashes
    phoenix ashes Month ago

    It feels weird to question a world renowned chef but how is it bland if it taste of vinegar and garlic? Those are 2 pretty strong flavors. Not saying it was good i just fail to see how vinegar+ garlic= bland.

  • Pei K
    Pei K Month ago

    Whom stays that long for bad service? I would've left after 20 minutes.

  • Quinton Dent
    Quinton Dent Month ago

    I will not be waiting this long for my food. They would be bringing it to you less than 40 minutes so they can make it easier for you.

  • TenorCantusFirmus
    TenorCantusFirmus Month ago +1

    What was that alleged carbonara exactly was?!?

    I'm Italian and I cannot even look at it for more than a fraction of a second, at best it looks like a very bad, cheaply made frozen, pre-portioned imitation of a carbonara, the kind you can find in a discount supermarket.

    • SwissMarksman
      SwissMarksman Month ago

      It looks fucked because he put Vinegar in it. The (amounth) of acidity he put in the sauce probably made it curdle.

  • Mike Green
    Mike Green Month ago

    He must have been At Hell’s Kitchen

  • Tom G
    Tom G Month ago

    I waited an hour for a burger at a cafe but that is just ridiculous

  • Amanda Berg
    Amanda Berg Month ago

    Excuse me, is his name LENIN?

  • Doctor Bag PhD
    Doctor Bag PhD Month ago +1

    >No egg in a carbonara
    So it's actually a shitty acidic alfredo?

  • Michelle Munoz
    Michelle Munoz Month ago

    I waiting an hour for my food once

  • Jan Medeus
    Jan Medeus Month ago

    I wait 30 minutes to 1 hour for a pizza and they deliver that to my door...

  • Shanty Town
    Shanty Town Month ago +1

    Even nino knows not to piss around that long, it’d be too obvious

  • John Brown
    John Brown Month ago

    People always ask me why I would carry a bucket of chicken with me if I was going out to a restaurant to eat...

    Isn't it obvious?

  • H.U.S.H
    H.U.S.H Month ago

    I once waited an hour and a half just for a lasagna and the restaurant wasn't even packed at all 🙄

  • Lost Aquarian
    Lost Aquarian Month ago

    Ok... so what's the acceptable wait time before asking for my complimentary bottle of wine?

  • JT Gore
    JT Gore Month ago

    Lmao that’s how long people are waiting at the restaurant I work at. Good way to sell alcohol though

  • Deadpool231
    Deadpool231 Month ago

    Chef dumbshit

  • MIchael Wiggler
    MIchael Wiggler Month ago

    I like to wait food for longer time. Takes time to digest everything... you don’t have to rush everything. But only if restaurant has good food and nice ambience + i am with good people.

  • joehoe222
    joehoe222 Month ago

    Nino would have sped up the kitchen for sure!

  • Edward Tu
    Edward Tu Month ago

    Post more kitchen nightmares uk!!!

  • ZamorakBrews
    ZamorakBrews Month ago

    I'll wait max 30 minutes after ordering my food, if i dont get it, im gone

  • free no copyright music

    They wait 5000 years and no food

  • Nguyen Trung Duc
    Nguyen Trung Duc 2 months ago

    But customers from Hell Kitchen waited for 1 and a half hours

  • RJ
    RJ 2 months ago

    If it's taking that long for the food to come out then it's painfully obvious the cooks couldn't care less.

  • Bri-Guy 875
    Bri-Guy 875 2 months ago

    Waiting an hour and a half, for lousy food, wow.

  • εσsтяε
    εσsтяε 2 months ago

    I remember when my family wait 2 hours for pizza at Pizza Hut and while we were waiting our server was giving this kids presents right behind us? While we just sat there like lemons

  • Simple Animation
    Simple Animation 2 months ago

    I once had to wait 2 hours for my food and when asked them where my food was at they said they haven't started the food yet

  • Melody Koe
    Melody Koe 2 months ago

    Doesn't hell kitchen serve food for over 2 hours?

  • LppttL 0
    LppttL 0 2 months ago +1

    Preorder bonus vinegar

  • O k
    O k 2 months ago

    Once my family waited for food for about 2-3 hours

  • D
    D 2 months ago

    an hour and a half?bless these ppls hearts for being this patient i wouldve left already

  • Libby Morgan
    Libby Morgan 2 months ago

    My food takes long like this lol

  • giselle joseph
    giselle joseph 2 months ago

    The chef cannot cook so long

  • Ella Yoongi
    Ella Yoongi 2 months ago

    I pronounce Carbonara how Jimin pronounces it, Carbonada.

  • 22martinez1
    22martinez1 2 months ago

    Vinegar on a carbonara? Why that's not traditional carbonara is so simple to make and it takes a fucking achievement to screw up carbonara.

  • Kenneth Shepard
    Kenneth Shepard 2 months ago

    40 min is a bit long but not crazy long for two guys feeding 40 ppl

  • debenhamproductions2
    debenhamproductions2 2 months ago

    1:32 if a customer had the cheek to ask for a free bottle of wine, I’d tell em to piss off, cheeky bastards

  • The Stammering Dunce
    The Stammering Dunce 2 months ago

    A few seconds, you can tell this is a clip from Kitchen Nightmares UK as there is a lack of dramatic music.

  • Just Me
    Just Me 2 months ago

    Over here it is normal to wait over an hour and wait over like 15 minutes for someone to come help you