How to Make Handmade Candy With Panda Design | Où se trouve: CandyLabs

  • Published on Mar 26, 2016
  • Handmade Candy being Made with a Panda Design
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    With spectacular reception of our previous how to make traditional hard #candy video, we decided to return to Candy Labs for Round 2. An ever more disappearing art, these specialty candies are made by hand. Our video documents a roughly 3 hour process of one of their popular original designs, and is edited into a 20 minute in-depth episode about a day in the life of a candy maker and the techniques involved in making artisan candy. Follow Lin and Mei as they make an even more complex design: a #Panda. Using old fashion techniques, they transform a giant mass of sugar into tiny sweets - it’s tempting to say you may even need a microscope to see the little face, or at least really good glasses. These candies are made on-site at their store, hidden in a corner of downtown Montreal - see address below.
    To view the previous video (the candy that “looks like bacon”):
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    On location: 2305 Rue Guy, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Watch the process in person if you're in Montreal.
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    Very cool, how about star wars ()))))))!😁😁😁

  • Thai Bao
    Thai Bao Day ago

    How panda candy

  • Sit Down!
    Sit Down! Day ago

    Thank you for sharing this amazing precise (geometric?) artform. I only eats candy made with Sukrin or 100% monk fruit or stevia and no grain flours. I am also not vegan but only grassfed meats and dairy for me now. But this is absolutely marvelous to watch! You are VERY SKILLED. R E S P E C T !

  • se7ealém fantasmas

    Muita prática

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    The girl: *waiting to have the sponge
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    Rhessmar Baylon 3 days ago

    Yo what happens to the extra ones do you eat it???

  • Màn sáo Hạnh Dung


  • muhammad yousuf
    muhammad yousuf 3 days ago +1

    Sir you donot tell us about suger glucose temperature. And how much i take suger and how much glucose for this panda candy. Sir May be 290 degree is enough. You told me about it. I wanted to become a student of you. Thanks sir.

  • Chirlane Lima
    Chirlane Lima 3 days ago

    Onde faço pra comprar esses doces pra vender

  • Jhenn iz Me
    Jhenn iz Me 3 days ago

    it's so satisfying

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  • Ferra Nouri
    Ferra Nouri 5 days ago

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    I love pandas!

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  • Happy Smiles
    Happy Smiles 7 days ago +6

    This was amazing to see this done by hand normally it’s done with machine brilliant

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  • Micaely Santos
    Micaely Santos 10 days ago

    men wtf

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    Amazing art...

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    I feel sleepy to watch this relaxing video

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    I’m speechless.

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    My cat weights 6kg :/

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    I saw them making candies at the Mall

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    Yukkkk that’s literally 100 percent sugar 🤮toxic poison

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    Cute panda

  • Tish Kruger
    Tish Kruger 14 days ago +2

    Thank you so much for sharing the how to. I've watched so many videos on rock candy and they never show the step by step how to. Both of you must also have strong hands and fingers to continually be able to stretch, pull and work the cooler candy. Hugs

  • GiMTo Gaming
    GiMTo Gaming 14 days ago

    The melted candy looks like a corn starch..

  • Southern Belle
    Southern Belle 16 days ago

    He's getting a good workout with the sugar stretching. He's huffing and puffing, as he picks up the mound of sugar to stretch, while trying to explain what he's doing LoL😊 Thanks for the video! It was very interesting to watch💙🙏💜

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    Kevler Gagan 17 days ago

    Wow so satisfying

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    so lazy mixing white food couloring instead of streaching it to make it white

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    TheUniversalBean 17 days ago

    You dont need to use white dye, if you pull undyed candy on the hook enough it will become white

  • Almaree Flowers
    Almaree Flowers 17 days ago +2

    Awesome. Absolutely amazing

  • Your Problems Aren't Mine!

    Who knew that making candy could be seen as art?.. This process really intrigues me so much so that if I could get to do this for a job I'd never work a day in my life because it's that fun for me!.

  • Andrew Olson
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    Who is going to make this at home?

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    you guys are very patient, you handle it with such care, i am super impressed.

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    Each time they added a new layer I was like, "Nah, that ain't gonna fit.." but it fit. I'm impressed.

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    A real challenge would be Tokoyami from My Hero Academia

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    when it gets rolled out, what do you do with the large chunk at the end that you initially cut off?

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    It isn't allergy free...

    iM AllErGic tO BenChES

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    How do you get into candy making professionally? I make candy at home but I would love to do it as a job 😊

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