How to Make Handmade Candy With Panda Design | Où se trouve: CandyLabs

  • Published on Mar 26, 2016
  • Handmade Candy being Made with a Panda Design
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    With spectacular reception of our previous how to make traditional hard #candy video, we decided to return to Candy Labs for Round 2. An ever more disappearing art, these specialty candies are made by hand. Our video documents a roughly 3 hour process of one of their popular original designs, and is edited into a 20 minute in-depth episode about a day in the life of a candy maker and the techniques involved in making artisan candy. Follow Lin and Mei as they make an even more complex design: a #Panda. Using old fashion techniques, they transform a giant mass of sugar into tiny sweets - it’s tempting to say you may even need a microscope to see the little face, or at least really good glasses. These candies are made on-site at their store, hidden in a corner of downtown Montreal - see address below.
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    La Confiserie CandyLabs can be found on ~
    Facebook: La-Confiserie-CandyLabs-811999302156697/
    On location: 2305 Rue Guy, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Watch the process in person if you're in Montreal.
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  • Cynthia Paes
    Cynthia Paes 12 minutes ago

    Adorei ver como se faz os doces. Gostaria de comer também.

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    Luis Caballero 2 hours ago

    I8O dEgReEs fernaheight

  • fm57ru
    fm57ru 9 hours ago

    Спасибо за видео! Я даже представить не мог, как это делается. Теперь знаю!

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  • Kaitou K
    Kaitou K 3 days ago

    Am i the only one getting hungry now?

  • little Zzati
    little Zzati 3 days ago

    4:45 just like slime

  • freddy
    freddy 5 days ago

    Asian people are so adorable

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  • Ryan Liston
    Ryan Liston 5 days ago

    Them: this is how you do it
    Me: POKE IT!

  • Tim F
    Tim F 5 days ago

    thats an incredible art that you make it look so easy. thanks for showing

  • Hong Tran
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  • Sara Sara
    Sara Sara 5 days ago

    Brother zebra is too black and white color

  • marselo xd
    marselo xd 6 days ago

    Esa madre debe estar bien caliente :v

  • Gamer Girl Mackenzie

    It look like slime

  • Kristian
    Kristian 6 days ago

    I expected it to be messy and putting small pits everywhere, but it is very satisfying to look at.
    I actually am pleasantly surprised.

  • Jake Buddhdev
    Jake Buddhdev 6 days ago +1

    18:06 your welcome

  • brendan largey
    brendan largey 6 days ago

    Over 23 million views in 4 years my god there is some sad fucks among you.

  • why am i here
    why am i here 7 days ago

    lovely eyeshadow

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  • Jessi RaRaRa
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    What heartless person disliked this video???

  • Harold Hicks
    Harold Hicks 8 days ago

    them : this is how you make it small
    me : no way
    me now : jaw still open

  • DoomFinger511
    DoomFinger511 9 days ago

    pretty cool, feel like there are a lot of machines they could of used to make this easier and quicker.

  • Lucimery Rodrigues
    Lucimery Rodrigues 9 days ago

    Parece mentira e super fácil mais n é,o melhor e deixar o rabinho Dinho e se transforma em um mínimo doce perfeito

  • Nutella Kawaii
    Nutella Kawaii 9 days ago

    Hi, i am Brasileira

  • Juan Carlos Galindo Rodríguez

    Vamos por favor no es bueno cocinar con guantes no es higiénico.

  • Ahmad Abdullah Faiz
    Ahmad Abdullah Faiz 10 days ago

    Watching how it's made, it made doubtful for eating it again

  • Johny
    Johny 10 days ago

    I want to eat that while its soft

  • k1w1g0dd3ss
    k1w1g0dd3ss 10 days ago

    That's incredible artistry! I couldn't see a panda while you were making it, then I couldn't see the small candy that was to be produced. Now I understand how it all takes shape and the amount of work involved. Nice job, so talented!

    FUN DIE 10 days ago +1

    Joji(pink guy) is that you?

  • Deb Holzer
    Deb Holzer 10 days ago


  • MeowJade {mj}
    MeowJade {mj} 11 days ago +1

    Alternate title :

    How to make slime (NO GLUE)

  • Crouton Bear
    Crouton Bear 11 days ago +1

    I want the Pandy Candy :) Sweet!

  • Giang Phạm
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  • Orion Nebula
    Orion Nebula 12 days ago

    How to make handmade candy with the tools and ingredients you probably don’t have 🙃😂

  • Deklan's Gamer
    Deklan's Gamer 13 days ago +1

    Like si lo quieres hacer pero no puedes

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    I wonder if you can eat lollys when they aren’t finished being processed

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  • Vidise
    Vidise 20 days ago

    The way in which this candy is made ... lol It always looks like a sushi roll to me. This Particular candy, in it's completed form, Looks like bamboo stocks with panda faces in it. I wonder is that was done on purpose?

  • majkab 124
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