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finding out i can never run again

  • Published on Sep 28, 2017
  • music by;
    filmed this video in 4k on this --
    with this lens --
    big drone -
    OTHER GEAR ---
    Sony CAMERA
    BIG Canon CAMERA;
    OLD DRONE (cheaper but still great);
    follow me; on

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  • BrianStyleDeath
    BrianStyleDeath Year ago +21709

    But my desire to hear the end of this story is so strong.

  • stingrey's stuff
    stingrey's stuff 5 hours ago

    That crack at the start, made me feel weak

  • Living in the Pacific
    Living in the Pacific 10 hours ago

    Stop running... save your knees and back. Play racquetball... hard!

  • Warrior Dad Vince

    Stem cells bro. Easy fix.

  • Kiera Nix
    Kiera Nix Day ago


  • Spammo
    Spammo 2 days ago

    that’s what my knee sounds like

  • Blake Parsons
    Blake Parsons 2 days ago

    2029 anyone

  • SelenaCatGacha! Also roblox.

    Casey you are

  • GachaRoblox_ YT
    GachaRoblox_ YT 2 days ago

    Ohhhh so thats why you always use a skate board

  • Appreciate The Likes

    0:10 nice, this channel is now supporting disturbing asmr

  • MNRS E.B.
    MNRS E.B. 5 days ago

    just before 10 mil viewssssss

  • Chrisy so Wavy
    Chrisy so Wavy 7 days ago

    what is the song called by hurley?

  • Quinten
    Quinten 9 days ago

    I think even if both your hips, your knees and your ankles would be made of titanium you would keep running.

  • Mariah Lough
    Mariah Lough 10 days ago

    He is wiggled off 😨

  • Renee P
    Renee P 11 days ago

    I wish I could run! But I cannot even exercise! I have Hyperhidrosis with migraines!!! Since I was at least 8 or 10 years old. Meaning, I cannot exert myself without becoming physically ILL!!!! I can only swim. Nothing else, or I sweat like a pig and get a migraine from hell!! Just doing my JOB, causes this!! I have no relief. Can anyone help me???

  • Magnus G
    Magnus G 12 days ago


    • Max Bowyer
      Max Bowyer 12 days ago

      Hey I also make running videos!You might enjoy them too😀

  • Poo You
    Poo You 16 days ago

    I have the same shoes as u!

    • Poo You
      Poo You 10 days ago

      Also here’s the model number: 880848401

    • Poo You
      Poo You 10 days ago

      Zapatillas Nike Zoom Fly

    • Zaib Unnisa
      Zaib Unnisa 11 days ago +1

      shoes name plis

  • Mr. berd I THINK
    Mr. berd I THINK 19 days ago

    Uhhhhhohhhohh ewwwwwwwww STOP PLEASE YOUR LEGS

    • Max Bowyer
      Max Bowyer 12 days ago

      Mr. berd I THINK Hey I also make running videos!You might enjoy them too😀

  • Miro Belko
    Miro Belko 19 days ago


  • Jeff Whitmore
    Jeff Whitmore 20 days ago


  • Natalia Rios de la cruz

    Hope you feel better but I feel bad for you because I love to run but I don't know what to do if I can't run for the rest of my life

  • Daniel Lerma
    Daniel Lerma 21 day ago

    But you take super expensive plane rides so it doesn’t matter

  • ili foo
    ili foo 22 days ago

    Oh no I that the thumbnail was Einstein or whatever his name is

  • B series
    B series 23 days ago

    Looks like he can't out run his problems

  • Chase Moore
    Chase Moore 23 days ago

    Legends say he still runs today

  • Casandra Chan
    Casandra Chan 25 days ago

    my legs also crack like that

  • Kean Nino
    Kean Nino 25 days ago

    I'm Philippines and it's beautiful

  • Kean Nino
    Kean Nino 25 days ago

    Wow that Alot of race's did you race

  • ODFit
    ODFit 26 days ago

    I know you've been running for a long time but from what I'm seeing in this video maybe you could try running on the balls on your feet rather than letting your heel strike the ground first.. It's less impact and you'll see you'll probably get better time/be able to run further this way. All the best man.

  • T-series Fan
    T-series Fan 27 days ago

    Plot twist; the legs were a paid actor

    THEDARKWHITE69 27 days ago


  • Jakub Mosiński
    Jakub Mosiński 28 days ago

    Hey Casey, it is not my intention to criticize your running but I saw your technique at 6:06 and you start from the heel which is bad for your knees and slows you down. Please, chceck out propper running technique, a lot of amateur runners forget that there is something like running thechnique and they destroy their knees. You are definately a running enthusiast and have the abilities to raise awareness among people. It could be a great topic for your next video :)

  • Sam Lawrence
    Sam Lawrence Month ago

    Mad runner here, broke my back jumping out of a chopper... no more running, closely followed by depression & PTSD exploded.

  • BrianOnTheGo
    BrianOnTheGo Month ago

    Good Luck

  • NathanNguyenVlogs
    NathanNguyenVlogs Month ago

    Whutta bout sprint??

  • HawkeTubePlayz
    HawkeTubePlayz Month ago

    I did not like the cracks ohh

  • gerbang mawar
    gerbang mawar Month ago

    at 1:30 when you look at the left top corner i thought that was a guy staring at you casey. but it was just a picture on something.

  • _- Sight -_[Ghoul,ØNE EYED OWL]

    Oh thats why you use ur Penny board or skateboard whatever u say it xD WHAI WHAI WHAI WHAIT!!! WHY WAS THAT GIRL WORE A USA BIKINI????

  • Fwick
    Fwick Month ago

    That's tough but remember something you taught us

    Do what you can't.

  • Ima Smartiekiddie
    Ima Smartiekiddie Month ago

    The noise he makes on his leg is so satisfying but it’s also sad he has to go through this

  • Ivan Perić
    Ivan Perić Month ago

    Backpack kid all grown up

  • Farris Amine
    Farris Amine Month ago

    I’m sorry man

  • Abby Hilde
    Abby Hilde Month ago

    0:00 get ready for some asmr

  • good heavens
    good heavens Month ago +1

    Just sprint. By the way he still runs

    LESION R6SIEGE Month ago


    Your welcome

  • ultra killer
    ultra killer Month ago


  • The One
    The One Month ago

    The only place i run to is the bathroom and, that's because i just ate some taco bell

  • Danny Sabouni
    Danny Sabouni Month ago

    Feel so bad for you

  • AmjeesPlaysGames
    AmjeesPlaysGames Month ago +3

    0:03 I Heard That

  • Rockian Tuzuru
    Rockian Tuzuru Month ago

    0:41 that guy with the suitcase haircut

  • Hadi Hades
    Hadi Hades Month ago

    My mouth literally dropped when I heard that sound😱😬

  • SoDonee
    SoDonee Month ago

    what is ur best mile time ever I hope u are fully better now in 2019

  • TheMrMan_YT
    TheMrMan_YT Month ago

    Who else gets a weird feeling when they hear the crack but they still keep listening to it

  • Mightybox
    Mightybox Month ago

    then why you tell us

  • Brad Tremblay
    Brad Tremblay Month ago

    You scare me

  • Nouman Malik
    Nouman Malik Month ago

    Does anyone know how Casey manages to run with all that gear.

  • aiden hoyle
    aiden hoyle Month ago +2

    This guy runs 60-80 miles in a WEEK! I couldnt run 60-80 miles in 3-3.5 MONTHS!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Stale Bread
    Stale Bread Month ago +1

    Legends say that he keeps on running

  • Charlie King
    Charlie King Month ago

    How the heck did he get an MRI with all of that met all in his leg? I have 6 screws and one 5 inch plate in my arm and I'm terrified to get an MRI

  • Axel Kennedy
    Axel Kennedy Month ago

    "Finding out I can never run again" Why u still running fool

  • Dank Potato
    Dank Potato Month ago

    You can run but you can't hi....
    Wait.. you can't run ???

  • Drake Lobato
    Drake Lobato Month ago

    THAT IS NOT OK!!!!

  • Everything Unique
    Everything Unique Month ago

    maybe if you didnt run on Hard surfaces your whole life and on a daily basis.... the city will destroy you, no matter the shoe, your knees will wear an tear, i worked on a shop with concerate floor and i could feel the stiff no coushion steps all day, you need something to absorb the hit when you foot impacts the ground, or else you will get all the force in your knee's, you need to walk bare foot in the grass like it was always intended

  • KandM Travles
    KandM Travles Month ago

    2:53 2:54...well yeah 50 reps completely ridiculous

  • ECS. TuRtLe
    ECS. TuRtLe Month ago

    Forest Gump 2.0

  • Jake Skatez
    Jake Skatez Month ago

    Song at 3:41?

  • SportsGamer
    SportsGamer Month ago

    Poor Casey this is a big deal

  • SportsGamer
    SportsGamer Month ago

    0:04 A. S. M. R

  • Sean Asirot
    Sean Asirot Month ago

    Oh my

  • elias.klms
    elias.klms Month ago

    The editing was fucking amazing!!

  • GrandFelix Gamer
    GrandFelix Gamer Month ago

    why dont you just walk fast?

    goverment wants to *_know your location_*

  • FaZe Cruzin
    FaZe Cruzin Month ago

    Hey I got a twisted leg and run like hairy goat (I'm the fastest in my school)

  • Ella Smith
    Ella Smith Month ago +1

    But my desire is to make sure Casey will be able to run again

  • DORKY/ potatoe.s
    DORKY/ potatoe.s Month ago

    °0°* .......:'c.

  • Brian Fuchs
    Brian Fuchs Month ago +1

    Then Casey's Savage self went on a run the next week

  • Ducky The Sock
    Ducky The Sock Month ago

    Gosh that leg sounded like when jerryrigeverything snapped the new iPad pro in snap

  • Bugster does stuff
    Bugster does stuff Month ago

    My knee does the same thing

    WILL_08GAMES Month ago

    well mate keep doing what you think is best in life

  • YouTube Police
    YouTube Police Month ago

    Do you know why i pulled you over ? For how fast you ware running! You got a speed ticket that will coat you 2 push ups.

  • Marcus Osila
    Marcus Osila Month ago

    My knees do the same

  • John Mulcahy
    John Mulcahy Month ago

    Running on concrete is not good for the joints. The human body simply isn’t made for it

  • Renanbo
    Renanbo Month ago

    I’ve fallen and I can’t get up ,grandma Bertha 2018

  • Scandalous 1998
    Scandalous 1998 Month ago

    That cracking noise though

  • Bino Dino maxilimilanMus royal guard

    Pounding the pathment is bad for your knees but running bear feet on grass is good

  • Mystery Name
    Mystery Name Month ago


  • Miško Korenko
    Miško Korenko Month ago

    Anyone noticed the supreme backpack that Casey had 7:25

  • C - 3po productions

    Don't tell it then

  • ParadoxMetric
    ParadoxMetric Month ago

    its going to be easy to kidnap Casey now.

  • TuxedomanDK
    TuxedomanDK Month ago

    Just go run backwards then lmao

  • Chewy Ice
    Chewy Ice Month ago +1

    Boosted board lol

  • Every live Matters
    Every live Matters Month ago

    Casey you're strong this is life YOU CAN GET TROUGH IT


    This isn’t a happy movie this isn’t a fun movie this isn’t a positive movie this isn’t a movie it’s a video

  • Shadowz
    Shadowz Month ago

    f in the chat

  • alfmeisters studios

    why did I get a running advert before i watched this?

  • Soumya Kant Mohanty

    that dude needs a mental asylum. Who the fuck loves running so much

  • G-zilla fan 2007-2032

    Haha cripple but still sad

  • Goofy Boi
    Goofy Boi Month ago


  • Nico Paz
    Nico Paz Month ago

    This was posted on my birthday did i cause this

  • Super BottleBros
    Super BottleBros Month ago

    1:34 for clarity here's the translation:"జ్ఞాkj duh due due kzzzzkrak drs ØÔ˚˙¨¥∆©˙˜˚∂ jd so ill take a sucker Seattle with rkonjopongo il Lisa. its the 4 of us running so basically piled our selves xjz I had really over nuuu excite in language. I just put weight on my leg work sometimes ill file a preschool dam* it I m going to be in a lot of pain for the rest of the జ్ఞా day˙¨¥ƒtr¥††®´†¥*

  • Snowier Drop
    Snowier Drop Month ago

    I’m so sorry dude I feel so bad least you can fly drones and ride skateboards and were your cool ass sun glasses that I wish I had have a good one