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finding out i can never run again

  • Published on Sep 28, 2017
  • music by;
    filmed this video in 4k on this --
    with this lens --
    big drone -
    OTHER GEAR ---
    Sony CAMERA
    BIG Canon CAMERA;
    OLD DRONE (cheaper but still great);
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  • BrianStyleDeath
    BrianStyleDeath Year ago +22473

    But my desire to hear the end of this story is so strong.

  • Hilton Wyatt
    Hilton Wyatt 10 hours ago

    You avoid drinking when there’s a jackdaniels to your right 317

  • Adcrap
    Adcrap 15 hours ago

    if he broke that leg with the metal bone anywhere it would not hurt as much

  • Logan Johnson
    Logan Johnson 2 days ago

    4:31 name of the song?

  • Homer Simpsonian
    Homer Simpsonian 3 days ago +1

    You cant run again my butt. Doctors or nurses predictions can be very wrong.

  • Marta Rose
    Marta Rose 3 days ago +1

    I don’t even know what the radiologist says and I don’t care: never believe when someone tells you you can’t run. It’s just not true.

  • Sara Secara
    Sara Secara 4 days ago +2

    My knee does the same sound since i was like 4 and now i am 11.

  • TTV It’saxeon
    TTV It’saxeon 4 days ago +1

    Still one of the best editors and suuuuuuper good at angles and shots

    JOSHTALLGUY 5 days ago

    Try changing your cut out all added sugar no wheat and no vegetable oils do your homework all these foods are inflammatorys and stop cartilage from healing. Just eat meats, fruits, nuts, vegetables and nothing els you’ll see the difference after a few months, nothing processed needmore info message me

  • Cole Siebert
    Cole Siebert 5 days ago

    Why don’t you run in your 4%’s

  • Josh Burns Tech
    Josh Burns Tech 5 days ago

    His story telling ability is amazing

  • Joseph Rimmer
    Joseph Rimmer 6 days ago

    never run. humans are meant to walk!!! running tears the knees up!! dont do it. swimming is far better and easier on joints

  • Kyle Gardner
    Kyle Gardner 10 days ago

    I ran a mile !
    - I ran 12 miles twice a today


  • Melted Wogs
    Melted Wogs 11 days ago

    I would not want to be kicked by Casey

  • Scott Kishere
    Scott Kishere 12 days ago +5

    Casey, I am 36 and I was literally diagnosed with arthritis in my knee yesterday.
    I am devastated and the doctor was very unsympathetic stating that Running was a terrible idea for me. I work for the Police and I do up to 15 miles a day foot patrol and have been doing this for the best part of a decade.
    I would say that my knees have probably suffered as a result but the doctor is adamant that running is a cause too. I tell you about this as you got me moving my casual runs into marathon status training, resulting in me running both London and NYC last year with my wife.
    I am signed up to run Chicago in October and I do not want to give up. I am watching this video back with a much different mindset now. Running is my life now, if I have had a crazy day at work I run it off. I am literally beside myself thinking I may no longer be able to do this.
    This video is great ... so pleased that you’ve been able to continue running.

  • Haydn clifton
    Haydn clifton 12 days ago

    Eewwwwwwww at 00.8

  • Chef O
    Chef O 13 days ago

    its a video not a movie 😁

  • Mr mc E
    Mr mc E 13 days ago

    Niggas leg sounds like rice krispies

  • Kevin Xie
    Kevin Xie 15 days ago

    wait aren’t you supposed to run on the balls of your feet so there is less impact on your knees?

  • In CogNito
    In CogNito 16 days ago

    I was a gym rat my entire life until i sustained a brain injury. Any form of exercise inflames that region of my brain, and causes incredible suffering for days, sometimes weeks.
    I envy anyone who gets benefits from exercise.
    I've had to retrain my brain and develop new coping mechanisms. Noticing thoughts, and allowing them to pass has allowed me to reach a certain level of content i used to find through exercise

  • Sorry.Im.Savage
    Sorry.Im.Savage 16 days ago

    Just walk it off

  • Finnian O'Connor
    Finnian O'Connor 19 days ago

    I have to know what song that was please tell me

  • bob.Evans.
    bob.Evans. 21 day ago

    When do you even run your always on one of those eletric long boards anyways

  • wolf power
    wolf power 22 days ago

    3:42 what is the name of this song

    • AM TM
      AM TM 20 days ago

      Black skinhead - Kanye west

  • Bowser Hex
    Bowser Hex 22 days ago

    Feel better we care about you🤕

  • NandaIs MyName
    NandaIs MyName 23 days ago

    I fucked up my knees playing soccer. @ 13, I torn the meniscus in my right knee & lived in a knee brace for years. In Feb 2012 had arthroscopic surgery on my left knee to remove a small meniscus tear. November 2012 I had the right knee done. 10 days postoperative, the right knee got septic. Now the meniscus is completely gone & I have to have a knee replacement. I'm 37. I walk a mile & squat & someone has to pull me up because it gives out. Best of luck to you Casey. Never quit.

  • Sapijiju
    Sapijiju 23 days ago

    buy a concept 2

  • tuptushaha
    tuptushaha 24 days ago +1

    Hi Casey
    Have you ever checked your running gait?
    6:07 minute - you are landing on your heel not mid/foot

  • shmeef
    shmeef 24 days ago

    So a shit video I learnt nothing and got no where what was the point

  • araz tavakoli
    araz tavakoli 26 days ago

    3:47 👙

  • Paul Streck
    Paul Streck 26 days ago

    He went into the MRE with an "Iron Leg"!? Isn't that basicaly suicide? xD

    • GoodShitRightMiroki
      GoodShitRightMiroki 26 days ago

      Whatever metal used to hold his leg together probably isn't magnetic so it wouldn't cause problems with MRI

  • Isaac Brooks
    Isaac Brooks 26 days ago

    Sounded like u steped on some pasta

  • I kick life's ass
    I kick life's ass 26 days ago +2

    I have crippling depression

    • I kick life's ass
      I kick life's ass 22 days ago

      +M. vdB. what the fuck does that mean

    • M. vdB.
      M. vdB. 22 days ago +1

      Username + avatar + comment don't really check out

    TERRA FOX 27 days ago +10

    I have the same problem and im still fairly young.
    My left knee cracks every time i staraighten it and it damn hurts.
    Im probably suffering from IT band syndrome,which gets worse with age.
    Im still trying to cure it.
    My right knee is fine btw

  • depressed ;
    depressed ; 27 days ago +1


  • Wih alive
    Wih alive 29 days ago


  • Happyzzz
    Happyzzz Month ago

    new crack was satisfying

  • Pam L
    Pam L Month ago +51

    Doctor - You won’t be able to run ever again.
    Casey - Hold my water bottle.

  • steven theodor akdogan

    00:02 mmm ASMR FOR SICK PEOPLE

  • panfry
    panfry Month ago


  • das_nils 05
    das_nils 05 Month ago +1

    3:40 best scene

  • King Bacon Bits
    King Bacon Bits Month ago

    Haha just realised Kanye West lol

  • Antonietta Carangelo


  • zarrar ahmed malik2007

    Did you try putting it in rice???

  • Toby and James Goldsmith

    I don’t want to hear that

  • Afraid of us
    Afraid of us Month ago +1

    My knees is making the same noise without been injured, so should I stop working out? By the way I did an
    Xray and it's was ok, any thoughts?

    • itz_Noob_PvP x
      itz_Noob_PvP x Month ago

      Well when everything is good you can workout I guess

  • thathalloweenlover
    thathalloweenlover Month ago

    Casey Nut sac

    Its a joke

  • Ssm Simon
    Ssm Simon Month ago

    Look at 1:31 the back round

  • Lemon Juice
    Lemon Juice Month ago

    This makes my leg hurt

  • James Simpson
    James Simpson Month ago

    did you try putting it in some rice???

  • Nelvin John John
    Nelvin John John Month ago

    We love Casey love from India🇮🇳

  • Jesper Andreasson
    Jesper Andreasson Month ago

    this guy has been through alot. hope nothing but the best fro the future

  • Oliver Productions
    Oliver Productions Month ago +3

    But my desire to know what that some from Hurley mower is called

  • Tomahawk_44 123
    Tomahawk_44 123 Month ago

    Man... I wish I was addicted to running

  • Brady Gillaspie
    Brady Gillaspie Month ago

    What was the song at the middle of it

  • Jimmy 5
    Jimmy 5 Month ago

    It's funny how the floor is making the same sound as his knee !

    POE LWE Month ago

    When you forget leg day

  • Mischief
    Mischief Month ago +1

    Casey: There’s something that scares me *rings doorbell*

  • Jaden Cooper
    Jaden Cooper Month ago

    congrats on 10m views bro

  • Shawn Fried
    Shawn Fried Month ago

    Hey good jo on your dram

  • Oh Yeah Yeah
    Oh Yeah Yeah Month ago +7

    He doesnt flex on us with money but literally the fact that he runs, that is some shit that people should actually be proud of.

  • Manson Arnold
    Manson Arnold Month ago

    Just walk it off

  • Mr Sture
    Mr Sture Month ago +3

    No one:
    11 year olds: How does he break his leg if it’s only iron?

  • Mr Sture
    Mr Sture Month ago +16

    He broke his leg in 27 places 😨🤕 that leg is going places.

  • Haitham Yassen
    Haitham Yassen Month ago

    I know most people won’t read this and that’s fine, but I just had to say it to someone.
    Honestly, I related to this the most when he said, “running keeps me sane”. I know exactly how he feels. I’m 19, and full time student. Back in high school I started working out, I had gained a lot a weight and wanted to changed. The summer after junior year I motivated myself to stop being depressed, and gave myself a purpose in life.
    It worked, I lost 25 lbs and looked the best I’ve every been so far. Part of my workout was running, I would warm up before weights by running a 5k.
    I never had a problem with anything hurting, but as I got into college I began getting depressed again. As a result of loosing motivation to working out, I noticed my knees begin to hurt.
    I was never the one to complain about pain so I went with it. I got a job that was very labor intensive, and I was on my feet 8 hours a day, sometimes for multiple days in a row.
    After 3 days of 8 hour shifts, I could barely walk. I could not move, and my left knee could not bend back past 90 degrees or sitting position. I went to the doctor, and had to take a steroid medication and wear a brace for 3 weeks straight.
    It was a short term fix, because my knees still hurt. I haven’t gone to the doctor because I don’t want him to say I can’t workout anymore. It literally is the only thing that keeps me sane. Everyday I look forward to going to the gym, it’s the one place I have that I don’t have worry about anything.
    My knees pop how when I crouch down, but not as loud as Casey in the video. I might get it checked out later but I don’t know.

  • Expired orange juice


  • Madhava Kinnicutt
    Madhava Kinnicutt Month ago

    Walk it off

  • nechemiah soussan
    nechemiah soussan Month ago +1

    I feel bad but still keep up the good work I love your videos I was a fan for 5years

  • Plow
    Plow Month ago

    Go to a Chiropractor.

  • βlue DiamΘnd
    βlue DiamΘnd Month ago +1

    I have the same cracking in my knees and i just ignore it

  • Absence Of God
    Absence Of God Month ago


  • Mxed Feelz
    Mxed Feelz Month ago

    Sounds like a juul crackle

  • Toopkarcher
    Toopkarcher Month ago

    And I thought my crepitus was bad..

  • Jason D
    Jason D Month ago +11

    Holy shit! the edit was just..GODLY!

  • Golden Gaming Modz
    Golden Gaming Modz Month ago +17

    Casey:sad cause he can’t run anymore(yeah ik he can)
    My fat ass: Cries in gym class

  • oh yeah yeah
    oh yeah yeah Month ago +94

    2:23 Did Michael Jackson just enter the room or what?

  • hayden bodo
    hayden bodo Month ago

    That sucks RIP IN THE CHAT 😕☹

  • begone
    begone Month ago

    What if a blood thirsty killer is chasing you?
    Run or hope for the best?

    • RJ
      RJ 25 days ago

      hope for the best... DUH

      JK SRY BOUT YUR LEG MR. cassy

  • sethetheryt
    sethetheryt Month ago

    He put a lower case i in his title

  • wyguythevictor suttythevictor

    At like 5:45 he says what he says there but it sound like he's insane when he says the one thing that makes him sane

  • Twitch ECOF
    Twitch ECOF Month ago

    3:21 you annoy the living shit out of my by not putting in 27 snaps instead you put in 25

  • Balkanci Ludi
    Balkanci Ludi Month ago +1

    3:41 Music?

  • thenubanite101
    thenubanite101 Month ago

    omg that knee crack

  • TheGerto
    TheGerto Month ago +2

    Damn imagine what Pewdiepie feels every day

  • AarnavoGaming
    AarnavoGaming Month ago


  • Edmund Dworakowski
    Edmund Dworakowski Month ago

    Suck it up buttercup, as The Godfather said ACT LIKE A MAN !

  • Um K
    Um K Month ago

    That one thing you can’t live without is KPOP!

  • spekman games
    spekman games Month ago

    0:00 im not sleeping tbh. That sound

  • ColinGames
    ColinGames Month ago

    title "finding out i can never run again", casey: *keeps running*

  • White Pie xD
    White Pie xD Month ago

    Same im 12 years i don't even know what happened but everytime i run for just few seconds my leg hurts

  • fahim shakil
    fahim shakil 2 months ago

    Running Junkie

  • Sharpshotz Gaming
    Sharpshotz Gaming 2 months ago


  • 乇乂ㄒ尺卂ㄒ卄丨匚匚

    *plug walk*

  • jack kitchen
    jack kitchen 2 months ago

    545 this is turning into a bill Nye video

  • Life Encounters
    Life Encounters 2 months ago


  • Max Appleyard
    Max Appleyard 2 months ago

    2020 anyone?

  • Azzi
    Azzi 2 months ago

    0:08 omg stop AAAAAAAAAAAAA

  • Lengendary Gaming
    Lengendary Gaming 2 months ago

    Wow that sound at 0:05 wow that made my leg feel broken dang

  • User name
    User name 2 months ago +1

    I wonder if PewDiePie is watching this.

  • some guy
    some guy 2 months ago +400

    :( I also gave up running and I'm 13 years old.
    I where at my friends. I climbed up onto a wall and slipped. I broke both my legs ,and lost a part of my bone had to replace it with metal.
    So it hurts soooooo much if I run, squad, stand to long and if I walk.
    Who ever read this have a good day.

    • Mr mc E
      Mr mc E 13 days ago

      Fucking pussy

    • some guy
      some guy 15 days ago

      +xXxStripy_224xXx no

    • xXxStripy_224xXx
      xXxStripy_224xXx 15 days ago

      Do you use a wheelchair?

    • JackieboyTV
      JackieboyTV 25 days ago +1

      +I kick life's ass Yeah I was nervous too but remember Casey's saying "do what you can't!"

    • I kick life's ass
      I kick life's ass 25 days ago

      +JackieboyTV hhhhhhhh I was a little embarrassed to tell him that