finding out i can never run again

  • Published on Sep 28, 2017
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    filmed this video in 4k on this --
    with this lens --
    big drone -
    OTHER GEAR ---
    Sony CAMERA
    BIG Canon CAMERA;
    OLD DRONE (cheaper but still great);
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  • BrianStyleDeath
    BrianStyleDeath Year ago +21211

    But my desire to hear the end of this story is so strong.

  • Unpopular Man gaming

    That noise of ur knees creeps me out

  • Enderslug
    Enderslug 2 days ago

    Wow I got a Nike ad about running at the start what a coincidence

    GL FILMZ 3 days ago

    Poopity scoop

  • Crystal Vicente
    Crystal Vicente 4 days ago

    he is having a midlife crisis

  • I Like Crane games
    I Like Crane games 5 days ago

    at the start there was a ad of a man running and it said jog, run, sprint.

  • Phillip Portnoi
    Phillip Portnoi 6 days ago

    You left it on such a cliff hanger

  • Txquick Gaming
    Txquick Gaming 8 days ago

    Well, at least you can still go down the stairs fast.

  • Deniz Hasan
    Deniz Hasan 9 days ago +1

    -Risk is something I typically do not avoid.
    -Jumps from a rock

    • VÆN
      VÆN 4 days ago

      whats wrong

  • Jason Marshall
    Jason Marshall 10 days ago

    Dude your awesome your first class videos had me sadified and you stay strong and keep running

  • Param Pardasani
    Param Pardasani 13 days ago


  • Geronimo Cornplanter
    Geronimo Cornplanter 15 days ago

    just fuckin walk bro

  • Scotland Ball
    Scotland Ball 15 days ago

    Early mankind using the first method of medicine (38 million BC) (colorized)

  • Tud Elite
    Tud Elite 17 days ago +2

    We all *beg* for your *leg* to get fixed

  • Domestic YT
    Domestic YT 18 days ago +2

    My knee clicks when it bends and I’m only 10

  • King Mario
    King Mario 19 days ago

    Casey I had a mri When I was7

  • Real Slim Shady
    Real Slim Shady 21 day ago

    that crack at the beginning was so bad

  • Guardians of the Gaming

    Do you run or jog?

  • Sarah Marie
    Sarah Marie 22 days ago

    Oh man 0:09 killed me

  • Hi I’m Lika. Like a boss

    Um. He just had a camera in a MRI room if you don’t know what that is it’s a giant 🧲

  • Andrew Santora
    Andrew Santora 22 days ago

    7:13 I love how Casey is talking when the guy be hind him just carrying a fucking bed lol

  • Qiu Lin
    Qiu Lin 24 days ago

    Dam son

  • Emanuel noah vice me
    Emanuel noah vice me 25 days ago

    I'm sorry you can't run

  • Stephen Bellow
    Stephen Bellow 26 days ago

    Everyone go check out vlog creations parody of this

  • ThePie113
    ThePie113 26 days ago

    Song at 3:46?

  • Aidan 84
    Aidan 84 27 days ago

    Man you poor thing you need to get this muscles in your leg how you going to do that

  • Alex Gao
    Alex Gao 27 days ago

    I cycle

  • Alex Gao
    Alex Gao 27 days ago


  • Sarada Uchiha
    Sarada Uchiha 27 days ago

    I can't even walk up a hill, lest run >:(

  • Joanne Sader
    Joanne Sader 28 days ago

    I’m 13 and my knee pops kinda the same whenever I bend down. After watching this and reading some of the comments, idk if I should be worried or not. Someone that has some knowledge on this, please reply 😅

  • G. Elliott Nielsen
    G. Elliott Nielsen 29 days ago

    The day I broke my leg . . . I broke my mind and have I have never been the same. It broke my heart. . . I have to find something . . . Something. . . Running was my only Source. . . There is NO substitute.

  • Syahmidinho is my name

    I dislocated my knee early this year. The doctor said I would never do sports. EVER AGAIN. Fuck doctors. I'm cycling , riding scooters. Playing soccer. I have no business stopping for whatever reason. Anyways, Mr Casey. I just gotta to say to you to don't give a fuck , run like the world is about to end. Make the doctors feel stupid for once.

  • Danneh ,
    Danneh , Month ago +1

    3:32 a fucking savage.

  • Noah Austin
    Noah Austin Month ago

    If you go to all his vids one of the vids said my first vid 3 years ago and a lot of his vids are all 4 year ago can I please have at least 500 likes because I have never got more than 1 like

  • Louis Kiamtia-Green

    whats with the sun glass all the time

  • Been 06
    Been 06 Month ago

    Did he do the second part? I’m new to this channel

  • Daddy Danny
    Daddy Danny Month ago


  • Samuel Jenks
    Samuel Jenks Month ago

    0:09 opening a coke

  • David Billett
    David Billett Month ago

    Duhhhh, instead of carefully rehabilitating and protecting a damaged limb after a catastrophic accident one exerts massive stress and strain on said limb for an extended period of time. Damn I aint heard of someone doing something shit-all stupid as that since Clark Griswald launched the family truckster fifty yards in the air and destroyed it!!

  • Carson Clow
    Carson Clow Month ago

    3:16-4:40 MOTIVATION

  • NHL Live
    NHL Live Month ago

    Anybody know the starting song

  • Євген Леонідович

    have same sound in my knees, lol.

  • Danyel Henrique
    Danyel Henrique Month ago +1

    This dude is freaking out. And it is amazing.

  • SurfVato4211
    SurfVato4211 Month ago

    White people will try so hard to stay fit until they become unhealthy from over doing it

  • A B
    A B Month ago +1

    That's what happens if you don' t treat your body with care.
    The harder you run your body without rest the earlier you pay the price.

  • MidnightPikachu
    MidnightPikachu Month ago


  • Skender Koldjeraj
    Skender Koldjeraj Month ago

    6:28 sared the shit out of me

    DARKCHOAS X70 Month ago

    Finding out I can never poop again

  • Anthony
    Anthony Month ago

    Dam.. doesn’t that hurt?!? I’ve never heard a knee that bad before

  • Bert Tram
    Bert Tram Month ago +1

    Yo dude....
    Your feet fall differently when you run.... as opposed to walking or standing.... Don't wear your running shoes casually. Running shoes are worn in running, and casual shoes are broken in casually.
    Anyways.. looks like you're still running.. and your vids rock!
    Good luck to you!

  • Kevin Deacon
    Kevin Deacon Month ago

    Dude you are an amazing inspiration. Seriously thank you for everything you do.

  • alie
    alie Month ago

    @2:21 Casey sounds so scared 😔

  • chrishawkins75
    chrishawkins75 Month ago

    You need to go see Paul Chek ! He will fix you !

  • Azkon_ 27
    Azkon_ 27 Month ago

    Running man

  • Texas Blackwell
    Texas Blackwell Month ago

    Noni Juice rebuilds bone and cartilage. PROVEN.

  • Jason Geyer
    Jason Geyer Month ago +1

    I’ve watched this video over 100 times. It is so goood

  • Ron Green
    Ron Green Month ago

    Poor mechanics = uneven wear and tear leading to eventual breakdown!

  • YeahNo101 ?
    YeahNo101 ? Month ago

    Sean Penn after getting beat up 🤕 on a three day meth binge.

  • Pixalater 3000
    Pixalater 3000 Month ago

    casey never say cant

  • Matthew Jenkinson
    Matthew Jenkinson Month ago

    The moral of this story: If you get an injury, don't keep running on it. Get that fucker checked out. Get a professional to give you a plan to get back up to speed again, and follow through.

  • Mystic Magic
    Mystic Magic Month ago

    don't worry my aunt she is a cripple they said she couldn't run forever just like you but now she can run 2 miles with our blinking

  • Hannah Gray
    Hannah Gray Month ago

    He doesn't want to stop running but I avoid running as much as possible 😂

  • Mk Ultra
    Mk Ultra Month ago

    Casey just don't get surgery. Strength train it.

  • Anton Chigurh
    Anton Chigurh Month ago

    Odd you’re still running.

  • Matthew Marley
    Matthew Marley 2 months ago

    Very inspiring👍👍♥️♥️😊😊

  • Goldenfoxy Machado
    Goldenfoxy Machado 2 months ago

    excuse for not having to run again

  • Thanas Ndrevataj
    Thanas Ndrevataj 2 months ago

    fuck you clickbaiting prick

  • Bodya 2.0
    Bodya 2.0 2 months ago

    I've got my knee broken.
    And I knew I'll be able to run.

  • Hugh Whitfield
    Hugh Whitfield 2 months ago

    That’s why he has the skateboards...

  • robert vogler
    robert vogler 2 months ago

    This is how I feel knowing I can no longer run or jump or any sorta sports again 😫

  • MaiPearson
    MaiPearson 2 months ago

    That cracking noise made me feel sick

  • Oliver Crutchley
    Oliver Crutchley 2 months ago

    Can u still jump?

  • Beans
    Beans 2 months ago

    Ross creations? 😂

  • Nathaniel Balkaran
    Nathaniel Balkaran 2 months ago


  • I’m So Lost Again
    I’m So Lost Again 2 months ago +5

    Hey Casey I got arthritis too I’m 10 an I love ur vids I got arthritis when I was 3 or 4 pls pray for me and Casey ✌️ peace

  • Spoicey Memies
    Spoicey Memies 2 months ago


  • Ryan Luby
    Ryan Luby 2 months ago

    Can someone please show me how to find this song starting around 5:55, I looked through Hurley Mower's soundclod music and couldn't find it? anyone have more info, I love this music/ beat

    TURDY_ WATER 2 months ago

    That leg pop sounded *_-J U I C Y-_*

  • Jonah Tritz
    Jonah Tritz 2 months ago

    Running is the best hobby humans do and hearing this is pretty crushing because this almost happened to my grandmother who has ran marathons at 60 years old

  • Eye Queue Studios
    Eye Queue Studios 2 months ago

    My knees do the same thing

  • Spicy Gamer121
    Spicy Gamer121 2 months ago

    I’ve never heard bones creak like that before.

  • Norio Rck
    Norio Rck 2 months ago

    So what happened?

  • ? gaming yt #fortnite is better

    The bikini scene was hot

  • Krijamon
    Krijamon 2 months ago

    Yo my knee is making that noise

  • FOCUS0077
    FOCUS0077 2 months ago

    so sad

  • Peter Cruz
    Peter Cruz 2 months ago

    I come back to the video just to hear his knee pop 0:03

  • dany manchster
    dany manchster 2 months ago

    i am in the same boat now

  • Isaiah Wilcox
    Isaiah Wilcox 2 months ago

    Dang I can relate so much to the part at 5:30 I run every day and that's what keeps me going and running helps push me to the next limits

  • August Schumacher
    August Schumacher 2 months ago

    What you said about addiction is wise words. So many things you’ve said have stuck with me any this will be one of them, in the books.🙏🏼✍🏼📔

  • KJ Richard
    KJ Richard 2 months ago

    Goes to show you that running is not good for you at all. I'll never be able to run again but for different reasons but I don't care bc it's bad anyways.

  • Uni
    Uni 2 months ago

    Hey man you’ve been a huge inspiration to me as a TVclip creator and in running but any way I live in Philadelphia so and I you most definitely would like to meet up it work be a huge favor and Abigail dream but yeah keep ups the eggs-celent work with every aspect in your life

  • Aly H.
    Aly H. 2 months ago

    lire! You ran in a 2018 video!

  • Stephanie Aldaz
    Stephanie Aldaz 2 months ago

    this is a sad movie. I really hope you kept running.

  • Ysmael Guzman
    Ysmael Guzman 2 months ago

    then you set a new record? like running 3 marathons under a week

  • Nonmaisbonhein
    Nonmaisbonhein 2 months ago

    You can now rename the video. How to make views on TVclip

  • Rufus Parkour
    Rufus Parkour 2 months ago

    Im sorry to hear that

  • Adam Diarr
    Adam Diarr 2 months ago

    Oh no

  • relámpago 2.193
    relámpago 2.193 2 months ago

    A su puta madre no sé que dice

  • gacha cat playz a.r.m.y bts

    Ik im late comenting this but i hope your legs are ok now