• Published on Jun 13, 2019
  • Mordekaiser Top Gameplay! League of legends Morde Season 9 gameplay!
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    Season 9 Morde runes guide League of Legends
    Conqueror - Triumph - Tenacity - Coup de Grace
    Bone Plating - Revitalize
    10 AD - 10 AD - 6 Armor
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Comments • 491

  • Felix Dietrich
    Felix Dietrich 15 days ago

    i start with 20ap and a hp pot

  • William Lee
    William Lee Month ago

    FFS I am happy they buffed morde. Morde has been the shitter for 3 to 4 season as useless support role. Now he can come back as a top or mid laner. Finally rito you useless piece of shit company did something good for a champ.

  • TripleTapHK
    TripleTapHK 2 months ago

    All part of the plan, my ultimate scheme. Your carry is the best player on my team. I miss old Morde.

  • Big Blue
    Big Blue 2 months ago

    Still broken imho

  • Noah Ramones
    Noah Ramones 2 months ago

    You complain a lot lol

  • Louis Himinez
    Louis Himinez 2 months ago

    20:35 you should have ulted varus when he walked up to you

  • Logan E
    Logan E 2 months ago

    This is his first title that actually isn’t click bait

  • GR33N Y3TE
    GR33N Y3TE 3 months ago

    Conqueror, triumph, tenacity, last stand
    Second wind and revitalize.

  • aClear Path
    aClear Path 3 months ago

    Mordekaiser seems a lot like King Leoric from HoTS

  • KryptKick3r
    KryptKick3r 3 months ago

    Hail of blades morde is op just sayin...

  • Kaito Ayashi
    Kaito Ayashi 3 months ago

    Bro, I haven't watch your channel a lot during this year, but gotta say you look great. Looking fit af, congrats.
    I'll be watching you more often, promise :D

  • Faldyr Rydlaf
    Faldyr Rydlaf 3 months ago

    Well that was a let down. Stop with the clickbait titles dude.

  • omar alajmi
    omar alajmi 3 months ago +1

    Lol GG's man that Jaxy Paxy at the final was going Auto , Auto , Auto , Auto , Auto = Win 🤣🤣 he literally had like 2 bars of little health & he just murdered the scene well played tho 👌🏼 the Rework on Mord is insane now he's a True Death Machine... I like how his Ultimate instantly counters Trundle's if he goes first "He steals my stats & then Boom i steal his stats" #MrStealYoGirlMordekaiser 😈

  • Stamen Georgiev
    Stamen Georgiev 3 months ago

    Mike, I love ya man 😅 I don’t know if there is peeps like me but I ain’t playing this game for 8 months now or something like that but I keep watching you, man!

  • Brad Neavor
    Brad Neavor 3 months ago

    Bro, you have lost so much weight since I first started watching you. You're looking super healthy man I'm proud!! ❤️

  • Adam Swaney
    Adam Swaney 3 months ago

    hey SRO, Just a heads up, its better to put points in your W over your R since leveling it doesnt give you much of anything, similar to trynd ulti

  • Andrew Mattar
    Andrew Mattar 3 months ago

    Hi SRO, at 8:27 noticed mords passive description and the damage his basic attacks deal when darkness rise is activated. So, how about a Nashors tooth early with lethal tempo? Probably do more damage than the %age based liandrys in early game and will only increase as you build more AP. Might help an early game snowball. What do you think?

  • Yoshikage Kira
    Yoshikage Kira 3 months ago

    I think conquers is Better then phase rush especially mid and late game it already getting movement speed from passive and ur probably gonna get a ryalis so there really is no point for the extra movement speed.

  • J J
    J J 3 months ago +1

    26:25 bruh zilean used ult on you. You should have just let yourself revive and save zhonya

  • J J
    J J 3 months ago +2

    20:40 you can't leave mord's ult. so flash or talon's jump will not work.
    You basically wasted flash

  • Ridhwan Kaiser
    Ridhwan Kaiser 3 months ago


  • Matthew LaBorde
    Matthew LaBorde 3 months ago

    He should have started Morello for the healing cut...

  • Tavis Williams
    Tavis Williams 3 months ago

    Hey mike try running new mord with electrocute so it procs when his passive goes up

  • Labonte
    Labonte 3 months ago

    Doesnt look that op tbh

  • Anduukar
    Anduukar 3 months ago

    WTF? Half of Mike is gone :OOO

  • Wiz LoL Highlights
    Wiz LoL Highlights 3 months ago

    This rework is broken!

  • busfahrer09
    busfahrer09 3 months ago

    that rito games troll @20:45 lmao

  • Nikola_HD
    Nikola_HD 3 months ago


  • xchronicxblaiz3x
    xchronicxblaiz3x 3 months ago

    I wonder if Spear of Shojin would work well with Mordekaiser. I know it's use wouldn't last long, but in the 1v1 scenario of his ulti I feel like it would be insane

  • Lee Wyse
    Lee Wyse 3 months ago

    Your video titles are such a meme man

  • KisniCovek
    KisniCovek 3 months ago

    --Legit stopped by to see your take on keystones for Morde. Thank you for the nice, in-depth explanation. ^^
    --Have you tried Deadman's & SV +Liandry's OR Morello as 2nd or 3rd item? Stat sites show this might be a good build, but I haven't had the chance to try it out or research much due to vacation. (am travelling)

  • Shadow Tregles
    Shadow Tregles 3 months ago

    have u tried grasp?

  • Jay Cea
    Jay Cea 3 months ago

    Get qss and mord does nothing

  • Vinícius Lima
    Vinícius Lima 3 months ago

    Finally not a clickbait. Kaiser was netfed with 24 hours. Hahaha. Is a joke, i love your videos. With or without clickbait!

  • aj barnard
    aj barnard 3 months ago

    hey man, just letting you know, your runes are wrong in the description

  • Sam Lew
    Sam Lew 3 months ago

    Now that I know more of the game, I see how much you suck. You are always finding excuses when you die. None helped etc. The clickabaits are annoying too. I''m unsubbing.

  • MegaAssasin47 Marquez
    MegaAssasin47 Marquez 3 months ago

    freaking love it when renekton says the big brain, lmao Idk why.

  • Reiyan
    Reiyan 3 months ago

    you should use the rune that let u increase movement speed when you are moving towards CCed Tragets

    • Boyo
      Boyo 3 months ago

      Reiyan approach velocity? But domination is the better path though

  • Robi
    Robi 3 months ago

    Mord R vs trund R = Mordception vs Trunception

  • Well Known Feeders
    Well Known Feeders 3 months ago

    Should dry morde with
    Dark Harvest
    Taste of Blood
    Eyeball Colletion
    Ravenous Hunter
    Shield Bash
    Cdr, adaptive damage, health.
    split push lane with massive 1v1 potential in late game with your build in this game. You dont need to chase them down if they arent alive.

  • 09Drdray
    09Drdray 3 months ago

    "Rework is 100% being nerfed! New morde is actually unfair!"
    Proceeds to get destroyed by trundle every 1v1

    • Rohit0406
      Rohit0406 3 months ago

      Trundle beats most people 1v1, morde is a lot stronger in team fights

  • ShoodyChakras
    ShoodyChakras 3 months ago

    I got an annoying bur effective kat build for ya

    Rylais into steraks (for hard initiation team fights) are the core. After you can do whatever I tend to go guardian angel with void staff
    Take conqueror and all the healing stuff you can in donination.

  • Tryck Spot
    Tryck Spot 3 months ago

    Keep an eye out SRO. Googletube has been on a frenzy from what I hear, demonetizing vids because of clickbait like all caps. It sounds ridiculous, but it's real.

  • adamadd1
    adamadd1 3 months ago

    i dont think void is good on morde cause of his e % pen. flat pen would be better i think.

  • Abdulla A.B.A
    Abdulla A.B.A 3 months ago +1

    Hit or miss
    I guess they should group huh

  • Eduardo Serpa
    Eduardo Serpa 3 months ago

    Dead Man's Plate is great, 1 auto gets you 2 passive stacks. Also, movespeed is great.

  • kostas magik
    kostas magik 3 months ago

    Nice 2 gank jax for 4 min and nothing kill, all games playing duo top-jungle your friend and 100 gank top

  • l
    l 3 months ago +1

    Clickbait cancer

  • Dennis Vinicius
    Dennis Vinicius 3 months ago

    Makes mordekaise overheal

  • Cameron Weaver
    Cameron Weaver 3 months ago +1

    You honestly play like a sped

  • Cameron Weaver
    Cameron Weaver 3 months ago +1

    If you take E second you kill trundle on the beginning

  • The guardian
    The guardian 3 months ago

    phase rush is nice but have you tried letal tempo? paired with his passive it's nice.

  • imme
    imme 3 months ago +1

    So I ve been thinking
    Trynd mains don't level r because all it does is lower ult cd by a bit
    Same for morde r right?
    So are you supposed to put only 1 point in r maybe?

  • Bear Boulder
    Bear Boulder 3 months ago

    "I'm gonna get rylis next" -Already has it.- Uhm... you okay buddy?

  • FelipepRanger
    FelipepRanger 3 months ago

    33:38 I enjoyed that autism sample

  • Pagan
    Pagan 3 months ago

    that's the coolest ult i've ever seen, might reinstal just for this

  • Hydranoyd1
    Hydranoyd1 3 months ago

    21:40 I guess they never miss huh!

  • Dom Lobo
    Dom Lobo 3 months ago

    WTF. Where's the other part of Mike's head? o.O

  • Blue Menace
    Blue Menace 3 months ago

    Hit or Miss. I guess I better group, HUH?

  • fenrissama
    fenrissama 3 months ago

    This is a really neat Ryze update