Why Thanos' Plan Would Never Work | Endgame Theory

  • Published on Apr 30, 2019
  • Today J dives into the Marvel Cinematic Universe to discuss Endgame and why Thanos is actually a big purple dumb dumb, and why his plan would never work.
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Comments • 2 832

  • SuperCarlinBrothers
    SuperCarlinBrothers  4 months ago +1078

    What did you think of Endgame Thanos vs Infinity War Thanos?!

  • Radku
    Radku 16 hours ago

    Just watch the video, it is more of a reason Thanos is an idiot tvclip.biz/video/IPbtPI0wru0/video.html

  • Majestic Peggy
    Majestic Peggy Day ago

    J: Just you wait
    Me: wHeN hE wAs TeN hIs FaThEr SpLiT

  • Isabella Miaa
    Isabella Miaa Day ago +1

    Don’t let Thanos plan your wedding

  • Bobby Burgess
    Bobby Burgess 2 days ago

    Maybe I'm remembering this from the comics wrong, but I thought the Infinity Stones couldn't be destroyed?

  • The Phunt Family
    The Phunt Family 3 days ago

    Plants and animals are what we eat, but they’re also living things. So if Thanos snapped out half of all life would he Also be snapping out half of our food?

  • Smo Cloud
    Smo Cloud 4 days ago

    If you people want an example of someone doing some mass genocide in a movie and it working out I’d say to watch Watchdogs. This was basically Adrian’s plan, except to use Manhattan instead of a shiny glove with some shiny rocks embedded in it. Also, it worked, since it was a lot more focused in what species it was attacking. Is it okay? Nah. Ends don’t justify means. A knot doesn’t justify a rope or string.

  • Smo Cloud
    Smo Cloud 4 days ago

    Ahh, page 394. Werewolves. Even though were not meant to start learning about nocturnal beasts for another few weeks, but professor lupin is not capable of teaching at the moment so we got Snape.
    “Now, who can tell me the difference between an animagus and a werewolf? No-one? How disappointing.”

  • Pure Joy
    Pure Joy 4 days ago

    Before I watch this video I know why it wont work and I already realized this. The population will eventually rise again into the same issue. I WAS RIGHT!(edited after i watched the video) If he really wanted to save the universe he could have built more habitable planets. That would have prolonged it more

  • Monthly Check
    Monthly Check 8 days ago

    I was satisfied with the infinity war ending. Felt it should have ended there. But it didn't.

  • B-dome
    B-dome 9 days ago

    Couldn't Thanos use the stones to give the universe infinite resources?

  • Darkfire Project
    Darkfire Project 10 days ago

    The quote that he "would shred the universe down to its last atom" didn't make him a generic villain to me. He realized that no matter how good he makes everyone's lives, they'll try to undo it. So he had a Matrix like idea. He was still the same Thanos to me.

  • Davis Harper
    Davis Harper 10 days ago

    This is actually very similar to someone wanting to snap their fingers with the gauntlet on so they could wipe out all of the evil people on a global scale. Sure, the world would be at peace for a couple generations, but (and I'm kind of spoofing Thanos' lines from Endgame) for as long as there are those who pertain from the Fall of man, there will always be those who fall short of God's glory, and will seek rebellion.

  • Mata Nui
    Mata Nui 12 days ago

    Pretty sure the infinity stones can't destroy themselves.

  • j2eal X
    j2eal X 12 days ago

    The part you're glossing over is that Thanos didn't aim to cut the population of each species by 50%..it's all life by 50%.

  • 86upsmaya
    86upsmaya 14 days ago

    The plan in Dan Brown's Inferno might solve the problem (rending one third of the world infertile) 😏

  • adham amr Farouk
    adham amr Farouk 15 days ago

    Who got the reference to Harry potter at 5:56

    Rip snape

  • That One Guy With The Face

    Hey thanos here's a better plan if long term conservation of materials is what you're truly after. Okay your wielding something that within the confines of its own universe has infinite power so you snap your fingers and say let the sustainable population of each life bearing planet be reduced to the exact number the solar system which they dwell can support through renewable resources then prevent them from EVER going above that number and prevent them from leaving said system, then give them the technology to optimally use said resources and BOOM problem solved. Now for something with infinite power that is just as easy as killing off 50% of life only FAR more effective

  • That One Guy With The Face

    Um..hey bro, do you know what genocide is? I don't think ya do if you keep calling 50% genocide as it's actually the deliberate culling of ALL life in a spasific category which movie thanos dosnt really hit into. Last I checked 50% isn't 100% no.. not at all its uhh.. half.. I Comic thanos... genocidal, death worshiping, completely over powered lunatic.

  • LSQ Dean
    LSQ Dean 18 days ago

    Infinity war Thanos won coz Star Lorde aka Peter Quill couldn't keep his feelings intact👻 just saying💎

  • Amy Lee
    Amy Lee 21 day ago

    Even in an Avengers video you couldn't leave out a Harry Potter reference (5:57), could you?

  • Grayson Bell
    Grayson Bell 22 days ago +1

    Hamilton References!

  • A Whole New World
    A Whole New World 23 days ago

    #1... Pg 394
    #2... Narwals
    Oh yeah...and Thanos' plan too...

  • Labinzel 3712
    Labinzel 3712 25 days ago +1


  • glitch gamer
    glitch gamer 27 days ago

    Cool this is the thing i was always thinking of haven't even seem the movie bcz on first sight Thanoss plan was so dumb i cracked up and said the same thing so thanos be ready in next 30years u r gonna have same amount of people

  • Comics And Anime-Tion
    Comics And Anime-Tion 27 days ago

    If it's all life wouldn't that mean plants

  • Christopher Pouler
    Christopher Pouler 28 days ago +1

    I've nearly shouted this as much as possible. Thanos was just an economist. Check out a person named Thomas Malthus. He was an economist in England around 1850. He predicted that the population growth was going to exceed the food production. This would cause all of England to collapse. He actually had some good points, but was proven wrong. Obviously this didn't happen, and population growth is not as bad an issue for consuming scarce resources. The reason he was wrong is because of technology growth. The industrial revolution in 1850 and technological growth allowed us to grow more food to fix the problem.

  • Katie Charles
    Katie Charles Month ago

    I just found this video, but really, I talked about this in the Biology class I teach. Used the pyramids and everything. The students nailed those questions on the EOC because of it.

  • Oswin bricks
    Oswin bricks Month ago

    Doctor strange 2 is gonna be weird without the time stone

  • MeSoyCapitan
    MeSoyCapitan Month ago

    People seem to think the same thing about jobs, that people are 'taking their jobs', which is completely untrue. More people means more consumers and workers which means a larger economy. Its not as simple as half as many people means twice as many jobs, because you've got half as much work that needs done.

  • Draco Ventus
    Draco Ventus Month ago

    Is no one gonna mention the hamiltion reference???

  • Joie Carrillo
    Joie Carrillo Month ago

    4:36 Me as a BWay fan!...

  • Wil Kroon
    Wil Kroon Month ago

    About the whales in the hudson,
    There’s more whales there because it’s not as busy with boats so the whales probably deemed it save enough to come closer to humanity not because there are more whales in existence.

  • Nightshadow 12
    Nightshadow 12 Month ago +1

    Wait there is another flaw in thanos’s plan you can’t snap in a metal glove

  • RagePraehotec
    RagePraehotec Month ago

    The problem that the snap also doesn't deal with is that if you took 50% of everyone away from a developed part of the world/universe, the other 50% would immediately start dying off from starvation. You can argue that a hunter/gather society, where everyone there knows some basics about all aspects of survival, could hang on if half of them were wiped out. But in a developed region were everyone specializes in a particular job and has currency to account for all the things they can't do individually, if suddenly lots of them were missing, there would be gaping holes in the pattern that no one is able to immediately fill. While I think that in a few centuries everything would stabilize and start growing again, a 5 year interval would probably see a collapse of modern society. I find it totally unbelievable that 5 years after the snap, everyone is just casually going about life. Yeah they're sad for the people lost, but beyond that there aren't really any consequences.

  • Lexi Soltunts
    Lexi Soltunts Month ago


  • Robert Miller
    Robert Miller Month ago

    Although i agree we would see a population boom, there would be other factors to consider. Medical medicine, and other specialized fields would experience a major dip. So i do not think the boom would be as rapid as you would think. Yes the world would repopulae, but ut would take time

  • Actiontime70
    Actiontime70 Month ago

    No spoilers until 1:34

  • Tal l
    Tal l Month ago

    Wow, the exact opposite title. tvclip.biz/video/3eQP6JoxtKk/video.html

  • Raspberry Jam
    Raspberry Jam Month ago

    8:11 wait, I'm confused. What happened in 1970?

    • Raspberry Jam
      Raspberry Jam Month ago

      @joseph I thought he meant something happened that cut the population in half.

    • joseph
      joseph Month ago

      @Raspberry Jam what do you mean that was the population which has doubled in 50 years thus disproving thanos theroy thats the point j was getting at

    • Raspberry Jam
      Raspberry Jam Month ago

      @joseph I know that, but why?

    • joseph
      joseph Month ago

      there were only 3.6 billion billion people half of what there is today

  • Isaac Gordon
    Isaac Gordon Month ago

    Ya know what plan woulda worked if Thanis did care about the universe? He coulda just used the infinity gauntlet to create infinite resources. Then that overpopulation is under population compared to what is possible with infinite resources. Also, it would've decreased wars because wars are usually fought over resources. Furthermore, he could've established true balance in the universe with this idea. What do ya'll think?

  • Zachary Hughes
    Zachary Hughes Month ago +1

    Also, if there’s only enough resources for half the population, why not snap to create double the resources?

  • Maria Nelander
    Maria Nelander Month ago

    I loved Thanos as a villain, but was SO annoyed over his plan. His was absolutely the most tragic and short term solution.
    He could have made it harder to conceive and easier to give birth. There. I’m inevitable...

  • Laura Thomsen
    Laura Thomsen Month ago

    I think Thanos in endgame was just the other side of him once he started to face serious opposition that stood a chance at stopping him.

  • Tsk Hairband
    Tsk Hairband Month ago

    There’s a million things I haven’t done. Just you wait just you wait...

  • Candy Souvannarangsy
    Candy Souvannarangsy Month ago +1

    Man where was this class when I was in 8th grade
    J: Proof what we learn in school sometimes help later on in life... sometimes

  • drawing time!
    drawing time! Month ago

    thanos should make half of all births fail if he wants to succeed

  • skrilllfury 21
    skrilllfury 21 Month ago

    6:12 I cannot. Even. Believe it.


  • Sookie Siamese
    Sookie Siamese 2 months ago

    The reason he did it in the comics was to impress lady death

  • generic_55
    generic_55 2 months ago

    Why didn't he just create infinite recurces

  • Milkchocobearbar
    Milkchocobearbar 2 months ago +1

    Was that raven in the comics??? I thought she was dc

  • kaylee birdwell
    kaylee birdwell 2 months ago

    Solid reasoning....

  • leah schell
    leah schell 2 months ago

    No one:
    (If you understood that reference to some of the older videos on SCB, please give a like!)

  • Dhruv Gehlot
    Dhruv Gehlot 2 months ago +1

    I Love This Debate 3000!

  • Cole Takahashi
    Cole Takahashi 2 months ago

    I don't think it's a dumb move at all. Thanos is both intentionally and unintentionally helping himself. By destroying the stones he's keeping his enemies from undoing his actions, and on the other hand he's also helping any future galactic threats action from being able to being reversed.

  • Student Eder Diaz
    Student Eder Diaz 2 months ago +1

    You ruined Avengers 3 and 4 for me >:(.... Wait.... NVM I ruined it for my self.... I was the one who clicked on this vid... And I also thought of this theory before this vid....

  • Otto Tamkivi
    Otto Tamkivi 2 months ago

    Game theory proofed that he was right!

  • Hidden City Pictures
    Hidden City Pictures 2 months ago

    Here's something to chew on. Why was it so hard for thanos and hulk to snap, but iron man did it without a problem

  • Outdoor Dad
    Outdoor Dad 2 months ago

    I really think Endgame highlighted how not sympathetic Thanos is.People loved him as if he was a protagonist after Infinity War. This guy has been bad throughout. Gamora alone proves that (Please see Movies With Mikey's review of Infinity War, he relates Thanos to IRL abusive parents). His actions in Endgame just show that he is the spoiled little brat that says if I can't have a toy, no one gets it.

  • dubblebrick
    dubblebrick 2 months ago

    7:45 Those are narwhals.