How Tyra Banks Would Handle Peter Kavinsky, Bridesmaids and More | Glamour

  • Published on Dec 1, 2018
  • Tyra Banks plays a game of "What Would Tyra Banks Do?" Here's how Tyra would handle being in "To All the Boys I've Loved Before," "Bridesmaids," "Mean Girls" and more. Tyra stars in "Life-Size 2" which premieres December 2 on Freeform.
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    How Tyra Banks Would Handle Peter Kavinsky, Bridesmaids and More | Glamour
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  • ń ë r cł ŷ _ x h ā ñ

    The first life is peter k.

  • Media Player
    Media Player 3 months ago +1

    I hope there’s one where she does “Riverdale”

  • konodiodaddy
    konodiodaddy 3 months ago

    My left ear enjoyed this.

  • Elettra Nash
    Elettra Nash 4 months ago +1

    LOL at Tyra on Lindsay's face!!!

  • Jordan O'Dwyer
    Jordan O'Dwyer 6 months ago +1

    Yes life size sequel!!! #lifesizesequel #lifesize2

  • Zee Line
    Zee Line 6 months ago +1

    What just happened😕... Is she drunk?😲

  • violetgirl1996
    violetgirl1996 6 months ago

    I feel like i wathed this ages ago but it was only december (couple months) lols

  • elsypie x
    elsypie x 6 months ago +1

    Tyra is on some black magic. How is she 45? And holy sweet mother of catwalks am I excited for life size 2.

  • Bruno Bezerra
    Bruno Bezerra 6 months ago

    Haha love it 😍

  • Mehrunes'Razor
    Mehrunes'Razor 6 months ago

    Oh honey...

  • Lace Levin
    Lace Levin 7 months ago

    Wasn't it an ambien Kristen wigg took in bridesmaids? They never explicitly say but I thought it was implied. Idk, maybe not.

  • Dreningda A
    Dreningda A 7 months ago

    More. Please.

  • Lucy Love
    Lucy Love 7 months ago

    I want more

  • Hopeless Coffee Addict
    Hopeless Coffee Addict 7 months ago

    This is funny hahahahhaahhaa.

  • Mia Lewis
    Mia Lewis 7 months ago


  • Alyssa P
    Alyssa P 7 months ago


  • abigail Williams
    abigail Williams 7 months ago +1

    I love her ❤️

  • Carissa Francis
    Carissa Francis 7 months ago


  • Sophia
    Sophia 7 months ago

    hi, hi! it’s ty-ty!

  • Hailey Hudson
    Hailey Hudson 7 months ago

    only here for peter kavinsky

  • Java Bain
    Java Bain 7 months ago

    Das a bad wig Tyra.

  • Jeffrey Sims
    Jeffrey Sims 7 months ago

    the black girl hair thing is sooo true

  • lori lib
    lori lib 7 months ago +1

    Is Tyra really this whacky

  • Dulce Ramirez
    Dulce Ramirez 7 months ago


  • 9rass Ng
    9rass Ng 7 months ago

    "H to the O, hello" 😂


    She's Batshit Crazy.

  • Alexandra Delaney
    Alexandra Delaney 7 months ago +1

    She is so annoying

  • Eleanor Cheak
    Eleanor Cheak 7 months ago +1

    tyra banks is the funniest person ever

  • Caitlyn Schrager
    Caitlyn Schrager 7 months ago

    Red lobster
    I love Tyra more now

  • Victor Félix
    Victor Félix 7 months ago

    Queen Tyty, a legend

  • tessatpk
    tessatpk 7 months ago +1

    But it was Aaron Samuels who invited Cady to the party.... 🤔

  • Parise Wellington
    Parise Wellington 7 months ago

    Yaaaaaaaaassssss Tyra is QUEEENNNN

  • noorah nn
    noorah nn 8 months ago +2

    You gotta love her

  • J.S. Simmons
    J.S. Simmons 8 months ago +30

    “America’s next top yodeling baby” made me laugh 😂

    • Rey Galvan
      Rey Galvan 7 months ago

      J.S. Simmons 😂😂😂

  • Hello Alright
    Hello Alright 8 months ago


  • Bʀᴀᴛᴢ
    Bʀᴀᴛᴢ 8 months ago +2

    “Fall off the end and pop up”
    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 IM DEAD

  • Becky Boncheveaux
    Becky Boncheveaux 8 months ago +1

    I love the Mean Girls Response😂

  • T Reasons
    T Reasons 8 months ago

    I have been educated, entertained and enchanted by TyTy - now all that's left is to enrol in the School of Tyra to continue learning how to be an absolute queen.

  • Jassy Jones
    Jassy Jones 8 months ago

    This is hilarious 😂

  • Tman
    Tman 8 months ago

    Tyra literally invented the word fierce ❤️💖

  • Edwin Rivera
    Edwin Rivera 8 months ago

    MY QUEEN 😩😍

  • Beatrix
    Beatrix 8 months ago +1

    I can tell that she really likes Lindsay Lohan! ❤

  • Evangely Rhee
    Evangely Rhee 8 months ago

    This was a lot of Lindsay Lohan

  • Vuyani Mapasa
    Vuyani Mapasa 8 months ago

    I absolutely love Tyra she is such an amazing person 😍😍

    CHRISTINE WAMBUI 8 months ago

    Hair goals...... 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Anh Nguyen
    Anh Nguyen 8 months ago

    3:12 no tyra.. That would be messier.... I would rather let them know im fall but get back up and stay fierce on my face instead of " fall on purpose " 3 times like u suggest... I dont know if u are joking or serious at this

  • UrbanCarnage
    UrbanCarnage 8 months ago

    I loved this she nailed it

  • yaru.
    yaru. 8 months ago +3

    in the scene where the girl touched a 'black girl's hair' the girl wasn't black at all lmao? tf tyra is on i-

  • Jordan JoRdAn
    Jordan JoRdAn 8 months ago +2

    you don't touch a black womne's hair BECAUSE ALL OF THEM ARE BOLD AND USE WIGS

  • Caprighes
    Caprighes 8 months ago +2

    1:59 HILARIOUS!!! 😂😂

  • Curly headed ShEtEnA
    Curly headed ShEtEnA 8 months ago +1

    Shine bright shine far

  • jay chery
    jay chery 8 months ago


  • vaniteen
    vaniteen 8 months ago


  • Emily Forstner
    Emily Forstner 8 months ago +1

    Tyra gets more potent and awesome with every year 😂

  • Vixel’s Coffee House
    Vixel’s Coffee House 8 months ago +2

    2:00 💀 LMFAO

  • Nollando Martin
    Nollando Martin 8 months ago +9

    1:58 - 2:09 ANTM reference 😂

  • CPA
    CPA 8 months ago +13

    What's wrong w/ Tyra's hair lately?

    SW MUKBANG 8 months ago

    Love her hahaha

  • Joe Ferguson
    Joe Ferguson 8 months ago +5

    She gets better looking what on Earth

  • Chelsey Donato
    Chelsey Donato 8 months ago

    Everyday.for a month.

  • Jesus Lover
    Jesus Lover 8 months ago +5

    Love her,she looks like a Barbie doll

  • Hải Linh Lê
    Hải Linh Lê 8 months ago

  • m S
    m S 8 months ago

    She's totally on something

  • Eliška Urbanová
    Eliška Urbanová 8 months ago +2

    She's a goofball, she's the best!

  • Cayla Sanaa
    Cayla Sanaa 8 months ago +1

    Wigaweaves?!?! 😂😂

  • Kirk Grace
    Kirk Grace 8 months ago

    Lindsay Lohan is in a bunch of movies

  • Makaela Mahoney
    Makaela Mahoney 8 months ago

    I love her.

  • Nissy Hazel
    Nissy Hazel 8 months ago

    I love you

  • Kaylie Amaya
    Kaylie Amaya 8 months ago

    “Hop on ty Ty’s back” 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Hannah
    Hannah 8 months ago

    She's hilariousss

  • DiPaulo Padilla Flores
    DiPaulo Padilla Flores 8 months ago

    Tyra is so funny !!

  • Unicorns Are cool
    Unicorns Are cool 8 months ago

    I love Tyra lol

  • 1964sleepy
    1964sleepy 8 months ago

    Tyra is one of the most beautiful women in the world !

  • cony rojas
    cony rojas 8 months ago

    i love tyra

    CHANEL C 8 months ago +154

    I feel like she’s the new, sassier and diva Oprah Winfrey