Japanese Food Tour with Frank Pinello and Sakura Yagi | Sean in the Wild

  • Published on Nov 14, 2017
  • As the host of Viceland's "The Pizza Show," Frank Pinello eats, breaths, and sleeps slices. But what you might not know about Frank is that he's also one of NYC's biggest Japanese food obsessives. On a rare day off from pizza and chicken wings, Sean Evans decides to take his friend on a tour of Manhattan's Little Tokyo-a stretch of the East Village that's home to some of the city's most sought-after Japanese cuisine. With the help of TIC restaurant group's Sakura Yagi, Sean and Frank slurp soba, binge on Japanese street food, and slice open some omurice.
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Comments • 1 003

  • Rizwan Ali
    Rizwan Ali 5 days ago

    Mm mm mmm! Sakura-chan 😍🤣

  • Gurpreet Singh
    Gurpreet Singh 8 days ago

    Frank needs to be on tv.

  • Wacky Chua
    Wacky Chua 10 days ago

    Oh shoot nice shoes!!

  • Ed Zh
    Ed Zh 15 days ago

    Why that intro song sound like that song mr Krabs listens to when spongebob thinks he’s a robot.

  • i hate stuart little

    this guy is a fuckin weeb

  • Nefarious Cookie
    Nefarious Cookie Month ago +1

    Why is no one doing Wasabi Pizza.

  • Tamim S
    Tamim S Month ago +1

    is it just me or is frank sucking up to the girl the whole show?

  • Mr White
    Mr White Month ago

    Japanese manners are weird. It's rude to talk loud but it's completely acceptable to loudly slurp while eating.

  • John Vasquez
    John Vasquez Month ago

    sean FUCKed up that cut, look at franks face LMFAO

  • Richard
    Richard Month ago

    I love Frank in this video!

  • David Holmes
    David Holmes 2 months ago +1

    I almost closed my browser when he cut the Omurice down to the plate.

  • Brian Czapik
    Brian Czapik 2 months ago

    It hurt me when Sean just sliced straight down through the center of the omelette.

  • Christian Vera
    Christian Vera 2 months ago +1

    Daaaaaamn Sean , how u gonna mess up the cut smh 🤦‍♂️

  • A Jay Obregon
    A Jay Obregon 3 months ago +1

    Why am I watching this at 11:00 PM with no money in my bank account...

  • Santhia Calixte
    Santhia Calixte 3 months ago

    Frank love everything

  • Malagrond
    Malagrond 4 months ago

    I think Frank kind of fell in love with Sakura during this shoot lol.

  • Dayla
    Dayla 4 months ago

    Frank needs to try Japanese Pizza, it may change his mind on Japanese making things better.

  • Fraser Irving
    Fraser Irving 4 months ago

    pervert at 4:07

  • MsC Starz
    MsC Starz 5 months ago

    Is it me or are her shoulder pads kinda LARGE

  • The Monster
    The Monster 5 months ago

    Does anyone else like the transition music? First we feast can we get some sound cloud links?

    KRYPTICSLAYER 5 months ago

    Ayeee I work for a office catering company called Foodie For All and we picked up from Otafuku earlier the lady in there was so nice lol

  • Quinton Cheung
    Quinton Cheung 6 months ago

    They should hire Andrew for the Omurice

  • Ro Hamilton
    Ro Hamilton 7 months ago

    Lemme his those 97's Frank

  • Jah Bloo
    Jah Bloo 7 months ago

    2:40 i like the way sean send the "did you like my slurp" ? haha

  • cwxzeng
    cwxzeng 7 months ago

    these ppl piss me off..

  • nercoG
    nercoG 7 months ago

    I'm a chef. I was in Japan a few years. Hands down the best food in the world. Nothing comes close to it. As this guy said, they do everything better. I'm hungry for some great food now >:(

  • Michael Faryab
    Michael Faryab 7 months ago

    Saw-koo-raw, not saw-ker-uh

  • Davis Potozny
    Davis Potozny 8 months ago

    Franks heat yo

  • jdslipknot
    jdslipknot 8 months ago


  • Eamonn Mc Devitt
    Eamonn Mc Devitt 8 months ago +1

    ketchup omelette? c`mon frank! Let that b know wat time it is

  • GuidoAnchovy B
    GuidoAnchovy B 8 months ago

    I wanna bang Sakura

  • IamThatGuy
    IamThatGuy 8 months ago

    Sakura Yagi,,, is freaking awesome,,, pretty hot girl,,, cute,,, a nice person to talk to,,, and its hard to find that,,, on a rich kid///

  • Han Nguyen
    Han Nguyen 8 months ago

    Sakura Yagi killin' it. Got more curves than the number 33. Ugghhh.

  • Hugo Ramos
    Hugo Ramos 8 months ago

    "I love a good cross section" *fucks up the cross section*

  • Abrar
    Abrar 8 months ago

    Frank is the man

  • Edward Smith
    Edward Smith 8 months ago

    Reppin that Fuck That Delicious

  • Ana Carolina
    Ana Carolina 9 months ago

    nah. American Japanese food is and will never be the same or authentic as Japan Japanese food. it's like comparing apples to oranges. just no.

    • Anita Boddie
      Anita Boddie 6 months ago

      Ana Carolina Unless you know a traditional Japanese family.

  • Sagnik Das
    Sagnik Das 9 months ago

    7:13 frank wanted sakura to say omurice is a b/f item

  • Sagnik Das
    Sagnik Das 9 months ago

    5:17 someone give that poor girl some food
    She even has her chopsticks ready

  • Szkotu Szkocki
    Szkotu Szkocki 9 months ago

    I fucking love Frank,he seems so nice and chill.He is like the type of an American person people always tell you about when they come back from US,but when you go there yourself,you never meet people like that.

  • supergangsterish1
    supergangsterish1 9 months ago

    ayyyy frankie coming thru with the 97's

  • Swedishmanintheworld
    Swedishmanintheworld 9 months ago

    Nah, Japanese pizza is overpriced and tiny.

  • alice
    alice 9 months ago

    he can't even talk

  • alice
    alice 9 months ago

    sean is a CARDBOARD MAN he has NO personality he's a f

    • alice
      alice 9 months ago

      eatureless like an egg

    CRENSHAW PETE 9 months ago

    I would let that noodle babe keep the baby

  • Phenix Phenix
    Phenix Phenix 9 months ago

    Ok we get it you're a New Yorker

  • Nick Hannam
    Nick Hannam 9 months ago

    I’m used to seeing Frank in his kitchen ready getup; boot cuts and clogs. I wasn’t prepared to be flexed on like this😂 so fly

  • ChoglateMilg
    ChoglateMilg 10 months ago

    yo frank got mad style, always rocking the saucy sneaks

  • Mimi JR
    Mimi JR 10 months ago

    I'm inlove with frank. ❤❤❤

  • roger robie
    roger robie 10 months ago

    "the whole thing" :D

  • Danny
    Danny 10 months ago

    Yo my dick farted

  • Marc Puno
    Marc Puno 10 months ago

    Funny how clueless Sean is with food most of the time, cuts teh omu rice through and through made me laugh. But it adds to his charm as he really isn't the cooking type.

  • SvenicusGermainus
    SvenicusGermainus 10 months ago

    Sean looks like he should have an Asian wife. Not sure why.

  • M4TT YN
    M4TT YN 10 months ago

    damn need to make a trip to lil Tokyo boi! *couldn't keep my eyes off the lit food and sakura* 😍 ceo bae af

  • waloacme
    waloacme 11 months ago

    The Japanese man, they "get it". All the time...

  • sambroskie lou
    sambroskie lou 11 months ago

    the pizza show x first we feast??? its my dream come true!!

  • 2Smooth
    2Smooth 11 months ago

    Frank and Sean come on, we need more videos !

  • Tony, The Stark
    Tony, The Stark 11 months ago

    My two favorite foodies!

  • TheSovietSquirrel
    TheSovietSquirrel 11 months ago

    Everyone in the comments got so triggered over how he cut up that omelette.
    It's just a fancy omelette for crying out loud it doesn't matter how you cut it.

  • taylor
    taylor 11 months ago

    Pinello is a fucking douche

  • Ian Forneste
    Ian Forneste Year ago

    so it’s kinda like a grilled octopus but in ball style *awkward laugh*
    frank: ...
    sean: ...

  • Gucci Bruh
    Gucci Bruh Year ago

    Frank sounds a lot like Ryan gosling

  • Fabian Baumgartner

    Export bomb scientist revenue elder confident sculpture food wisdom information whenever tribe.

  • Travis Aristidou
    Travis Aristidou Year ago

    This made me hella hungry

  • Jay Kim
    Jay Kim Year ago

    Frank sounds like Ryan Gosling

  • Nick Seledkov
    Nick Seledkov Year ago

    Sean lowkey look like a crash test dummy the way he sit

  • Arbiter
    Arbiter Year ago +2

    I want to eat that girl, screw the food.

  • abrlcklnthewall
    abrlcklnthewall Year ago

    LOL, Sean straight butchered that last dish. In having seen other examples, the idea is just to cut the skin on the top and let the insides collapse down around the rice, not just cut the whole thing in half. That said, everything looked amazing.

  • Julian Rivas
    Julian Rivas Year ago

    My waifuuuuu!

  • NapiurPictures
    NapiurPictures Year ago

    Food looks absolutely delicious, NY looks rad af, Sean killing it as always, guest dude chill, but man, Mrs. Sakura is hotter than The Last Dab. 10/10 would slurp noodles for her

  • Marksman
    Marksman Year ago

    sean, the way to hold chopstick is at the top end, not the middle

  • Dat Boi
    Dat Boi Year ago

    whats her @

  • SoliDeoGloria 07
    SoliDeoGloria 07 Year ago

    Wow! Sakura is fit as fuck, I think I'm in love lol

  • holysmokes1047
    holysmokes1047 Year ago

    This channel is torture for people who are hungry, broke, and awake at 3am.

  • Cody Morel
    Cody Morel Year ago

    gotta hit up Stuyvesant St next time you do this.

  • Tzadeck
    Tzadeck Year ago

    All the people saying the food looks good and she looks fine need to visit Japan right now, because then you'll really learn about food and women.

  • Mael Eich
    Mael Eich Year ago

    What sick beat drops at 02:11 ?! pls someone.

  • Uglyprincw
    Uglyprincw Year ago

    1:29 Seans hands go perfectly along with the kick in the music

  • tete bug
    tete bug Year ago

    This made me grin 😶

  • Foodpimpz
    Foodpimpz Year ago

    Good stuff right there

  • camp7NdN
    camp7NdN Year ago

    Holy Smokes she is beautiful

  • YouTubeDatBoi
    YouTubeDatBoi Year ago

    We need a little Tokyo like this is Houston!

  • Ali
    Ali Year ago

    flava bamb

  • Ethan Porter
    Ethan Porter Year ago

    That girl is the uckers

  • Suvida Shetty
    Suvida Shetty Year ago

    Am I the only one who's admiring Frank's nosepin/ nosering?

  • Xtremedog83
    Xtremedog83 Year ago

    I miss Japan!😢😭😭

  • ReliantX
    ReliantX Year ago

    7:58 "How do they do they thing"

  • ImHere4TheChili
    ImHere4TheChili Year ago

    oof...this lil Yagi is a fuckin' fox...yowza

  • mythirdchannel
    mythirdchannel Year ago

    I gotta stop watching food on TVclip XD so hungry, and I just ate!

  • Ad N
    Ad N Year ago

    Suddenly remembering the first time i eat these foods for the first time (except for the soba and sandwich) and its damn good

  • Justin Tran
    Justin Tran Year ago +2

    Sean Evans be researching and shit

  • Carter Mangum
    Carter Mangum Year ago

    im a big hot ones fan and i just discovered sean in the wild and its awesome

  • Toby Hammond
    Toby Hammond Year ago +1

    She can slurp on my Noodle

  • Toby K.
    Toby K. Year ago


  • Aj Aj
    Aj Aj Year ago

    great episode

  • Aaron ANIMAL
    Aaron ANIMAL Year ago

    Need to bring some little tokyo to Chicago!

  • Eddie Pan
    Eddie Pan Year ago

    the egg with ketchup was just very stupid and cheap as hell. You guys on a budget? lol

  • LouTheLoo
    LouTheLoo Year ago

    Frank said it. Japanese chefs take something and make it better.

  • Marbles
    Marbles Year ago

    4:06 Someone real smooth in the background, there...

  • tootieman12
    tootieman12 Year ago

    I want that hat!!!!!!!!!!