Watchmen - Death of the Comedian 1080p


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  • CrippledComic09
    CrippledComic09 10 hours ago

    0:28 Nice foreshadowing.

  • White Knight 7
    White Knight 7 15 days ago +1

    "It's just a matter of time I suppose"

  • wolf skull
    wolf skull Month ago

    We can all say he beat the shit out of the comedian

  • Scarecrows Hook
    Scarecrows Hook 2 months ago

    I wonder...was that even a Hotel? Or an apartment?

  • Smokey 420
    Smokey 420 2 months ago

    "Tonight, a comedian died in New York."

  • SmashLiXs
    SmashLiXs 3 months ago

    saw what you want about zack snyder, but he does great action scenes

  • Noob Scalp
    Noob Scalp 6 months ago

    My autism picked up a “Hitler” vibe. Help me spot it or I’ll never sleep again.

    • SmashLiXs
      SmashLiXs 3 months ago

      how's the not sleeping working for you?

  • Wolf Predator
    Wolf Predator 6 months ago

    The music goes so perfect with this scene.

  • BoKnowsBrains
    BoKnowsBrains 7 months ago +1

    1:40 is when i start to realize im arguing with bots in every comments section

  • Andrew Hodges-Arroyo
    Andrew Hodges-Arroyo 8 months ago

    This speaks to the viewer or tries too on many levels. To try and ignore what Alan Moore tried to say would be like forsaking many events that occurred. Truth had its day, it just happened to be in the form of a graphic novel, unbeknownst to many, providing answers and prophecies to the world we live in now as people and citizens. Consider this as one day it will be paramount for you, as a human, to decided how judgement, will provided itself onto one.

  • WayZag
    WayZag 8 months ago

    Top 10 people John Winchester could not fight

  • JMJ021
    JMJ021 9 months ago

    Ozy: You burn my map, I kill you dead.

  • JMJ021
    JMJ021 9 months ago

    Well, they're both going to hell. Comedian just went first.
    Peter Parker about the comedians murder:
    He deserved it, didn't he?

  • Bob Tom
    Bob Tom 9 months ago

    You know like how the killer didn’t even use any weapons in the fight like the knife or the gun

  • Alejandro Gonzalez
    Alejandro Gonzalez 11 months ago

    Thing that really got me was him asking for forgiveness “mother forgive me” that was pretty deep hell even for someone like the Comedian after everything he’s done before this moment 1:46

  • One Cent
    One Cent Year ago

    Unforgettable !!!!

  • Chris The Barber
    Chris The Barber Year ago

    He deserved it

  • Tomas
    Tomas Year ago

    Try everything great.

  • Tyson Woods
    Tyson Woods Year ago

    Where is Batman when you need him

    HAL JORDAN Year ago

    It's all a joke like life i failed.

  • honestly
    honestly Year ago

    Absolutely fucking beautiful.

  • John Doe
    John Doe Year ago

    Its joke :D

  • Monkey king
    Monkey king Year ago

    *playing against Koreans in tekken*

  • gods laws on man peace

    beautiful defence by ozy 0:33

  • raataggi96 theplayerXD

    fucking rapist and a murderer and a paedophile!! he finally got killed off.. ahh soo statisfying mmmm...

  • Alex Corral
    Alex Corral Year ago

    it gives me the chills when he says "it's a joke, it's all a joke. Mother forgive me." When he says the last part his smile just fades away like he accepted hes dead. This movie was so good

  • Acidpond
    Acidpond Year ago


  • Ronald D
    Ronald D Year ago

    he survived this

  • Eduardo Manfredo
    Eduardo Manfredo Year ago

    Why Ozymandias was invicible in this movie?

  • SmashLiXs
    SmashLiXs Year ago +1

    i really hope this movie is retroactively connected to the dceu at some point

    • SmashLiXs
      SmashLiXs Year ago

      i heard about that

    • Jesus Gomez
      Jesus Gomez Year ago

      Oh,kinda like a flashpoint,funny thing is,in the the comics,you find out it wasn't Flash's fault,it was actually Dr. Manhattan

    • SmashLiXs
      SmashLiXs Year ago

      fix the dc movies that were panned or got mixed reactions. course i could be overthinking this

    • Jesus Gomez
      Jesus Gomez Year ago

      What do you mean?

    • SmashLiXs
      SmashLiXs Year ago

      huh they could use that to fix the dc universe. i'm sorry i mean literally fix the dc universe

  • Lord Papi Darkwing

    When she finds out you been texting another female, and you turn your phone off after 500 missed calls.

  • Mad Pyer
    Mad Pyer Year ago

    **Slow motion Oof**

  • Smartzenegger
    Smartzenegger Year ago

    It's Negan

  • Jason V
    Jason V Year ago

    Honestly I think this is the best scene in the whole movie

  • HBercut
    HBercut Year ago

    Oh no, they killed Negan!

  • cidergus 04
    cidergus 04 Year ago

    It a joke it all a big joke life is a joke

  • Brucinho
    Brucinho Year ago

    This scene, darling, was incredible

  • Irvin Morales
    Irvin Morales Year ago

    Ozymandias was and still is salty that Comedian kicked his ass when they were young and at their best.

  • Zenmaster 067
    Zenmaster 067 Year ago

    It’s a prank bro

  • Kagekao
    Kagekao Year ago

    Rick: *busts in
    Comedian: O-O
    Rick: I told you I would come kill you some day *throws Comedian out the window*

  • Spider Jimmy
    Spider Jimmy Year ago +1

    Who else listened to unforgettable while reading Dooms Day Clock 3?

  • milan jazbincsek
    milan jazbincsek Year ago

    How is Veidt this strong? He was able to beat the Comedian, Silk Spectre II and Nite Owl II without any effort.

  • ConcreteSurfer420
    ConcreteSurfer420 Year ago +3

    The comedian was a representation of the cynicism of America

  • Scary Time
    Scary Time Year ago

    Satan going to the lake of fire 2:07 - 2:41 watch it at 0:25 speed

  • Scary Time
    Scary Time Year ago


  • Scary Time
    Scary Time Year ago

    when God comes to condemn Satan ​and Beelzebub​ they say 1:41 - 1:47 its a joke its all a joke oh forgive me.

  • Scary Time
    Scary Time Year ago

    Satan is the comedian, and the assassin is arch angel Michael​

  • Ben Vogel
    Ben Vogel Year ago +1

    Anyone here after doomsday clock?

  • Jago Nexus
    Jago Nexus Year ago

    Despite how complex the comedian was, he had this coming for decades. He always resorts to guns in his fights. In beforewatchmen comics, he tried to sneak attack adrian amd shoot him, amd he kept resorting to dirty tricks to try to win. It shows here too that he ran for his gun

  • GNelson
    GNelson Year ago +4

    Despite the horrible things he did, I can't help but feel sorry for the Comedian when he's all bloodied and says how it's all a joke and "mother forgive me" :(

  • Reinborn
    Reinborn Year ago

    1:01 :0O

  • Musa Bostan
    Musa Bostan Year ago

    Zack Snyder seriously knows how to make a good fight scene

  • Singularity Gaming

    2017 dec : My journal..
    It's still the best film that i watch so far

  • Scout Park
    Scout Park Year ago

    The version from the director's cut is way better

  • XLBR
    XLBR Year ago

    0:28 I like how this gives a hint who the murderer was.

  • sebbspato2
    sebbspato2 Year ago

    this is for Glenn Rhee

  • billygowhoop
    billygowhoop Year ago

    One of the best getting your ass beat scenes

  • Adarsh SB
    Adarsh SB Year ago

    Now that was one heck of a fight.