Joe Rogan Experience #1407 - Michael Malice

  • Michael Malice is an author and also hosts a podcast called “Your Welcome with Michael Malice” available on the GaS Digital Network. His new book called “The New Right” is available now.

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  • Slingerland1966
    Slingerland1966 2 hours ago

    The Governor of Washington State was on the news about Covid 19 he did say that they are tracking everyone in Washington to watch travel..

  • Necro Orcen
    Necro Orcen 2 hours ago

    I can see Joe holding back bullying this guy through out the interview, just small remarks and slight mocking.
    I think the real Joe might be a bit of a bully, its probably how he survived so long in entertainment tho.
    I'd bet like $20.56 I'm right.

  • Tobiemoss
    Tobiemoss 6 hours ago

    Greta has aspergers. Her carers should've known she would take climate change warnings literally and freak out. The whole thing reeks of exploitation.

  • Raquel Ward
    Raquel Ward 6 hours ago

    Hello that kid wasn’t real, it was a set up photo, do your research!

  • Earl Roberts
    Earl Roberts 6 hours ago

    Greta reads scripts only. She Can't answer a question without help. Trump 2020 wwg1wga kag maga

  • Earl Roberts
    Earl Roberts 6 hours ago

    Drives me crazy that we can't see too. Smh

  • Raquel Ward
    Raquel Ward 9 hours ago

    Oh god hate his meat eating talk, seriously get some connection already, still so far behind.

  • Sal ty
    Sal ty 10 hours ago

    penile and vaginal cancers are contagious. I am serious. look it up

  • Tim Robinson
    Tim Robinson 10 hours ago

    I actually died in a dream and guess what I am still alive.

  • Shane Wimer
    Shane Wimer 11 hours ago

    flowers fart. I wonder if my kids will pay attention to science for a few minutes.

    • Shane Wimer
      Shane Wimer 11 hours ago

      nope not even farting flowers worked.

  • Yasmin Patel
    Yasmin Patel 12 hours ago

    This faeces-smelling flower could be an alternative that perfumers could use instead of civet.

  • Zachary Pettigrew
    Zachary Pettigrew 13 hours ago


  • barnoldwhv
    barnoldwhv 13 hours ago

    "There is a butt hole that smells like shit"
    -Michael Malice

  • Richard Richardson
    Richard Richardson 15 hours ago

    Joe trying to punk this guy... And omg , frozen has women shooting ice out of their ass , it's fictional dumbass why is the ethnicity relevant. It has magic! This selective realism is so stupid.

  • rvScript
    rvScript 17 hours ago

    "meow, thats right bitch , you like it when I talk dirty and bite down on your neck, meoooow, yeah bitch, you like that ...." meoooooowwwww

  • TheToweringOtakunt
    TheToweringOtakunt 19 hours ago

    That video game where they were complaining about not enough black people was "Kingdom Come: Deliverance" which was supposed to be, I think, 15th century Bohemia. So, basically, the modern day Czech Republic. And people were pissed that all the characters in the game were white... in the 1400s... in central Europe. Bruh.

  • Jeff Luke
    Jeff Luke 23 hours ago

    Great episode 👍 hilarious 😂

    TITUS Day ago

    @36:30 Joe was talking about the McMartin preschool. Didn’t they declassify documents like a year ago saying that tunnels were found under the school? I also remember something about a glow-in-the-dark operations using little kids living in a van.

  • JonChoi Media
    JonChoi Media Day ago

    Joe left out the Chinese railroad workers when talking about “HISTORY”

  • Mazenick
    Mazenick Day ago

    Joe "beef farmers are parasites" Rogan

  • Greg Khatchatrian

    Love this guy

  • Dean Bodnar
    Dean Bodnar Day ago

    I go peepee in your coke.

  • Frosty cold
    Frosty cold Day ago

    I bet most cancers are contagious for some reason or another is some causational way

  • terencelaoshi
    terencelaoshi Day ago

    13:20 Joe is wrong about the large number of fires set deliberately in Australia. The media distorted the figures (as they always do to gain clicks). The statistic was the number of people who weren't following the fire regulations and included such things as people lighting a barbeque on a fire-ban day. It's really dangerous to quote figures from newspaper headlines. Those a*holes have no principles, ethics or morals.

  • Javier Hernandez

    Joe wtf was that??...

  • Shamrock
    Shamrock Day ago

    The Catholic Churches don’t use sage in the ceremonies, it’s incense, specifically frankincense and myrrh. 🤦‍♀️

  • Jonathan Arseneau

    fox news? more like cnn or msnbc... use to be a big fan of joe... not so much since he told he would vote for bernie... sad

  • H Sharma
    H Sharma Day ago

    Six minutes in and the Guy doesn’t realize the difference between parasitism and commensalism.

  • RudeVol
    RudeVol Day ago

    Joe is such a MSM whore now. He now thinks places like MSNBC and CNN report factual news.

  • Donny Filkin
    Donny Filkin Day ago

    This is one of my favorites. Great guest

  • Donny Filkin
    Donny Filkin Day ago

    Even the trees leech off of the soil

  • Frederick W.
    Frederick W. Day ago

    They're all fake but, I would have went with CNN has being the most fake.

  • Ason Unique
    Ason Unique Day ago

    If a POTUS gets his information and courses of action from the Intelligence agency the the intelligence agency effectively runs the country. If an agency ever chose to have an agenda to feed a president it would be no problem to do so.

  • Aaron Irby
    Aaron Irby 2 days ago

    "Like Fox News" No, Like all Mainstream Media in every country on the planet.

  • Your Majesty's consair

    I didn't know fleas carry parasites.

  • Anderson Simmons
    Anderson Simmons 2 days ago

    I'm telling Kevin Deadlift you said he was a joke...

  • Mike Galo
    Mike Galo 2 days ago

    We have a corpse flower at Chicago botanical garden. They announce weeks before it will Bloom so people can schedule doesn't Bloom that often.

  • Natalie Taylor
    Natalie Taylor 3 days ago

    It's called the mcmartin case...
    And joe I advise you listen to what ted gunderson has to say about it. He lead the fbi investigation...
    And yes bro it really did happen

  • Bigtree2x4
    Bigtree2x4 3 days ago


  • nobody
    nobody 4 days ago

    Feed em to the pigs

  • That 1sample guy
    That 1sample guy 4 days ago

    Joe 14:28 Rogan

  • zackdelarocha8
    zackdelarocha8 4 days ago

    I heard the podcast and the guest sounded like the bald guy in Community, wanted to confirm if it was him. 🤣

  • Ian Robson
    Ian Robson 4 days ago

    So glad that Joe first introduced me to Michael Malice he`s a very engaging and likeable guest, no wonder he`s been on 4 times. Cheers mate

  • Lilarhixiel
    Lilarhixiel 4 days ago

    Human babies are literally parasites, you know that right?

  • nhojfree
    nhojfree 5 days ago

    Lol, You meant CNN.

  • crasy kills
    crasy kills 6 days ago

    The sad thing is people ignore the fact that children are being groomed for pedophiles in Europe. A daily thing that police actively condone by not taking action. It's sickening truly.

    • OzarkoBlam
      OzarkoBlam 4 days ago

      crasy kills It goes a lot farther than Europe. There is a global pedophile ring ran by the some of the most powerful people on the planet. They are beyond the law. At least for now.

  • Dylan English
    Dylan English 7 days ago

    There is a butthole that smells like shit

  • Sergei Bash
    Sergei Bash 7 days ago

    2:18:53 Hahahaha, that was a nice joke.

  • Daniel Plainview
    Daniel Plainview 7 days ago

    A giggle of hyenas

  • Daniel Plainview
    Daniel Plainview 7 days ago

    “There’s a shock twist; that’s your favourite episode...?

  • Robert Johnson
    Robert Johnson 8 days ago

    I always thought that a person can kill a person without killing them. A person can be traumatized by war, abuse, disease. Stroke, or bullying, so much they no longer behave or think the way they were.
    We can't relate, if we do, then you can't remember who you were or are.

  • Christopher Sibert
    Christopher Sibert 8 days ago

    We should start calling beta-male allies Cuttlefish.

  • The Internet Idiot
    The Internet Idiot 9 days ago

    I love how obviously lit they are to start the interview

  • N G
    N G 9 days ago

    I took Art History and got an A in it. Can totally confirm: with the emergence of (most) modern art, the art world officially lost its goddamn mind. I remember getting to crap like DuChamp's "Fountain" and Malevich's "Black Square" and just going, "Da fuq?"

  • the Upsetterer
    the Upsetterer 9 days ago +1

    No, Joe, the McMarten preschool WAS a Satanic pedophile operation. Proven.

    • Jeff Williams
      Jeff Williams 3 days ago

      Seek out some old tape of the McMarten son or nephew or whatever. Sick as fuck.

  • Alf Mucha
    Alf Mucha 11 days ago

    LOL, love that I live in a timeline where """conservatives""" got into psychedelics! hahaha @21:15

  • C .Jacobsen
    C .Jacobsen 11 days ago

    Listening to this in March, in the midst of Covid-19 epidemic, wishing we could go back to the innocent times of January when this was published and people were only worried about a hypothetical war with Iran. Now there's a serious, invisible enemy (virus) killing thousands, causing millions to lose their jobs and destroying the economy.

  • maciej wrotek
    maciej wrotek 11 days ago

    IF us wants war with iran it will happen regardless what public opinion thinks about it...False flag or no false flag, if war happens everybody will be on u.s. side

  • Andrew Hart
    Andrew Hart 12 days ago

    I agree - we should kill em in public - we can't jail people smoking weed and let pedo's lack of logic...........

  • Josh Mkensie
    Josh Mkensie 13 days ago

    Michael is great but Joe talks to much shit smtimes

  • david koeppen
    david koeppen 14 days ago

    I told someone I work with that pedophiles are going to try to figure out how to make their perversion mainstream. Pedophiles are everywhere and in many positions of power. Thousands of children were abused from priests and many other positions of power. They will adjust laws slowly over time. They will advocate for the age a child can consent to be lowered and they will advocate for the laws allowing a consenting minor to be with an adult to be removed saying the minor has a right to choose all while they attempt to groom their victims. We live in very evil times and nothing is sacred. Just watch closely to see the devil at work. If we knew how many rich and powerful people were pedophiles we would vomit.

  • Ben Jennings
    Ben Jennings 14 days ago

    41:20 a brighter white light appears on the stars of the American flag as Joe realises he can trip out all the time forever if he really wants to

  • chris paterson
    chris paterson 17 days ago

    alot of product placement

  • chris paterson
    chris paterson 17 days ago

    santa is green traditionally , coke a cola advertising madw him red in the usa

  • Vince Melson
    Vince Melson 17 days ago

    52:50 joe starts hinting high renaissance art alludes to mushrooms

  • RASCAL 728
    RASCAL 728 17 days ago

    Your talking about the Mcmartin trial and your wrong. That was the biggest cover up in history. Look it up there is plenty of info on this case.

  • war ran
    war ran 17 days ago +1

    "the left cant meme?"
    -joe rogan 2020

  • Chillum Beowulf
    Chillum Beowulf 18 days ago

    Prince Andrew dude not Philip

  • dastardlyman
    dastardlyman 18 days ago

    Im in the UK and our politics is f*cked up. why are the democrats gonna choose Joe Biden? he is always doing gaffes and doesnt know what day it is. why didnt they choose someone else like Booty Judge? - at least he has a chance against Trump. Biden is hopeless. i get it - its funny i love it - but why have they chosen a total loser candidate?

  • Chillum Beowulf
    Chillum Beowulf 18 days ago

    Joe Rogan type who'll stab in the front and back.

  • Chillum Beowulf
    Chillum Beowulf 18 days ago

    The power of popularity, this pod cast has to be the most revealing about how Americans are screwed up, and how high they think of them selves in a fucked up world they take no share of blame in creating .
    Two sayings come to mind , Victorian and Anglo Saxon, " Do as I say not as I do " & The tongue breaks bones but has none its self ".

  • David Martin
    David Martin 18 days ago

    This dude comes off kinda like a prick who has never been in a real fight..

    • David Martin
      David Martin 12 days ago

      @Leinad so what.. I can have my opinion.. Like ur mom says.. If everyone jumps off a bridge would you? Sheeple

    • Leinad
      Leinad 17 days ago

      Apparently your the only one that thinks that because everyone in the comments seem to love him

  • SelfTaughtArtist1
    SelfTaughtArtist1 19 days ago

    Great conversation! You two are a great fu

  • marilynclawson
    marilynclawson 20 days ago

    183 people started fires

  • Steven Melsom
    Steven Melsom 20 days ago

    So Democrats are inherently parasitical. Makes alot of sence.

  • Jon Howerton
    Jon Howerton 20 days ago +1

    this podcast episode is hilarious, the comedy is gold, and the fun facts are interesting. haha

  • nico vasquez
    nico vasquez 20 days ago

    This was so good. It really has me legit moving through some heavy emotions and tough decisions regarding my childhood sexual abuse. 😫💔

  • Uy Hg
    Uy Hg 20 days ago

    Who's to say that nature isn't speaking to us through mushrooms ?

  • Uy Hg
    Uy Hg 20 days ago

    The daycare was the Mc. Martin case and the head of the FBI even said it was true and had a 2hr conference showing it was and the cover up Joe is buying into the propaganda damage control the higher people involved put out. He hasn't really looked into it he's just repeating when the mainstream media pits out.