Kids Try Snacks from the 80s | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

  • Published on Dec 7, 2018
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    Kids Try Snacks from the 80s | Kids Try | HiHo Kids
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    HiHo Kids

Comments • 4 120

  • ScarzzSZN
    ScarzzSZN 3 hours ago

    Titanic in the making...

    At the end with the “whistle things”

  • Bxsicly
    Bxsicly 5 hours ago

    And melody pop

  • Bxsicly
    Bxsicly 5 hours ago

    The triple push pop is still sold 8n ireland

  • Unicorn Gacha Life Gueen unicorn

    My mum is born in 80th 🤣

  • Adam Samdani
    Adam Samdani 7 hours ago

    I used to love melody pops

  • peonlee
    peonlee 12 hours ago +1

    0:42 i swear i can't stop laughing at his screech xD

  • Sophia Maria
    Sophia Maria 13 hours ago

    The 80s is a bad time

  • Dave Otuwa
    Dave Otuwa 20 hours ago

    0:20 Humans don't live that long! Dinosaur species lived shorter than that, and they're currently extinct.

    • Raptor Squad
      Raptor Squad 13 hours ago

      1. They're kids
      2. Everyone knows that dinos are currently extinct

  • Cute macaroon
    Cute macaroon 20 hours ago

    It taste liwke wiwld bewwy pewpsi

  • sasha
    sasha 21 hour ago

    they should try russian sweets and stuff lol.

  • Blueberry_ King
    Blueberry_ King 23 hours ago


  • Layapatata Squad
    Layapatata Squad Day ago +1

    3:12 hahahahahahahaha

    II_ STRIIZ Day ago

    In my country we still have push pops today

  • Evie , Alanah and Eva unicorns

    Hold on... we have melody pops in england still

  • DarknessReiden - Gaming

    Today's snax sux and idk why >:(

  • Juan Pino
    Juan Pino Day ago

    Omg ty for highlighting my comment also dis is my fav TVclip ever I always type u name up and watch kids true guyscrack me up 🤣🤣😂😂😂

  • An Aussie Legend

    1:51 that still exists in Australia

  • bulok
    bulok 2 days ago

    oh crap I forgot about those whistle pops. why did they stop making them?

    VINCE PH 2 days ago

    R. I. P headphone users 3:34

  • Golden Guardian
    Golden Guardian 3 days ago +1

    Those triple power pushpops are still in Canada

  • Kellygirl 1918
    Kellygirl 1918 3 days ago

    Yoo I try those be for

  • Katherine E Lovelace

    Those triple jolly things were one of my favorites growing up!!! (2000s kid)

  • Aurora Guzman
    Aurora Guzman 3 days ago

    Melody pops are sold in New York corner deli's my dad still buys them for me and i love it Im only 11 but melody pops are well known in DR

  • Preston Harris
    Preston Harris 3 days ago

    Girl :D

    *What is this*

  • Ali TG
    Ali TG 3 days ago

    We still get the triple power push pops here in dubai and the whistle lollipop

  • Ali is Frosty
    Ali is Frosty 3 days ago

    We still have some of these treats today like the triple power pushpop

  • marilda588
    marilda588 3 days ago

    I was born in the 90s and remember eating every single one of these

  • Little Babies Big Dreams

    I’m sick please like. 1 like= 1 hug

  • Adeen flames
    Adeen flames 3 days ago +3

    I was not born in the 80s but...
    I really remember push pops back in my day.

    MERRY JAN CABOLIS 3 days ago

    The triple pops

    MERRY JAN CABOLIS 3 days ago

    We have that in philipines

  • Juan Pino
    Juan Pino 3 days ago +1

    Lol at 3:12 XD IT EXPLODES I’m laughing my head off😂😂😂😂

  • yolanda Xia
    yolanda Xia 3 days ago

    We got push pop in Australia plus the

  • Diego Ornelas
    Diego Ornelas 4 days ago

    There is no goddamn way I just witnessed a child dip a push pop in ketchup and enjoy it

  • Anali Leos
    Anali Leos 4 days ago

    Can I be in the hiho kids I loved to try new food I am very picky

  • Jacob Ottke
    Jacob Ottke 4 days ago

    I see those Cheese balls everywhere

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 4 days ago

    *bottoms up*

  • Super _
    Super _ Month ago

    3:11 lmao what she think was gonna happen

  • slime factory
    slime factory Month ago

    They get paid

  • Hari Pawar
    Hari Pawar Month ago

    I know push pops I still eat them

  • ShädöwB0i
    ShädöwB0i Month ago

    Where can I apply for this job

  • Rayan Algosaibi
    Rayan Algosaibi Month ago

    Actually in the melody pop there’s a music note stuck on the rapping

  • Chloe Sims
    Chloe Sims Month ago +2

    80’s and 90’s kids tryna act like they from a foreign galaxy like they snacks ain’t still around🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️

  • lukus black
    lukus black Month ago

    R.I.P. to anyone wearing headphones. lol

  • yee haw
    yee haw Month ago

    3:27 My last braincells during finals

  • Natalie Romero
    Natalie Romero Month ago

    Wow I don’t know why these kids don’t know what are those pop candies are,I’m offended I-

  • Lisa Love Ministries

    Hated the melody pops, no more penny candies around 🍬 or old time hard candy.

  • Jennifer MacDougall

    Mackenzie: u dip it in ketchup and um
    Someone😂: in ketchup?...
    Mackenzie:let's try it
    Someone😂: ............ Rly
    Mackenzie: mmmmmm good

  • Mohammad Parekh
    Mohammad Parekh Month ago

    Why ketchup?

  • clingy fricker
    clingy fricker Month ago

    "bottoms up-" mOOD

  • XxNoahplayzrblx_xX NoahGamerLol

    I ate chocodile last year



  • caprilou
    caprilou Month ago

    i choked melody pops as a kid

  • pizza roll
    pizza roll Month ago

    3:27 when me and my friends decide to make a band

  • ROBLOX Laughter!
    ROBLOX Laughter! Month ago

    I’m Australia we have 3 and 4 and 2 and 1 and even 5 flavoured push pops. We also have whistle pops/ melody pops so they have been around for almost 40 yrs now

  • Emily Mcfarlane
    Emily Mcfarlane Month ago +1

    We still have the original whistle pops in wales 😂😂

  • Pie- Ishi
    Pie- Ishi Month ago

    Melody pops are literally a new thing where i live

  • JIkness_ Playz
    JIkness_ Playz Month ago

    Dip it in katchup

    First of all it’s candy not fries
    Second it’s ketchup.

  • 1k subs with 1 video?
    1k subs with 1 video? Month ago +2

    3:19 they sell those in any shop in Lithuania for about 0,49 cents.

  • I Am Really Stupid
    I Am Really Stupid Month ago +1

    Wait a minute... I had the triple push pops and I was born in 2007. ?!NANI?!

  • Sophia Vita
    Sophia Vita Month ago

    3:11 i got soo satisfied

  • KA - 05GP - Hanover PS (1428)

    I never knew push pops were made in the 80s....I'm eating it right now

  • God god
    God god Month ago

    So a chocolate covered Twinkie is just a beta version of a gansito

  • Rena yea
    Rena yea Month ago

    The boy in the green looks like Steve from stranger things

  • steve leslie
    steve leslie Month ago

    New York seltzer was actually pretty tasty it was just more on the expensive side. You should have given the kids Jolt cola... these kids don't have enough energy.

  • Alejandra Flores
    Alejandra Flores Month ago

    Wait can I be in that shoe

  • Anusha Raghavan
    Anusha Raghavan Month ago

    Did u know that the whistle lollipop comes with a song on the cover
    I had those whistle lollipops before!

  • joaquin .junio
    joaquin .junio Month ago

    *stranger things cast has joined the chat*

    KHOA LUONG Month ago

    A bottle elimination
    A girl tried to open I did not spray
    Girl got sprayed

  • Hdhd Hshdj
    Hdhd Hshdj Month ago

    there is still melody pops in my country

  • duolingo bird
    duolingo bird Month ago +1

    Wait You guys are getting paid

  • Boop Trash
    Boop Trash Month ago

    Lemme just point out the triple push pop is not discontinued it's still here where I live idk bout other places

  • Ty McCoy
    Ty McCoy Month ago

    Triple power push pops are still a huge thing today, And I never knew it was from the 80’s
    At least where I live.

  • sub to pewdiepie
    sub to pewdiepie Month ago

    Melody pops are still sold in serbia im serbian sory for bad grammar

  • Nicholas McCarthy
    Nicholas McCarthy Month ago +1

    This kid says botums up like he is drinking beer