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Hollywood vs Bollywood - Which Is More Successful?


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  • The Infographics Show
    The Infographics Show  Year ago +967

    This Friday I'm releasing one of my favorite videos so far: *Diseases That Will End You The Quickest!*

    • ARYAN YOUTUBE 1596
      ARYAN YOUTUBE 1596 25 days ago

      Bollywood is much better than Hollywood.

    • muhamad firman
      muhamad firman Month ago

      The Infographics Show I love these tipes of shows

    • rebel god
      rebel god Month ago

      Dude Tollywood is Telugu not Bengali.... better do a little research coz it may hurt many people

      DANVEER GAMER Month ago

      I am indan and i hate bollywood

    • you & mé
      you & mé 2 months ago

      +om Terkar do want winner winner chicken dinner.. Lol 😆😂🤣

  • Dee Pak
    Dee Pak 3 hours ago

    Bollywood sucks

  • knowledge & joy
    knowledge & joy 8 hours ago

    Less detail on Bollywood comapre Hollywood

  • Mithun Reddy
    Mithun Reddy Day ago

    Tollywood is not a Bengali film industry but it is a Telugu film industry so get it right

  • Surya teja Satyavarapu

    Bahubali tollywood movie(telugu industry)

  • Call Boy
    Call Boy 2 days ago

    I m Indian but i can say level of Bollywood movies r so much behind compare to Hollywood
    Not only in budget but also in movie making
    Bollywood audience mostly only like entertaining movies so directors don't even try to make movies like inseption , tdk etc
    Nd Bollywood's sensor board is shit movies like wrong turn can't be made in Bollywood atleast i never i saw any Bollywood movie like that

  • Azhan Nayeem
    Azhan Nayeem 2 days ago

    The way he says Shah rukh.... sharuuuuuk.. Hahaha

  • Ayush Chandra
    Ayush Chandra 2 days ago

    😂 I hate Bollywood and i don't watch Hollywood movies. 😂

  • Twosistersfunheaven
    Twosistersfunheaven 2 days ago

    Bahubali 2 is one of ;if not the most highest grossing films in the world

  • Ritu Sarkar
    Ritu Sarkar 2 days ago

    Bollywood is the best

  • Rooney Paul
    Rooney Paul 3 days ago

    i went india last month and mostly found ugly,fat girls😂 happy that i am back home

    WAHCHINKSAPA07 4 days ago +1

    Since when Jackie Chan is american?

  • TrulyLegitUnicorn
    TrulyLegitUnicorn 4 days ago

    I swear to fucking god, saala pata nahi Jacky Shroff ko log itna pasand kyu karte hein.
    I mean, shit, dude. Just cause the guys got good abs and freakish
    Iips doesn't mean every single girl's ovaries gonna burst.

  • Kiran Stuff
    Kiran Stuff 5 days ago +1


  • crazy tomboy
    crazy tomboy 5 days ago

    India is just 72 years old ,stop comparing it with 240 years old America

  • enigma mist
    enigma mist 5 days ago

    Lol this channel loves to put USA vs India 😂 we get your opinion USA is way way better, probably against the rest of the world combined .

  • Nipun Kothari
    Nipun Kothari 5 days ago +1

    You forgot 3 Idiots which earned over 2 billion dollars worldwide.

    • Terry Malloy
      Terry Malloy 4 days ago

      What??? Jajajajajaajaja jajajajajaajaja

  • Ronith
    Ronith 7 days ago

    Jai Hind

  • Tomchou Nong
    Tomchou Nong 7 days ago

    I didn't hit
    It's not true
    It's bull sh*t...
    Oh hi Mark

  • Navit Blade
    Navit Blade 7 days ago

    I am Indian but when it comes to action film I hate Bollywood.

  • Matthew Harris
    Matthew Harris 7 days ago

    I'm not a fan of musicals and marathon movies so I'll stick with Hollywood.

  • Keerthi busam
    Keerthi busam 9 days ago

    Tollywood is not bengali its telugu cinema

  • Dragon YT
    Dragon YT 9 days ago +1

    You missed enthiran (2007)

  • Pushpak Shejul
    Pushpak Shejul 9 days ago

    If India bans Hollywood; I guess, the tickets sold number will atleast decrease by a 100 million..

  • Pushpak Shejul
    Pushpak Shejul 9 days ago

    What abt trollywood/porkiwood of Pakistan??😁

  • Anasuya Joshi
    Anasuya Joshi 9 days ago

    Most famous movies from india are not even bollywood lol... most good movies come from south... bahubali is from andra pradesh.. which beat most bollywood movies.. so... if some movie from karnataka (kgf) and andra (bahubali) can beat bollywood black and blue.. bollywood should have made a movie to beat hollywood

  • Vikraman Parthiban
    Vikraman Parthiban 9 days ago

    South India has got only 5 states. But North India has more than 20 states ( i don't know the count). Therefore they have a huge population than South India. Besides, it is propagated that Hindi is the national language of India, most Indians don't know the term 'official language', as a result, many South Indians are forced to learn Hindi. It is because of North India's population and wide use of Hindi, Bollywood is more successful than South Indian Cinema Industry otherwise Bollywood make mostly shitty movies.

  • Rajveer Dhaliwal
    Rajveer Dhaliwal 10 days ago

    Hollywood is much better

  • Udhaya Bala
    Udhaya Bala 10 days ago +1

    Stop this bollywood crap. South Indian Industry deserves to be the face of Indian Cinema. Bollywood widely makes only romantic shit, actors with European looks

  • b.s. s.r.
    b.s. s.r. 11 days ago

    Tollywood is not Bengali,It's TELUGU film industry.Bhaubali also a Telugu,Tollywood film.

  • Kedar Rana
    Kedar Rana 12 days ago

    You didn't told that Shah rukh Khan is world's richest actor ever

  • Raunak Maurya
    Raunak Maurya 12 days ago


  • forever channel
    forever channel 12 days ago

    I don't know about the movies but everyone knows the power of TSERIES.

  • Neha Sharma
    Neha Sharma 12 days ago

    eww..very dumb vedio

  • Hyperotical
    Hyperotical 13 days ago

    I prefered plywood.

  • Baconcatboy
    Baconcatboy 14 days ago

    Bollywood is such a rip-off XD

  • Destiny Hunter
    Destiny Hunter 15 days ago

    Wrong pronunciations

  • Eon
    Eon 16 days ago

    i love hollywood as well as bollywood but i hate david wood .

  • Vipin Avi
    Vipin Avi 16 days ago

    Am from India and Im watching more Hollywood movie then Bollywood.. but I like Bollywood movie songs.. bcz our local language..

  • Sri Harsha Bammidi
    Sri Harsha Bammidi 17 days ago

    Tollywood is Telugu film industry 😠

    SK SAJID 18 days ago


  • md sohel
    md sohel 18 days ago

    Only Hollywood
    Hollywood is fake

  • Tam
    Tam 19 days ago

    Wakaliwood forever

    BEST OF All TIME 20 days ago

    Now, Hollywood = Marvels

  • Lifeisawesome123
    Lifeisawesome123 21 day ago

    They showed Deepika Padukone in such a funny way..

  • Akash Solanke
    Akash Solanke 21 day ago

    Garbage = Bollywood.

  • Andy Winner
    Andy Winner 21 day ago +1


    VIKRAM AGARWAL 22 days ago

    U didn't had to make a video for this!! Bollywood is shitty most of us already flock to Hollywood for content and it isn't pure bullshit with some indie movies of us are too good too but still nowhere near Hollywood

  • life's happenings
    life's happenings 22 days ago

    Tollywood is not bengali its telgu and tamil industry

  • Deadpool k
    Deadpool k 24 days ago

    India is the world's number one

  • Vijay V
    Vijay V 24 days ago

    I Love My Mumbai...

  • SeaHorse Rich
    SeaHorse Rich 25 days ago

    Now next video will be:which is better?

  • Mallika Sharma
    Mallika Sharma 25 days ago

    More successful is kpop

    ARYAN YOUTUBE 1596 25 days ago +1

    Bollywood is much better than Hollywood. Hollywood is nothing. The movies are stupid and boring.
    Bollywood movies are very entertaining.

  • Manya Gehlot
    Manya Gehlot 26 days ago

    Bollywood has the world's richest actor

  • swagkitten 6996
    swagkitten 6996 26 days ago

    Don't forget the fact the Hollywood movies are in English which is global language and Bollywood is in Indian languages only.

  • eric zachariah
    eric zachariah 26 days ago

    Did he say bahubeli is Bollywood cause it's telengu

  • asim hossain
    asim hossain 28 days ago

    Dhollywood is bengali and tolywood is tamil,telegu and malayalam

  • aditya ashutosh
    aditya ashutosh 29 days ago

    Bollywood - Indians - views

  • Divyanshu raj
    Divyanshu raj 29 days ago

    Bollywood movies are only watched by hindi speakers in india which is around 50% of the population and also bollywood movies do less business worldwide than Hollywood movies that's why difference is so much.. As for example infinity war earned 650M dollars in usa and 1.4B dollars worldwide so total 2.05B whereas bahubali 2 earned 210M dollars in india and 60M dollars worldwide.. If bollywood movies will be watched worldwide as much as Hollywood movies then the difference would be lesser

  • Nishesh Vashistha
    Nishesh Vashistha 29 days ago

    Shahrukh Khan is world biggest star

  • siya patel
    siya patel Month ago

    Americans can’t pronounce any Indian names or Indian things

  • Red Hair
    Red Hair Month ago

    what we say to british movie industry
    bittywood or wittywood

  • Alokesh Bora
    Alokesh Bora Month ago

    6:43 lol at the animation. Google deepika padukone for the people who don't know her

  • mursal khan
    mursal khan Month ago +1

    Random indian: Bollywood is the better than Hollywood
    Me: cough cough MCU cough cough

    • Terry Malloy
      Terry Malloy 4 days ago

      What is that supposed to mean? Both suck

  • Queen Queen
    Queen Queen Month ago

    U forgot to compare the production cost differences and also the ticket cost for an average movie goer in India..which can be as low as 1 dollar..

  • srj creations
    srj creations Month ago +1

    iam an Indian, of course Hollywood is no 1 and 2nd is Bollywood

  • Pushpa Malkotia
    Pushpa Malkotia Month ago

    Bollywood win

  • Arnav M
    Arnav M Month ago

    Tollywood is not the bengali film industry!!! It is the Telugu film industry from which the original baahubali came.

  • i World
    i World Month ago

    why are u comparing america to india

  • sandip singh
    sandip singh Month ago +1

    SRK is second most popular actor in the world and richest actor in the world

  • sandip singh
    sandip singh Month ago +1

    It's Hollywood vs khans Specially shahrukh khan

  • Bezawada Prakash
    Bezawada Prakash Month ago

    Please compare Hollywood vs Indian cinema.

  • Fun studio production

    Lets just be honest we all know hollywood is in a complete next league

  • Tanmay Hawelikar
    Tanmay Hawelikar Month ago

    Remember the name Shah Rukh Khan ........... Yeaaaaahhhhhhhhhh

  • Tanmay Hawelikar
    Tanmay Hawelikar Month ago

    Shah Rukh Khan

  • Tanmay Hawelikar
    Tanmay Hawelikar Month ago

    Love you srk

  • Tanmay Hawelikar
    Tanmay Hawelikar Month ago

    Shah Rukh Khan rockssssss 🤘 😘

  • manoj varma
    manoj varma Month ago

    Tollywood is a Telugu industry not Bengali

    MOBO_ DEV Month ago

    Wow you all hate india and then talk about india people who are opposed to t series are a bunch of shit or tatti which means poop

  • Bix Tix
    Bix Tix Month ago

    Better than India know about the Bollywood

  • ketan goud
    ketan goud Month ago

    Hello.... Tollywood is the Telugu film industry.... You have mentioned it wrong in your video

    NOOB NF Month ago

    Support India From China


    *HOLLYWOOD* - Illuminati
    *BOLLYWOOD* - I love Three Idiots

  • Steve Adams
    Steve Adams Month ago +1

    Hollywood is still the best

  • Jordy Trelvon
    Jordy Trelvon Month ago

    Bollywood is already the latest film industry but look at the poll. 🙄 Americans are not ready to accept the truth.

  • Rashi Bajpai
    Rashi Bajpai Month ago +1

    It’s 2019 now 😂

  • Challerngers
    Challerngers Month ago

    Can you make a video on hut vs. dominos

  • Asha Singh
    Asha Singh Month ago

    T is not Bengali in Telugu

  • jonathan andrew
    jonathan andrew Month ago

    hollywood is better. bollywood is just a xerox copy of it.

  • virat tandon
    virat tandon Month ago

    India , the best

  • Prajwal Shrestha
    Prajwal Shrestha Month ago

    Bollyhood is a cheet of Hollywood

  • gr8indi
    gr8indi Month ago

    bollywood can make hollywood type of movies but hollywood can not make bollywood type movies so bollywood wins!

  • Music Mania
    Music Mania Month ago +3

    I am not an Indian but i follow both Bollywood and Hollywood movies. I have been watching movies from both industries for quite a time. Trust me when i say this, My favorite Hollywood movie ever which is The Shawshank redemption, I would choose bollywood movies like PK, 3 Idiots, Kal Ho na Ho over The Shawshank Redemption any day. I just find bollywood movies full of emotions and more fun. But from the comments, it seems like Indians are more into Hollywood than Bollywood. Whatever works for them but i request everyone to check 3 Idiots and PK. It will change your perspective of world

    • Call Boy
      Call Boy 2 days ago

      I m i Indian nd i watched both 3 idiots nd PK both r masterpiece
      But these type of movies r very less in number nd Bollywood can never make movies like inseption or shutter Island nd coz of shit sensor board Bollywood cam never make movies like wrong turn
      yes Bollywood make some good movies like Akshay Kumar's new movies is coming name KESRI which looks so good from teaser nd based on true story of 21 sikhs vs 10000 afghans
      But in film making Hollywood is far ahead of Bollywood they made larger than life movies

  • SIS Sentry
    SIS Sentry Month ago +1

    Maximum Bollywood movies are bullshit....

  • I
    I Month ago

    Akshay Kumar & Aamir Khan ❤️
    Rock & Jackie Chan ❤️
    Fan's like here 👍

  • I
    I Month ago

    Both are 💓

    ANIRUDH V K Month ago

    This man should see kgf he will come to know what is real quality movie

  • Devang Mehta
    Devang Mehta Month ago +1

    I support Bollywood because their movies are great qualities, it has many different languages and are available in many categories including action, drama and romantic version of their movies.

  • Devang Mehta
    Devang Mehta Month ago

    Hollywood vs Bollywood, I think Bollywood would be the best and will increase their box office budget that will surpass Hollywood box office budget.