Hollywood vs Bollywood - Which Is More Successful?


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    This Friday I'm releasing one of my favorite videos so far: *Diseases That Will End You The Quickest!*

    • om Terkar
      om Terkar 17 days ago

      Info graphics make video about PUBG mobile

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      You forgot the German Bamberg Studios...(Germany has a big movie industry too ...)

      AARUSH- DYT 2 months ago

      The best bollywood director is Raj yush

    • Nothing
      Nothing 2 months ago

      Bahubali ain't bollywood

  • Nial Red
    Nial Red 20 hours ago

    Should have done better fact checking. Poor quality video.

  • Keya Bhalla
    Keya Bhalla Day ago

    Hollywood is for entire America but bollywood is just for Hindi cinema, instead he should compare hollywood with entire Indian film industry.

  • stefan 78
    stefan 78 2 days ago

    Hollywood is best

  • Alif Ali
    Alif Ali 3 days ago

    Tollywood is not Bengali film industry. You need to learn tollywood first before giving us information. It's you're a student trying hard to act like a teacher. But epic fail

  • Manjot Singh
    Manjot Singh 3 days ago

    hit for bollywwood

  • Esha Jagatia
    Esha Jagatia 3 days ago

    the second they didn't say Katrina Kaif (among the highest paid actresses in Bollywood)...….I legit dropped my spoon I was eating with

    FACTS VERSE 3 days ago

    No matter what u do Bollywood is growing faster than the average of Hollywood industry and i am certain that it might even cross Hollywood if Marvel stops making movies! Lol 😂 that’s a true fact cuz everyone loves marvel movies!

    PRATIK MAJUMDAR 4 days ago

    Today's bollywood is full of movies
    that are flop amd made by psychopaths

  • Moumita Maity
    Moumita Maity 5 days ago

    Hollywood believes in technology more than human .bollywood represent human journey that is more required I think .

  • Fun Time
    Fun Time 5 days ago

    Bigger number of viewers and quantity doesn't make it good ... Even Indian TVcliprs say that Bollywood is garbage u can search ... It's garbage cause their almost every movie has romance in it .. they don't have any other topic than romance...they have more viewers Cause India is full of pervert and horny people's .. and Bollywood knows by making these kinda movies those horny people will watch and give them money .... They just want money they don't care about content they just want money ....they just add half naked girl dancing in movie and boom they earn millions of ruppees from that ..

  • raja sisodiya
    raja sisodiya 5 days ago +1

    There are quite few good movies of bollywood like Tumbaad , bahubali , 13b etc

  • Suman Achary
    Suman Achary 5 days ago


  • Sai Prasad
    Sai Prasad 6 days ago

    Hey a small correction to your video Tollywood is not a Bengali film industry but Telugu film industry that is from the southern states of the country..

  • Himakshi Das
    Himakshi Das 7 days ago

    Tollywood is Telegu film industry from south India # theinfographicshow

  • suryakumar Selvakumar

    Hollywood is better

  • Jitu
    Jitu 8 days ago +1

    Please stop this I don't think there is even competition Hollywood way ahead than bollywood. Even though I am indian

  • CAGE
    CAGE 9 days ago

    Shahrukh Khan is second richest actor

  • Himanshu Gupta
    Himanshu Gupta 11 days ago

    Bollywood is no more conventional...see Raazi, Dangal, JollyLLB, Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Gold and all...it's an achievement itself that it is the largest film industry, in spite of Hindi being less spoken than english

  • Aryan King Skilly
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  • Hanut Bhatt
    Hanut Bhatt 12 days ago

    deepika padukone ko apni dekh ke mar jana chiye 6:44

  • Nagappa Chanabasappagol

    Now Bollywood has more successful and soon beat in equal 😎

  • Jaymin Baraiya
    Jaymin Baraiya 12 days ago +1

    Bigger budget movie in Hollywood.
    Small budget movie in Bollywood.
    Avengers infinity war is best in Hollywood but Bahubali is best in Bollywood.

  • Chandaluri Narayana Swamy

    Tollywood is Telugu film industry please stop misleading people

  • Em3rxld Beats
    Em3rxld Beats 14 days ago

    Why is infographics show so biased against India when it comes to against America or its allies?

  • Time pass Panda
    Time pass Panda 15 days ago

    In 2017 the movie was Bahubali:The Conclusion

  • SAHIL Ailsinghani
    SAHIL Ailsinghani 16 days ago +2

    a year later 2018 shahrukh becomes worlds most highest paid and richest actor

    • ash 101
      ash 101 12 days ago

      Good joke. And there's a difference between being highest paid and richest

  • Chizam Marak
    Chizam Marak 17 days ago +1

    Tollywood is Telugu film industry.

  • Fantastic _Bea850
    Fantastic _Bea850 18 days ago

    Lmao Indians tryna make their shit bollywood greater than our Hollywood how many of them even have internet lmao nobody knows your shit industry out of India

  • Anna X
    Anna X 18 days ago


  • Prasad sharma
    Prasad sharma 18 days ago

    Nope not at all I mean what u did there was compare it in dollars I mean you guys r American channels so that right but take into consideration that 1 $ is equals to 70 rupees in in Indian currency

  • Prasad sharma
    Prasad sharma 19 days ago

    Dude Tollywood is telugu

  • Verk Music
    Verk Music 19 days ago +1

    *So tell me, which country belong the Plywood?*

  • Rahul Khamkar
    Rahul Khamkar 19 days ago

    You stupid guy, first Indian movie was not bollywood movie. It's Marathi film

  • cooky monster
    cooky monster 20 days ago

    Bollywood a trash

  • AlDelVex
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  • Anonymous Developer
    Anonymous Developer 21 day ago

    *Have ever heard T-Series* 😂😂😂😂

  • SP 3
    SP 3 22 days ago +1

    Tollywood is South Indian industry you fool

  • Advait's World TV
    Advait's World TV 23 days ago

    Robot 2.0 550 crore budget

  • noble jose
    noble jose 23 days ago

    Many believe that Bollywood is the only flim industry in India. Regional industries are producing better movie's.

  • vishwa vishwa
    vishwa vishwa 23 days ago +1

    Baahubali is a Tollywood film acted by Tamil and Telugu actors, but hell Bollywood took all credit of in world wide cinema market .which is intolerable for the south in Indian cinema. many made fun on tollywood cinema and fight scenes but it made the india's biggest motion picture. And most importantly Tamil movies are really cool but only Bollywood is visible to the world!!!!!!!
    and I HATE THAT............

  • shiny sonal
    shiny sonal 24 days ago +1

    We watch only Hollywood,, bollywod is like copycat china

  • sarransh agrawal
    sarransh agrawal 24 days ago


  • Winx Studio
    Winx Studio 24 days ago +1

    Bahubali!!! Oh has nobody watched it ok I’ll wait after you watch it...

  • Winx Studio
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  • Vivek Mishra
    Vivek Mishra 25 days ago

    Bollywood sucks

  • Supunaay :
    Supunaay : 26 days ago

    What about KOREA ? Kollywood?? lol

  • Bijaya kumar Jena
    Bijaya kumar Jena 26 days ago +1

    You showed fake budget
    Bahubali earn 16.33 billion USD
    And Dangal 7 billion

  • Sahanur Gazi
    Sahanur Gazi 26 days ago +1

    Bollywood is best.

  • Sid Digraskar
    Sid Digraskar 26 days ago

    We can beat Hollywood soon...

  • uatkarsh tiwari
    uatkarsh tiwari 27 days ago

    But who is the richest actor........srk😍😍😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

  • Aryan Nair
    Aryan Nair 27 days ago

    Bollywood is better

  • Arindam S. Roy
    Arindam S. Roy 28 days ago

    F*** Bollywood.
    Absolute nonsense targeted towards people with low attention span.
    It's an industry ruled by a few families like cartel, and only their sycophants get to be stars.
    The worst part is that the bollywood movies with actual good stories often make the least money.

  • Sri harish Ponuganthi
    Sri harish Ponuganthi 28 days ago

    Tollywood is ment to South Indian Telugu state called Andhra pradesh. Which the Bahubali was made it is not by bollywood.

  • Fun with me
    Fun with me 29 days ago +1

    I love Bollywood

  • John Vianney
    John Vianney 29 days ago

    Now in Hollywood infinity war can also be added

    MR ANDERSON Month ago +1

    Bolly what more like shittywood with shitty ass ugly people

  • your daddy
    your daddy Month ago

    Fuckin south

  • Jerry D'Souza
    Jerry D'Souza Month ago

    You are a pure LIAR!

  • NoN stopgamer
    NoN stopgamer Month ago

    Obviously Hollywood would win cuz English is a worldwide language. Hindi is definitely not .

  • Avish Gumber
    Avish Gumber Month ago +1

    NASA vs ISRO

  • Y O U N G G A N G
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  • Y O U N G G A N G
    Y O U N G G A N G Month ago +1

    Bollywood is MEME

  • Y O U N G G A N G
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  • Naga Guy
    Naga Guy Month ago

    OKAY, is it necessary to put WOOD in the end?😪

  • Thara Tosty
    Thara Tosty Month ago

    Bollywood is the best

  • Ridhwan Asif
    Ridhwan Asif Month ago +1

    Hey,,Bengali movies are also produced from Dhallywood not only Tollywood

  • neelmani jha
    neelmani jha Month ago

    shahrukh khan is 2nd richest actor of the world
    you can check the facts from forbes


    Shahrukh the richest actor

  • indian dude
    indian dude Month ago +2

    Bollywood is just a film industry among many.for good movies you should come down to south india.then for "real" movies you should watch kerala/malayalam movies where acting is integrated with soul and emotions.

  • Foodie
    Foodie Month ago


  • Harry nom
    Harry nom Month ago

    bollywood is like muslims rabbits breed and raise numbers, not quality

  • SP creations
    SP creations Month ago

    Tollywood is telugu film industry not tamil

  • sarita tomer
    sarita tomer Month ago +1

    Jeneifer .....is no match to deepika ....just compare there pictures in google u will know

  • nishant tripathi
    nishant tripathi Month ago

    Please remember that there is huge difference between Indian currency and US currency exchange rate. 1 usd is equal to 75 INR. Therefore, once our currency gets stronger, Hollywood is no match for us... India is gonna rule 21st century till the infinite time.... Bharat mata ki jai

  • Happy Hippos
    Happy Hippos Month ago +1

    Bahubali is not from bollywood, its from tollywood.

  • Tanmoy Mallick
    Tanmoy Mallick Month ago

    Nonsense you guy

  • ИГОРЬ igor Vyacheslav the russian multilingual


  • Lakshmi Nair
    Lakshmi Nair Month ago

    Pls learn how to speak Indian names before saying them

  • NkJunior100
    NkJunior100 Month ago

    And Hillywood in Rwanda

  • can i get 100 subs without a video

    In Britain we watch Hollywood movies

  • Haricash Ravi
    Haricash Ravi Month ago +1

    Tollywood is the Telugu film industry

  • commando
    commando Month ago

    Bollywood existed bcoz of efforts of dadasaheb phalake. A great salute to him

  • Alok Singh Rajput
    Alok Singh Rajput Month ago +1

    I hope u will repeat this video in #2030

  • maria kristina
    maria kristina Month ago

    I go for hollywood... cause bollywood has a really really weird concept

  • Smack Down
    Smack Down Month ago

    Terminator, LOR...Holly wood films always have a reasonable story with some Logics.
    But Bollywood? These Hindi Heroes are so strong. They can hit or kill everyone without any combat training, any logic or weapons. watch Bahubali for an example.

  • unreveal gaming
    unreveal gaming Month ago

    Please make your pronunciation better

  • parmeshwar gope
    parmeshwar gope Month ago

    Hello friends chai pee lo hmm..... Gram hai

  • gaurav kanth
    gaurav kanth Month ago

    i don't hate I appreciate

  • yogesh nandal
    yogesh nandal Month ago

    there are 3 major and many minor film industries in India those are Bollywood(Hindi movies),Tollywood(South Indian movies), Pollywood(Punjabi movies)
    therefore an Indian can watch lot more movies including Hollywood😂 lol
    I am an addict of movies and TV series

  • Chaitanya Srinivas
    Chaitanya Srinivas Month ago

    Come on... Tollywood is Telugu industry... Not Bengali industry

  • Paik GamerCapt
    Paik GamerCapt Month ago

    I am from India but I hate Indian movies because they have 5-6 songs per movie and it waste my time and sometimes they over react

  • Mr Singh
    Mr Singh Month ago

    I love korean movies their movies make sense

  • sarvesh gharat
    sarvesh gharat Month ago

    When ever Bollywood comes up with a sci-fi movie I hate it I don't know why but it completely looks base less and illogical but I enjoy watching marvel movie I love iron man I don't know why😕

  • Ann Young
    Ann Young Month ago

    We don't see anything Bollywood makes in America. I can watch a few British shows and one or two Australian but nothing Indian. I never even heard of Bollywood until I started looking at the internet. People talk about Bollywood but no further information. No motive trailers or reviews. I get over a thousand tv channels There is a Hispanic soap opera for the Hispanics. There are also African American television shows and a few movies. But nothing Indian in America. To my surprise other countries watch Hollywood movies

    • Quick Learn
      Quick Learn Hour ago

      Ann Young , Watch No smoking ,Udaan, Raman Raghav, Roy and Ugly. Best thing all are flop becoz indians are idiot , they only watch crap. They never watch good movies and then complain. It will surely change your opinion.

  • Esha Singh
    Esha Singh Month ago

    2:50 did he say hindu cinema? was the 30s the golden age of christian cinema? I don’t think so



    SPEEDY SLUG Month ago


  • **BOLT** gaming
    **BOLT** gaming Month ago

    As for script and story bollywood is king and for some actions hollywood

  • Ahais Dj
    Ahais Dj Month ago

    Hollywood is the origin