Hollywood vs Bollywood - Which Is More Successful?


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  • The Infographics Show
    The Infographics Show  11 months ago +863

    This Friday I'm releasing one of my favorite videos so far: *Diseases That Will End You The Quickest!*

      ENDS MONDAYZ 4 days ago

      Tollywood is telugu not Bengali.....learn your shit bruh😂

    • C-OpS-yT -___-
      C-OpS-yT -___- 9 days ago

      The Infographics Show Baahubali is tollywood

    • Francesca Agyeman
      Francesca Agyeman 10 days ago

      The Infographics Show do one about the Ghallywood which a film industry in Ghana.

    • jasraj anime show
      jasraj anime show 25 days ago

      Wrong Tollywood is Tamil film industry not Bengali

    • hello again hf
      hello again hf Month ago

      The Infographics Show I am Indian and I love Hollywood Bollywood is just completely garbage

  • Salma Khan
    Salma Khan 56 minutes ago

    Hollywood jahan par filmo me aliens ate or bollywood jahan pr ghar se bahar nahi jate
    Apne un dono ko compare kiya h

  • Mahmuda Kabir Moni
    Mahmuda Kabir Moni 9 hours ago

    Jenifer Lawrence : 64 million
    Deepika Padukone : 10 million... :D

  • Arvin Joseph
    Arvin Joseph Day ago

    Is. There a stripperwood

  • Aswin Sudhakar
    Aswin Sudhakar 2 days ago

    Shahrukh khan is the richest actor in the world with net worth around 600 mill $

  • Hitesh Dasari
    Hitesh Dasari 2 days ago

    what about chotta bheem?

  • Pratik Tagare
    Pratik Tagare 3 days ago +1

    Bollywood is only famous for nepotism, remake films of south Indian films,and showing criminals and underworld Don's as hero like example shout out at lokhandwala

  • Pratik Tagare
    Pratik Tagare 3 days ago +1

    You are talking about quality means Hollywood and quantity means Bollywood

  • raja bhaiya
    raja bhaiya 3 days ago

    I love hollywood . I don't like bollywood
    loves from india

  • Daryl Brito
    Daryl Brito 3 days ago

    So Bollywood is comparable to Hollywood

  • Pratap Padekar
    Pratap Padekar 3 days ago

    Man it's so fast

  • Saikiran Puvvada
    Saikiran Puvvada 3 days ago

    Tollywood is Telugu film industry. It's not Bengali

  • jai Shah
    jai Shah 3 days ago

    there are thousands of movies which is worth watching and lacks of songs in Bollywood which will make you intoxicated ,mad ,crazy ,happy ,blissfull .it is far far great then Hollywood.

  • ganesh panchal
    ganesh panchal 3 days ago

    Hmmmmm Tollywood is Bengali!!!!!

  • Ankit Yadav
    Ankit Yadav 4 days ago

    But Bollywood is *Garbage* Hollywood movies based on Good Concepts...

  • Unnathi Chandra
    Unnathi Chandra 5 days ago

    Tollywood is not the Bengali film industry but the Telugu film industry

  • unv unb
    unv unb 5 days ago

    Bollywood sucks

  • Nilaankan Revdekar
    Nilaankan Revdekar 6 days ago

    Do a video on mast oyama

  • devika diljith
    devika diljith 6 days ago

    Shah rukh khan gets at least 100 crores (in rupees) every year 🤬

  • gabrielbwg
    gabrielbwg 8 days ago

    Dwayne Johnson being the highest paid actor is a shame. He can't even act. He just looks. And all his characters are same. Shame on you Hollywood

  • SammyHammy
    SammyHammy 8 days ago

    Cut the annoying music, cut the horrible narrator, cut the "welcome back to the infographics show, SUBSCRIBE HIT NOTIFICATION BELL" or put it at the end, cut the bad writing and then this channel could actually be good

  • Rainbowflame 21
    Rainbowflame 21 9 days ago

    5:20 the way he pronounced দঙ্গল (Dangal) 😂 sorry I know your American not Indian but I found it funny. But it’s pronounced Dungal but spelled Dangal

  • Aniket Joglekar
    Aniket Joglekar 9 days ago +1

    The way he pronounces Baahubali : “baahuBAAAAAAAAli”
    The way he pronounces Dangal: “DAAAAAAAAAnGGGLLLE’
    It just cracks me up 😂😂😂

  • RANGO all in
    RANGO all in 9 days ago

    It should be named kinder garden vs PhD

  • vamshi gundamraj
    vamshi gundamraj 10 days ago

    It is funny the way how you pronounce Indian names

  • Pramit Nandi
    Pramit Nandi 11 days ago

    Bollywood sucks in every Aspect

  • CGI Future
    CGI Future 11 days ago

    I love both because I am amendian ( my mom = American my dad = Indian

  • Yash Anand
    Yash Anand 12 days ago

    Hollywood is best and others are waste😁

  • Phani teja Kolli
    Phani teja Kolli 12 days ago

    Oh God 😨 tollywood is Telugu film industry

  • sanjay shinde
    sanjay shinde 14 days ago

    I am an indian but i love hollywood

  • Vishal Yadaa
    Vishal Yadaa 14 days ago

    I am indian and would like to add One more fact - Bollywood make shitty Movies

  • Unstable Sumit
    Unstable Sumit 15 days ago

    Any Srk fan here...

  • Zachary Lhouvum
    Zachary Lhouvum 15 days ago

    I can't believe matt Dawson is the top 3 highest paid actor😨😨

  • Jhumpa Das Mahalanabish

    Hollywood is actually in Netherlands not in United States

    • Sayan Dutta
      Sayan Dutta 14 days ago +1

      Jhumpa Das Mahalanabish what?

  • Yogesh Vashishth
    Yogesh Vashishth 15 days ago

    Any indian hear would be laughing on how he pronounce the names *LOL*

  • Aniket Tirkey
    Aniket Tirkey 16 days ago

    I love Hollywood.

  • Jaskaran Singh Mahal
    Jaskaran Singh Mahal 17 days ago

    Though Hollywood looks bigger , it is because of the value of dollar is greater than rupee today

    • Sayan Dutta
      Sayan Dutta 14 days ago +1

      Jaskaran Singh Mahal not because of currency value because an average American earns much more than an average Indian

  • Jaskaran Singh Mahal
    Jaskaran Singh Mahal 17 days ago

    Why are siding the American always

  • SANJAY hn
    SANJAY hn 17 days ago

    Love you Bollywood

    AK - THE ROASTER 17 days ago

    world's biggest movie star is INDIAN (SHAH RUKH KHAN) so get fucked Hollywood

  • SGK_GaminG™
    SGK_GaminG™ 17 days ago

    Tollywood is Telugu film industry... and Bahubali isn’t Bollywood. It’s a Tamil and Telugu bilingual. Kollywood and Tollywood.
    I literally laughed at it but hey it’s a really well made video ;)

  • Coolcraftrobloxchannel 590

    I love Bollywood they have songs and dance and have action but not bloody like Hollywood ones

  • Param Ayush
    Param Ayush 18 days ago

    Tollywood is not bengali it is telugu and tamil

  • Mohit Sapra
    Mohit Sapra 18 days ago

    look mate i hate bollywood, but bahubali is not a bollywood movie.

  • SFS Abhishek Gupta
    SFS Abhishek Gupta 18 days ago

    Hollywood is no match for Bollywood. Hollywood show unrealistic things which never gonna be true. Transformers😂 starwars😂 stuff like that

  • Abhishek Sharma
    Abhishek Sharma 18 days ago

    You suck

  • Abhishek Sharma
    Abhishek Sharma 18 days ago

    Just crap you should quit TVclip

  • Abhishek Sharma
    Abhishek Sharma 18 days ago

    Your lame

  • Abhishek Sharma
    Abhishek Sharma 18 days ago

    Dude you need to research this video is crap you barely know anything. Just see 3 idiots you suck buddy stop making videos

  • adone pancholi
    adone pancholi 18 days ago

    Well The way u watch movies Is made all the difference

  • All Rounder
    All Rounder 19 days ago +1


  • prince ashish
    prince ashish 19 days ago

    Hey...!!!Tollywood is not Bengali it's "Telugu"

  • Nikhil Goud
    Nikhil Goud 19 days ago

    Tollywood is Telugu...,not Bengali

  • Saksham Kumar
    Saksham Kumar 19 days ago

    Bollywood Stories sucks

  • Adhi Hoolageri
    Adhi Hoolageri 20 days ago

    Tollywood the telgu industry not Bengali

  • Logic 4 Life
    Logic 4 Life 20 days ago

    I watched Bahubali and Shar Rukh Khan is my favorite actor EVER!!

  • ash rbw
    ash rbw 20 days ago

    Bollywood is making bullshit these days..

  • Ansh Shah
    Ansh Shah 20 days ago

    Hollywood copied Bollywood boi

  • Nabila Heeya
    Nabila Heeya 20 days ago

    you don't even know the exact history of Bollywood 😑

  • Venkataramana Bhat
    Venkataramana Bhat 20 days ago

    No Indian know about Batman the beginning but all India knows about Bahubali the beginning the infographic show please talk with manners when talking about Batman

  • TheDragonKing
    TheDragonKing 20 days ago

    It's not really a comparison.Hollywood has higher quality movies which even make something entertaining out of a boring thing,and they even do great.Bollywood often turns to subplots like a love story to lighten the moods,and thereby ruins the effect.Of course,some movies are great,like Dangal.But if you really want to capture the essence of the movie,Hollywood is better.Yes,Bollywood has great movies to,but then there are always crappy shits like Judwaa 2 to kill you.Hollywood has them too,but in fewer quantity,and at a higher standard too.

  • Skyy B
    Skyy B 20 days ago +1

    Ahem ahem.. Richest actor in the world- SHAHRUKH KHAN (BOLLYWOOD)..

  • Ankita Vasavada
    Ankita Vasavada 20 days ago


  • Extreme Landings play

    so..bhurj khalifa vs lurj khalifa

  • Rahul Pradhan
    Rahul Pradhan 22 days ago

    Baap will be baap

  • sassoo so
    sassoo so 22 days ago

    can you please speak slower?

  • Tanush the BEAST
    Tanush the BEAST 22 days ago

    Tollywood is not bengali but tamil and telugu

  • ahana Roy choudhuri
    ahana Roy choudhuri 22 days ago

    Not to ignore we did find gender discrimination over here

  • Shubhjeet
    Shubhjeet 22 days ago

    In India the ticket prices of very low and hence they earn less money then Hollywood films and the Hollywood films Asin all over the world because most of the people in the world know English but they don't know Hindi

  • MY World My Wish
    MY World My Wish 22 days ago +1

    I am Indian bollywood

  • Farnaz Sayyed
    Farnaz Sayyed 22 days ago +8

    Not to be offensive but Bollywood movies are trash
    They mostly have no sense except some of them like dangal etc

    • Arjan Bhasin
      Arjan Bhasin 11 hours ago

      Ankita Nair
      You're older than me.
      I was born in May

    • Ankita Nair
      Ankita Nair 22 hours ago

      Arjan Bhasin November

    • Arjan Bhasin
      Arjan Bhasin 22 hours ago

      Ankita Nair
      Which month were you born in?

    • Ankita Nair
      Ankita Nair 23 hours ago

      Arjan Bhasin I'm 14 too. I can your tell your my age because of your profile pic

    • Arjan Bhasin
      Arjan Bhasin 23 hours ago

      Ankita Nair

  • Vikram Singh Rana
    Vikram Singh Rana 22 days ago

    Tollywood is not Bengali it's telgue

  • Jithin Patnaik
    Jithin Patnaik 22 days ago

    Tollywood is Telugu

  • Raja Mukherjee
    Raja Mukherjee 22 days ago

    As a Indian, I must say "Bollywood is shit even actors and actresses". Hollywood ♥️

  • Jay Shah
    Jay Shah 22 days ago

    And Now we have Avenegers Infinity War.. Breaking records and more... i didnt want to say the name .. its D.C

  • Sankar Mitra
    Sankar Mitra 23 days ago

    Tollywood thanks I m watching it in bengal

  • Naga Raju
    Naga Raju 23 days ago

    Matt demon and jimmy Kimmel live why ♥️

  • Jatin ka jamana
    Jatin ka jamana 23 days ago

    I watch both bolyholywood

  • Roshni Sah
    Roshni Sah 23 days ago

    ❤❤❤❤J law and shah rukh khan

  • Avijit Dey
    Avijit Dey 23 days ago

    Chinawood? Haha. Can be a lot of countries though lol

  • bindu smkumaran
    bindu smkumaran 23 days ago

    Baahubali is a kollywood movie

  • Gamingbanana Dude
    Gamingbanana Dude 23 days ago

    Im indian but both r good

  • Gamingbanana Dude
    Gamingbanana Dude 23 days ago

    Both r good

  • SerialKiller139
    SerialKiller139 24 days ago

    that pronunciation eindi eww

  • Brokick Vines
    Brokick Vines 24 days ago

    I am an Indian I love holly wood the most

  • Hamzah Hashmi
    Hamzah Hashmi 24 days ago

    Interesting video. As someone who watches movies from both industries, I have to say that both make movies that fit a certain mood. For casual entertainment, I prefer Hollywood movies since they have better quality of content and I don't get emotionally invested in them. Bollywood on the other hand makes movies that I watch when I want to feel a certain way, which is largely due to the music from that movie. But now, there are fewer Bollywood movies that are worth watching since most of them are cheesy and poorly made. Hollywood stays consistent when it comes to making good movies so there's almost always a movie worth watching in the theater.

  • Jyoti jain
    Jyoti jain 24 days ago

    The rock is cooking

  • Jyoti jain
    Jyoti jain 25 days ago

    What about infinity war

    ROHIT RAJESH 25 days ago

    Come on now . you don't know how to pronounce BAHU

  • Navvye Anand
    Navvye Anand 25 days ago

    This is wrong
    3idiots had 88 billion

  • Grandhi Prakrithi
    Grandhi Prakrithi 25 days ago

    tollywood is not a bengali industry it is a TELUGU industry

  • Pranav M
    Pranav M 25 days ago

    Wasn't the highest grossing movie in 2012 Avengers, not Spiderman?

  • Hangover weeknds
    Hangover weeknds 26 days ago

    India is good but only problem here is that the city structures are not well scaled and uts surrounding is not clean u will get a gloomy fellings here
    But i love my country

  • Hathi Vai
    Hathi Vai 26 days ago

    Hollywood I hate Bollywood

  • Kushagra Mishra
    Kushagra Mishra 26 days ago +1

    I love both!

  • Bangtan Sonyeondan
    Bangtan Sonyeondan 26 days ago

    HOLLYWOOD OF Course!!

  • Saurabh Jha
    Saurabh Jha 26 days ago

    i m Indian..but Hollywood is far better...and Bollywood is just an shit of fucking garbage...btw old Bollywood was even far better than Hollywood

  • Varis Assasin
    Varis Assasin 27 days ago

    Holywood is succesful

  • All in One
    All in One 28 days ago

    Hollywood is king finally

  • taran khela
    taran khela 28 days ago +1

    Avatar movie made $ 2.7 billion. Why don’t included.