Joe Rogan | Why is Jon Jones Talking Trash to Stylebender? w/Brendan Schaub

  • Published on Apr 15, 2019
  • Taken from MMA Show #62 w/Brendan Schaub:

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  • Peter L
    Peter L 2 days ago

    People busted on Steroids multiple times should never be considered the Greatest of all time.

  • Jimmy Jay
    Jimmy Jay 2 days ago


  • Michael Pinheiro
    Michael Pinheiro 7 days ago

    Well Brendan shut down his argument against the trash talk real quick when joe didn’t agree. Amazing how little joe said to sway Brendans stance from flat out hating it to thinking it’s the greatest thing ever.

  • Boogie City
    Boogie City 9 days ago

    There both 6/4 inches only a matter of time same height same range ...saying that to say this JON JONES IS THE GOD OF MMA

  • Christopher Smith
    Christopher Smith 9 days ago

    Daddy teaches brendan another lesson. Good boy.

  • Ex Gleipnir
    Ex Gleipnir 9 days ago

    Jones is one of the beasts in the bible. Israel ... His identitt is self explanatory lol. God works in odd fashions in multiple places at once. Israel can take Jons fame. His momentum. He can have the image John never can. They are both Cancers like myself. Jon is just your rare crab from a bucket. Whos head never left the bucket. Hes gonna try and demolish israels career. He cant though. Its just something that wont happen because of who israel is. Its too late. Israels gonna make his mark

  • Marcus Trummer
    Marcus Trummer 9 days ago

    I think Jones better go up to HW cause Johnny walker is coming for him dude, and he's gonna kick some ass

  • Loaneen Heimuli
    Loaneen Heimuli 14 days ago

    Schaub wants to ride all of fighters nuts 😆

  • Loaneen Heimuli
    Loaneen Heimuli 14 days ago

    Jones wants beat Bender now cuzz Bender will get better down the line. If later comes Jones might get beat

  • Jay R. Knox
    Jay R. Knox 17 days ago +1

    Jon Jones don’t like the fact that he fought Silva like that.

  • lalthan sanga
    lalthan sanga 19 days ago +2

    Jon finally met his competitor in LHW. Jon is the best in LHW due to his massive height and reached advantages. Finally there is someone now who has almost identical stats with skilled fighter like him.
    Before you all fire back at me please remember Jon is the greatest LHW fighter of all time. I agree that. But compare to yourself if you were to fight a 6ft 4 inch and a reach of 84 inches do you think you have a chance?

    • lalthan sanga
      lalthan sanga 18 days ago

      +v In a fight especially ufc its so hard to predict because one good punch or kick could end up in trouble just like Jon's did it against Cormier in 2 match. DC was having upper hand this time until one fatal kick. Likewise, I would bet for Jon's too. But atleast this time there won't be so much advantage over his oppenent would be interesting 😉

    • v
      v 18 days ago +1

      You are actually right, it'd be interesting to see. I got my money on Jones tho.

  • Rydell Jugwels
    Rydell Jugwels 19 days ago

    Joooeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! Why not have a Proper confo wit Mr mcregor??? The fans want to get his side.

  • Beantown Hooligan
    Beantown Hooligan 19 days ago

    Who comes up with those stupid names.BS reads into things like pist off GF such a dick rider

  • Mazkebar
    Mazkebar 20 days ago +1

    HOW THE FUCK IS JON ‘BLOW JOB’ JONES IS THE “BEST” in the WORLD?! HOW?! By eye-gouging? Or by kneeing and soccer-kicking opponents, OR shall we say Pictogram-Dosing Cheating Sack of Shit Subhuman?! HOW?!

  • Seth Paul
    Seth Paul 23 days ago

    Are those the ugliest headphones ever? 🤔

  • ozzyphil74
    ozzyphil74 23 days ago

    These guys are right about the thrash talking being somewhat positive for the MMA though. I didn't follow the sport until Connors/ Khabib. Now I love and follow the sport and have even gone back to watch the great historical fights and fighters. Interesting enough, I start following just as two Naija born boys make it to the top. I'm Nigerian so how cool is that.

  • Generett Bell
    Generett Bell 24 days ago

    Fuck Brendan Schaub

  • chadpainter1k
    chadpainter1k 24 days ago

    hot senior in high school and style bender is the new freshman lol buddy israel is 29 jon is 31 please stop

    • Sif SIF
      Sif SIF 22 days ago

      chadpainter1k all I’m saying is I’m pretty sure he meant style bender is a new comer to the ufc where Jon has been there for awhile ya know

    • chadpainter1k
      chadpainter1k 22 days ago

      Sif SIF well what classify as young lion lol they are both considered middle age in the fight game style bender actually fought more times than he has cause h me has like 70 kick boxing matches in reality style bender is the old lion he’s more seasoned not to mention he’s been knocked unconscious

    • Sif SIF
      Sif SIF 22 days ago

      chadpainter1k i don’t think he was talking about their age difference..

  • chadpainter1k
    chadpainter1k 24 days ago

    schaub is so bad

  • Петр Янько
    Петр Янько 24 days ago

    Stylebender have fights in HW)

  • wr4
    wr4 24 days ago +4

    Izzy was 100kg at one point in kickboxing and still crazy fast.

    NO GAMES 25 days ago

    Trash talk = MONEY, PERIOD BUT it's wasted time talking about Israel and bones, move on please. Also , moving ufc to ESPN plus was a dam mistake like they weren't making enough money already ! Dumb ass move .

  • David James
    David James 25 days ago

    Jon Jones would prison rape Israel. Wouldn't even be a contest. Santos is a harder opponent for him, lol.

  • big blue 32
    big blue 32 25 days ago

    Schaub is such a hater!

  • Gogeta SSJ4UI Kao-ken xInfinity

    Jon Jones is trash

  • Alex Jones Bitch
    Alex Jones Bitch 25 days ago +1

    Joe “Conor’s never been bigger” Rogan Lol dudes loyal for sure. Conor’s borderline irrelevant at this point. He hasn’t won a fight in YEARS

  • thumbsup131
    thumbsup131 26 days ago

    Jon would obliterate style bender and style bender knows it

  • LamaLucian
    LamaLucian 26 days ago

    I was legit in the clubs with Israel last weekend

  • Lamarle Dennis
    Lamarle Dennis 26 days ago

    Talking like they mandingos or summat

  • David Walker
    David Walker 26 days ago

    Something so extra gay about Brendan suck Joe Rogans Dick Schaub.

  • John Washington
    John Washington 26 days ago

    Jon “but he wants to let everybody know” Rogan

  • Job Bouwman
    Job Bouwman 27 days ago

    Brendan Schaub is the kind of guy to wash his hands before and after using the toilet.

  • alienindacloset
    alienindacloset 29 days ago

    LOL at the MEAN GIRLS comparision...

  • Joe Blow2
    Joe Blow2 29 days ago

    Because Jones is scared to speak a name.... Johnny Walker.

  • willmachado1
    willmachado1 29 days ago

    Joe vs Brendan. Joe for the W

  • Akad Akad
    Akad Akad 29 days ago +2

    Jon Jones said it would be interesting how fighting these upcoming young fighters... As he's finished the so called legends... I don't see anything disrespectful about that... Izzy should be happy Jon even mentions him in his conversation. Real talk

  • theomega616
    theomega616 29 days ago

    Schaub would literally lick the sweat of Jon Jones nuts after a hard work out .... stop being so gross, he isn't a god. I've never been wowed by Jon, ever. He wins but it's not "OMG"

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  • William Lacombe
    William Lacombe Month ago

    Schaub like you buddy. ,but going public about your friendship with ronda rousey! Not very classy !!! Not to mention how she was blown up talked up manipulated up into something she wasnt. For the fortunes of the ufc was pretty sleezy if im asked.considering she really at the time was still a kid was i thought both heartless and dubious.Dana a fight expert supposedly putting a bug up her ass and the world claiming she could beat floyd mayweathef in the octagon.she was whst 22 and the president of the ufc is fling her head with this shit.and she hadnt ever even fought a real puncher yet like holly who i knew might win .never mind amanda nunez whom i not sure is even really a female.u know ronda got all thesr movies offers and was considering retiring for hollwood and all of a sudden shes getting mat hed up withcompletly different fighters than all het fight previous Danamade her with one favorable matchup after anothet and when he thought she wasgonna fight 1 or 2 mire times he decided not with that belt she isnt.he wasnt going to alliw the world champ in the peoples mind not bea ufc employee .it would make the next champ he set her up with a stri g of devadtating punchers.and it ruined ronda..the movie deals went away and she was so besten like a dog she got married.thats cold cold cold .Dana whites a deviousmothet fucker

  • Flacko SevensUP
    Flacko SevensUP Month ago

    I think Jones should just move up to heavyweight

  • Angelo Watson
    Angelo Watson Month ago

    “Their both black let’s fight”

  • Music Styck Arnis Kiyta

    They're both. Black....well damn he slipped that in there 1:24

    • Marcus Powell
      Marcus Powell 4 days ago

      I know right lol this is the second time i heard the cunt say something like this, what he dont know is being black has nothing to do with MMA lool

    • Music Styck Arnis Kiyta
      Music Styck Arnis Kiyta 14 days ago

      +gallantmon afro it was just a little humor. I'm black too

    • gallantmon afro
      gallantmon afro 14 days ago +2

      But he his right, I think Jones on the other guy wants to see who is the more alpha Male, I am a black guy myself but that's not a big deal he put that in...he his telling the truth.

    • LD King
      LD King 29 days ago +3


  • Redslayer86
    Redslayer86 Month ago +1

    I don't like Jones, but he would absolutely destroy Ngannou.

  • The Duke Guy
    The Duke Guy Month ago

    Joe 'Im never gonna grow my hair' rogan

  • Jon Fucken Zerka
    Jon Fucken Zerka Month ago +6

    Joe "a buddy of mine" Rogan

  • zaa ooo
    zaa ooo Month ago

    roid jones is irrelevent at the mo ,stylebender is the new sensation and jones is pissed hes not in the limelight.

  • Chad Mosley
    Chad Mosley Month ago

    Y’all both do nothing but talk shit

  • YoBobNJ
    YoBobNJ Month ago

    You two guys talking about it is exactly why he's talking trash.

  • Anthony House
    Anthony House Month ago

    John Jones is not the greatest of all time fuck of with that shit haha

    • swadey 2.0
      swadey 2.0 Month ago

      +Anthony House can't deny that lol

    • swadey 2.0
      swadey 2.0 Month ago

      +Anthony House true lol

    • Anthony House
      Anthony House Month ago

      swadey 2.0 😂😂 he’s on the 💉

    • swadey 2.0
      swadey 2.0 Month ago

      +Anthony House did Jon get knocked out or did he tap? I never saw the fight my bad

    • Anthony House
      Anthony House Month ago

      swadey 2.0 usada

  • Threshold Pictures
    Threshold Pictures Month ago

    Lol the Lightweight division is a lot of young men that lost to Jon Jones and Cormier and now are old men. Jk hahaha

  • Mani kanta Ravuru
    Mani kanta Ravuru Month ago

    anybody who jon jones beat recently, will eat style bender. imagine him against gustavson.

  • Qa Jama
    Qa Jama Month ago

    Jon vs Cain


  • Ashaolu Family
    Ashaolu Family Month ago

    This is ridiculous! I love Jon Bones Jones but dude, stay in your lane. Stylebender is 183-pounder and isn't even in your division! Let the dude get his shine. We know you're the GOAT but you need to calling out Daniel "double cheeseburger" Cormier or even Brock Lesnar and take that Heavyweight title or/and get that big pay day with Brock. Your "beefing down" by exchanging words with Adesanya.

  • Gogeta
    Gogeta Month ago

    if stylebender gets big enough to fight Francis Ngannou I want him drug tested every two hours.

  • Will Horner
    Will Horner Month ago

    Two gay men talking

  • polynikes9
    polynikes9 Month ago

    Joe saying Conor is still relevant...nobody gives a fuck about Conor...he's a washed up has-been who would get raped by the top 4 or 5 guys in his division.

  • Bleek Skaduwee
    Bleek Skaduwee Month ago

    I could see Jon Jones finishing Santos with a liver kick

  • shortyworkinit
    shortyworkinit Month ago

    He’s hating cause he’s next up.

  • Michael Villanueva
    Michael Villanueva Month ago

    Brenden Schaub should let the man talk gad dammit

  • Matt Muhle
    Matt Muhle Month ago

    Brendan "he's a stud" Schaub

  • Jacob Horton
    Jacob Horton Month ago

    Boooooo Jon Jones needs to get lost, I loved him before he tested positive for like 6 years straight, now he just tries to get attention shit talking like mcgregor, he’s gonna be able to become relevant just quickly enough to retire

  • Eseta Mamea
    Eseta Mamea Month ago

    Jones is Michael Jordan & Israel Adesanya is more like Larry bird. One on one I pick jones

  • ZG Rioo84
    ZG Rioo84 Month ago

    "THEY took it away from him,all those months,when he tested positive...."FUCK THAT FUCKING CHEATER!!!!!

  • Christopher andrew
    Christopher andrew Month ago

    Baddest on the planet?
    Highly doubtful.

  • Clint Collins
    Clint Collins Month ago

    I’m sure I remember shaub talking that negative shit about Izzy. Now he has had to shutup

  • Alex Purdy
    Alex Purdy Month ago

    Elbow u into oblivion 😂

  • Bond J
    Bond J Month ago

    Y'all better stop beefing black Kings rule

  • MakenUser913
    MakenUser913 Month ago

    I love how they hype the shit out of Jones saying he could own people at HW but make no mention of him shying away from DC at that level. Guarantee you when he loses hes going to have a mental break.

  • BL Guerrilla Entertainment

    U wonder when Joe Rogan will stop sucking off Jon Jones. 🤔

  • Izzy Avila
    Izzy Avila Month ago

    John pico Jones

  • Todd
    Todd Month ago

    When it comes down to it. Jone Jones can't win it compete with out cheating. He's just mad that someone else has the talent that Jones could've have but Jones is just a complete piece of shit and missed his true opportunity to be a great fighter. That is why Jones is talking shit about Adesanya

  • Foreal Tho
    Foreal Tho Month ago +1

    Brandon “he’s a stud” Schaub

  • Caleb Jones
    Caleb Jones Month ago

    Khabib vs Jon Jones

  • Blurr Logic
    Blurr Logic Month ago

    I think rich franklin and Jon Jones would be an epic fight.

  • Mr T
    Mr T Month ago

    It's not hate, its good competition aka acknowledging, also I wanna see MVP vs StyleBender or vs Bones, I need something I dont which is actually possible but guaranteed blockbuster

  • Ageezy16
    Ageezy16 Month ago

    Jon “it was dick pills” Jones is a joke

  • Jimmy hall
    Jimmy hall Month ago +2

    Style bender looked average against Gastelum. Jon Jones would destroy him.

    • Hustla Robbie
      Hustla Robbie 2 days ago

      +willmachado1 shitty. Stylebender fucked his shit up

    • willmachado1
      willmachado1 29 days ago +1

      How did Gastelum look against Stylebender?

  • Chris White
    Chris White Month ago

    Jones would make Adensayna his bitch with minimum effort,
    Better in all areas, Adasayna need to check his ego at the door cause he’s talking like he’s a lot better then he’s is.
    Will be good for his career to fight jones and take that beating, and Jones is the man to put this kid back into line.
    Jones wins by brutal ko punching Adesanyas head off the mat like a basketball.

  • Paki Fighter
    Paki Fighter Month ago

    Brendan «All Nuts Rider» Schaub

  • J Dizzle
    J Dizzle Month ago

    No one can touch Bones at Lightheavy. I never watched mean girls. I have a pee pee and bahls.

  • FlyerThanAnOstrich
    FlyerThanAnOstrich Month ago

    Jon Jones? U mean Martian Manhunter, right?

  • Douglas Harris
    Douglas Harris Month ago

    Brendan just doesn’t like Jones

  • Bman 25
    Bman 25 Month ago

    whos a better wrestller jones or khabib?????

  • lidicky ball
    lidicky ball Month ago +3

    Joe "his top game is off the charts" Rogan

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  • James Waugh
    James Waugh Month ago

    What GOAT did he kill? Just curious. Silva is on coast these days, in his prime he would of beat this cocky fool into next week. IMO... of course!

  • Richard Bland
    Richard Bland Month ago


  • Joe -n- Texas
    Joe -n- Texas Month ago

    Roids make you angry, that’s why.

  • Im Bawz
    Im Bawz Month ago

    how the hell can john beat 6 hw in one night when his cardio cant hold up after 3 rounds? jesus brendan learn fighting

  • Alua Mota
    Alua Mota Month ago

    Fuck that
    Jones vs johnny walker, lets go

  • Raul Lara
    Raul Lara Month ago

    Bruh Jon Jones vs stylebender doesn't sound good right now. let me bulk up to 185 and ill fight him. XD

  • lia lialaia
    lia lialaia Month ago

    Did Joe have an exorcism at the end of the video?

  • Braxton Marshall
    Braxton Marshall Month ago

    I like how he said Jon is on a run now
    Now? He always has been since he started never lost
    That dq doesnt count we all know Jon won anyway
    It's just funny to me
    He is undefeated never been beaten but says he is on a run now lol
    I mean I guess cause all the suspension but idk doesnt seem right to me

  • Aeorsyn
    Aeorsyn Month ago

    schaubs gassed out

  • Craftbeerdy
    Craftbeerdy Month ago

    Thiago santos, jacaré souza and Whitaker are probably the most dangerous opponents for jon jones!

  • meanmrmustard007
    meanmrmustard007 Month ago

    They're both black 😭🤣🤣🤣🤣 lost my shit...

  • sagenblade
    sagenblade Month ago

    Brendan is Jones hater... smh he's wack!! He just doesn't want his left nut (Stylebender) to get his ass whooped!!!

  • Noah Williams
    Noah Williams Month ago

    I still wanna know if Rumble is that guy the beats Jon Jones.

  • Lokesh
    Lokesh Month ago

    N isreal is lyka cheer girls infont of him nothing else...i feell

  • Lokesh
    Lokesh Month ago

    Even if i dint lyk jon jones i would bet on him but i lyk jon bones jones ...n i dun see any one but i would lyk to see power of brock lesnar agAinst him