• Published on Apr 2, 2016
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 - 10th SPECIALIST FOUND! :O
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Comments • 10 436

  • Arthur Morgan
    Arthur Morgan Year ago

    so blackjack can pull out that robot specialists mini-gun out of a non robotic arm? that would be ugly and gross.

  • Suractul 31
    Suractul 31 Year ago

    He throws supply drops

  • Christian Martinez

    Your so ugly in the beginning of 2016

  • spark
    spark Year ago

    in infinite warfare he takes out two disitagrater guns 21

  • Bryce Sewell
    Bryce Sewell 2 years ago

    he could drop supply drops for himself

  • Sarko Gamer
    Sarko Gamer 2 years ago

    he opens suply drop and what weapon he gets he use it until he dies or rain out of ammo

  • AssAssIn XXXL
    AssAssIn XXXL 2 years ago

    take of his hood

  • Bryden Graham
    Bryden Graham 2 years ago


  • GABRIELIUS Zilinskas
    GABRIELIUS Zilinskas 2 years ago

    he is in the contracts btw

  • GABRIELIUS Zilinskas
    GABRIELIUS Zilinskas 2 years ago

    blacI jack has if course 2 specialist weapons 1.jack of spades takes there body and weapons final one is taking there specialist weapon.That is all I know.

  • vForcIe vForce
    vForcIe vForce 2 years ago

    THE SPECIALIST HAS A THING CALLED ROGUE AND U HAVE TO GET FIVE KILLS AND The last person you kill that's your specialist same as the persons weapon specialist

  • BentBanana 12
    BentBanana 12 2 years ago

    The reason why blackjack may of scratched phropits name is because he took the tempest and used it as his rogue so he can take other people's specialists and tempest and rogue look the same don't they

  • EllieMae xox
    EllieMae xox 2 years ago

    Go back to the vid when u was looking on the map with with the specialist in the pods and look at the card in the empty one it's the jack of spades the spade is black and the cards character is called jack and together it makes the name black jack

  • Travis French Music
    Travis French Music 2 years ago

    he probaly just kills everyone in the game

  • Junior Sanchez
    Junior Sanchez 2 years ago


  • Daniel Cooper
    Daniel Cooper 2 years ago

    Ehh, I remember when I thought this was fake. Oh the memories :)

  • YouJustGot0wned - Fortnite

    umm the gun he always has in his hand.

  • Mahesh Iyer
    Mahesh Iyer 2 years ago

    black jack weapon might be the blackhat!!!!!!!

  • LdJuK
    LdJuK 2 years ago

    Pause at 2:51
    You'll thank me later

  • Toby Keathley
    Toby Keathley 2 years ago

    he will sneak up with a knife STAB in the head

  • The wiseguy Thewiseguy

    and they launch 20 feet when you get them

  • The wiseguy Thewiseguy


  • nahyan almarzouqi
    nahyan almarzouqi 2 years ago

    lol I'm guessing he's gonna throw spade cards

  • Jenny Flores
    Jenny Flores 2 years ago

    I have black jack I hot him on the contract

  • Oliver Chevis
    Oliver Chevis 2 years ago

    I think he could have like dual wield 44 mags fully upgraded, i know it's pretty lame but that's all I can think of

  • Oliver Chevis
    Oliver Chevis 2 years ago


  • Kyle Meep
    Kyle Meep 2 years ago

    His metal hand

  • Michelle lopez
    Michelle lopez 2 years ago

    hw does ali a know

  • the lost soul
    the lost soul 2 years ago

    black Jacks specialist might be any random dlc wepon

  • Dylan Fitch
    Dylan Fitch 2 years ago

    black jack sucks now you can only use it for 1 hour

  • mike CO2 LOL
    mike CO2 LOL 2 years ago

    i tought black jack is gonna make u homeless with supply drops

  • trey manu
    trey manu 2 years ago

    What if u use a blackjack on a easter egg manican

  • TGS Mills
    TGS Mills 2 years ago

    thank God it's not in supply drops

  • potato firehydrant
    potato firehydrant 2 years ago

    I don't have a choice. :( I don't have black market, Campaign or blacksmith :::::((((((

  • Noice
    Noice 2 years ago

    What if BlackJack steals BlackJack?

  • Derek Santiago
    Derek Santiago 2 years ago

    his power pistol in his hand in the black market!!!

  • Krizikz
    Krizikz 2 years ago

    I rekon he will have his guns thats he got on him

  • ツQism
    ツQism 2 years ago

    It would be cool if the blackjack can take control of enemy uavs, sentry guns etc...

  • Symon Correa
    Symon Correa 2 years ago

    Give any dlc weapon

  • iFury Onyx
    iFury Onyx 2 years ago

    Maybe he like boosts towards you and takes your gun? Like he boosts towards you and takes your gun and starts shooting you?

  • Delpier Boss
    Delpier Boss 2 years ago

    I think he we steal players care package without him being next to it or can hack in any scorestreak

  • Ryan Eller
    Ryan Eller 2 years ago

    His shirt is amazing

  • RJ Parent
    RJ Parent 2 years ago

    What if he could use any dlc weapon? Like you set it before the game then use it like the any other specialist weapon

  • Cobra Gomez
    Cobra Gomez 2 years ago

    I think he will take off his hoodie and maybe there something there or if a player looks at him during his specialist ability they die instantly

  • Jack Kenny
    Jack Kenny 2 years ago

    I think that you could get a supply drop wepon but it is at random

    SS ONEXEYEDKING 2 years ago

    his weapon would be
    a dual wield pistols but rare one

  • le ly
    le ly 2 years ago

    he might just drop care packages near you

  • Mr. captinoo5
    Mr. captinoo5 2 years ago

    maybe you get a supply drop

  • O Ponick
    O Ponick 2 years ago

    Who came here to see if the re upload is same?

  • Chaos Gamer
    Chaos Gamer 2 years ago

    Black jacks wepon could be a random supply drop wepon

  • Hexagon
    Hexagon 2 years ago

    He maybe Will be able to drop supply drops and you get a weapon to use

  • TheFrostFighter
    TheFrostFighter 2 years ago

    1st specialist
    gains more kripto keys per game
    2nd specialist
    throws exploding supply drops

  • YoungWolfRoxas
    YoungWolfRoxas 2 years ago

    I reckon he will spawn a random weapon as a specalist weapon

  • lukey19252
    lukey19252 2 years ago

    blackjack could use any black market weapons

  • Michelle Copela
    Michelle Copela 2 years ago

    I will use it

  • Fury
    Fury 2 years ago

    He will unlock his car with cryptokeys and buy the mystery box with cod points

  • KungFuJesuz
    KungFuJesuz 2 years ago +1

    Pause 1:45 😂😂😂

  • sam zulueta
    sam zulueta 2 years ago

    the pistol he holds

  • CLEX wonder
    CLEX wonder 2 years ago

    it shoes him holding a pistol

  • Master 7734
    Master 7734 2 years ago

    I think that mug is his specialist wepon

  • Ultrras YT
    Ultrras YT 2 years ago

    I don't think cod will be that dumb, I think its like combat focus. Once u pop it, u need to kill them to get the ability they r using. So if they have overdrive, and u wants it, u can kill them, while blackjack is popped, and take it. Even if they don't have it popped. Or it could be like rejack. It could wait till its time to activate. U die kill as much as u want, but once u get that kill while they're using their specialist, u instantly get what they had out.

  • game life
    game life 2 years ago

    Wouldn't it be dope if he had magnetic gloves "sticky fingers" that do some cool shit

  • ItzLewis 727
    ItzLewis 727 2 years ago

    who else guessed the ability

  • G bruvas
    G bruvas 2 years ago

    guys go check out jimbothy he tells you how to get the 10th socialist

  • AllPepper No Salt
    AllPepper No Salt 2 years ago

    blackjack should throw playing cards at you and the card stays in you when you die

  • Scott Brown
    Scott Brown 2 years ago

    the spesholis is may be going to youws that pistol in his hand but its rapidfier and exsposiv bolits

  • bodie anderson
    bodie anderson 2 years ago

    His ability should be he pulls out a crate and random scorestreacks will start come down up to three

  • Lilnovelll
    Lilnovelll 2 years ago

    Supply drops that give a extreme version of certain guns

  • Keanen Dale
    Keanen Dale 2 years ago

    Cripto keys he will use them like a battle axe like he can throw them 😂

  • kane Thomas
    kane Thomas 2 years ago

    no I know how the the spesilest my dad told me he made bo2,3 and 1 it is kane her wepone is ghee locuse but even Beyer her ability is aim asiat where you can have you aim super still

  • YouTubeGeneral
    YouTubeGeneral 2 years ago

    He give you about 300 cryto but u will about get commun camos. It will kill everyone in the game

  • YouTubeGeneral
    YouTubeGeneral 2 years ago

    He give you about 300 cryto but u will about get commun camos. It will kill everyone in the game

  • TeX_Rippz
    TeX_Rippz 2 years ago

    he gives u free dlc weapons forever

  • Tyler Welch
    Tyler Welch 2 years ago

    well he's a thief so maybe when someone dies near him while the ability is on he gets the kill and the score streak

  • Aron Lucas Vokes
    Aron Lucas Vokes 2 years ago

    That pistol in his hands maybe I dint know

  • Tyler Durkin
    Tyler Durkin 2 years ago

    10th specialist should spawn a care package with a random gun scope and attachment

  • Xrayded 503
    Xrayded 503 2 years ago +1

    So....... What am I looking at??? Waste of video but maybe this weekend you will get lucky to get him.......... Xrayded503

  • Tom Mickleburgh
    Tom Mickleburgh 2 years ago

    A shield

  • Barbara McGuire
    Barbara McGuire 2 years ago +2

    i think he should be abel to make himself look like hes on you team but hes on the enemy team.

  • Death Cool
    Death Cool 2 years ago

    his real name is warlord

  • Acidins
    Acidins 2 years ago

    He has a pistol in his hand, so is that pistol upgraded to something special,or is that just his ability?🤔🤔

  • Spooky ket
    Spooky ket 2 years ago


  • Spooky ket
    Spooky ket 2 years ago

    It's not the black market trader it is p person called warlord

  • Esteban Palomera
    Esteban Palomera 2 years ago

    you have no fuckin proof that the blackjack specialist is the black market trader....

  • frozen Warrior
    frozen Warrior 2 years ago

    a joker card

  • Callum Pitt
    Callum Pitt 2 years ago

    I think it could have like something crazy like LAVA COMING OUT HIS HAND or even in campaign where your character hacks thins

  • Purple guy slayer
    Purple guy slayer 2 years ago

    Marshall 16

  • The Horizon
    The Horizon 2 years ago


  • Marco Ianni
    Marco Ianni 2 years ago

    takes there loadouts

    • Marco Ianni
      Marco Ianni 2 years ago


  • TopShelf Gaming
    TopShelf Gaming 2 years ago

    His right hand is Kendrick maybe it's a 1 punch kill

  • Alfie Haysom
    Alfie Haysom 2 years ago

    The Card Was A Jack Of Spades In Black
    Hence The Name Blackjack

    • deathjr112
      deathjr112 2 years ago

      U know that spades is black right?

  • Alfie Haysom
    Alfie Haysom 2 years ago

    I thought this was part of the DLC?

  • Ben Short
    Ben Short 2 years ago

    Call of duty infinite supply drops

  • Dylan Groot
    Dylan Groot 2 years ago

    if an enemy is calling in a care package you will get what is in the package

  • T- MAN
    T- MAN 2 years ago

    He could throw cards

  • John Cooper
    John Cooper 2 years ago

    I think he will get cryptokeys every kill

  • Manspider
    Manspider 2 years ago

    What if he kills the robot specialist with his machine gun? Does the black jack guy just rip his arm off and hold it like some type of death machine?

  • Andrew Marrocco
    Andrew Marrocco 2 years ago

    how would he use the sythe

  • ThatOneGuy
    ThatOneGuy 2 years ago

    Black jack only avaible in supply drops

  • Stephano Sanahuja
    Stephano Sanahuja 2 years ago

    "Jack" in the box