How to be Organized for School, College or Life - The 6 Habits of Highly Organized People

  • Published on Feb 16, 2017
  • How to be organized by using the top 6 habits of highly organized people. Want to be more productive, effective and focused? Adopt these 6 habits and you'll get your life organized and heading in the right direction.
    To get organized for school, college or life, you need a simple framework you can follow and put into action straight away - and this is it.
    Thanks to Nicole Anzia, a professional organizer from and a a columnist for The Washington Post, for her collaboration on this video.
    It is based on her article "6 Habits Highly Organized People Have in Common" -
    If you'd like to discover how to organize information in your mind, learn some best-practice memorization techniques and watch one-of-a-kind video training, visit
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  • Memorize Academy
    Memorize Academy  2 years ago +20

    What do you need to get organized? How many areas of your life can you apply these habits to?
    For more organizing tips, head over to
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    Sir please all video prepare in hindi

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    ClutterBug Month ago +4

    So many great tips to live by!

  • LilMizzLae
    LilMizzLae Month ago +4

    This was so great. Very concise. Thie information was presented in digestible chunks and was not overwhelming like many of the organizing videos out there are. The visuals also made it easy to process. Thanks for taking the time to make this!

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    For the like, three people who read this, Have an absolutely amazing day!😋

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    Just discovered this channel! Definitely more tips about becoming and staying organized please

  • Toasty
    Toasty 6 months ago +7

    It's more about progress. So, it's less about perfection and more about action.
    I spend 100% of my time making things perfect and only 25% finished instead of good enough and 100% finished.
    Edit: I love this video! It has helped me be less of a perfectionist at work. I have a lot to do, and not enough space to put things. So, staying organized is important, but spending too much time organizing doesn't help, it actually hurts.

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    Thank you so much! I need this!

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    I wish i was a unicorn, my house it a disgrace

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    I totally need to get more organised!

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      how are u today?

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    I loved the way u guys review things. It make me concentrate more on it. Thanks

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    My life is one big mess right now

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      same depression, and parents are arguing with school and highschool and pressure to be good, also i dont get that much love, and im 14 so i need to organize and start to begin my life once im 18.

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      I think its why most ppl are here

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      i feel you

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    Oh my god! This is absolutely fantastic! Thank you!

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    These are all good ideas thanks, I should be more organised now.
    A slight detail though: for food, I prefer to go by the smell and look of it because the dates are often just vague recommendations that do not necessarily indicate when it'll go off.

  • Amalea Smolcic
    Amalea Smolcic Year ago +3

    Little bits of paper EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Honestly I don't know what I would do without a whiteboard, I'm a serial tree killer but I've probably saved a few since I got a whiteboard/pin board... It's on the wall next to my bed near the light switch so I always see it, my lecturer @ uni said "But How dO you SLEeP!" ahaha, but it does help me going to bed and waking up knowing I'm getting things done instead of procrastinating so much!

    • Memorize Academy
      Memorize Academy  Year ago

      It's always a great visible reminder too, nice one Amalea :)

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    Hi Kyle!
    I just want to say that I love your videos and the way you teach. Everything is brilliantly explained!
    Thank you so much!

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    Thank You, I appreciate learning some tips and tricks from the organizing pros!

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    wow I love this channel more than any TVclip channel. awesome about the periodic table videos.

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    @4:32 , I read what the bin says : "Hurt". Date of expiry :Yesterday.
    I know it's yoghurt 😂 but I'll take it as "being hurt was enough for yesterday and those feels expire today"

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    This channel has just huh............😒😒 EARNED A SUBSCRIBER!!!???!!!! 😋😋😋😋😋 I LOVE THIS CHANNEL for the six habits of toppers I printed the whole four sheets and I'm excited to start! Thanks Guys!!😋😋😝

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    Thanx a lot! This video helped me so much.

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    All the things seem like common sense and I've come to all of these conclusions at one time-point or another, but... having them put together so neatly and explained so simply really helps me create a clearer image of what I ought to do! Thank you! A very wise and useful video. :) Time to get myself together!

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    OMG!!!! You really did it!!!! Thank you so much for listening to my request! ❤The tips look so simple, I hope I will be able to create my own routine... And try not to be a perfectionist hahahaa

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    Hard when you live with people that dont care about others needs and goals

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      That's so clever 😅 thanks for a great video

    • Memorize Academy
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      Keep in mind these habits apply to all aspects of your life, so if you need to apply habit 6 to the people in your life too... ;)

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