Perfect Pitch Creation Takes On Genie’s song from Aladdin | Semi Final 5 | Britain's Got Talent 2017

  • Published on Jun 3, 2017
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    Perfect Pitch Creation Britain's Got Talent 2017 Semi Final Full Audition Including Judges Comment
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Comments • 278

  • Ziad Osman
    Ziad Osman 3 days ago

    Robin williams would be so proud of this
    R.I.P robin williams 😢

  • maddison1 kingston
    maddison1 kingston Month ago

    Pitch perfect

    They so look like them and swap the perfect and the pitch it will make pitch perfect it sounds like a song from a scary movie

  • Poop Inmybutt
    Poop Inmybutt Month ago

    Man they skipped a part

  • Ann Caine
    Ann Caine 5 months ago

    They are good

  • Sìofra Fleming-Joyce-s15
    Sìofra Fleming-Joyce-s15 6 months ago +1

    I think it is not a choir a choir is from school of church. They are not.
    they are just a group.

  • Sìofra Fleming-Joyce-s15
    Sìofra Fleming-Joyce-s15 6 months ago +1

    They are bad. St Patrick Jc is better. From co. Down.

  • MMer Austria
    MMer Austria 7 months ago

    Nothing speacial.. if they can come so far, the choir of my school would get also so far

  • Gacha Unicorn
    Gacha Unicorn 8 months ago

    Had actors for it and dance moves with great friends.

  • Kirishima Eijirou
    Kirishima Eijirou 8 months ago +1

    robin would be proud

  • SubZeroGamer xx
    SubZeroGamer xx 8 months ago +1

    Why does this remind me or Fairy Odd Parents

  • Skylor Chen
    Skylor Chen 8 months ago

    Hope no misheard lyrics😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Mireille Levert
    Mireille Levert 9 months ago

    quel régal de les entendre on ne sans lasse pas bravo a tous et a leur chef de coeur bravo bravo c'est super ! merci

  • dvk1106
    dvk1106 9 months ago

    Whooo you guys were so good

  • Erin Amy
    Erin Amy 9 months ago

    Not an impressive song choice

  • Glory Grace K.
    Glory Grace K. 9 months ago

    How did they do? All I can find is this performance, and their auditions. If there are any more videos of them please let me know.

  • Mireille Levert
    Mireille Levert 9 months ago

    ils sont tous super mignons et ils chantent très bien, bravo a tous, vous allez vers une longue carrière, merci a votre chef de coeur, vous avez une bonne ambiance, bravo, gros tisous a tous et toutes

  • nadia osman
    nadia osman 10 months ago +1

    Why does everyone keep hating on them they are just children

  • Hayley Reed
    Hayley Reed 10 months ago

    I love how a bunch of people are saying that they are not that good and if they are not good then why did they make it that far. Also don't say something rude about them then say its just a opinion. Which it is, but you are spreading negativity and no one wants to hear your rude ass comment.

  • Sir Cheesy
    Sir Cheesy 11 months ago

    The name of the song is friend like me and its realy awsome btw these kids are amazing

  • Swirly
    Swirly 11 months ago

    also please stop hating on these kids in the comments,, its just a show hhhhhhhhh

  • Tell me How can I Learn Pythona

    Blessed be your Nation!

  • Jordyn Nexus
    Jordyn Nexus 11 months ago +1

    They’re not anything special but somehow I’m getting chills 😊

  • Duncan Hillyard
    Duncan Hillyard Year ago

    yeah plus music talent now doesn't even know what the song's called it's called a friend like me

  • Mary's Dance World

    They looked like they were having a heap of fun!!!!

  • Aaron Tree
    Aaron Tree Year ago

    Aaron please can you come school

  • PiggieLi Ma
    PiggieLi Ma Year ago

    They r awesome! They have amazing vioces

  • Claire Eusterbrock

    All the haters need to back off. They’re kids! Sure they’re not as good as professional singers but they’re so amazing for their age! Everything the judges said about the choir making them happy is so true

  • Naliya Bryant
    Naliya Bryant Year ago

    Why no African Americans

    • Atro
      Atro 6 months ago


  • Guru Sandirasegaram

    Simon shut up let them warm up

  • Catz
    Catz Year ago

    I don’t really see what’s so special about them?

  • Tracy Lemire
    Tracy Lemire Year ago

    They are sooo good!

  • Grace and lachie hunter

    That was awesome I loved that so much

  • Britzel was here
    Britzel was here Year ago

    I'm in the jungle book play

  • wethehiddles
    wethehiddles Year ago

    Oh my goodness this was fantastic!! I actually started to clap with the audience haha. The performing arts group at my school is doing Aladdin this year, and they could learn from these kids.

  • Mutayyaba Siddiqui

    Stop hating

  • marise santana
    marise santana Year ago

    I loved it.

  • Arwa Alomari
    Arwa Alomari Year ago

    perfect pitch? lol guess pitch perfect was already taken 😂

  • Kyra Kaminski
    Kyra Kaminski Year ago

    Just at the intro I wanted to be a part of the choir!

  • Kayla Grainger
    Kayla Grainger Year ago

    This is so cute and they sound so great

  • Isabelle Satterlee

    Lol i think any school choir could get in after this.

  • DiyAndToys _
    DiyAndToys _ Year ago

    It is for a NOT efacsen weirdo

  • The Amateur Gamer

    I thought if they could do Matilda covers, it would be fitting

  • leonard grogan
    leonard grogan Year ago

    N. L oodiitboy t

  • Stuart randall
    Stuart randall Year ago


  • Gacha life sisters lily and Carmen Vlogs

    Who saw the bunny like if you did

  • A. Katherine Suetterlin

    Robin Williams would be proud. Well done!

  • Amber
    Amber Year ago

    Why is everyone hating there only kids I love them

  • Rose Breeze
    Rose Breeze Year ago

    I love it ❤

  • Ariana Jimenez
    Ariana Jimenez Year ago

    Yo are ansome

  • Carlee Clay
    Carlee Clay Year ago

    I want to be part of this choir

  • Lee R
    Lee R Year ago

    Derby kids!!!

  • Milly Lessin
    Milly Lessin Year ago +2

    While everyone is say how bad they are, no ones appreciating the Aladdin part of the performance?? C’mon ya guys show a bit of respect for the song, let alone the movie, let alone the amazing man who originally preformed this! Rest in Piece Robin Williams

  • Salix92
    Salix92 Year ago

    The music at the beginning is from a song of S Club 7............ UAAAAH MY CHILDHOOD !

  • Kirk Bready
    Kirk Bready Year ago

    This is a wonderful break away from the gloom and antagonisms of the 21st Century. When kids can pull together and celebrate their affection with heartfelt commitment, there is hope shining above the darkness. God bless them and their teacher.

  • Kayden YT
    Kayden YT Year ago

    Next to girl

  • TheBookNerd12
    TheBookNerd12 Year ago

    if this could get to the semis then my high school choir could win

  • Saoirse _1001
    Saoirse _1001 Year ago

    Its like I'm at my school concert

  • Ciphique
    Ciphique Year ago

    I get people saying that they're having a fun time, but BGT is about talent. This is just like seeing a school performance. Not something that's exactly worth paying for.

    CAPS LOCK Year ago

    Comment section: Wow like they're not special omg i'm in a high school varsity choir like we're so much better smh theyre not even harmonizing
    Me: One, this is a kids choir, not a professional opera chorus. Two, they are harmonizing, but you can't hear it over the clacking of your keyboard as you clog the comments with air-headed complaints. Lay off the kids choir.

  • Jerry Casebolt
    Jerry Casebolt Year ago

    The kids are great but obviously the director is the key

  • Bebe Aldridge
    Bebe Aldridge Year ago

    When you realise you sound like a goat compared to these peeps XD 😂😂

  • Creative
    Creative Year ago

    So cute.ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ

  • Musical Me
    Musical Me Year ago

    Love the enthusiasm in this

  • Cruz Dominguez
    Cruz Dominguez Year ago

    I am 8

  • Cruz Dominguez
    Cruz Dominguez Year ago

    I am 8

  • amy larimer
    amy larimer Year ago

    No No No My favorie song

  • lady Leela
    lady Leela Year ago +9

    did anyone else realize there was NO PITCH PERFECT!?!??!

  • flyeon
    flyeon Year ago +27

    They’re literally nothing special? I’m actually kinda confused on why they’re even there?

    • Sonic really wants 100 subscribers with no videos
      Sonic really wants 100 subscribers with no videos 7 months ago

      Sheppi _shelby he was being nice not flyeon

    • Sheppi _shelby
      Sheppi _shelby 11 months ago +1

      Please don't call them poor. If you dont have anything nice to say dont say it at all.

    • Mary's Dance World
      Mary's Dance World Year ago +1

      Quartz Child If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all. How do you think these poor kids will feel when they read your comment.

  • Ellie xox
    Ellie xox Year ago +1

    My auntie lives there Derbyshire!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Volleyball Otaku
    Volleyball Otaku Year ago +46

    The act wasn't bad.
    But I don't think it could be called a "choir"
    It was more just a group of people singing Friend Like Me.
    To me at least,choirs are when you have different sections of people with different voice ranges singing the harmony, melody, and so on. This really is just a group singing. Not really a choir. Choirs generally have Altos, Sopranos, Bass, Tenor. This was just everyone singing the melody. Choirs have people sing the harmony as well.

    • Mausbaer Mausbaer
      Mausbaer Mausbaer 6 months ago

      Volleyball Otaku of You Think that's not a Choir Then say that, but I was 7 years in a kids choir and that's how a kids choir working! Children have in this age not really different voices. It's a choir but think whatever you want!!!

    • Meh
      Meh 11 months ago

      Sheppi_shelby I Agree

    • Sheppi _shelby
      Sheppi _shelby 11 months ago

      I agree and I really can't even hear what they are singing.

    • Reva Myers
      Reva Myers 11 months ago

      Choirs don’t have to have parts. The are young kids with undeveloped voices so they won’t be able to hit the notes that specific parts would be able to. The official definition of a choir is a group of people singing together in unison. With some harmonies as a n option.

    • Meh
      Meh 11 months ago

      Solo's Too Right?
      I'm A Soprano In My Choir (For My School)

  • Hannah Welch
    Hannah Welch Year ago +8

    This sounds like a school performance. Anyone can do this why are they on America’s got talent

    • Maida Justino
      Maida Justino Year ago

      Hannah Welch vduh

    • Megan
      Megan Year ago

      Little JellyLlama *Britain's got talent

    • Rebecca S.
      Rebecca S. Year ago

      Little JellyLlama not sure

  • JennaBenna 04
    JennaBenna 04 Year ago

    This is like try not to cringe

  • Fairies & Mermaids Are Awesome

    Who a agrees with me that they sing way better singing of you never a
    had a friend like me? from Aladdin that Robbin Williams as Genie singing that same song? let me know what you think or tape me a massage from all of you.
    Cause they're really great and way better that Robbin Williams

  • MagdaH97
    MagdaH97 Year ago

    omg the hat xD

  • Jungshookie’s tae
    Jungshookie’s tae Year ago +3

    I mean, Anyone can sing like Perfect Pitch..

  • Rosa Rodriguez
    Rosa Rodriguez Year ago

    It's just that they're having somebody helping them and talent is somebody not helping

  • Rosa Rodriguez
    Rosa Rodriguez Year ago

    That's not terrible

  • Jasmine Flowers
    Jasmine Flowers Year ago +6

    What I don't get is why do they get 4 yeses but the one voice children's choir with Lexi walker didn't win. the one voice children's choir deserves to win children's

  • Elenore Söll
    Elenore Söll Year ago

    wow wow wow

  • ᗰᗩᖇᔕᕼᗰᗩᒪᒪOᗯ ᒪIᖴE

    im in a chori at my school my school chior is better than them

  • Tates Diy's
    Tates Diy's Year ago

    Not very impressed

  • Lexie Shepherd
    Lexie Shepherd Year ago

    I think everything was good

  • Mari_SVT Army
    Mari_SVT Army Year ago

    They practiced they're socks off to memorize a song..

  • ùwú
    ùwú Year ago +1

    Umm It takes alot of practice to do that!I'd like to see you do better with your 2 or 3 friends.

    • Rebecca S.
      Rebecca S. Year ago

      Mikayla Cooley ok but we might not be as loud cause there won't be as much of us as 41 kids but we can do it and sound way better so yeah sure

  • Tender Sheep
    Tender Sheep Year ago

    Can't understand anything they are singing.

  • Cynthia  McDaniel
    Cynthia McDaniel Year ago

    i love crowley isd honor choir from Texas. all 5th and 6th graders who must make good grades and they sing in harmonies...chorographed dances..even boy girl dances with lifts. oh and all different daughter is Black and White with blonde hair &blue . Take a listen. proud mary....last dance...and the twenties concerts were my favs

  • Kk Meowy
    Kk Meowy Year ago

    I think it was great mind the rude comments as they said they practiced the socks off.

  • Lillie Grace
    Lillie Grace Year ago

    They are good but not amazing it is just a normal choir my school choir sounds this good

  • Bryony-may Richardson

    My cousin is on this she is the first one who is zoomed into when singing the Aladdin song ! I am truly proud of her ! She did brilliant !

  • Rufus did It better

    I only hear kids singing nothing special, no offense

  • Shooting Star
    Shooting Star Year ago +1

    I don't now anyone here but I love these kids, they are doing what they love and the people love and so do I!

  • Megan Mair
    Megan Mair Year ago

    is there something wrong with my phone or is the noise really out of time with the video?

  • Leai Britton
    Leai Britton Year ago +1

    lmao show choir ?

  • Jun Cai
    Jun Cai Year ago +10

    Every one who has commented bad about the choir,will you let it go? They're just kids

    • Sheppi _shelby
      Sheppi _shelby 11 months ago

      Some aren't kids listen to what they said.

    • Adrian Willcocks
      Adrian Willcocks Year ago +1

      I Do agree 100%

    • Adrian Willcocks
      Adrian Willcocks Year ago +1

      Very true

    • Rebecca S.
      Rebecca S. Year ago

      Jun Cai yeah ok kids get judged all the time but when people judge them in the comments section of a TVclip video everyone is on their side kids get judged I should know I am a kid deal with it that's life you can't change a person's opinion

  • Maya Grace
    Maya Grace Year ago +80

    honestly it doesn't matter if they were good or bad you could tell they were having genuine fun

    • Claudia Ciempka
      Claudia Ciempka Year ago +1

      If this was just a random group on TVclip I wouldn’t be mad but they’re just average and they weren’t anything special

    • Haylla2008
      Haylla2008 Year ago +2

      It kind of is the point. They're in a competition. Competitions are there to pick out the best from the worst. Enthusiasm isn't a skill. It's a feeling.

    • autumn
      autumn Year ago

      Maya Grace
      The problem is I know someone who can sing WAY BETTER...she's a kid 😂

  • Marshalicious
    Marshalicious Year ago +2

    What's whit the Atari logo at the back? hahaa

  • gracie oakland
    gracie oakland Year ago +2

    Its so funny when its in slowmo and there singing and you cant here them

  • Debra Zenda
    Debra Zenda Year ago +3

    I thought they did a wonderful job. True it seemed like just a choir from an elementary school, however, do you see the beauty of a dedicated sister who wanted to make a difference in a young brother's life. To get 41 children together to sing like that and perform in front of famous judges is remarkable. These are just young ones who just had the time of their lives. I'm proud of them.

  • Violet Lynn
    Violet Lynn Year ago +2

    This is like my chorus made up of 41 5th graders and 41 4th graders

  • 2perfectcontortionists

    I'm not really impressed and well I'm not lien