PROJECT PINTEREST HOME | MeganBytes EP. 106 | MeganBatoon

  • Published on Feb 10, 2018
  • This week, I add some charm into my house with some quick fixes because I'm not ready to dive into demolishing, even though that does sound exhilarating.
    This is the banana leaf wallpaper I used:
    If you’ve read this far, comment: sassy lights
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    Hi you! I’m Megan Batoon! Oh, what’s my channel about? I’m so glad you asked. It’s an amalgamation of everything I’m into: dance choreography, comedy vlogs, cooking videos, DIY’s, who knows what I’ll do next? (Not me) I upload every Tuesday and release a new episode of my advice podcast ‘Just a Tip’ on Fridays! Wow, two things every week just for you. I hope you’re happy xx
    PROJECT PINTEREST HOME | MeganBytes EP. 106 | MeganBatoon
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  • Sean Joshua Lopez
    Sean Joshua Lopez Year ago +290

    Any new merch coming out soon?

    • SUMMER J.
      SUMMER J. Year ago

      Homebody hoodies/sweatshirts!

    • Caroline Carbia
      Caroline Carbia Year ago +1

      a book of your wisdom

    • Anna
      Anna Year ago

      Is it possible to do a "best of luck" crewneck version!? Omg pls I'd buy them all :'(

    • Evangelina De La Paz
      Evangelina De La Paz Year ago

      Lois Lane YES LOVE the yellow shirt idea!

    • Mason Singer
      Mason Singer Year ago


  • Super Goalie16
    Super Goalie16 2 months ago

    Who was getting out of the shower in the before shot

  • Siyu Lei
    Siyu Lei 3 months ago +1

    Still here, waiting for the before and after.

  • David Dark
    David Dark 5 months ago

    id rather see you with no make up than with make up

  • coco is browsing
    coco is browsing 6 months ago

    isn't wallpaper in a bathroom with a shower a dumb idea because of the steam and the possible wrinklage?

  • Bonnie Sigler
    Bonnie Sigler 9 months ago

    your going to hit a mill soon girl it's coming!!

  • Alliquake Grande
    Alliquake Grande Year ago


  • David Faker
    David Faker Year ago

    Could u buy home decoration in "evan and katelyn" etsy shop. They have a yt channel plus their decor looks clean

  • Angelina Casterline

    0:24 @@@@andrewww

  • NCBTY 211
    NCBTY 211 Year ago +1

    How does she look so good that early in the morning

  • Lust Medina
    Lust Medina Year ago

    So does she own this home or is she renting? If she's renting she's fucked

  • Mushroom Kid
    Mushroom Kid Year ago

    4:12 I think that the old lights gave prettier light

  • Becca Murphy
    Becca Murphy Year ago

    the pendent size is actually perfect!

  • youboring
    youboring Year ago

    is that a diss at Andrew ???????

  • viarko
    viarko Year ago

    I'm unstoppable.

  • Felicia Brehmer
    Felicia Brehmer Year ago

    LOVE the wallpaper in the bathroom!

  • Raquel Moreira
    Raquel Moreira Year ago

    Who else watching her here came from Shane’s Chanel ?? SHE AMAZING WHY DIDNT I NOTICE HER SOONER

  • cindy agoncillo
    cindy agoncillo Year ago

    This accurately describes my life as a homeowner and cat owner/cat mom. #neverdone

  • closinginonclosure

    Wonder if she realizes she randomly goes cross eyed all the time

  • Trish Hermano
    Trish Hermano Year ago

    Omg girl, where did you get that cute gold lamp?

  • maxime de cock
    maxime de cock Year ago

    Did you go on a 2 date with shane cameraman(Andrew)

  • Iin Hamzah
    Iin Hamzah Year ago

    sessy lights

  • Zack Syndicate
    Zack Syndicate Year ago

    Still not talking about Andrew xD?

  • I’m stupid but
    I’m stupid but Year ago

    Free will doesn’t exist

  • alberto figueroa
    alberto figueroa Year ago

    Where is camera man

  • Zimix Blue
    Zimix Blue Year ago

    So close to 1mil ba ba ba toon

  • Melissa Timmerman
    Melissa Timmerman Year ago +1

    Sooooo any news about Andrew??

  • Arianna Riverword
    Arianna Riverword Year ago +1

    She bought 3 lamps that were $82 each must be nice

  • Dynamic Entry
    Dynamic Entry Year ago

    lowkey Megan looks like Tekashi69 lol

  • Ryan Blake
    Ryan Blake Year ago

    You should date ANDREW!

  • Christina lolz
    Christina lolz Year ago


  • Stella Lozano
    Stella Lozano Year ago

    I know you have a boyfriend because of Shan Dowson v

  • Ella Bailey
    Ella Bailey Year ago


  • reznof brittain
    reznof brittain Year ago

    go to teamegde

  • samantha kuch
    samantha kuch Year ago

    Waiting Paitently for Megan to do the barn doors diy to her closet now so I can than do it to mine....and low key wondering about the andrew sitch. Lol

  • Bee Nadurata
    Bee Nadurata Year ago

    The doors reminded me of Monsters Inc.

  • Beya Nacef
    Beya Nacef Year ago +1

    Is there any news with Andrew? ( you were so cute together!)

  • Isabella Tan
    Isabella Tan Year ago

    sessy lights :0)

  • Alyssa Connor
    Alyssa Connor Year ago

    Sessy lights!

  • Jordan Suptic
    Jordan Suptic Year ago

    The house project is actually to welcome Andrew😂

  • Shania Davis
    Shania Davis Year ago

    Megan is one of my many inspirations tbh

  • 32lilbruce
    32lilbruce Year ago

    Megan, whats the new tatoo say?

  • Danny Gonzalez
    Danny Gonzalez Year ago

    Waiting on that hoodie merch!

  • Jennifer Del Rosario


  • Valentina Wolff
    Valentina Wolff Year ago

    I'm so glad Shane got me to your channel cause I'm so fricking in love with your content and personality, you're adorable

  • Sahar and stuff
    Sahar and stuff Year ago

    Are you and Andrew still going out?

  • MJ Dungca
    MJ Dungca Year ago

    Okay, whose leg was that at 4:01?????

  • Harem Royality
    Harem Royality Year ago

    You remind me of a Filipino Felicity Smoak

  • Sienna D
    Sienna D Year ago

    So like... Andrew Siwicki...

  • mychubbycheekerz
    mychubbycheekerz Year ago

    PROBABLY MOVES IN 1 YEAR...cuz she likes to change shit in her life ALL THE DAMN TIME bruhhhhh

  • tfoemcee
    tfoemcee Year ago


  • wolf garcia
    wolf garcia Year ago

    When she said "or when your waiting for a boy to text you back almost like torture " and i was like , you talking about andrew ???

  • ChristinaJKim
    ChristinaJKim Year ago


  • Kiana Dolly14
    Kiana Dolly14 Year ago +1

    Hows it going with andrew ;))))

  • alicia posthuma
    alicia posthuma Year ago

    youve quickly become one of my favorite youtubers and i just started watching your videos a few days ago 😭😭 i LIVE for the diy house vids btw ❤❤

  • Zachary Olson
    Zachary Olson Year ago

    sessy lights

  • Lisa Shin
    Lisa Shin Year ago

    I love your drive in achieving what you want! Thank you for reminding me to go try my best and put 100% into everything :)

  • Noelle
    Noelle Year ago

    Sessy lights

  • Christina
    Christina Year ago

    We have the same style taste. Nice

    CAROLINE NIX Year ago

    Sexy heat lamps 😂😂😂

    GOTHXANDY Year ago +1


  • blazerodgaming gaming

    I unsubscribed

  • Hadley Lambeth
    Hadley Lambeth Year ago +1

    Did you and Andrew work out??

  • Lizzz
    Lizzz Year ago

    I’m so obsessed with interior design myself and this just feeds my creativity😩I can’t wait to have my own place so I can do things like this too

  • Goober tuber
    Goober tuber Year ago

    Yeah hanging doors is not an easy task, might be biting off more than she can chew with that one. I have done alot of DIY but I wouldnt hang doors myself. You need to measure those doors and make sure they will fit the doorway, have enough clearance at the top to run a track and rollers etc, its a job for a carpenter really.

  • ItsyaboiiBrayan
    ItsyaboiiBrayan Year ago +1

    Your my new favorite TVclipr and I’m a straight kid 😊

  • ItsyaboiiBrayan
    ItsyaboiiBrayan Year ago +1

    Megan are you gonna go to another date with Andrew the one from Shane

  • Maleek Blake
    Maleek Blake Year ago +1

    Wheres andrew

  • The Lean Subscriber

    Megan is so beautiful always. 😍

  • Luis Espineira
    Luis Espineira Year ago

    I missed your cooking videos, but love your DIY videos now

  • 東Higashi
    東Higashi Year ago

    Sessy lights!

  • Bianca Saybe
    Bianca Saybe Year ago

    i absolutely love your aesthetic and i hope to achieve that one day

  • Laura Trezise
    Laura Trezise Year ago

    Megan is almost at 1 million! 😍😍💗

  • Cassandra VanDuyn

    Andrew updaaaaaatttteeee ❤️❤️❤️

  • Hiram Castro
    Hiram Castro Year ago

    Song at the end anybody?

  • A Boy
    A Boy Year ago

    Sessy lights

  • Mia
    Mia Year ago


  • Natalie Zeuner
    Natalie Zeuner Year ago +1

    It’s really annoying how people keep asking her about Andrew all the time. With that being said imma say something about him😂😂....Anyone else think 0:24 was directed towards Andrew?

  • Marie Sheehan
    Marie Sheehan Year ago

    can i hire you to design my place 😍

  • Lisa R
    Lisa R Year ago

    Lmao! Love everytime you grab and show us your cute fur babies :D

  • morestarlight
    morestarlight Year ago

    Hey @MeganBatoon where can I find your outro song!?? I love it so much!

  • Genesis Yasu
    Genesis Yasu Year ago

    My good gracious... you are beautiful! Stop please being so sexy pluxxx so that I may have a shot with you??? Lol

  • Jalea Glass
    Jalea Glass Year ago +1

    You should try cooking in your kitchen!

  • Liliana Delgado
    Liliana Delgado Year ago

    Workout videos please

  • Lil_ Rich
    Lil_ Rich Year ago

    Megan do smash or pass video

  • Annie Cox
    Annie Cox Year ago

    Are you and Andrew still dating?

  • Jin's Dad Jokes
    Jin's Dad Jokes Year ago

    I found your channel because of D-trix, and then saw you again on Shane's channel, glad to see your channel is still doing so well!!

  • Evangelina De La Paz

    If there is ANYONE I would trust my home with, its Megan! Looooove her house!😍

  • Andrea Roa
    Andrea Roa Year ago

    House tour!

  • fallingsun 3
    fallingsun 3 Year ago

    You make me want to actually do something even though I'm laying in bed doing nothing rn

  • htteehee
    htteehee Year ago

    I love the color of your room!! :O what shade is that?
    sessy lights ;)

  • cnl1213
    cnl1213 Year ago


  • Six OfOne
    Six OfOne Year ago

    Megan, I can't wait to see you tackle the barn doors. I've always wanted to replace my closet doors with barn doors but I think I may need/want custom doors. I want shoji screen doors with barn door hardware and I want lights inside the closet that will make the screen doors glow with a nice light at night.

  • Cyra Gallardo
    Cyra Gallardo Year ago

    You should go visit the Philippines! I LOVE YOU MEGAN!!! So much love from the ph

  • Death bladejade
    Death bladejade Year ago

    Sessy lights

  • Olivia Vejdani
    Olivia Vejdani Year ago

    She's doing a lot today

  • Emmalee Pearl
    Emmalee Pearl Year ago

    wow i love Home Improvement

  • Caymiya
    Caymiya Year ago

    She’s like I realized I couldn’t hang barn doors so I just hung wallpaper, bathroom lights and pendants. Those weren’t small tasks!! 😂😂

  • Richardkananichang Hawaii

    Don’t watch this stoned lol...

  • Sam Driscoll
    Sam Driscoll Year ago

    so glad i found your channel through shane because i adore your content!