Game Theory: Kirby...Dream Land's Biggest THREAT! pt 1

  • Published on Mar 10, 2019
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    Kirby is the lovable gumball that is all about friendship and saving the world. Except, he isn't. In fact I don't think Kirby cares about any of that at all! Theorists, I went back through all of the Kirby games and I started to notice that Kirby... wasn't all that heroic. He doesn't care about ANYONE or ANYTHING but himself. Don't believe me? Well, I'm about to fill you up with so much proof, you'll wish you had an appetite like Kirby!
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    Writers: Matthew Patrick
    Researcher: Louis Garza
    Editors: Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, Marc Schneider, Dan "Cybert" Seibert, Koen Verhagen, and Josh Langman
    Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman
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  • The Game Theorists
    The Game Theorists  5 months ago +4156

    A few thoughts...
    Kirby as a child: In Dream Land 1, it's established via the manual that he's "a little boy." Sure. I get that. But it doesn't change the fact that he's still a threat to Dream Land. For him to be SO powerful and SO naive is a dangerous combination. Notice in the script I never call him evil. I don't think he has ill-intent. Just because I say he's a villain doesn't mean that he's evil or has bad intentions. I mean it as he's a THREAT. That said, I've changed the title to avoid confusion.
    Regarding Dyna Blade: Him helping the children after the scene I showed doesn't change the point -- he beat up someone BEFORE learning the whole story, like I tried to make clear in the script. Seeing that scene, he beats up the mom, THEN sees the kids, gives the screen a "cha-ching" gesture and steals them away, feeds them and teaches them to fly...stuff the MOTHER should be doing but can't because she was injured. I get it: Dyna "forgives" him in Revenge of Meta Knight...the same way Landia does in Return to Dream Land, but I see that more as plot convenience because Kirby is the "good guy," or them realizing they have to fight the "true" evil. But think about Kirby;s ACTIONS...if someone just came up to you and started beating you up for no apparent cause, would YOU forgive the person? See them as a hero? Probably not. And don't forget that EVERYONE he fights along the way is in NO WAY connected to the battle between him and Dyna...they're innocents caught in the middle.
    Kirby's Avalanche: In both Epic Yarn and the original Kirby's Dream Land manual (those are the ones I can think of offhand, but there might be more), Kirby actually speaks English...or something that translates to English, so I think comments throwing these lines out as invalid might be premature. Yes, the game is non-canon, which I acknowledge, but the idea that Kirby ONLY speaks "poyo" isn't necessarily true...or it can be assumed that ALL of Avalanche's lines are translated poyo.
    And yes, I know Avalanche is a version of puyo was a joke. Obviously it's not a Candy Crush mod since, if nothing else, Candy Crush came DECADES later.
    Kirby as a God of Destruction: That's in part 2 :)
    I think that's all the major concerns I'm seeing in the comments. Like I said, I don't think he's intentionally villainous. He's a neutral agent of chaos who gets pointed in a direction and just GOES. But when you look at his actions in the games I call out, a lot of times he's doing more harm than good. Does he do good? Absolutely. But he's still a threat.

    • Zezilia154
      Zezilia154 26 days ago

      Why You likes your own comment? Wtf

    • Cody Schuppert
      Cody Schuppert Month ago

      Me:I love my childhood

      Matpat:Hold my Diet Coke

    • Son Ngoc Nguyen
      Son Ngoc Nguyen 3 months ago


    • Shay
      Shay 3 months ago

      Didn’t dyna blade attack first?

  • Mackenzie MK
    Mackenzie MK 9 hours ago

    Part 👏 2 👏

  • Mr 93
    Mr 93 13 hours ago


  • Andrew Purcell
    Andrew Purcell 17 hours ago

    kirby my best friend

  • AJ Beveridge
    AJ Beveridge Day ago

    3:26 You say that all the Kirby games have Kirby unleashing the threats, but as stated numerous times by other people, in games like Planet Robobot, Triple Deluxe, Dreamland 1, Kirby 64, and others Kirby does it to save Dreamland and no because he started it.
    3:58 King Dedede could have explained himself. Plus Kirby was trying to do the right thing initially.
    5:02 So for the Magolor and Kirby's Return to Dreamland bit. 1st literally anybody can be deceived by a villain, not to mention that Bandanna Waddle Dee, King Dedede, and Meta Knight also help Kirby. 2nd Kirby really just wanted to help Magolor, which really shows how much of a hero Kirby is.
    5:51 You realize a game has to have game play right?
    6:38 ... How exactly is Marx betraying Kirby Kirby's fault?
    7:32 King Dedede has stolen food before, he would be the first logical choice.
    8:30 The Squeak Squad was probably going to open up the chest anyway.
    9:26 Kirby is a baby, a super powerful baby, but a baby nonetheless.
    10:00 Pretty sure this is just for comedic effect.
    10:44 This is the reason the game starts, Kirby defeats Yin-Yarn to help Prince Fluff and to get back to normal.
    11:41 You realize that King Dedede steals food on a regular basis? He's not necessarily a heroic character.
    12:29 You cant actually see Kirby's face during the cut scene.
    12:50 Pretty sure this game isn't canon.
    13:50 If the game isn't canon then why are you using it for your argument?
    15:11 Those examples don't show that Kirby doesn't care about everyone.
    15:30 ...You just said that Kirby fights to protect the crops instead of revenge.
    15:40 Kirby then finds a food source for the babies while Dynablade is healing.

    And I will say again, Kirby is a baby, he can barely say his own name.

    Please correct me if I used any false information.

    • Angel Mendez-Rivera
      Angel Mendez-Rivera 16 hours ago

      AJ Beveridge *does it to save Dreamland and not because he started it.*
      Just because he did it with the intent of saving dreamland does not imply he did not unleash accidental threats along the way. Intent and consequence are usually unrelated. It's ethics 101, for fuck's sake. Also, citing the other comments which are full of hypocrisy and fallacies isn't exactly a point to your argument.
      *King Dedede could have explained himself. Plus Kirby was trying to do the right thing initially.*
      King Dedede should not have needed to explain himself in order for Kirby to stop. And, since your line of reasoning involves strict victim blaming, the same reasoning implies that his actions were DreamLand's fault, for not properly having established a police system that could not only prevent these problems, but properly take some of these villains into custody. Obviously, this conclusion is absurd, which is why your conclusion, too, is totally absurd. And, it doesn't actually matter that Kirby was trying to do the right thing initially. Because the final consequences had nothing to do with said initial intent.
      *1st literally anybody can be deceived by a villain,*
      That's not an excuse. The actions still resulted unleashing threads, from an objective standpoint. Does that mean it was intentional? No. But just because it wasn't intentional doesn't imply it isn't a threat.
      *2nd Kirby really just wanted to help Magolor, which really shows how much of a hero Kirby is.*
      No, it doesn't. That's not what being a hero means. For one, that doesn't even match the dictionary definitions all that well, but for two, it does even worse at agreeing with the paradigm of heroism that has evolved in fiction. Having good intentions doesn't make you a hero. Having good results and consequences does.
      *You realize a game has to have game play, right?*
      You realize he wasn't referring to the game play at all, but to the previous statements he had made about the Magalor incident, right? Do you people even understand the format of how MatPat's videos work, or did you all just come specifically to hate on this video out of nowhere? Sounds like the latter.
      *How exactly is Marx betraying Kirby Kirby's fault?*
      He never said it's Kirby's fault, silly. Maybe stop taking what he is saying out of context for the sake of defending the indefensible.
      *King Dedede has stolen food before, he would be the first logical choice.*
      That doesn't justify his actions. That's like saying we should sentence every first suspect of a crime, and that's it, case closed. No. That's not how things work. You're proposing the worst ethical system in the history of humanity.
      *The Squeak Squad was probably going to open up the chest anyway.*
      That doesn't justify anything either. "Oh yeah, this criminal is going to do something bad, so instead, let me do that bad thing myself, so it becomes ethical." Please, this is so ridiculous.
      *Kirby is a baby, a super powerful baby, but a baby, nonetheless.*
      Yes... which is why he is a threat, which is MatPat's thesis. I love how you wrote a long comment setting out to disprove his theory, and yet here you are, literally providing the keypoint that solidifies the theory instead. Good job. Bravo.
      *This is the reason the game starts, Kirby defeats Yin Yarm...*
      Gotta love how you literally ignored the fact that Kirby ate a tomato without permission. It's not actually destructive, but incrediby rude nonethless. So much for all-kind heroic Kirby, huh?
      *He's not necessarily a heroic character.*
      By your bad reasoning about Kirby being heroic, he WOULD be heroic. Two sides of the same coin. It's precisely because we acknowledge King Dedede isn't heroic that Kirby also can't count as heroic if we keep our ethics consistent.
      *You can't actually see Kirby's face during the cut scene.*
      Are you so dense that you don't understand what the purpose of that sentence actually is? Obviously he isn't smiling. MatPat is making a rhetoric implication here. Is the autistic kid here the one who seriousl has to explain social cues to people? My god.
      *If the game isn't canon then why are you using it for your argument?*
      It's a proof of consistency, showing that the trend holds so strongly it surpasses the canon itself. It shows just how embedded those traits into Kirby's personality is, that the makers of the spin-offs decided to keep them.
      *Those examples don't show that Kirby doesn't care about everyone.*
      Yet again, he never claimed this. Twist of words.
      *You just said that Kirby fights to protect the crops instead of revenge*
      Those aren't contradictory statements, you know.
      *Kirby then finds a food source while Dynablade is healing.*
      This doesn't undo the damage nor the trauma potentially left by it on the babies and on Dynablade.
      *And I will say again, Kirby is a baby, he can barely say his own name.*
      And he is still a threat. He may just be a baby threat, but a dangerous one nonetheless. In fact, he is a threat PRECISELY BECAUSE he is a baby. How is this not common sense?
      *Please correct me if I used any false information.*
      You're welcome.

  • Minecrafthero Lagoon

    Kirby's a baby dude not cool

  • FluffySquidGamer
    FluffySquidGamer 2 days ago

    F*** I just played three Kirby games in a row

  • Danny vs Video games

    Petetion for part 2

  • Will Emenger
    Will Emenger 2 days ago

    I don’t think you needed to do a theory on this, what you concluded was pretty obvious I think

  • Smile Paper
    Smile Paper 3 days ago

    Lie about toads bricks

  • Smile Paper
    Smile Paper 3 days ago

    Some games he’s hero some games he’s a murderer

  • Jordan Lawson
    Jordan Lawson 3 days ago

    *science theory.*

  • Soup Lord
    Soup Lord 3 days ago

    im not scared of being hacked, i know how to say please

  • Ice Peep
    Ice Peep 3 days ago

    Let's not froget that Shawdow Kirby is Good. From the amazing mirror, Everyone from the Mirror is a more evil version, See Dark Meta Knight. Shawdow Kirby isn't so he's pure. Regarding Magalor all of the gang helped. In super star Nova is destroyed, but there are more Nova's, It's less of Kirby but Marx taking advantage of. Squeak Squad he suspended Dedede because he stole ALL the food earlier. In the "Kirby needing someone to make him" isn't true" Dedede launched him to help him, not force him. Landia also helps him. Kirby also fixes all of his mistakes. Meta Knight has more Violent methods of doing things. Meta Knight's Crew comes later. Waddle Dee in Kirby's Avalanche it's just playing a game no harm. Also noncanon. In Dreamland 3 all this killing isn't canon the player's choice not Kirby's. Dyna Blade is causing havoc. Gourmet Race is just a race, a competition. Kirby isn't from a line were'd you get that?

  • Le Monkey Dude
    Le Monkey Dude 3 days ago

    Dear Lord, Kirby is just freaking Majin Buu

  • zaida animal lover
    zaida animal lover 3 days ago

    🙄🙁☹😦😧😰😭😢😥😓😿......y.....yo....You hate

  • Massimo Catelli
    Massimo Catelli 4 days ago

    how can an ameba be a god?

    EXTRADAMAGE 1 4 days ago

    The toad weren't turned into bricks

  • connie fava castro
    connie fava castro 4 days ago

    it’s been fIVE months pls release the second part :(

  • Lumine Wolf
    Lumine Wolf 4 days ago

    I need part 2

  • Brogan Middleton
    Brogan Middleton 5 days ago

    I like how everyone here took the time to watch the video and then start hating on it when they can just not watch it if they disagree

  • erg 3hr24
    erg 3hr24 5 days ago

    dude he's just stupid

  • PonPon Doodlez
    PonPon Doodlez 5 days ago

    Imagine being this wrong

  • Olia Persik
    Olia Persik 5 days ago

    I WANT PART 2!!

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    123me jvn 6 days ago

    Hey where's part 2

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  • Siti Nuranis
    Siti Nuranis 6 days ago

    Kirby is a baby he don't know anything

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  • TheMidnightBanshee 59

    Fool me 4 times I'm no clown but the entire circus

  • Sabrina Moore
    Sabrina Moore 7 days ago

    He's a baby tho so he does not know right from wrong soooooooo WHY NINTENDO

    GABRO XD 7 days ago

    MatPat: Kirby is an ameba
    MarPat again: Kirby is a god of destruction
    I: imma little confused

  • coltos 000
    coltos 000 7 days ago

    Wait but isn't more than half just a mistake.
    Also are spin offs canon just wondering. Not that literally there are half of the entire franchise. Just saying.

  • Bushy Boi
    Bushy Boi 7 days ago

    Someone didn’t watch the anime

  • Play-Yan Music
    Play-Yan Music 7 days ago

    Yo matpat when is part 2 coming out?

  • Dr. Surrendra Singh
    Dr. Surrendra Singh 8 days ago

    why did matpat make a pt 2

  • Ronald mineblox Gaming Paul HD

    *C O R R E C T*

  • Winter Dae
    Winter Dae 8 days ago

    I love how seriously everyone is taking this😂

  • Mc 177898
    Mc 177898 8 days ago

    Kirby’s just dumb

  • Elijah Bonilla
    Elijah Bonilla 9 days ago +1

    What happened to part two

  • jojo reference
    jojo reference 9 days ago

    Daroach was the one who opened thinking there was treasure. Also you never mention how long dedede stole all the food in Dreamland

  • Swagadone
    Swagadone 9 days ago

    this is a dr. who part 3 all over again isn't it?

  • C Salt
    C Salt 10 days ago

    10:45 but kirby DID eat the tomato. and btw where IS PART 2

  • Super Sonic 64 Gamer / Drifty Boi 64 Gamer

    The scariest part of this theory is that there will never be a part 2

  • Pixel Berry
    Pixel Berry 10 days ago

    I might be a little late, but what if Kirby is as young as they look? Sure, they don't ask questions and just hurts everyone in its path, but you should also know that kids who don't know better tend to follow older beings without question.
    It should also be known that things can be viewed differently by someone's perspective. It's just like some other villains in movies/shows/games. Like Syndrome from The Incredibles, he just wanted to be a hero even without powers, and the 'hero' he looked up to crushed his dream. Princess Luna from My Little Pony just wanted her subjects to love and appreciate her night as much as her older sister's day. And finally, Asgore from Undertale just wanted to break the barrier and let his subjects go out and explore the outside world, by any means necessary.

  • Blitzy Boop
    Blitzy Boop 10 days ago

    The theory seems true 'but what about the crystal shards?' Ribbon's planet was in danger but Kirby didn't even know what was going on at all, he probably saved it by accident. As for return to dreamland , As you described , Magolor did crash onto pop star and asked for help. Magolor also mentioned 'Let's always stay friends Kirby!' But of course , that was a lie. Most of the things Magolor mentioned are lies. Milky Way wishes, The planets didn't get revived (Idk if they did.) he did fight Marx , but it was probably because Marx betrayed him. And in the true arena , Marx comes back , but has absorbed some of the nova's power. Idk about anything else but I think this theory is true!

  • Andreas Androsch
    Andreas Androsch 11 days ago

    No kurby is a evil machine and nothing else kurby mast be destroyed #Kill-Kurby the Planet Killer and Frend murderer.

  • Mercedes Martinez
    Mercedes Martinez 11 days ago +1

    kirb is mah boi

  • Mercedes Martinez
    Mercedes Martinez 11 days ago +1

    frick you gt

  • Augustus Phillips
    Augustus Phillips 11 days ago +6

    Me: *Sees that Matpat has accused my favorite video game character of being evil* Hold my non-alcoholic beverage.

    • Angel Mendez-Rivera
      Angel Mendez-Rivera 17 hours ago

      Deidara Waifu They assume it because the Kirby fandom is absolutely ridiculous. Other than the Undertale fandom and the Melee fandom, it's the most ridiculous fandom I've encountered so far. And also because they like to hate on the channel and write comments without even watching the actual video a lot of the time. Too many people write extensive comments exclusively from the title and thumbnail. And, also... this is TVclip. Most people on TVclip are unbelievably absurd. What else can I say?

    • Deidara Waifu
      Deidara Waifu 9 days ago

      If you read MatPat's comment directly below the Description, you'll find that it says that he doesn't mean that Kirby is evil or villainous, he just means that Kirby is a THREAT. Again, Kirby is the equivalent of a Chaotic-Neutral. Not evil, not Good, Neutral. Also, he eventually aligns with the side of good. You never see him align with the villain that he releases or helps make. He always aligns with the side of good. Personally, I understand this fact, but it seems here that many people don't understand this fact, even though it is acknowledged many times in both MatPat's comment AND in the episode. I don't see why people instantly assume that MatPat's insinuating that Kirby is evil or villainous.

  • Claire Firefly - Arts and Gaming

    I mean that's what superheroes does, right?
    Destroy stuff without evacuating people first

    • Deidara Waifu
      Deidara Waifu 9 days ago

      That happens in almost every Avengers movie ever. Right on point.

  • Claire Firefly - Arts and Gaming

    He's a baby, don't abuse the child

  • Meningococcal Rehabilitation Center

    “Two part theory” “Next week”

  • Halen Falls
    Halen Falls 12 days ago

    The real question is:
    *How many deaths are there in Kurbie?*

  • Vincent Nordström
    Vincent Nordström 13 days ago

    Dont ya know. In the anemie its a kid with no memory. And dd is bying monsters to fight kurby

  • Leostar
    Leostar 13 days ago

    at this point your theories HURT to know they exist, even though there are tons of people who counter and kill your theories, i used to like most of your theories then most of them showed themselves to be stupid as hell

  • Slarkel
    Slarkel 14 days ago

    If you are hungering for truth then you are not making theories, you are actually uncovering satanic symbolism, and quite well actually

  • Paper Mario
    Paper Mario 14 days ago

    Kieby is like E. Gadd but he wants food instead of money

  • Matthew Campbell
    Matthew Campbell 14 days ago

    The legend of zelda has naked fairy's that's why there bright in the more later games the more early games have it mostly blurred in the gba or d as I remember.

  • Alex Hipetinger
    Alex Hipetinger 15 days ago +2


  • Emily M.
    Emily M. 16 days ago

    Geez...I will never think Kirby a cute puffball again..

    Seriously,Kirby is a serial killer who doesn't even care when he slices someone in half when they were trying to help 🙄

  • Aaden Whitside
    Aaden Whitside 16 days ago

    and that face you showd us is his usual face

  • Aaden Whitside
    Aaden Whitside 16 days ago

    plus kirby is a baby what do you expect him to do

  • Aaden Whitside
    Aaden Whitside 16 days ago

    i hate this video worst video ever

  • GJ Studios
    GJ Studios 16 days ago

    Marx, huh? That name sounds familiar...

  • Vemomat !!
    Vemomat !! 16 days ago

    How to undermine lore 101

  • mmenzigian
    mmenzigian 17 days ago

    Yo boi! It's the player who's doing dat

  • Austyn Bieber
    Austyn Bieber 17 days ago +1

    You just rewined my childhood, thanks 😑

  • Shady Sharps Adam
    Shady Sharps Adam 17 days ago

    He’s probably naive if you think of it you said he was a singular cell so he isn’t that intelligent most of time what he wants is life not to die and he doesn’t fight his 4 enemy’s is because like what I said he’s naive so he doesn’t know there evil but once he’s thrown at them he attacks because it’s defense

    LUDELGAMER 1234 18 days ago

    so he is either stupidly evil or evily stupid

  • Ryan Blake
    Ryan Blake 18 days ago +2

    We’res part 2 already! It’s been like 5 months

  • Alex Nannen
    Alex Nannen 19 days ago

    This makes me love Kirby even more! MatPat is basically saying Kirby is Beerus in pink fluffball form, I love it!

  • chris rasnake
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    • Wow Bro you do the sex
      Wow Bro you do the sex 14 days ago

      You want more fanfiction that makes no sense compared to the original lore? Yikes

  • camokiler
    camokiler 19 days ago

    Fool me 4 times kirby needs a sedative

  • Kyle8orange !
    Kyle8orange ! 20 days ago

    Anybody watch that 30 minute Kirby lore video by rpgmonger talking about how Kirby is a descendant of dark nebula and other evil creatures because I think matpat did

  • Lukas F.
    Lukas F. 21 day ago

    Has a part 2 been released yet?