Glasses Experts Break Down Celebrity Sunglasses (Lil Nas X, Elton John) Part 1 | Fine Points | GQ

  • Published on Nov 22, 2019
  • Trinidad Jame$ and Spencer Shapiro know good eyewear when they see it. They stopped by to break down the trends that are dominating the world of celebrity eyewear, looking at the glasses of A$AP Ferg, A$AP Rocky, Anderson .Paak, Lil Nas X, Elton John, Offset, Jamie Fox, Zayn Malik, The Weeknd and many more.
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    Glasses Experts Break Down Celebrity Sunglasses (Lil Nas X, Elton John) Part 1 | Fine Points | GQ
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Comments • 553

  • Bndr
    Bndr 3 days ago

    Did that guy really wear his rings on top of the gloves, weird flex but ok..

  • East coast Realest
    East coast Realest 4 days ago

    Found the blue on google at$350 they’re not rare trinadad is a clout chaser

  • Klemen Škoberne
    Klemen Škoberne 4 days ago

    Trinidad is wearing rings over his gloves... noice

  • Bryan Braj
    Bryan Braj 6 days ago

    Anyone know what frames zayn and Abel are wearing?

  • Supa Lil moob
    Supa Lil moob 6 days ago


  • L R
    L R 6 days ago +1

    Trinidad is weird but when he talks he’s so clever and not weird 😂🤔

  • B L
    B L 7 days ago

    "Masala Ali" lmao

  • kilometer_
    kilometer_ 7 days ago

    Y’all didn’t do YG

    PRXJEK JEK 7 days ago

    Oh so this is what happened to Trinidad James

  • Victor Rodrigues
    Victor Rodrigues 7 days ago

    Its so amazing to see Trinidad’s knowledge! Im really happy for him

  • Nathan Rodriguez
    Nathan Rodriguez 7 days ago

    Did you see the guy with the gold ear

  • Jester Nuisance
    Jester Nuisance 7 days ago +1

    GQ: Shampoo experts breakdown celebrity Shampoo Products.

  • therealballbuster
    therealballbuster 8 days ago

    Mentions skinny glasses, but not YG

  • Mjolnor
    Mjolnor 8 days ago

    I used to think foul of these bling experts but I simply can't knock the dedication and knowledge of a true enthusiast/ expert anymore. I still chuckle at the whole situation but it's not in malice.

  • Völl Däpp
    Völl Däpp 8 days ago

    Glasses Experts? Glasses EXPERTS????
    Hooo Boy.

  • tom cox
    tom cox 8 days ago

    just noticed his left gold ear.

  • ice cold water
    ice cold water 8 days ago +3

    Did anyone notice my man's flexing his rings while wearing gloves😂

  • Gelo Negron
    Gelo Negron 9 days ago

    I cant believe I just watched Trinidad James coming out the closet... swear its like he spoke so eccentric to let us know he’s a real “expert”, lol.

  • Justin Puyear
    Justin Puyear 9 days ago +1

    So he has a golden ear, he puts ear rings in his hair, and he wears rings on the outside of his gloves. Dude is a low key joke.
    Still gotta respect the hustle i guess

  • kabel direkt
    kabel direkt 9 days ago +1

    That trinidad james ?

  • Pierre TheBaguette
    Pierre TheBaguette 9 days ago

    Bruh Trinidad low-key got a gold ear

  • spoilt milk
    spoilt milk 9 days ago

    I don't even own a pair of sunglasses

  • Jacey Proffitt
    Jacey Proffitt 9 days ago

    You ain't slick Trinidad

  • Gramder
    Gramder 9 days ago

    We all just gonna ignore that he wearing rings on his gloves.

  • The Boys
    The Boys 10 days ago +1

    this dude put rings over some gloves

  • big boof
    big boof 10 days ago

    Supposed experts don't even know the year origins of these styles, they refer back to the 90's for styles that were designed more closely to the 1890's.

  • big boof
    big boof 10 days ago


  • Ken Reed
    Ken Reed 10 days ago

    Makes you look cute yoo stop saying that

  • BUDDAhittingtheHUKA
    BUDDAhittingtheHUKA 11 days ago

    So if I spend more then 2000 on a outfit and glasses I'm stylish

  • hanhsui
    hanhsui 11 days ago

    Why Trinidad James got on gloves to prevent scratching the shades but got a bunch of rings over the gloves??

  • Isaac Lee
    Isaac Lee 13 days ago

    The “expert” explains everything the way I would do in an impromptu speech

  • Luke Davoren
    Luke Davoren 14 days ago

    Bruh I swear man have a golden ear

  • Pod
    Pod 15 days ago

    mykita all day

  • sahbre
    sahbre 15 days ago

    Didn’t know Trinidad Jame$ could make glasses sound so intricate and complex hahaha

  • dip wheat
    dip wheat 16 days ago

    Its too many

  • Flame Beats
    Flame Beats 16 days ago

    Austin Powers was the OG with the rhinestone glasses in Goldmember.

  • Waffler 42069
    Waffler 42069 18 days ago

    Yo these dudes have no emotion

  • John Dowland
    John Dowland 19 days ago


  • Jeremy Caulk
    Jeremy Caulk 20 days ago +1

    Bruh I thought they were gonna have an optometrist... prolly be more interesting than dude on the right

  • Turnt Frog
    Turnt Frog 21 day ago

    Trinidad James is so well spoken and put together s/o to him

  • Fanly
    Fanly 22 days ago

    What's so exciting about ... glasses?

  • Lan Astaslem
    Lan Astaslem 23 days ago

    GQ is such trash. what makes trinidad james a glasses expert?

  • Murdokk00
    Murdokk00 27 days ago

    My dad is ahead of the game then. He uses reading glasses to see up close. He's been wearing jeweled/animal print reading glasses for like 15 years. He looks like Stone Cold Steve Austin wearing some rhinestone zebra print glasses. The women love it.

  • aslsmm 00
    aslsmm 00 27 days ago +1

    He's looks like a bond villain.

  • nolbody11
    nolbody11 29 days ago

    Does the dude on the left have a *Golden* *Ear*

  • Brian Cruz
    Brian Cruz Month ago

    Trinidad made good music. Guess he's doin glasses now? cx

  • checkmatefurries
    checkmatefurries Month ago +1

    Trinidad Jame$ seems like such a cool kind dude. He should do audiobooks too man

  • Manny Ramirez
    Manny Ramirez Month ago

    Where tf Trinidad been b

  • Carlos Danger
    Carlos Danger Month ago

    Who is that, black lady gaga

  • Trever Mitchell
    Trever Mitchell Month ago

    Been loving my JMM sartres

  • RisingDemon B
    RisingDemon B Month ago

    He the definition of showing off. Rings over gloves, gold ear lmao

  • Julio Guzman
    Julio Guzman Month ago

    Trinidad james evolved to the astroworld statue

  • Mel Crooks
    Mel Crooks Month ago

    Rude they didn't mention Harry Potter 🤔🤔🤔

  • Ahmed Ashraf
    Ahmed Ashraf Month ago

    And here I am only worrying about how much it will cost me!

  • Shelby 6666
    Shelby 6666 Month ago +1

    Never knew this existed, well there is definitely some weird fuckers that collect toenail this may not be so far off

    ARKHAM KNIGHT OP Month ago

    Shapiro. He’s also a jew

  • Julia Cundiff
    Julia Cundiff Month ago

    I was getting so excited whenever he mentioned Anderson.Paak, I love him.

  • Andrew Macias
    Andrew Macias Month ago


  • Ivan the Vegan
    Ivan the Vegan Month ago

    Gold ear haaa

    NITEN TV Month ago

    Yeah Dad! FSR Army in the building (and when I say building, I mean comment section)