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HISTORICALLY ACCURATE Makeup Tutorial | Victorian Woman vs Victorian Prostitute

  • Published on Oct 23, 2018
  • Historically accurate makeup tutorial featuring Victorian era makeup, both for the societal woman and the Victorian prostitute. I thought this would make for a unique contrast and wanted to say 'THANK YOU!' to you for your wonderful suggestion in the last video in this series. If you have a request for a future video, please do leave it below, and if you see someone else comment something you'd like to see, thumbs up their comment!
    To see past videos in this series, the playlist is here:
    Curling wand used (I've had it for MANY years, love it)
    - TOV Camellia Cooling CC in 'Light Beige'
    - NYX Can't Stop Won't Stop Foundation
    - MakeupGeek Corrupt eyeshadow
    - Tarte Shape Tape in 'Fair Light Neutral'
    - Styli-Style Beautifully Matte Powder
    - Colourpop 'Never Been Kissed' blush
    - Too Faced Peach Lip Balm
    - NYX 'Hot Red' Lipliner
    - Makeup Revolution 'Red Carpet' matte lipstick
    *Some links included are affiliate links :)

    10 Fascinating Facts about Prostitution in the Victorian Era:
    Early Victorian Era Cosmetics:
    Beauty in the Victorian Age:
    10 Dangerous Beauty Trends in the Victorian Era:
    What Victorian Women Used for Lipstick:
    Makeup History: The Victorian Era:

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  • Jessica H
    Jessica H Day ago

    Wow imagine living in a time where makeup worn had to be undetectable. It's just paint, it washes off.

  • Tina O'connell
    Tina O'connell 6 days ago


  • my leg
    my leg 24 days ago

    I would like to see an ancient china/ Japan make up but if you're uncomfortable with doing that i understand. You could always use models, but it's just a thought of mine 😊

  • Pamela Main
    Pamela Main 25 days ago

    Hi Zabrena... love your vids! How about an ancient Egyptian Queen tutorial ??

  • Sarah Juarez
    Sarah Juarez 28 days ago

    Most women of the night and young (not yet married) didn't wear their hair all the way down. Some had a half up half down style. I also don't understand.. why wearing makeup back than. Was such a big deal , and pretty much a no-no back than..

  • laura reid
    laura reid 29 days ago

    You look 14 years old in the first look

  • Blake Hendrickson
    Blake Hendrickson Month ago +1

    Why can i absolutely envision Zabrena as a Victorian woman of high standing 😂😂 if I saw her in a black and white photo with this look I’d probably believe she was from that era

  • Tima Leo
    Tima Leo Month ago

    Babe may ur dad rest in. Peace... U r gorgeous I. Loooove this hair colour on you. Please do a make up toturial from the ottoman empire time 1500 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • RadioRomance
    RadioRomance Month ago

    Hi Zabrena! Great video! I'm sure your dad would be proud. @zabrena What is the top you are wearing for the Victorian Prostitute look?

  • Chloe Cordahl
    Chloe Cordahl Month ago

    No one:
    Literally no one:
    Not one single person in the world:

  • Chloe Cordahl
    Chloe Cordahl Month ago +1

    “I just threw this together”
    Hair: *looks freaking gorgeous*

  • Mag Mott
    Mag Mott Month ago

    I would love to see a 1920’s flapper look 🙂

  • Tammy Weaver
    Tammy Weaver Month ago

    What did African American women makeup look like that's obviously a white woman makeup what about a African American and I am not only African-American but Japanese according to what I've seen in picture books magazine I mean save picture books magazines Japanese women put on from what I've been seen in a magazine that was real white they wore white makeup but as we both know during the making of The Wizard of Oz they had makeup that made the actors sick especially Buddy Ebsen and I watch the History Channel the British History Channel on TVclip and that was talking about how makeup was made back in Queen Elizabeth Day and there was a lot of metal and a lot of us stuff that will kill you but there is makeup on fortunately that was made and that used animals that's I used to I used to go and donate blood plasma Center and the man that worked at the plasma center he said that there is some makeup out of plasma human blood

  • rosemarie giacomazzo

    Love it. You fit every age and do it expertly. Plus I love all the detail about the age you give. Thank you. You show girls , you can be beautiful and intelligent. And you are. Thank you for not saying hello guys or calling us guys. 💕

  • Anna Burke-Herrera
    Anna Burke-Herrera Month ago

    Just found this series. I LOVE it! I think you'd enjoy the book For Her Own Good: Two Centuries of Expert Advice to Women by Barbara Enrenreich. She touches on some "expert" makeup advice as well as medical/social commentary. It's so fascinating. I studied for a certificate in Women's Studies while getting my MA in History and makeup/social advice was my preference for reading and choosing what books I reviewed.

  • Stormy Templeton
    Stormy Templeton 2 months ago

    I'd really like to see you do the "emo" Era makeup. It was a lot of fun and it would be interesting to show differences between it and the punk makeup of the 70s.

  • Daniel Lim
    Daniel Lim 2 months ago


  • Laura Cremer
    Laura Cremer 2 months ago

    I'd like an American revolutionary look. What did our founding mothers do for their beauty routine?

  • Dianne Gonzalez
    Dianne Gonzalez 2 months ago

    This was so educational!!!

  • Max Bingham
    Max Bingham 2 months ago

    Would love too see maybe a western frontiers woman or saloon girl also would love more of your character transformation videos sailor moon??? Harley Quinn?? Poison Ivy?? Ursula??? Ariel???

  • ginaclaus
    ginaclaus 2 months ago

    Awesome, I love it!

  • Dalilah's Creativity Channel

    Do an ancient India make-up tutorial

  • Danielle Martinez
    Danielle Martinez 3 months ago

    Can you do an Elizabeth Taylor tutorial

  • Leslie Hahn
    Leslie Hahn 3 months ago

    Love these comments. So many great ideas 💡

  • Lucy Lu
    Lucy Lu 3 months ago

    I just found your channel and you are absolutely stunning.

  • Ashley underwood
    Ashley underwood 4 months ago

    I adore this series. This one hits close to home. My great great grandma was both of these women. She was born into a very wealthy Victorian family but died a lady of the evening. Thank you for the high quality historic videos

  • jake michael
    jake michael 4 months ago

    glad you pointed out that prostitution was legal so was drugs and peep shows! so it was not all bad for the women. to day you would be in jail for that!!! and we wonder why we have the largest prison population in the world! it is funny how the Victorian prostitute looked like a rocker/ goth of later years!!!! the goths wear the original counter couture!!!

  • Mckenzey Dain
    Mckenzey Dain 4 months ago

    With the Downton Abbey movie coming out in September I would love an Edwardian makeup look. Love this series its how I first discovered you!

  • Sarah Doan
    Sarah Doan 4 months ago

    Again, your hair is absolutely divine! This is my fourth Video of yours and wow! A natural redhead! My BFF is one! These looks and their history is so fun! thank you!

  • Gwen Strum
    Gwen Strum 4 months ago

    sorry for your loss

  • The Book Report
    The Book Report 4 months ago +1

    Daaamn you would have found a husband so fast in the victorian era. Or you'd be the richest prostitute in town I guess. Both of these looks are amazing on you

    • Witch's Brew Sims
      Witch's Brew Sims 2 months ago

      I was just thinking that. She has just a soft classic beauty about her. That does so well for historical looks.

  • Kitty Kendrick
    Kitty Kendrick 4 months ago

    How have I missed this? Also, my condolences. I'm sorry for your loss...I know I'm super late but eh. The Victorian Era is also a bad time for workers. Worker's rights were nonexistent.

  • Mark .Smith
    Mark .Smith 4 months ago

    Really a treat watching this video. Your beauty is captivating.

  • Yumi 2412
    Yumi 2412 4 months ago

    I'm actually quite interested to see what makeup is like in 1910-s. We have plenty of tutorials and guides for the 20s, but I've never really seen one for the 10s.

  • Brianna Kathleen
    Brianna Kathleen 5 months ago

    So sorry for your loss ♥️

  • Alice_on_Elm_Street
    Alice_on_Elm_Street 5 months ago

    I would love to see you and Safiya Nygaard do a collab! Safiya has done a "style through the decades" series and it would be cool to include some of these older looks too!

  • Jesmyluk
    Jesmyluk 5 months ago

    Do you have anymore historically accurate makeup tutorials in mind? I personally think it would be fun to see a Gibson Girl/Edwardian hair & make-up tutorial. It is my favorite period for fashion, hair, & make-up; I would love to see all the fun facts that you add to your videos.

  • Felis Catus
    Felis Catus 6 months ago +1

    Gibson girl!!

  • irism
    irism 6 months ago


  • Sawsan Gamal-Eldin
    Sawsan Gamal-Eldin 6 months ago

    So sorry to hear about your dad, may he rest in peace. Can you do ancient Egyptian makeup?

  • Rachel A. Bradford
    Rachel A. Bradford 6 months ago

    Loved this!

  • Tammi Vito
    Tammi Vito 6 months ago

    Love this, you did a great job! Look forward to each and everyone of your videos!❤️

  • Gypsy Witch
    Gypsy Witch 6 months ago

    I'm so sorry for your loss of your dad.😢
    I love all of your videos I love all of your looks. ❤

  • Tilda
    Tilda 6 months ago +1

    I am a HUGE history nerd, and I just discovered your channel and subscribed almost instantly. I wish you all the best

  • Rachel Vaughan
    Rachel Vaughan 6 months ago

    The second look almost looks like Nicole Kidman in Moulin Rouge

  • Ayla Zelana Grebiel
    Ayla Zelana Grebiel 6 months ago

    A great example for a prostitute’s makeup in the Victorian period is Belle Watling in “Gone With The Wind”. They show her makeup as heavy and very pronounced whereas Melanie Hamilton’s makeup was very subdued and that virginal, and high societal feel. Scarlett O’Hara is a combination of the two, and it grows more intense throughout the film. Honestly great film, please do a Civil War look for both North and South! Yes I know it’s technically part of the Victorian era but looking at American Victorians is different especially in wartime.

  • jean rucker
    jean rucker 6 months ago

    Hi, love your videos. Watching your playlist for historically accurate period makeup, I was wondering if you ever considered Queen Esther's makeup/preparation period during the reign of King Ahasuerus. It's claimed that the women had to prepare for a full twelve months! Quite a beauty/preparation period. I think that would make for a very interesting video.

  • Odd Eyes94
    Odd Eyes94 7 months ago

    Thank you for this. Its going to be very helpful for my Victorian Larp and costuming because I'm writing a Victorian gothic fantasy novel and intend to do a book signing in Victorian clothing and makeup.
    Also, I know it's late, but I'm sorry for your loss, I understand how you feel. I lost both my parents two years apart. I believe though, that so long as you keep their memories alive, they're never gone.

  • Victoria Geraci
    Victoria Geraci 7 months ago

    What about when women moved from the Victorian era to the Edwardian era where make up was used more?

    K3VIN PASA 7 months ago

    What brush do u use for powder

  • Prince Arthur Louis Pagan

    Amazing and beautiful work!

  • hamupwnz
    hamupwnz 7 months ago

    80s romantic goth i.e The Cure

  • Beth W
    Beth W 7 months ago

    Thanks for this fun tutorial! I'd love to see Regency era looks, and also non-British medieval and renaissance era looks (maybe using resources like Trotula, or other period written records).

  • Bubble Bee
    Bubble Bee 7 months ago +1

    I'm OBSESSED with the Victorian & Edwardian era

    • Linda Lewis
      Linda Lewis 2 months ago

      my wedding dress was Victorian style so was the hair i.e 1970.

  • Marcelo
    Marcelo 7 months ago

    I suspect Victorian Era prostitutes did not look that put together.
    The probably looked like clowns.

    • Dude Huhu
      Dude Huhu 7 months ago

      Yeah, we're forgetting that they don't exactly have brushes to blend their makeup, nor have much tools to look well put in their look, they probably look really messy in comparison to higher status Victorian women

  • Robin H.
    Robin H. 8 months ago

    LOVE this series.

  • The Macabre Curiosity
    The Macabre Curiosity 8 months ago

    I do the proper Victorian lady's makeup on a regular basis, I find it accentuates my natural beauty, and doesn't take forever to do.

  • Eva Soto
    Eva Soto 8 months ago

    Very Beautifully

  • Sophie Acapella
    Sophie Acapella 8 months ago

    Wow! That updo is GORGEOUS❤❤❤
    I wish I had your hair Zabrena...😉