Youtube Is Broken: A Markiplier & Quartering Angry Rant

  • Published on Nov 9, 2019
  • Whether its large channels continuing to be stolen or TVclip banning it's own users for using their own emotes something has to change.
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  • TheQuartering
    TheQuartering  Month ago +1514

    One More Time Into The Gray. Please Leave A Like On This, A Comment & If You User Twitter, Tweet It Out & Tag @TeamTVclip and @TheQuartering and I'll Retweet It As Well! Let's Get Their Attention!

    • Anything Goes
      Anything Goes 18 days ago

      This is terrible I hate TVclips corporate beings

    • Kringe Plush
      Kringe Plush 20 days ago

      Apparently you can also GET BANNED if you comment. Why not try vibravid instead?

    • Lasse Kristensen
      Lasse Kristensen 25 days ago

      @Maximum Bacon Alternatives?

  • Edna Burr
    Edna Burr Day ago

    Companys dont care about being a decent. Human being.its all about controling you.

  • Moonlight 201932

    My channel is small. I've already downloaded most of my videos, to my phone. To take to another platform. I thank my fiancee for helping me ❤️

  • Driftliketokyo34 Ftw

    What TVclip is doing makes me want to play Russian roulette by myself with a fully loaded gun.

  • daverjax
    daverjax 4 days ago

    Have you considerd, GOOGLE MAY Be the Puppet Master BEHIND all these Scuzbuckets? So they can just SHUT DOWN TVclip and Go to A Streaming Service Only?

  • VulKus
    VulKus 5 days ago

    Jensaari1 has had his channel stolen and hacked as well.

  • Shaun Fleming
    Shaun Fleming 6 days ago

    RIP astartes you will be missed but you didn’t give into those bastards demands

  • ashzole
    ashzole 6 days ago

    You are powerless, ALWAYS REMEMBER THAT. you have NOTHING, Lol . I told you, something is going on, I'm surptisrd they didn't take you down. I was told you were on the list. Soon, I hope soon , they take you down.

  • sheev palpatine
    sheev palpatine 7 days ago

    Astartes is still down 😡

  • first acheron queen
    first acheron queen 7 days ago

    *TVclip* we care about money not people have a nice day

  • Harrako
    Harrako 9 days ago

    For small yotubers who earns 300 to 400 bucks per month this is a really worrying situation..we are all struggling for that income which at the same time afraid if the content got deleted..

  • Wolfen443
    Wolfen443 9 days ago

    Let me guess, this happening to non You Tube Premium Members of the You Tube Community?. Is You Tube allowing this to force Everyone into their Premium Service, is that what this is about maybe?.

  • Darkfoot
    Darkfoot 10 days ago

    It's very simple, from the very beginning, you decide whether your videos are for kids or not. It can not be both

  • The Official Andy Saenz

    TVclip is certainly broken. You know how I know? COPPA.

  • Tommy Vercetti
    Tommy Vercetti 11 days ago +1

    Who ever the Fuck Dislikes this video! Is a goddamn TVclipr Employer! Fuck you for killing Independent Video Creators!!!!

  • hiding in my room
    hiding in my room 11 days ago

    That’s because you keep doing things that get your channels intro trouble like using copyright stuff. My channel hasn’t had any problems because it’s all 100% my stuff.

  • Mikel
    Mikel 11 days ago

    I'm surprised someone hasn't created/advertised a TVclip alternative (not Vimeo it sucks)

  • Uratz
    Uratz 11 days ago

    Same thing happened to my instagram. Those apps to make best of 2019 what fkin ever, photo collages, how many followers etc. all will hijack your sh!t I had 10 year account over 107k followers and i can't even recover my account. Instacram doesn't reply either.

  • Sampopankki
    Sampopankki 11 days ago

    Imagine being the person reviewing the accounts. I think I just found something worse than working for Kotaku.

  • D.J. KEYS
    D.J. KEYS 12 days ago

    BEEN LET IT GO!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Samuel Seiichi Inoue
    Samuel Seiichi Inoue 12 days ago

    Somehow... I can see YT team laughing seem everyone complain. They are just saying for us to shutup while they stole everthing from everyone, and still have some time to say that they are the harmed part as well. This really piss me off.

  • Matty Bruno Lucas Zenere Salas

    Broken English? There was no bad English

  • Matty Bruno Lucas Zenere Salas

    Brad Garlinghouse is a real purpose

  • Ricodabodyguard22
    Ricodabodyguard22 12 days ago

    TVclip is becoming just another network television network, similar to NBC, CBS, ABC and FOX. I remember when FOX first aired, frimge/risque television programming. Slowly, as the advertisers grew, the more "mainline" FOX became. As the Million Dollar Man said, "Everybody have a price."

    • Matty Bruno Lucas Zenere Salas
      Matty Bruno Lucas Zenere Salas 12 days ago

      Brad garlinghouse is a real person although I’m dubious it’s really him, but more importantly, what is this weird stream, I strangely wanna watch it for myself

  • Swag Mimic
    Swag Mimic 12 days ago

    This is some cyberpunk shit holy fuck

  • Puppie Kitten
    Puppie Kitten 13 days ago

    lmao and it’s only gonna get worse from here because of COPPA youtube will die. welp this is goodbye

  • Jerry Dunham
    Jerry Dunham 13 days ago

    Instead of begging for likes and shares. Lets find another platform and mass move.
    I've seen channels disappear and now with what's coming, Probebly finish the job.
    Lets just break them. There are others platforms. Some have moved to D Live.

  • N8 BEATS
    N8 BEATS 13 days ago

    I don't really understand what is going on here, can someone explain to me? What's happening, are they just wiping people's accounts out, or what? There isn't nothing that can be done?

  • Abdurrahim Cakar
    Abdurrahim Cakar 13 days ago

    Alex warned us :)

  • Lunagameing 90
    Lunagameing 90 13 days ago

    If my account gets banned, then there goes my many games I play.

  • EMAN67 (Movies,politics,commentary)

    This is shameful

  • 9/30 Studios
    9/30 Studios 14 days ago +1

    I don't want both my channels to suffer like this. 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢
    I can't let this happen to my work!

  • SquishyCandyftw
    SquishyCandyftw 14 days ago

    Whoa, Brad Garlinghouse is the owner of the cryptocurrency Ripple. This is strange... hm. He is a known person in crypto, guess there is an agenda being pushed?

    RAFAEL CHÁVEZ 14 days ago

    Just go to another platform

  • hackLAB
    hackLAB 14 days ago

    So sick of this negativity, be grateful for your life.

  • Magical Barbie3
    Magical Barbie3 14 days ago

    N I’m only at like 10 now😭😭😭
    Just started 3 days ago I love your message Yet I’m going to make believe this is not true

  • Emily Alterio
    Emily Alterio 14 days ago

    This is how people are getting malware when they open what they think is a Microsoft update. Nopenopenopenope.

  • GI Jack
    GI Jack 14 days ago

    You think it's bad now, wait till COPPA happens in 2020.

  • Mario Android_Dev
    Mario Android_Dev 15 days ago

    All youtubers should find a real job

  • TheRookies5
    TheRookies5 15 days ago

    I can't believe that TVclip became jerks because they don't know everything! They're hypocrites and frauds!

  • contessa
    contessa 16 days ago

    now coppa youtube is going down the shit hole

    JZANTUTORIALES 16 days ago +3

    Nothing we can do, we use Free plataform, and TVclip need more 💵💵 and TVclip can done our channel in eny momnent

  • Ashla NightShade
    Ashla NightShade 16 days ago

    Recently I’ve noticed that I’ve been subscribed to a few channels that I’ve never seen in my life and absolutely know that I wouldn’t subscribe to.
    I have unsubscribed from those channels.
    Do you think that those channels got taken advantage of like your describing?
    It’d make sense if that is the case...

  • epicmaker34 creator
    epicmaker34 creator 16 days ago

    Time to start downloading my playlists to my phone

  • shepherd_b0y
    shepherd_b0y 16 days ago

    This is terrible! TVclip, what dafuq?!?!

  • RUdigitized
    RUdigitized 16 days ago

    If it’s so bad just change platforms

    • contessa
      contessa 16 days ago

      what platform do you use when all your favorite youtubers are on youtube

  • Angela Lycos2.0
    Angela Lycos2.0 17 days ago

    there needs to be a new platform where big media isn't in charge.

  • ت
    ت 17 days ago

    i DoN't CaRe

  • ShyFx8
    ShyFx8 17 days ago

    To all youtubers.
    It's not about Privacy Protect, protecting children or make Family Friendly Video and such... It's all about a corrupt world government. (shadow government) they are extremely arrogant and make own regulations and laws just to get more money, power and control. And yes, also all these satanic corporations like google, youtube, facebook, twitter, instagram that have infiltrated the political system to create monopoly, a giant surveillance network where all user data is sold out. Just to make more money/ profit for themselves. So you see, it's all about money, power and control.

  • Oderus Urungus
    Oderus Urungus 17 days ago

    If you''re reviewing a game that has a mature rating would that video not be intended for a mature audience? Is their rating system going to supersede the already existing one that has been place for many years when determining intended audience or will a highly subjective system be implemented? According to current laws a child cannot buy an "M" rated game w/o a parent or adult buying it for them. If COPPA will protect a child's data from the slime in silicon valley, I'm all for it. I dont care about your ad revenue, brah.

  • SpaceBoy0906
    SpaceBoy0906 17 days ago

    R.I.P Brad Garling

  • Miguel Barros
    Miguel Barros 17 days ago

    All content creators should go on strike and take down their channels until youtube comes back crawling as they see their income from ads collapse. No content creators no income. Simple as that. It is time to create a youtube clone running on servers outside the US. What's is happening right now is typical for an organization with a monopoly.
    Just move everything to Switzerland

  • Sandra Nelson
    Sandra Nelson 17 days ago

    It's time for a new platform. A platform made by creators , for creators. No Google. Creators in charge, not corporations. Creators running the platform. If advertisers want their commercials on the platform they will have to come hat in hand , and ask politely if they can have their ads on the platform. The Creators will decide what ads go up.
    Repeat, there needs to be a platform with creators in charge.

  • Farish Nazaruddin
    Farish Nazaruddin 17 days ago +2

    This year's a dark age for youtube
    Nothing can be said for years to come

  • LemonFX
    LemonFX 17 days ago

    "This channel is banned for uploading a video."

  • CHARD :P
    CHARD :P 17 days ago +13

    TVclip deserves to be abandoned, till they realize that they killed their reputation.

  • Alex Soule
    Alex Soule 17 days ago

    There are always complete morons controlling someone's livelihood, that seems to be the way things go

  • Supergirl
    Supergirl 18 days ago

    @TheQuartering I swear up and down, Disney. if you put the puzzle pieces of everything this studio has done, if you put together who will benefit from TVclip going under, Disney. I swear it’s them behind the curtain doing this. They have been trying to keep people from creating for years now. They will benefit from this because kids will leave youtube and go to their new streaming site.

  • ProudestSheep
    ProudestSheep 18 days ago

    *gets email saying you should download this software to test it out*

    *downloads... gets channel stolen because of virus*


  • shaolinskunks88
    shaolinskunks88 18 days ago

    Bob the builder can do a better job.