Eminem - Venom

  • Listen to Venom (Music From The Motion Picture), out now: smarturl.it/EminemVenom
    Dir: Rich Lee
    Producer: Justin Diener & Kathy Angstadt
    Production Company: Drive Studios
    Director of Photography: Christopher Probst
    Production Designer: Charles Infante

    Music video by Eminem performing Venom. © 2018 Aftermath Records

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  • iris an
    iris an 7 hours ago

    I love how weirdo Eminem can be. I adore him for this.

    TNTYOD 8 hours ago

    You'll never take my pride, killing the flow, slow Venom and the opponent is getting no
    Mercy, mark my words, ain't letting up, relentless I smell blood,
    I don't give a fuck, keep giving them hell
    Where was you when I fell and needed help up? You get no love

  • get free mazes
    get free mazes 8 hours ago


  • Moon Wolf
    Moon Wolf 8 hours ago

    I don't care what ya say, this song and video are one of the best

  • Qwibi
    Qwibi 8 hours ago

    2:51 my ringtone

    Edit { Earlier My Phone Went Off In Class

  • Danni Sodré
    Danni Sodré 8 hours ago


  • santiago pastor
    santiago pastor 9 hours ago

    I love eminem

  • Sameer Sam
    Sameer Sam 9 hours ago

    Corona + Venom = ?

  • Carlos Albuquerque
    Carlos Albuquerque 9 hours ago

    Lembro quando saiu essa música

  • Malcolm Robinson
    Malcolm Robinson 10 hours ago

    Turn Down for What 2
    cuz the virus
    when they touch them they get it
    kill me please

  • Brex RNG
    Brex RNG 10 hours ago

    They made a venom song and a coronovires

    GRIMS REVENGE 11 hours ago +1

    Who else have anger flashes and puts this song on in 2020?................GRIM.

  • Safiye Traş
    Safiye Traş 11 hours ago


  • Volkan çelik
    Volkan çelik 11 hours ago

    Life hurts eddie.....

  • brom_ elda
    brom_ elda 13 hours ago

    even auto generated captions can't keep up with The Rap God

  • Julia Mendes
    Julia Mendes 13 hours ago


  • ThoreauAgainstTheMachine


  • Mironek Mironek :D
    Mironek Mironek :D 13 hours ago

    Venom vs this is america

  • Dennis Lim
    Dennis Lim 14 hours ago

    Who came here because of coronavirus outbreak?

  • Toni Brownlie
    Toni Brownlie 14 hours ago

    are you going on tour or something if you are don't.

  • Osmin Cruz
    Osmin Cruz 15 hours ago

    1:53 me when I die in Fortnite

  • Nolan Silvernail
    Nolan Silvernail 15 hours ago

    Good Song!:)

  • Joseph Bailey
    Joseph Bailey 15 hours ago

    This is how cornavirus should be taught

  • Albañil de Roblox
    Albañil de Roblox 15 hours ago


  • chris fricker
    chris fricker 16 hours ago


  • cosmatic 11
    cosmatic 11 16 hours ago +2

    When eminem said “VENOM” i felt that

  • iAnTZ
    iAnTZ 17 hours ago +1

    Eminem! The CoronaVirus made your song irl!

  • Claudiu Marian Sirbu
    Claudiu Marian Sirbu 17 hours ago

    Doctor you have 4 minutes to live
    Me: can I watch this?
    Doctor: But that s 5 minutes
    God(Eminem): it s ok I let u

  • Jeri Crow
    Jeri Crow 18 hours ago

    Ive got venome

  • Ana Julia Oliveira
    Ana Julia Oliveira 18 hours ago

    A parte que eu gosto é so o

    Darandan kkkkkkk

  • Ana Julia Oliveira
    Ana Julia Oliveira 18 hours ago


  • Gaming Style
    Gaming Style 18 hours ago

    Dafuq boom 🤯

  • Razan Chatti
    Razan Chatti 19 hours ago

    Imagine if someone bumped into a mumble rapper so the last one starts rapping like eminem

  • 10K Subs In 2020 Challenge

    If Eminem wrote a diss track for COVID-19, it would be over by tomorrow

  • lil odeth
    lil odeth 19 hours ago

    Fake hip-hop

  • Shashikant Shikarwar
    Shashikant Shikarwar 19 hours ago

    That's exactly how corona spread

  • Яна Въчкова
    Яна Въчкова 21 hour ago

    Heartbeat, wistle

  • Maksymilian Synowiec
    Maksymilian Synowiec 21 hour ago

    I could just imagine what everyone is thinking on that bus.

  • Яна Въчкова
    Яна Въчкова 21 hour ago

    Bineclous, pypart, celen

  • Яна Въчкова
    Яна Въчкова 21 hour ago

    Ear,mango, fridg,potato,hoof,pait,bone, scrleton, mixer, , mouth

  • シCᴀᴘʀɪ’sLᴜᴄᴋ

    *170k Dislikes*
    *probably jealous that they can’t rap like him*

  • Baby Yoda
    Baby Yoda 22 hours ago

    so if you get have a symbiote you will start singing

  • TripDup Music
    TripDup Music 23 hours ago


  • Artyom Sazonov
    Artyom Sazonov 23 hours ago +1

    2:11 тупо моё лицо когда отменили уроки

  • Zahidur Rahman
    Zahidur Rahman 23 hours ago

    Your Bad

  • Арсен Сыдыгалиев

    Эминем классный репер!

  • カイロレンカイロレン


  • Jiko Demon
    Jiko Demon Day ago


  • Jason Murray
    Jason Murray Day ago

    Who needs a vaccine when you got the venom

  • Master Tema
    Master Tema Day ago +1


  • Full Venom
    Full Venom Day ago +1


  • dawn higgins
    dawn higgins Day ago


  • anas ayoub
    anas ayoub Day ago +1

    venom is the coronavirus

  • George Otero
    George Otero Day ago

    The white one outside with the white shirt

  • George Otero
    George Otero Day ago

    That girl is hoooot

  • Jesse's Watier
    Jesse's Watier Day ago


  • Cookie Paste
    Cookie Paste Day ago

    the dog is the best part

  • krizthawizard
    krizthawizard Day ago +1

    this is a goat song #notforkids 🐐

  • JegErAsger Blog/Vlog

    Respect for that one old man in the video

  • Alan Rodríguez
    Alan Rodríguez Day ago

    Alguien que me chupe la pinga porfas

  • Sopiita
    Sopiita Day ago

    3:39 ufff men, el firulais rapea mejor que yo :v

  • Yzabella Navarro

    The dog. Really???

  • Matheus Almeida
    Matheus Almeida Day ago


  • Media SWELLING
    Media SWELLING Day ago +2

    When your bit with CORNAIRUS should have dead along time ago ..

    Cornavirus: They ain't gonna know what hit them

  • J McKay
    J McKay Day ago

    This is a good ass Eminem parody... oh nvm this is real

  • Lucy im home
    Lucy im home Day ago

    This wasn't fiction
    It's pure disposition
    Like a prophetic vision
    It's a split decision
    Phuck y'all mannerisms
    JAllupinya like some hot jiszums!
    Ho ho ho,
    Ha! ha! ha!

  • Datntlover
    Datntlover Day ago +1

    4:05 - 4:18 my favorite part

  • Flavia Namuli
    Flavia Namuli Day ago

    Real venom in his voice

  • Jason Dalton
    Jason Dalton Day ago


  • gustavo rodrigues


  • Maks Olchawa
    Maks Olchawa Day ago

    Kocham to

  • Anthony demons Siller runb4ME

    I love at the end of every verse he describes the action of the worlds most perfect predator. A snake

  • Anna Cassell
    Anna Cassell Day ago

    I'm amazed by the power of this every time

  • Anna Cassell
    Anna Cassell Day ago

    wow there is power in this song please believe

  • Martin Kanas
    Martin Kanas Day ago

    Em ya can keep your venom, devil , demons and all of that other crap. Goodness, kindness, love and God will eventually win on this planet. Amen

  • Cute Doggo
    Cute Doggo Day ago

    This Video Continues From Fall. The CD is infected with Venom. It's the same CD the end of the video "Fall" which Eminem fell on. Thats when the venom latched onto the CD after Eminem.

  • FaZe _reapergio
    FaZe _reapergio Day ago

    mom- are listining to emienm
    me-yes mom
    mom-when are you gonna stop
    me-til i collapse

  • Dhurata Dora
    Dhurata Dora Day ago

    The Coronavirus is just a rip off of the venom touch.
    Edit This is only a joke dont take it seriously

  • Oscar II M.
    Oscar II M. Day ago +1

    if coronavirus could rap

  • LA Gaming 97
    LA Gaming 97 Day ago

    Venom. Venom. Venom. Venom