Stop Chemtrails Now!!! orgone, Orgonite,Chi, Prana, NWO


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  • ian callard
    ian callard 6 months ago

    What a moron

  • Rakjkd
    Rakjkd 7 months ago

    Do cloud busters normalise weather patterns because we do need rain

  • Hans Ignals
    Hans Ignals 9 months ago

    Some comments are at least 4 years old, and we still get ‘chemtrails’ so your bucket device doesn’t work. It sure wastes a lot of water so I think what does does work is that your bucket increases your water bill!

  • martin evans
    martin evans 9 months ago

    do u have to keep water running all the time

  • Michigander in Exile
    Michigander in Exile 10 months ago

    What a waste of water.

  • lori amora
    lori amora Year ago

    does the water have to be running..?

  • Somewhere Nearyou

    When u put carbon in orgone it deposits into the closest thing to it which is you. It will deposit whatever is inside it into you because u are carbon.


    Whos they...? Someone came in ur yard and put charcoal?

    • chunkhutchinson
      chunkhutchinson 11 months ago

      Thats exactly what I was thinking. I don't understand surley if he was a problem he would just be dead, simple. paranoid perhaps....

  • Anka
    Anka Year ago

    hello, i am french and don't understand all, Someone can traduce that he say ? in 4 words ? in french nobody speak abaout this thank you

    • Shari Cox
      Shari Cox Year ago

      Anka do what he does in video. 🙄

  • Mr. Universe
    Mr. Universe Year ago +1

    is having one of these dangerous in an city apt building. will it attract any electrical radiations?

  • Judy 1771
    Judy 1771 2 years ago +1

    I love your videos so much man, you don't give a DAM but are so respectful explaining everything. Love and peace to you hon, you are a strong individual. And they KNOW that lol. As a T.I, I know what it takes to keep that kind of composure. Props love.

  • FckMrkl999
    FckMrkl999 2 years ago +2

    Thanks for Sharing the Water-Chembuster !

  • splendit
    splendit 3 years ago +1

    Dig a hole and put the bucket halfway init ..... 100 times powerfull !
    or Place the bucket in a little brook , place it that way so it fills the bucket with water , don^t forget the copperpipes ofcourse , 1000 times powerfull TXXX a very good TIP ! and nice video ......

  • Nathan Skip
    Nathan Skip 3 years ago +2

    get a camera so it either doesn't happen again or if it does, you catch it soon so you can keep your cloud buster working.

  • Diane K
    Diane K 4 years ago

    I'd like to put crystal stones at the end of the pipes to beautify my garden space. Would they amplify or negate the effectiveness of the CB?

    • Thor wald
      Thor wald 2 years ago +2

      as I know cristals are always amplifying the + power.

  • Anthony Gutierrez
    Anthony Gutierrez 4 years ago +1

    hey bro love you video you explain the truth about orgone very well

  • Kingprince33
    Kingprince33 4 years ago

    whats up with your website? is it down?

  • Albert Fairtax
    Albert Fairtax 4 years ago +4

    Check this out. This guy's invention neutralizes the constant HAARP attacks. Stops chemtrails as far as the eye can see!!

    Protect yourself from HAARP. Easy to make! 3 minute youtube video shows you how, called "Save Fukushima Part 2: Make A Purviance Pyramid." This thing really works folks! Only took me 2 lazy days to make. We need more of these Purviance Pyramids all over the planet! Watch the video, and see how easy it is to make. Tell everyone! We need more of these, for our own protection.

    Download here has simple but genius ideas within it:

  • meatpockets00
    meatpockets00 4 years ago

    pretty sure bamboo works too. thanks for all the info and good luck on your journey. i will be hoping you have all charged dropped.

  • John Pradelski
    John Pradelski 4 years ago +5

    Hey a good way to get the pipe is to go to Lowes or Home Depot and get the electrical conduit pipe galvanized steel a 10 foot sections of half inch pipe is only around $3 and something

  • Dianecia Edrews
    Dianecia Edrews 4 years ago +5

    I heard this poor guy got caught & then jailed by the cops for planting orgonites: ... Let's pray for him. These damn cops are always catching innocent people.

  • AAC
    AAC 4 years ago +1

    Than you!

  • sanskritmantra
    sanskritmantra 4 years ago +1

    they do whatever they can to keep their agenda going.. they try intimidation and direct attacks.. they think they are slick but they are easily spotted.. remember to magnify your work always.. Namaste r

  • Anja Dekkers
    Anja Dekkers 4 years ago

    do you insulate the bottom of the pipes with ducktape?

  • Toni Rö
    Toni Rö 4 years ago +2

    nice man!