Toppers - Baby Let Me Bang Your Box - Jubilee 5136 - 1954

  • Published on Apr 21, 2012
    Toppers - (I Love To Play Your Piano) Baby Let Me Bang Your Box / You're Laughing 'Cause I'm Crying - Jubilee 5136 - 1954
    Toppers - Baby Let Me Bang Your Box - Jubilee 5136 - 1954
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  • Bianca Bagnolet
    Bianca Bagnolet 24 days ago

    fantastique trop trop génial j'adore

  • Bianca Bagnolet
    Bianca Bagnolet 2 months ago

    fantastique c'est tellement géniale trop jolie j'adore 💖

  • Paul Joseph
    Paul Joseph 3 months ago

    Stands up well so to speak

  • Roses Gustavsson
    Roses Gustavsson 3 months ago


  • Michael Furia
    Michael Furia 6 months ago +1

    Trump would love this song. (And I hate Trump)

  • Milton Kanfer
    Milton Kanfer 8 months ago +2

    Well I declare! Baby let me bang your box. That's up front. No beating around the bush with that.
    (Pun intended)

  • Jeff Rambler man
    Jeff Rambler man Year ago +1


  • David Dunmore
    David Dunmore Year ago +1

    Daddy Cool did this in Oz in the early 1070's. I think on the album 'Sex, Drugs and Rock n Roll Teenage Heaven'

    • Paul Joseph
      Paul Joseph Year ago

      David Dunmore A very good version too. This is pretty good

  • Joseph Meiler
    Joseph Meiler Year ago +2

    Wilmer Alexander and the Dukes used to play this at The Inferno in Williamsville ANY in the 60's

  • Steve Wiles
    Steve Wiles Year ago +4

    Daddy Cool did a good cover

    • CJ
      CJ 8 months ago +1

      Daddy Cool never got the recognition they deserved. So many great covers, right in the pocket, and some good original numbers, too. Australia's answer to Sha na na.

  • TheBrabon1
    TheBrabon1 2 years ago +2

    guess all those white preachers were right about the black devil music

    • squeakydog
      squeakydog Year ago

      No way. Black people were honest. White people hid it behind cloth and power.

    • Steve Wiles
      Steve Wiles Year ago +1


  • DoowopDanceParty
    DoowopDanceParty 2 years ago +1

    From JHS 35 in Brooklyn's Bed-Sty section. Henry Austin on lead - later to become the Hurricanes. Jubilee 5134 - 1954.

  • ExcessiveSpareTime
    ExcessiveSpareTime 2 years ago +2

    I thought Camp Records cornered the market on such extreme unsubtlety.

  • PJ Riverdale
    PJ Riverdale 2 years ago +13

    1954. All of Chuck Berry's later "signature" elements with the guitar and piano interplay in place. In 1954.
    And not in the least, a record widely banned maybe more so than the "Annie" series, or "Big Ten Inch", "It Ain't The Meat", and the like yet still a hit in its time.
    One thing was certain, no major label would have tried to cover this with a WHITE POP artist.
    And maybe there, is the true genius of RnB double entendre' lyrics.

  • MontyThrud
    MontyThrud 2 years ago +3

    What!!...did she just say...??

  • MrUsaer
    MrUsaer 3 years ago +8

    a version of this song by the Hot Nuts was on the jukebox at The Bengal ....a college bar at LSU in 1967. Baby let me bang your box...Baby let me bang your box.... Baby let me bang....Baby let me bang.....Baby let me bang your box. I can still carry a tune.. amazing. Could you imagine how long this song would stay on jukebox today before the place was sued

  • KEN Hilton
    KEN Hilton 3 years ago

    come on now, we all know where we know this song from

  • Deborah Murphy
    Deborah Murphy 3 years ago +3

    Haven't heard this for years. Thanks for the share.

  • Bah Humbug
    Bah Humbug 4 years ago +1

    Robin Byrd!!!

    • Bah Humbug
      Bah Humbug 3 years ago

      +Bah Humbug How come her version's not on TVclip?

  • Martin Travers
    Martin Travers 4 years ago

    Love this!

  • MaTT RandoM
    MaTT RandoM 4 years ago

    G rated now, back then R lol

    • Hey Internet!
      Hey Internet! 2 years ago

      it was g rated then too cause no one knew what they were singing about at the time.

  • MaTT RandoM
    MaTT RandoM 4 years ago +1

    Got to learn the piano sometime

  • WickedTornado
    WickedTornado 5 years ago +2

    1954...the year I was born. I'm surprised at this tune...never heard it before. It actually is a lot more "rocky" than most '54 tunes. Could it be one of the earliest???

  • Kurt  Begley
    Kurt Begley 5 years ago

    Only men would come up with a sond like this

  • Edmund Williams
    Edmund Williams 6 years ago +1

    Nice title!! I love it!! Can you post the flip?

    4JUKEBOXSATURDAYNITE  7 years ago +1

    Toppers - Baby Let Me Bang Your Box / Your Laughing Because I'm Crying - Jubilee 5136 - 1954
    Toppers - Baby Let Me Bang Your Box