Destroy a car window in less than a second

  • Published on Jul 27, 2012
  • The short movie shows another example of use (ability to break glass) of the Automatic Center Punch from Rennsteig Tools. You can see how easy it is to destroy a window in an emergency case in less than a second. Such a small tool can save your life!
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  • Fuck You
    Fuck You 4 days ago +1

    have also a box cutter in glove box
    some seatbelts get stuck after crash

  • Oh yeah yeah
    Oh yeah yeah 6 days ago

    *1.3 Seconds*
    Title is misleading!

  • Dat Leever
    Dat Leever Month ago

    use that as a taser

  • Bailee Rose
    Bailee Rose Month ago

    Good ideas man 😂
    Fuck the bullshit comments.

  • Saddam Husen
    Saddam Husen Month ago

    What is this tool name

  • Dhruv Singh
    Dhruv Singh Month ago

    Oh great now I can play GTA IRL

  • S Waqas Ahmad
    S Waqas Ahmad Month ago

    *Hammer left the chat*

  • Selma Kelly
    Selma Kelly Month ago

    Wow! Every car needs that especially cops when they "refuse to show driver's license."

  • Cole Blackburn
    Cole Blackburn Month ago

    How does glass get cracky in a NanoSecond

  • UCHAI 7
    UCHAI 7 Month ago +1

    I don't care because it is gonna help bank robber more

  • This is RANDOM
    This is RANDOM Month ago

    What did that window ever do to you, man.

  • Billy Dino
    Billy Dino 2 months ago

    ”emergency situation” more like ”robber”

  • 21 savage
    21 savage 2 months ago

    Plastic hammer then real tool great

  • Family YralCcM
    Family YralCcM 2 months ago

    It’s weak because it’s made for kids being kidnapped to break the glass easy and get out.
    I know cause they teached me in karate class

  • i bite bagels
    i bite bagels 2 months ago

    I will stick to my trusty Rock

  • AQAM studio
    AQAM studio 2 months ago

    Pretty awesome for theifs

  • blabla truc
    blabla truc 2 months ago

    In 1sec but video is 1:31?

  • unsufulspoon 2
    unsufulspoon 2 2 months ago

    What if a criminal use these

  • Aditya Alvin
    Aditya Alvin 2 months ago


  • Caleb Patterson🔹️
    Caleb Patterson🔹️ 2 months ago

    Thanks for this new method of stealing cars I made up to $80k without getting caught! Thank you man

  • 제동영상 봐주세요

    For EMERGENCY only

  • Kebab Remover
    Kebab Remover 2 months ago +1

    " The *slow motion* was in *slow motion* "

  • Bob The Blob
    Bob The Blob 2 months ago

    You hit the glass at the center with the hammer. Not effective. This is tempered glass which is tough as shit in the center. Just give it a good swing on the corners and it will disintegrate

  • Hans
    Hans 2 months ago

    0:10 No one’s gonna use a hammer like that, you fucken bash that cunt full strength

  • danuchotroll YT
    danuchotroll YT 2 months ago

    Does it work under water?

  • thedestroyer lol76
    thedestroyer lol76 2 months ago

    Yeah because theres no such thing as a rock or a hammer

  • TheDangerousFer 103
    TheDangerousFer 103 2 months ago

    A 10 mil ladrones les gusto este vídeo :v

  • tmarshguy
    tmarshguy 2 months ago

    Rob a car in less than a second

  • Dominik 2354
    Dominik 2354 2 months ago


  • dice yt
    dice yt 2 months ago

    You just helped the theifs

  • German Midget
    German Midget 2 months ago

    2 things that was more than one second and two hit the window harder jeez my nan could hit it harder and trust me she's not that strong

  • Omar Taco Tree
    Omar Taco Tree 2 months ago

    So thats how my moms car alarm didnt go off when theives got into it

  • Matheo_ F
    Matheo_ F 2 months ago

    Me: let rob a car 🚘

  • JayThePineappleDemon OverLord

    for all your burglary needs!

  • GoPro478
    GoPro478 2 months ago

    Great tool for theives man

  • Madalin Stan
    Madalin Stan 2 months ago

    Hmmmmm.... what the point of this video

  • red bite
    red bite 2 months ago

    A 5000 brayans le gusto esto :v

  • copter tv
    copter tv 2 months ago

    Intresting life hacks technology drones and intresting videos ? you can see all of this in my chanel

  • Dear Leader
    Dear Leader 3 months ago

    Flex tape will fix this

  • Isaac HK Teo
    Isaac HK Teo 3 months ago

    Well, why the fuck would anyone want to do that?

  • Mauricio Rocha
    Mauricio Rocha 3 months ago

    Iré a robar autos, Gracias

  • ٌRx 9
    ٌRx 9 3 months ago

    Thats A click bait
    He Said In One sec


  • james blace
    james blace 3 months ago

    Wrong title! It how to rob a car..

  • Talen Tales
    Talen Tales 3 months ago

    Memories of

    Not very tough

  • The nutt bug
    The nutt bug 3 months ago

    Now u shall sit on glass

  • sengo 123
    sengo 123 3 months ago

    Thieves joined the chat

  • Michael Kwakye
    Michael Kwakye 3 months ago

  • wEt SpOnGe
    wEt SpOnGe 3 months ago +2

    You could swing the hammer harder

  • OxyEL1
    OxyEL1 3 months ago

    How to rob someone’s car in 3 seconds

  • Joshua Kim
    Joshua Kim 3 months ago

    Will this work on my ex?

  • adam McCulloch
    adam McCulloch 3 months ago


    KRAZI EDITS 3 months ago +1

    Can u do a vid to show u how to escape from the police?

  • Erzio •
    Erzio • 3 months ago

    Now you Just Teach Carnappers On how to obtain the car the faster way

  • Rockstar Miami
    Rockstar Miami 3 months ago

    0:20 I don’t feel so good

  • Marcin Mikołaj
    Marcin Mikołaj 3 months ago


  • Scubapro
    Scubapro 3 months ago +1

    Typisch scheiss Billigglas von IKEA -.- ich hasse sowas

  • Steven Uzumaki
    Steven Uzumaki 3 months ago

    *He didn't hit thehammer so bad so the glass wouldn't shatter immediately
    cause theres a 2 second gap between the two od them*

  • Jospeh Stalin
    Jospeh Stalin 3 months ago

    Just use a broke spark plug

  • Lizzie Sobakin
    Lizzie Sobakin 3 months ago

    There’s no way in hell a hammer didn’t brake that window

  • ByNeets
    ByNeets 3 months ago

    Smash harder idiot

  • Dicky Ball
    Dicky Ball 3 months ago


  • kanavy khith
    kanavy khith 3 months ago

    Hide Your Stuff so Nobody Sees It.

  • Klajdi Cala
    Klajdi Cala 3 months ago

    Best slowmotion ever

  • monoj baruah
    monoj baruah 3 months ago

    Who else is watching this in 2018 plz like,...

  • call me Rocky
    call me Rocky 3 months ago +2

    Phil swift: I CUT THIS BOAT IN HALF!
    this dude: I PUT A HOLE IN MY CAR

  • call me Rocky
    call me Rocky 3 months ago +1


  • Preacian Offical
    Preacian Offical 3 months ago

    What is this for thief

  • Lubomir Kostov
    Lubomir Kostov 3 months ago

    0:44 "Slow motion" - playing back 30 fps frame by frame doesn't count as slow-mo...

  • Blood Beryl
    Blood Beryl 4 months ago

    Next time get someone who isn't have fag wrists to do the hammer bit

  • Isaac Salo
    Isaac Salo 4 months ago

    I have a military pocket knife with a seat belt cutter and a glass puncher

  • Ohjantuntumalla
    Ohjantuntumalla 4 months ago

    Still the video is 1:36

    BLACKPINK _ 4 months ago

    Ohh 3M views i think some thieves are watching this! 😂

  • Syed Ibrahim
    Syed Ibrahim 4 months ago

    U call Dat a swing
    And yay now I can rob my neighbors

  • Явор Иванов
    Явор Иванов 4 months ago

    nice now try on the winshield

  • ScodDOS192
    ScodDOS192 4 months ago

    slow motion

  • zad vinco
    zad vinco 4 months ago

    Who hits with a hammer like that?

  • Maurice Griffin
    Maurice Griffin 4 months ago

    It could save your life.

  • 250 subs with no videos
    250 subs with no videos 4 months ago +1

    That was not 1 second, but ok

  • TOR0verlord
    TOR0verlord 4 months ago

    Finally, I can get the car I've always wanted!!!!!

  • vinto34
    vinto34 4 months ago

    Seen this done on the film made in britain when the main character steals a car.

  • SPOokY BoI
    SPOokY BoI 4 months ago

    The glass window was a paid actor

  • zPrxqz_YX
    zPrxqz_YX 4 months ago

    Thats some weak window...

  • ALT
    ALT 4 months ago

    "Slowmotion", I was expected a video from a Phantom at 100k FPS full of details. But instead that slomo is just at 1,5 FPS... or just the cameran taking some pictures and create a PowerPoint with them.

  • Lak1LLe ///
    Lak1LLe /// 4 months ago +1


  • Mlg Dank rc
    Mlg Dank rc 4 months ago +2

    Title says how to break a window in an emergency.
    Robber: *sees dollar.bill in car*
    Robber: *ItS An EmErGeNcY*

  • iiAmFrosty
    iiAmFrosty 4 months ago +1

    *Dad: why is the FBI here?*

  • FlixxyYT
    FlixxyYT 4 months ago

    With hammer *Tap Tap*

  • H m m m m m
    H m m m m m 4 months ago

    Cool and all, but we all know successful car robberies are going to skyrocket

  • Frank James
    Frank James 4 months ago


  • Christian Wind
    Christian Wind 4 months ago

    You ran out of windows since those hammer lickings were so powerful?

  • am i patrick_
    am i patrick_ 5 months ago

    First of all
    Not very tough
    Second u dont show us how fast or how far away you hit the hammer from clearly so why film from inside?

  • Digital Music Tech. Sandeep

    Sir where I buy this

  • Fatima Lopez
    Fatima Lopez 6 months ago

    That window is so thin

  • Moi Vic
    Moi Vic 7 months ago

    For my enemies

  • akhil ch
    akhil ch 7 months ago

    Tool name pls ??

  • double kid
    double kid 7 months ago

    Now people will start robbing items in cars more.

  • Thepurple 9
    Thepurple 9 7 months ago

    What tool is this

  • Gadge Vaibhav
    Gadge Vaibhav 8 months ago

    this thing is invented for robery only