Van Jones happy as Dems WIN and Mueller gets full House support


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  • Randall Lannon
    Randall Lannon 24 days ago

    Oh, you mean full communist support?

  • scruff dog
    scruff dog Month ago

    All the dems can do is whine

  • Skye 1
    Skye 1 Month ago

    Why does a self proclaimed Communist have any credibility? Obama dumped him immediately when the truth was revealed about his radical, communist ties.

  • Bob Bulsara
    Bob Bulsara Month ago


  • Archer Puna
    Archer Puna Month ago

    Yeah let’s subpoena all of them. Let’s impeach them all. Let’s bring back Obama. Open the boarders. Let’s open our houses to all imagrants no vetting needed. Impeachment impeachment. Let’s not have to pay for anything. I first in line. Where do I go please. I’ll meet you there. Please bring me some food and water and maybe a cell phone. Thank you and a God bless you all

  • Binkie P
    Binkie P Month ago

    Oh yeah! Everyone chant! "Show his taxes, lock him up!!

  • J Russ
    J Russ Month ago +1


  • david campbell
    david campbell Month ago

    His jump suit will match his hair.

  • casualsuede
    casualsuede Month ago +1

    Before liberals and Democrats lose their shit with delusions of grandeur, let this independent (who hates trump and his swamp) give you some realities, and some cold water.
    1. They may ask for trump's taxes but the Irs may not provide it, leading to a long court battle.
    2. Even if they get the returns it will be most likely be very "gray" not black or white, which will lead to a lengthy court battle that may lead to nowhere or a trump friendly SCOTUS.
    3. Mueller is not "YOUR GUY", he represents the American People. It is just as likely as not that he will conclude misconduct but non-impeachment worthy conclusions. He is a fair man and not out to get the president.
    4. Trump is a snake, he has not been stopped in many areas where you'd think he would lose out. He is going to pull something that will come out of left field that will bamboozle the Democrats, cause they suck at politicking.
    5. Trump still has 2.5 / 3.0 of the us government. He owns the executive, SCOTUS and the senate. There is a lot of things he can do to disrupt the house's plans.
    6. On top of it, he is going to fire rosenstein and the Keebler elf, meaning the doj will be even more aligned to him. Imagine if he made Devon nunes the new #1 there....
    This is still an uphill battle folks, don't think things are suddenly going to do a 180.

  • Sharon Schubert
    Sharon Schubert Month ago

    Trump’s a sore looser, his behaviour, language, and corruption is the reason Republicans lost the house. It will take him a while to understand what it really means. Fox News must have been pissed making that announcement. Civility and decency will come bk to America.

  • Steven Goo
    Steven Goo Month ago

    He knows he is plenty of trouble. He and his GD family is in plenty of trouble.

    DEATHMETALDUDE 666 Month ago

    It doesn’t matter to these people about content of character but the color of there skin or gender who won, the issues don’t matter but what does is what you look like to these people

  • Ken Snape
    Ken Snape Month ago

    When all the crap that trump is up to comes out, all the slimes that voted his ticket in Florida and Texas will see what they have done. Then they will say " me I voted democrat" they will all bale on trump .....

  • Kevin Mulcahy
    Kevin Mulcahy Month ago

    Goodbye Nunes, Gowdy, Chaffitz and their ilk.

  • Dakota
    Dakota Month ago

    NOT a BFD since in 2 yrs Dems have not done 1 thing for Americans or USA! In the house they have NO say over anyone appointed to office and no power to impeach!. ALL has to go through the Senate where they can veto, reject, and give them a taste of their own meds now and RESIST, RESIST, RESIST.

  • Armandhammer
    Armandhammer Month ago

    So sorry about Gillum, not sorry

  • Helga Buttercup
    Helga Buttercup Month ago

    Democrat pigs go pound sand up your fat ass. Then bend over and fart in a Democrat illegals face .you cut throats big nose communist dead beat ugly bitches you are so ugly it's scary .you smell like a dead rat you eat rat shit for snacks liberal wonen are not women they are ugly bitches in heat there is no such thing a a liberal woman they are jackass with two legs .what a joke .Next they will be lined up at the abortion clinic to have their midnight snack with nutty piss face and Lizzie warthog and of course leather face Clinton .

  • N S
    N S Month ago +2

    Protect Mueller.

  • Luis Gutierrez
    Luis Gutierrez Month ago

    🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕 TRUMP!!!!!
    SI SE PUDO!!!!
    SI SE PUDO!!!!
    SI SE PUDO!!!!

  • ruben camargo
    ruben camargo Month ago


  • Marie K
    Marie K Month ago +1

    Toxic trump the crook.

  • Marie K
    Marie K Month ago

    Stress him out so hard about his taxes that he will have a stroke. Impeachment Jesus is coming.

  • Sirens 123
    Sirens 123 Month ago


  • Thumb Print
    Thumb Print Month ago

    Why would the democrats now in charge of the House NOT investigate the shenanigans of the republicans? It is a part of their job.

  • Dj Martin
    Dj Martin Month ago +1

    It is odd how Trump stumped on the Dems for 2 years. And as soon as the Dems take over the house he picked up the phone and called Nancy Pelosi to congratulate her that is because he is running scared. He knows he is about to go down like the Titanic.

  • Sujeet Bhoobun
    Sujeet Bhoobun Month ago +1

    I hope they also investigate hilary

    • Dovey62
      Dovey62 Month ago

      What? And God forbid take attention away from the never ending tax returns and Russian collusion? They have nothing else to complain about. This will be never ending. They all sound like giddy school girls after a hot date. Man, I hate Rachel Maddow! They have no proof, but have nothing else to talk about.

  • Gregg Narcisse
    Gregg Narcisse Month ago

    Mueller has 229 Blue Angels floating above his head. Mueller it's time to do damage!

  • Anak Warser
    Anak Warser Month ago

    TRUMP is AWESOME. reap it bitches.

  • Teddy Abera
    Teddy Abera Month ago

    Republicans a dying white party....they won't exist in 10 yrs...even texas will turn blue

  • Anak Warser
    Anak Warser Month ago

    republicans held the line pretty dam good last night. in my county only 50%of registered voters turned out all the liberal trash showed up and we still destroyed the democrats in my county. Jones is a racist cat turd. it's like this flat tire + cat turd = Jones and Obama. suck on that with your dirty swolt twats.

  • jesse wilson
    jesse wilson Month ago

    Tax returns, Tax returns, Tax returns, what a bunch of idiots!

  • Lee Honaker
    Lee Honaker Month ago

    Nothing the dems do will ever get through the Senate

    • ghost indahouse
      ghost indahouse Month ago

      they dont need to get it through the senate. they just need to show their boss what trump is hiding and the crimes against america he has commited. btw the boss is the american public aka you. Will you support a man who who has evaded tax... a crime which you would go to prison for if you did. a man who confessed to sexually asaulting women, commiting adultery, and increasing his personal wealth while your leader? corrupt to the core.

  • Hammertoe
    Hammertoe Month ago

    You people are soooooooo stupid. You are in for a big, nasty surprise.

  • Default Name
    Default Name Month ago +2

    A truckload of Depends was just delivered to the White House. Putin must be done with the lap dog.

  • Marilyn Hackett
    Marilyn Hackett Month ago +1

    I think Trump would Quit playing a POTUS than to show his TAXES .

  • John Smith
    John Smith Month ago

    Lol what dummies you are, so the dems won the house I congratulate you on that, problem is if you keep running on investigations you wont hold for long, and the most funny thing is any legislation about impeachment must go through the senate, OOOPS, big RED wall in your way, so keep running on hate only makes you look more insane

    • John Smith
      John Smith Month ago

      Maybe you should worry more about the JUSTICE where ever you're from

    • John Smith
      John Smith Month ago

      Trumpeters minority, lol yea you really know nothing, walking zombie just like the rest of them

    • John Smith
      John Smith Month ago

      You should stop wouldn't want you to get triggered

    • John Smith
      John Smith Month ago

      And all names you mentioned had no collisions, like I said talk what you know

    • John Smith
      John Smith Month ago

      It's ok, you'll be alright, like I said where u from

  • Rodolfo Gutierrez
    Rodolfo Gutierrez Month ago

    Hey Republicans mueller is coming and the dems and I are coming with him

  • Mike C.
    Mike C. Month ago

    Here we go. All the progress Trump has made will be slowed due to pointless investigations. Now we waste time with pointless internal banter instead of continuing to make this country great.

  • Jeffery Shabazz
    Jeffery Shabazz Month ago

    To all my black Christians out there it was not Jesus the Jew that came to rescue you it was a white woman named Pelosi 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • 2/3 MartialLawPuppet

    Full House-🔵+🌊+⚖️+🔵+🌊=

  • Jeff Mcglone
    Jeff Mcglone Month ago

    Van jones is racist!! Trump is not going anywhere!! This is normal for president losing the house in the midterms. Obummer did the same!! Tax return? Really? a big nothing 🍔!! Dumocrats will never learn. It will help him to get elected (2020). Rachel is stupid nothing will happen trump will win AGAIN!! fake news will never learn!! Lol

  • Chris M
    Chris M Month ago

    Trump has the democrats where he wants them. In the lower section of congress like the little troublemakers that they are. Your new world order fuelled coup d’etat is about to collapse. FISA declas is coming and some early elections with it no doubt. People who voted democrat, do you even realise you are voting for an agenda that involves global depopulation and enslavement control of human society? Bet most of you all voted because you hate Trump and on nothing else. Well, you are now all communist sympathisers. Congratulations! The Chinese government thanks you. Also, here’s a little fact for you deluded sheep. The globalists aka the new world order were aware of Trumps desire to run for President years before the public did, decades before probably so they set out to blacken his name well in advance of public knowledge. You have all fallen for it! Now the TRUTH is going to come out about how corrupt the system is especially on the communist democrat party side. Mainstream media, Hollywood, the entertainment industry and military industrial complex financiers all complicit and in on the failed coup against Donald J Trump! I just hope you are all ready for the dark, evil truths that are going to be revealed. Not sure if you will be able to handle it. One thing is for sure, not only will you be ashamed of your party and those you champion you will also be ashamed of yourselves!

  • Jamie Moore
    Jamie Moore Month ago +1

    Don't lose sight of the vision we need to keep up the same momentum that we have for this election and continue to knock on the doors and continue to trying to constitute a change only be the beginning

  • maestasify
    maestasify Month ago

    I hope all this blue happiness results in orange juice with no pulp.

  • 15 Seconds of INSTA Fame

    democrats proving again just how racist they are

  • Pam Mckellar
    Pam Mckellar Month ago +1

    Nigrow trash !

  • Steve Wilkinson
    Steve Wilkinson Month ago

    When we get investigations into fisa ect

  • Steve Wilkinson
    Steve Wilkinson Month ago +1

    So now we get to see how important unity really is to the dems........... will wait

  • Steve Wilkinson
    Steve Wilkinson Month ago

    He hasn't done anything wrong to be impeached

  • Stormy
    Stormy Month ago +1

    And that sums the dimocrats up, “WE WANT TO SEE HIS TAX RETURNS AND IMPEACH HIM”But still no policies, no vision, no nothing. Except no borders. 2020 will be a formality for Trump if this is their plan.

  • Vera Smith
    Vera Smith Month ago +1

    Donnie will really be stress eating now.
    We got the house.
    Will Putin no longer love Donny.

  • John Barney
    John Barney Month ago


  • John Barney
    John Barney Month ago


  • John Barney
    John Barney Month ago


  • Terrel Joyner
    Terrel Joyner Month ago

    Don't get to happy Trump got some information on the democrats to

  • Msmayberry55
    Msmayberry55 Month ago

    You know how desperate the Republicans are regarding midterms, their stupid CRTV, which should stand for Criminally Racist Trump tv. , have ran their commercial every single time any of these you tube political shows go to commercial...EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

  • Daniel Severson
    Daniel Severson Month ago +1

    Health care protections will now remain!

  • Vet Tech
    Vet Tech Month ago +4


  • Yannick O
    Yannick O Month ago

    Winter is finally here!!

  • Yannick O
    Yannick O Month ago

    Have these fucking taxes release!!!!!!

  • Maritza Piccarillo
    Maritza Piccarillo Month ago

    How did Ojeda do?

  • Marc Casteel
    Marc Casteel Month ago +1

    Get trumps tax forms if he gots nothing to hide then he has nothing to worry about but you know he's cheating on his taxes.

  • Sven Nielsen
    Sven Nielsen Month ago

    No one believes the fraud investigations.

  • Billy Pardew
    Billy Pardew Month ago

    Also the Democrats in the in Mueller can slow Trump down for another 2 years but you won't stop him and he'll get reelected in 2020 and and the Republicans will get all those seats back plus some then you're going to be in a heap of s*** and never forget this Trump always has what Obama had his phone in his pen

  • Tom Houston
    Tom Houston Month ago

    Mueller will be gone before 2018 is over, besides you cannot do squat without the Senate and supreme

  • Federica Cortez
    Federica Cortez Month ago +2

    Listen Trump!!! Don’t call Chuck and Nancy cuz they are not available right now. Hahaha!!!

  • Ebson
    Ebson Month ago

    I am so happy that Trump days are numbered n am also happy that Trump will be tame like a pussycat.

  • virginia schoch
    virginia schoch Month ago +1

    Now we must be tough DON THE CON . is in a corner . We must keep him there DEMS in the House must stand together and stand strong

  • Chef Ms Dee
    Chef Ms Dee Month ago


  • Aman Andom
    Aman Andom Month ago +9

    WH IS all swamp that need drained. Protect muller, force tax return, investigate, drain swamp!

  • its_me2 hey_now
    its_me2 hey_now Month ago +11

    Well done Democrats. 👏🏽Let's go Mueller, we've been ready and waiting for some 💣 to drop

  • Al Arm
    Al Arm Month ago +2

    Orange moron no more dictatorship for u with all the spineless GOP yes men

  • Dennis E
    Dennis E Month ago +3

    Look at the facial expression of racist rick Santorum

  • Ms.FactsDontCare AboutYourFeelings

    It's very nice that the Democrats won the house but you also still need the Supreme Court and the president to go along with a decision even if they pass a bill it has to get passed through Supreme Court or through the president there are three branches you need 2/3 of the branch in order to gain a vote do you idiots understand that? So in other words Trump still has power and no one is going to get rid of him anytime soon

    • Mystic Ok
      Mystic Ok Month ago +1

      Ms.FactsDontCare AboutYourFeelings you mean the senate not supreme court.. thats not how the government works

  • Fred M
    Fred M Month ago +4

    Enjoying this from NZ. Keep the pressure up and finally end this debacle.

  • Montgomery Green
    Montgomery Green Month ago

    Hes fine

  • Stevie Bee
    Stevie Bee Month ago

    Don't forget people...our President (satan) has his hand on the BUTTON. If backed into a corner, he will more than likely push it. Always remember: he's just a puppet put in that particular office to do the will of the wicked. Knowing this fact, don't be surprised if we all wake up dead.

  • Ronnie Caron
    Ronnie Caron Month ago +4

    The Orange Smirf. with a
    Yellow Streak Down His Back is

  • GILBERT Hernandez
    GILBERT Hernandez Month ago +9

    Accountability for trump is coming

  • Cheryl Adams
    Cheryl Adams Month ago +1

    Fuck the Republicans. They had 2 1/2 y ears to prepare for the onslaught of justice. What you mean white house not pr e pared Chris? Oh well

  • Brian Smith
    Brian Smith Month ago +9

    Finally, I will sleep good tonight!!

  • Changing of the Gaurd

    IF YOU SO MUCH AS UN-constitutionally and without evidence attempt to remove Trump. lots of people are gonna be armed. and people will die

    • Manny j
      Manny j Month ago

      Keep in mind it will be people on both sides!

    • b1k2q3 *
      b1k2q3 * Month ago +2

      Nice. Very American of you

  • Cheryl Adams
    Cheryl Adams Month ago +1

    Switching votes scrubbing voters judging the race you're running in switch and bait never able to w in a fair fight. But be warned mother fuckers MUELLER will be our saving grace and I pray we finally get the justice so deserving of the people's business. MUELLER gonna put h i s fat old wrinkled ass away like the wanna be gangster you think you are. A crooked swindler but no gangster. Squeal like a pig. It makes the muscles relax for penetration

  • Sandy Koles
    Sandy Koles Month ago +5

    People actually voted for Ted Cruz I’m just saying really even if you didn’t vote blue but Ted Cruz. Shows how pathetic and sad and desperate

  • Pet T
    Pet T Month ago +24

    Mueller, Mueller, Mueller we voted. Do not keep the suspense going. We Americans want to hear from you before Friday. We love you!

    • Wayne Satter
      Wayne Satter Month ago

      When are these dumb fucks actually investigate cuntlery and obutfuck murder is far wotse than anything Trump has done

  • Darrell Simmons
    Darrell Simmons Month ago +13

    Impeach, impeach, impeach, impeach! He's a massive divider and distraction. Get him out first to bring a little sanity to coming issues.

    • Senthony L
      Senthony L Month ago

      +15 Seconds of INSTA Fame - Hahaha you and that shit house talking point, the unemployment rate was going down during and after Obama left office, so dumbo inherited a good economy but here's the thing pay wage's are still stagnant and that Dumbo who you call a president right now, will be feeling Mueller's foot up his ass.

    • 15 Seconds of INSTA Fame
      15 Seconds of INSTA Fame Month ago

      why do you hate black people so much? black unemployment is at it's lowest in history under this man you want to be out of office so why are you so racist?

    • Shovik Sarangi
      Shovik Sarangi Month ago

      Darrell Simmons I am on your side...but here’s the deal: say the house votes to impeach Trump, the decision moves to the senate, the republican controlled senate and then a 2/3 majority would be needed to impeach him. Darrell, do you think that is likely?

  • Suzana Kola
    Suzana Kola Month ago

    I am surprised!
    Where are FOUR LEGS WALKERS Trumpanze supporters. Is anybody alive? All of them has committed suicide. THIS THE BEST WAY TO GET FUCKED UP.
    That Nansi Pellosi is to old and tired, so go home.
    We need a ASSES KICKER.

  • Cindi smith
    Cindi smith Month ago +17

    Democratic house. Make everything public. Mueller findings, everything. Tommy's comment

    • V Williams
      V Williams Month ago

      +15 Seconds of INSTA Fame Yeah, the ones the Republicans investigated for more than two years and found nothing...

    • Thumb Print
      Thumb Print Month ago

      +15 Seconds of INSTA Fame Trump's sex crimes, Trump's taxes, Trump's financial connections in Russia and Saudia Arabia, Trump's historical tax fraud with his father Fred Trump, Trump's breaking of the emoluments clause, Trump family invoices for Trump's businesses...………… Michael Cohen's revelations, Stormy Daniel's payment, other NDAs for women-not-his-wife... Trump's use of an unprotected phone, the emails of the Trump family on staff using private email servers in the White House….. Want more? Mueller will give it to you - Manafort, Papadopoulos, Mike Flynn, McGahan….

    • 15 Seconds of INSTA Fame
      15 Seconds of INSTA Fame Month ago

      hilary's emails

  • Rainhut
    Rainhut Month ago +3

    Balance is good

  • Suzana Kola
    Suzana Kola Month ago

    Mueller is ready to droop the the BIGGEST RAINBOWS over their.I sow Conway on TV asking for Democrats cooperation with Trump. No no and no. The revenge is coming....
    # MAGA Ha Ha Ha...

  • Encrypted_7
    Encrypted_7 Month ago +1

    The election is not done yet. So stop thinking you guys won. Republicans still won Senate which is way more important.

    • Encrypted_7
      Encrypted_7 Month ago

      +Chris of STARS GG

    • Zaphnath Phoenix
      Zaphnath Phoenix Month ago

      Encrypted_ BlaH!

    • Ron Mantei
      Ron Mantei Month ago

      Is a siingle step..
      A few more to go

    • Tamika Hodges
      Tamika Hodges Month ago

      +Encrypted_7 They just had Control of the House the Senate And the White house. Still haven't build the damn thing! All they did was blame the Dems. Whom did come to the table but he got mad cause it was not enuff money. So sorry Americans have spoken and We rather have Dems in the house baby period.

    • Encrypted_7
      Encrypted_7 Month ago

      +Tamika Hodges yeah but for hypothetical reasons, let's say Trump did not build the wall, but decided to do it now. The house can't stop him from doing that. They can only look over it, and put some decrease into it, but can't stop him from doing that. But, let's say Donald Trump wants to kill 6 million people, of course the house will stop him (the Senate probably will too). The house can only stop him from doing "un-humane" things as explained in the rules from Senate and house.

  • Don Badger
    Don Badger Month ago

    Trump is going to get grabbed by the pussy and will be soon told “you’re fired” by bob mueller! Justice finally. Can’t believe a racist white nationalist moron with zero experience was elected by racist morons. No one in their right mind would chose a doctor to perform surgery on them without at least having a medical degree and some experience. No one in their right mind would ever say, fuck it, I want a complete outsider to perform surgery on my leg. Trumptards‘ racism truly outweighs their stupidity.

  • Denise Eugene
    Denise Eugene Month ago +35

    Mueller is coming ! Mueller is coming .. the house may not need the taxes . Mueller has them ...

    • Denise Eugene
      Denise Eugene Month ago +2

      Thumb Print lol...

    • Anak Warser
      Anak Warser Month ago

      Thumb Print Russian bot 100% in your donkey face lol. 🔴 TRUTH is republicans held the line last night. TRUMP is AWESOME.

    • Thumb Print
      Thumb Print Month ago +2

      Denise Eugene He's a Russian bot. That's why his English is a little strange.

    • Anak Warser
      Anak Warser Month ago

      Denise Eugene I'm deplorable and ready for action. have a good life good lady. TRUMP is AWESOME.

    • Denise Eugene
      Denise Eugene Month ago +1

      Anak Warser Are you an adult or a child ?

  • John Johnson
    John Johnson Month ago

    still do not c y people vote for there republicrooks..but im glad there is a check on fat ass trump now no more free range

  • Bernard Liu
    Bernard Liu Month ago +20

    Trump's Tax returns, finally ! X'mas came early !

  • Julie Townsend
    Julie Townsend Month ago +45

    Whoohoo....Bring on Trumpty Dumpty's taxes baby....We have Subpoena power now!!!! This is going to get really interesting folks, America has spoken!!! Thank God, now we can get back to checks and balances as it should have always been!! 💙💙🇺🇸🇺🇸💙💙

    • Nunya Biznuss
      Nunya Biznuss Month ago

      Julie Townsend really because Republicants didn't get shit done on the Hillary investigation. Now the dirt has been cleared out of the FBI. Democraps won't get it either

    • Martin Kay
      Martin Kay Month ago

      15 Seconds of INSTA Fame ...Economy and employment are ALL Obama’s doing..We want Comrade Trump’s taxes as they will prove he’s in bed with Russia and that he’s not as rich as he claims.

    • 15 Seconds of INSTA Fame
      15 Seconds of INSTA Fame Month ago

      so the economy is doing fantastic, black unemployment is at it's lowest in history and you care about Trumps taxes returns?

    • Mata Pendejos
      Mata Pendejos Month ago

      Julie Townsend you don't have squat.

  • Glynis Schepisi
    Glynis Schepisi Month ago +20

    Donnie the Donkey is now going to be accountable for what he does, go Democrats 😀

    • Marie K
      Marie K Month ago +1

      Lol Donnie the yellow donkey. You made my day . Only things missing are the big ears. Lmao.

    • 15 Seconds of INSTA Fame
      15 Seconds of INSTA Fame Month ago

      tax cuts, lowest black unemployment ever, yes let's get rid of Trump. Fuck you idiots are some kind of dumb

  • Linda Moon
    Linda Moon Month ago +30

    Bye, bye Nunes, you big dummy.

    • N S
      N S Month ago

      I wish Nunes lost the election.

    • Mata Pendejos
      Mata Pendejos Month ago

      Demoron Williams you dip$hits are funny .

    • Low Level Representation Chapter 1100
      Low Level Representation Chapter 1100 Month ago +2

      Nunes. I can't speak Spanish but let me try: Nunes gets nina in the penta! He gotta get his comeuppance.

    • smiley 24
      smiley 24 Month ago +2

      Yea and hope his ass gets a jail cell

  • Kathryn Ahmed
    Kathryn Ahmed Month ago +30

    😂Donald Trump will run against his pet if he had one 😂😂

    • Jeffery Shabazz
      Jeffery Shabazz Month ago +1

      Kathryn Ahmed that was a really good shot, right 😂😂😂on some Trump supporters nose

  • Les Mills
    Les Mills Month ago

    Now re open ALL of the investigations the retards shut down and get to the truth on ALL OF IT!