Beats By Dre | Solo3 Wireless | Icon Collection

  • Published on Sep 19, 2016
  • The Beats Solo3 Wireless Icon Collection is here. Available in five iconic colors: Gloss Black, Gloss White, Silver, Gold, Rose Gold, and Black. Enjoy award-winning Beats sound for up to 40 hours and with Fast Fuel, get 3 hours of playback with a 5-minute charge. Bluetooth wireless gives you listening freedom and adjustable-fit cushioned ear cups provide all-day comfort.
    Get it now. #Solo3Wireless:
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  • El Gómez
    El Gómez 28 days ago

    Its sound is like the AirPods :/ but in my opinion I like the sound of the AirPods better than the solo3

  • Tanu Manhas
    Tanu Manhas Month ago

    If u get these u dumb studio 3 sound way better and if ur paying this much might as well just get those plus there over ear

  • Glenn
    Glenn Month ago

    Beats, razer and apple are expensive, but they are top quality

  • MLG DefenderTM
    MLG DefenderTM 2 months ago

    Beats Do Not Have Award Winning Sound...

  • Juan David Pabon
    Juan David Pabon 2 months ago

    0:14 Yeah, right, of course...

  • LDboss LD
    LDboss LD 4 months ago +1

    I own the gold ones and they sound great not gonna lie

  • Hi-Fi Insider
    Hi-Fi Insider 4 months ago

    Please bring back the beats Tour

  • P1imp0logy101
    P1imp0logy101 5 months ago +3

    These headphones are too inexpensive. I hate seeing so many commoners being able till wear them. $550 entry minimum

    • Muhammad Siddiqui
      Muhammad Siddiqui 3 months ago


    • Muhammad Siddiqui
      Muhammad Siddiqui 3 months ago +2

      P1imp0logy101, exactly, Beats should be a lixury brand like Gucci or Rolex, but for headphones/accessories.

  • super45
    super45 5 months ago

    Sure ok

    • Gucci Mill
      Gucci Mill 4 months ago

      super45 You prolly haven't even tried em

  • Kshivod Singh
    Kshivod Singh 7 months ago

    Just got mine last week
    It is amazing, The best ever headphones in the world
    In gold

    • LDboss LD
      LDboss LD 2 months ago

      Which ever fits you well I guess I like my solo 3 it’s perfect

    • Josas _
      Josas _ 2 months ago

      +LDboss LD Christmas, me too... but I cant dicide between the Studios 3 or Solos 3 :C

    • LDboss LD
      LDboss LD 4 months ago

      Kshivod Singh same but I got mine on Christmas

  • Jonathan G
    Jonathan G 9 months ago

    Great sound, comfortable, price was too pricy, but no regrets on this product

  • Xyte
    Xyte 9 months ago +15

    Who else is watching with beats on

  • Jason Talwar
    Jason Talwar 10 months ago

    This music is freaking me out

  • Çınar Deniz
    Çınar Deniz 10 months ago

    Türkler +1

  • TheCaptainJPlays
    TheCaptainJPlays 10 months ago

    I got one for this christmas! BEST XMAS EVER! 🎄🎄🎄

  • Anthony Morrocu
    Anthony Morrocu 10 months ago

    If you look at the comment section while the video is paused with the big beast logos at the end and shake your device a little it moves.

  • Seth Trollins
    Seth Trollins 10 months ago

    i love my silver Solo 3 all them haters just keep on hatin coz they can't afford.

  • Muhammad Siddiqui
    Muhammad Siddiqui 10 months ago

    I got a pair of these for my 13th in black!
    I have to say, amazing sound and the bass is on point!

    • Josas _
      Josas _ 2 months ago

      U are a beats lover :u

  • Itzkrystal
    Itzkrystal 10 months ago

    I got mine rose gold I’m so happy I got for around $240 or $270 from Best Buy my parents got them for me it’s worth it

    • LDboss LD
      LDboss LD 4 months ago

      Itzkrystal I got mine for 210 at Best Buy on black friday

  • Arianna Michaela
    Arianna Michaela 10 months ago

    Who else got these headphones for Christmas and is watching this ad while wearing them, analyzing how good they sound? Only me??? Ok 😊

  • Twunk
    Twunk 11 months ago

    I got them for 200 and i’m so happy i did...wouldn’t ever get them for 300 though...They are convenient because of the w1 chip and i love the amazing battery life but the sound just isn’t good enough for the 300 dollar pricing. For 200 bucks though it’s well worth it

  • Islam kills 32k annually
    Islam kills 32k annually 11 months ago

    love the battery life and the W1 chip.

  • Hello Queue
    Hello Queue Year ago

  • Rcul Bruca
    Rcul Bruca Year ago

    Wear your BeatsX properly

  • Charles Medlock
    Charles Medlock Year ago +1

  • jesvox
    jesvox Year ago

    Parrots are better

  • Itzkrystal
    Itzkrystal Year ago

    Lol my ipad was around $300 I’m so glad that each year of my birthday my god mother gives me $200 and my parents gives me around $40

  • Logan Krywoszej
    Logan Krywoszej Year ago

    I wish I could afford them

    • moivaanmoi
      moivaanmoi Year ago

      im going to buy one tomorrow lol

  • Animation ShapeShifter

    I have my own and it's Product red all I need left is Studio3 Shadow grey, Ep red, and a pill Product red

  • Drake Luke
    Drake Luke Year ago

    Get them free with the purchase of a MacBook guys :)

  • hendog101
    hendog101 Year ago

    Is the song sperate because i would like to know what it is!

  • BDJ Vlogs
    BDJ Vlogs Year ago +9

    The best of Beats 😎

  • Chris Foltz
    Chris Foltz Year ago +2

    For 10 less at least at bestbuy you can buy bose soundlink ae2 that sound better

  • Crystal Coke
    Crystal Coke Year ago

    Wer schaut dieses Video noch mit den Solo 3 Wireless Außer mir xD

  • ῠ̔ποκρῐτής

    If awards where given for marketing apple would win every time. They have convinced a lot of people (me) to keep buying their beautiful products.

  • Tanumoy Sarkar
    Tanumoy Sarkar Year ago

    Why there is no Beats Ep commercial?

  • McConnell Vids
    McConnell Vids Year ago


  • McConnell Vids
    McConnell Vids Year ago

    coolest video

  • Marcus yotzan pincel

    yo no los aguanto mas de una hora, lastiman después de un rato :/

  • Miguel Angel Peña Rondon

    beats solo 3 mas caros que nunca

  • Hongan You
    Hongan You Year ago

    Song name?

  • Vince Calumba
    Vince Calumba Year ago

    Still got the 2010 Beats Studio, and it's still sounds great

  • Plinio Moreno
    Plinio Moreno Year ago

    my mom got beats for free her friend gave it to her

  • Joshua Jackson
    Joshua Jackson Year ago

    where are the studio?

  • chiranjiv kochar
    chiranjiv kochar Year ago

    Jus ❤️❤️ them everything on your ears

  • Navi
    Navi Year ago

    I think you should buy beats as fashion, not headphones

    • moivaanmoi
      moivaanmoi Year ago

      Beats are good because they look awesome. wish other brands would copy beats design lol

    • Original L
      Original L Year ago

      Navi lol that's what I did

  • Hello.
    Hello. Year ago

    Bought them 2 days ago and already in love lol Only problem is the sound insulation, like people around can hear the music you're listening to as well.... other than that, I love them. Great for iPhone 7 users! 😄

    • Hello.
      Hello. Year ago

      Original L iOS 10 but specifically iPhone 7 owners due to the no headphone jack....

    • Original L
      Original L Year ago

      Hello. You mean iOS 10 users

  • Chase F.
    Chase F. Year ago +7

    There's no white

      ADRIAN UNDERWOOD 11 months ago

      Bass Brotha and no blue one 2

    • Adriana N
      Adriana N Year ago

      Bass Brotha yes there is check on the website

    • TheRealMikey
      TheRealMikey Year ago

      Yes there is, it is just not shown in the commercial

  • Lara W
    Lara W Year ago

    Ich liebe diese Kopfhörer habe sie selber in Silber

  • Chase F.
    Chase F. Year ago +11

    Can u answer phone calls wirelessly

  • Teelo
    Teelo Year ago

    Are they worth the price??

    • Original L
      Original L Year ago

      MSR15 are yeezys worth the price? yes. Are beats worth the price yes 1. Fashion 2. Bass 3. The name

    • Ic3y Wrist
      Ic3y Wrist Year ago

      MSR15 yeah bro it beats are worth the price

    • xzdnsr
      xzdnsr Year ago

      MSR15 nope. Overpriced af

  • PuffLife
    PuffLife Year ago

    that thing is soon cool i want it soon bad right now omg soon cool i should stop talking and get that thang

  • Rudolf Kardos
    Rudolf Kardos Year ago +19

    Sounds great and its comfortable, i love mine Thanks !

    • Steven Huynh
      Steven Huynh 8 months ago

      Rudolf Kardos how are they right now one year later

    • Itzkrystal
      Itzkrystal 10 months ago

      I got the rose gold I’m so happy

    • - Falc0n -
      - Falc0n - Year ago

      Rudolf Kardos which color do you have? I have the silver one

  • Isaac Pena
    Isaac Pena Year ago +1

    Can someone help me WHERES THE GLOSS WHITE??

    • Kyubey
      Kyubey Year ago

      Isaac Pena On the Website

  • Gameysam Plays
    Gameysam Plays Year ago

    what kind of award winning sound are they talking about.....the award of have the most horrible sound on the market and the least value for money

    • Gameysam Plays
      Gameysam Plays Year ago

      +Original L ya

    • Original L
      Original L Year ago

      Gameysam Plays it's for bass noob

    • Gameysam Plays
      Gameysam Plays Year ago

      Blue Destroyer well every one has there own preference in sound and I do listen a a fair bit of rap and pop but still prefer the more balanced sound signature and the value for money of beats are honestly not pretty good and I prefer a balanced sound signature so I use the audio technical m50x and the the sure se215 as my daily diver headphones

    • Ic3y Wrist
      Ic3y Wrist Year ago +1

      I like the heavy Bass because I usually listen to rap and pop song. It really depends on what Genre of music you listen to

    • Ic3y Wrist
      Ic3y Wrist Year ago

      Oh ok

  • mclaren444
    mclaren444 Year ago +6

    Love them

  • jude o
    jude o 2 years ago +42

    Award winning sound, was the person deaf or paid to give the award

  • Robert Popescu
    Robert Popescu 2 years ago

    this song is...

  • Raynee Elmore
    Raynee Elmore 2 years ago

    700th like from MEH

  • Zeina Ayman
    Zeina Ayman 2 years ago +3

    i have them amzing

  • Rendy Salim
    Rendy Salim 2 years ago

    Whats the music?

  • Nicolás Perchner
    Nicolás Perchner 2 years ago +4

    O you can buy a Sennheiser that are better, the only diference is tha is not red b in the product.

    • MLG DefenderTM
      MLG DefenderTM 2 months ago


    • Itzkrystal
      Itzkrystal 10 months ago

      There is red beats too I check on the Best Buy website they have different colors

    • 水島幸
      水島幸 Year ago

      Nicolás Perchner but that red b is really important for many people.

  • Arian Aguilar
    Arian Aguilar 2 years ago

    Amazing headphones!

  • edgar overtake
    edgar overtake 2 years ago

    Bose QuietComfort 35 is better

  • Josh Hernandez
    Josh Hernandez 2 years ago

    Where can u buy em?

  • I Am Childish
    I Am Childish 2 years ago

    just get beats studio noise canceling and a lot of bass

  • Victor N
    Victor N 2 years ago

    God the beats studio 3 is.gonna be such a jack like 400$ for head phones

  • Justine Hernandez
    Justine Hernandez 2 years ago

    I already got them, The Rose Gold one, To match up my Iphone 6s and it didn't cost me much. We had a discount to 100 something :)

  • Spiroslp
    Spiroslp 2 years ago

    Please. Beats Studio 3 Wireless. Please.

  • Marlous B
    Marlous B 2 years ago +1

    V-moda CrossFade wireless kills Beats wireless.

    • Marlous B
      Marlous B 2 years ago +1

      +BGDISHERE _ Lol ok internet gangsta.

    • Marlous B
      Marlous B 2 years ago

      BGDISHERE _ yo momma so old I told her to act her age, she dropped dead.

      BGDISHERE _ 2 years ago

      your mother kill beats

    • Tommy Vasquez
      Tommy Vasquez 2 years ago +1

      Marlous B. True True

  • Leonardo Gallegos Aguilar

    Como se llama la canción?

    • Eduardo Araujo
      Eduardo Araujo Year ago

      ElchavitoLoco Xd Sahara - Dj snake feat. Skrillex

  • Tesco Bleach
    Tesco Bleach 2 years ago

    Iv got myself a pair would strongly recommend as 5 minutes charge = 3 hours play

  • Valentin Dupa
    Valentin Dupa 2 years ago

    i have beats solo2 and i don't no if i change wis solo3 because one years later solo4 come

  • Gaming with Slick
    Gaming with Slick 2 years ago +1

    Think they would release Beats Studios Wireless 3.0?

  • Lucas Carvalho
    Lucas Carvalho 2 years ago

    quanto é um fone desse

    WILD- HARAPAN 2 years ago


  • さくらoo
    さくらoo 2 years ago

    I can't wait!!!!!

  • Darien Baker
    Darien Baker 2 years ago +19

    How are they any different from the solo 2? I see absolutely no difference between them

    • Kshivod Singh
      Kshivod Singh 7 months ago

      better sound

    • Anime4 Mii
      Anime4 Mii 11 months ago

      Brandon you have no good ear
      should of mention him better improve sound
      while i hated solo 2 was all bassy
      solo 3 just sound rich clear deep bass not how solo 2 couldn't handle linkin park!

    • Donald Shrek
      Donald Shrek 11 months ago

      It gets shittier and pricier

    • Jack The Trashcan
      Jack The Trashcan Year ago +5

      Darien Baker more battery faster charging playback mode and faster connection to phones

  • jashai roots-cromartie
    jashai roots-cromartie 2 years ago +10

    too expensive bruh

    • Itzkrystal
      Itzkrystal 10 months ago

      Best Buy has it for around $240 or $260 I’m not sure the price lol I just got it for Christmas I have the rose gold

    • Hello Queue
      Hello Queue Year ago

      Noob Chill Out bro

    • On the top OFFICIAL!
      On the top OFFICIAL! Year ago +1

      In my country the solo 3s are 230$
      The solo 2s are 150$
      The beats EP are 80$
      The studios are 300$

    • Original L
      Original L Year ago

      Then go get the beats EP only 130$

    • Y. A.
      Y. A. Year ago

      Noob $300 Dollars on headphones make you poor what's wrong with you?

  • D rose1 25
    D rose1 25 2 years ago +2

    I might get these for Christmas even though it's three months away.

    • ghost deini
      ghost deini 2 years ago +10

      Only if you're a good boy! Santa is watching...

  • Cam Newton #Supercam #iWmW #KEEPpound1ng

    Theyre beat1ful

  • Omar Soria Cruz
    Omar Soria Cruz 2 years ago +1

    Song: Dj Snake & Skrillex - Sahara

  • Umer Khan
    Umer Khan 2 years ago +3

    how are these in any way shape or form different than my studio 2 wireless.

    • Luke Gegus
      Luke Gegus Year ago

      Beuce Cohen they actually do have 40 hours

    • Hello.
      Hello. 2 years ago +1

      First of all, they're 'Solos' not 'studios'... Secondly, their shape and form are COMPLETELY different from studios LOL

    • Beuce Cohen
      Beuce Cohen 2 years ago +3

      _Umer _ really are you dumb af they said 40 HOURS OF BATTERY ARE YOU SOME KIND OF DEAF OMG😂

    • Kareem Alzobair
      Kareem Alzobair 2 years ago

      W1 chip

    • Alec Stall
      Alec Stall 2 years ago +4

      Wireless, faster charge and apple chip

  • Sculpin
    Sculpin 2 years ago

    When will they be released?

  • Arthur van Campen
    Arthur van Campen 2 years ago

    Same colors as iphone 7

  • Fabian Sandoval
    Fabian Sandoval 2 years ago

    $300!!? It should be $200 or less

  • Mr. Cow
    Mr. Cow 2 years ago


  • Trailington, The Cape Rat
    Trailington, The Cape Rat 2 years ago +15

    300?? umm.....No
    Yeah, i can afford them, a plethora of audiophile tier headsets are that price...but...
    "Award-winning sound"
    People don't understand what great sound is. I only made this comment to state my opinion. Nothin more.

    • Original L
      Original L Year ago

      Trailington I think beats are for fashion and the bass in them also the solo 2 (non wireless) 100$ less than the solo 2s wireless, so if you it costs 100$ to have them wireless and I bought them for the name. Btw better with iOS 10

    • 2 1
      2 1 2 years ago +1

      Brodie yes

    • Brodie
      Brodie 2 years ago

      +Peace, Love and Nachos! no

    • 2 1
      2 1 2 years ago +1

      Brodie stop

    • Trailington, The Cape Rat
      Trailington, The Cape Rat 2 years ago +1

      I know, your right. I just dont want all of the fanboys to come for my head....

  • J. Bast3
    J. Bast3 2 years ago +28

    I wish I could go up to the Apple Store nearby and trade my Solo ² s for these ones!

  • blaZein  ™
    blaZein ™ 2 years ago +4

    I want one of those

    • Itzkrystal
      Itzkrystal 10 months ago

      They are on sale now on Best Buy website the price used to be $300 now it’s cheaper

    • Adriana N
      Adriana N Year ago

      they are awesome

    • Ic3y Wrist
      Ic3y Wrist Year ago

      Votronix ™ it's worth it beats a great

    • Silent Flank
      Silent Flank Year ago


  • Xavier Alcaraz
    Xavier Alcaraz 2 years ago +2


  • The Anime Boy
    The Anime Boy 2 years ago

    Cool 😎

  • DetoPie
    DetoPie 2 years ago +84

    Make them $200 and it's fair. $300 for on ear, no thanks. Plus beats sound Ok and that it. Not $300

    • Unused 69420
      Unused 69420 5 months ago

      DetoPie got them for 200 on Amazon. Wouldn’t have payed more

    • Andrew M562
      Andrew M562 5 months ago

      DetoPie true fans will save up or go without unless the get them on sale

    • Itzkrystal
      Itzkrystal 10 months ago

      Best Buy has it on for sale

    • Axel 117
      Axel 117 Year ago +1

      DetoPie i got mines for 160$

    • Adriana N
      Adriana N Year ago

      moivaanmoi omg

  • Mark Wu
    Mark Wu 2 years ago

    watching this with my audiotechnica ATH M50X

    • J. Bast3
      J. Bast3 2 years ago +2

      good job, I guess.

  • Mark Wu
    Mark Wu 2 years ago


  • ezequiel saavedra
    ezequiel saavedra 2 years ago

    yeah I have the solo2 space grey /o/

  • Ricardo Eccel
    Ricardo Eccel 2 years ago


  • Dizz Tv
    Dizz Tv 2 years ago


  • Heyy Hey
    Heyy Hey 2 years ago


  • HighHeadTV
    HighHeadTV 2 years ago

    third, 20 second ago