Beats By Dre | Solo3 Wireless | Icon Collection

  • Published on Sep 19, 2016
  • The Beats Solo3 Wireless Icon Collection is here. Available in five iconic colors: Gloss Black, Gloss White, Silver, Gold, Rose Gold, and Black. Enjoy award-winning Beats sound for up to 40 hours and with Fast Fuel, get 3 hours of playback with a 5-minute charge. Bluetooth wireless gives you listening freedom and adjustable-fit cushioned ear cups provide all-day comfort.
    Get it now. #Solo3Wireless:
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Comments • 225

  • Christopher Benham
    Christopher Benham 3 months ago

    We all know u spend more on marketing than anyone else to sell your terrible products.

  • El Gómez
    El Gómez 4 months ago

    Its sound is like the AirPods :/ but in my opinion I like the sound of the AirPods better than the solo3

  • Tanu Manhas
    Tanu Manhas 5 months ago

    If u get these u dumb studio 3 sound way better and if ur paying this much might as well just get those plus there over ear

  • Glenn
    Glenn 5 months ago

    Beats, razer and apple are expensive, but they are top quality

  • MLG Defender
    MLG Defender 5 months ago

    Beats Do Not Have Award Winning Sound...

  • Juan David Pabon
    Juan David Pabon 6 months ago

    0:14 Yeah, right, of course...

  • LDboss 01
    LDboss 01 7 months ago +1

    I own the gold ones and they sound great not gonna lie

  • Hi-Fi Insider
    Hi-Fi Insider 8 months ago

    Please bring back the beats Tour

  • P1imp0logy101
    P1imp0logy101 8 months ago +3

    These headphones are too inexpensive. I hate seeing so many commoners being able till wear them. $550 entry minimum

    • Graham
      Graham 6 months ago


    • Graham
      Graham 6 months ago +2

      P1imp0logy101, exactly, Beats should be a lixury brand like Gucci or Rolex, but for headphones/accessories.

  • super45
    super45 9 months ago

    Sure ok

    • Gucci Mill
      Gucci Mill 8 months ago

      super45 You prolly haven't even tried em

  • Kshivod Singh
    Kshivod Singh 11 months ago

    Just got mine last week
    It is amazing, The best ever headphones in the world
    In gold

    • LDboss 01
      LDboss 01 6 months ago

      Which ever fits you well I guess I like my solo 3 it’s perfect

    • Josas _
      Josas _ 6 months ago

      +LDboss 01 Christmas, me too... but I cant dicide between the Studios 3 or Solos 3 :C

    • LDboss 01
      LDboss 01 7 months ago

      Kshivod Singh same but I got mine on Christmas

  • Jonathan G
    Jonathan G Year ago

    Great sound, comfortable, price was too pricy, but no regrets on this product

  • ED Xyte
    ED Xyte Year ago +33

    Who else is watching with beats on

  • Jason Talwar
    Jason Talwar Year ago

    This music is freaking me out

  • Çınar Deniz
    Çınar Deniz Year ago

    Türkler +1

  • Anthony Morrocu
    Anthony Morrocu Year ago

    If you look at the comment section while the video is paused with the big beast logos at the end and shake your device a little it moves.

  • Seth Trollins
    Seth Trollins Year ago

    i love my silver Solo 3 all them haters just keep on hatin coz they can't afford.

  • Graham
    Graham Year ago

    I got a pair of these for my 13th in black!
    I have to say, amazing sound and the bass is on point!

    • Josas _
      Josas _ 6 months ago

      U are a beats lover :u

  • Itzkrystal
    Itzkrystal Year ago

    I got mine rose gold I’m so happy I got for around $240 or $270 from Best Buy my parents got them for me it’s worth it

    • LDboss 01
      LDboss 01 7 months ago

      Itzkrystal I got mine for 210 at Best Buy on black friday

  • Arianna Michaela
    Arianna Michaela Year ago

    Who else got these headphones for Christmas and is watching this ad while wearing them, analyzing how good they sound? Only me??? Ok 😊

  • Twunk
    Twunk Year ago

    I got them for 200 and i’m so happy i did...wouldn’t ever get them for 300 though...They are convenient because of the w1 chip and i love the amazing battery life but the sound just isn’t good enough for the 300 dollar pricing. For 200 bucks though it’s well worth it

  • Islam kills 32k annually

    love the battery life and the W1 chip.

  • Hello Queue
    Hello Queue Year ago

  • Rcul Bruca
    Rcul Bruca Year ago

    Wear your BeatsX properly

  • Charles Medlock
    Charles Medlock Year ago +1

  • jesvox
    jesvox Year ago

    Parrots are better

  • Itzkrystal
    Itzkrystal Year ago

    Lol my ipad was around $300 I’m so glad that each year of my birthday my god mother gives me $200 and my parents gives me around $40

  • Logan Krywoszej
    Logan Krywoszej Year ago

    I wish I could afford them

    • ass
      ass Year ago

      im going to buy one tomorrow lol

  • 146
    146 Year ago

    I have my own and it's Product red all I need left is Studio3 Shadow grey, Ep red, and a pill Product red

  • Drake Luke
    Drake Luke Year ago

    Get them free with the purchase of a MacBook guys :)

  • hendog101
    hendog101 Year ago

    Is the song sperate because i would like to know what it is!

  • BDJ Vlogs
    BDJ Vlogs Year ago +9

    The best of Beats 😎

  • Chris Foltz
    Chris Foltz Year ago +2

    For 10 less at least at bestbuy you can buy bose soundlink ae2 that sound better

  • Tim Groß
    Tim Groß Year ago

    Wer schaut dieses Video noch mit den Solo 3 Wireless Außer mir xD

  • ῠ̔ποκρῐτής

    If awards where given for marketing apple would win every time. They have convinced a lot of people (me) to keep buying their beautiful products.

  • Mickey Maestro
    Mickey Maestro Year ago

    Why there is no Beats Ep commercial?

  • Marcus yotzan pincel

    yo no los aguanto mas de una hora, lastiman después de un rato :/

  • Miguel Angel Peña Rondon

    beats solo 3 mas caros que nunca

  • Hongan You
    Hongan You Year ago

    Song name?

  • Vince Calumba
    Vince Calumba Year ago

    Still got the 2010 Beats Studio, and it's still sounds great

  • Plinio Moreno
    Plinio Moreno Year ago

    my mom got beats for free her friend gave it to her

  • Joshua Jackson
    Joshua Jackson Year ago

    where are the studio?

  • chiranjiv kochar
    chiranjiv kochar 2 years ago

    Jus ❤️❤️ them everything on your ears

  • Navi
    Navi 2 years ago

    I think you should buy beats as fashion, not headphones

    • ass
      ass Year ago

      Beats are good because they look awesome. wish other brands would copy beats design lol

    • Original L
      Original L Year ago

      Navi lol that's what I did

  • Hello.
    Hello. 2 years ago

    Bought them 2 days ago and already in love lol Only problem is the sound insulation, like people around can hear the music you're listening to as well.... other than that, I love them. Great for iPhone 7 users! 😄

    • Hello.
      Hello. Year ago

      Original L iOS 10 but specifically iPhone 7 owners due to the no headphone jack....

    • Original L
      Original L Year ago

      Hello. You mean iOS 10 users

  • Chase F.
    Chase F. 2 years ago +7

    There's no white


      Bass Brotha and no blue one 2

    • Adriana N
      Adriana N Year ago

      Bass Brotha yes there is check on the website

    • TheRealMikey
      TheRealMikey Year ago

      Yes there is, it is just not shown in the commercial

  • Lara W
    Lara W 2 years ago

    Ich liebe diese Kopfhörer habe sie selber in Silber

  • Chase F.
    Chase F. 2 years ago +12

    Can u answer phone calls wirelessly

    • Alex Foster
      Alex Foster 3 months ago

      Chase F. Yeah

    • RebelliousMango
      RebelliousMango 3 months ago

      Yeah, I do that with mine all the time

    • Bryan Martinez-Gracia
      Bryan Martinez-Gracia 9 months ago


    • che 08
      che 08 11 months ago

      But these micropones only works if you are using iphone or any android phones will do?

    • Graham
      Graham Year ago

      Yes, the beats have a built in microphone.

  • Teelo
    Teelo 2 years ago

    Are they worth the price??

    • Original L
      Original L Year ago

      MSR15 are yeezys worth the price? yes. Are beats worth the price yes 1. Fashion 2. Bass 3. The name

    • Ic3y Wrist
      Ic3y Wrist Year ago

      MSR15 yeah bro it beats are worth the price

    • xzdnsr
      xzdnsr 2 years ago

      MSR15 nope. Overpriced af

  • PuffLife
    PuffLife 2 years ago

    that thing is soon cool i want it soon bad right now omg soon cool i should stop talking and get that thang

  • Rudolf Kardos
    Rudolf Kardos 2 years ago +26

    Sounds great and its comfortable, i love mine Thanks !

    • Steven Huynh
      Steven Huynh 11 months ago

      Rudolf Kardos how are they right now one year later

    • Itzkrystal
      Itzkrystal Year ago

      I got the rose gold I’m so happy

    • - Falc0n -
      - Falc0n - Year ago

      Rudolf Kardos which color do you have? I have the silver one

  • Isaac Pena
    Isaac Pena 2 years ago +1

    Can someone help me WHERES THE GLOSS WHITE??

    • Kyubi
      Kyubi 2 years ago

      Isaac Pena On the Website

  • Gameysam Plays
    Gameysam Plays 2 years ago

    what kind of award winning sound are they talking about.....the award of have the most horrible sound on the market and the least value for money

    • Gameysam Plays
      Gameysam Plays Year ago

      +Original L ya

    • Original L
      Original L Year ago

      Gameysam Plays it's for bass noob

    • Gameysam Plays
      Gameysam Plays Year ago

      Blue Destroyer well every one has there own preference in sound and I do listen a a fair bit of rap and pop but still prefer the more balanced sound signature and the value for money of beats are honestly not pretty good and I prefer a balanced sound signature so I use the audio technical m50x and the the sure se215 as my daily diver headphones

    • Ic3y Wrist
      Ic3y Wrist Year ago +1

      I like the heavy Bass because I usually listen to rap and pop song. It really depends on what Genre of music you listen to

    • Ic3y Wrist
      Ic3y Wrist Year ago

      Oh ok

  • mclaren444
    mclaren444 2 years ago +6

    Love them

  • jude o
    jude o 2 years ago +49

    Award winning sound, was the person deaf or paid to give the award

  • Robert Popescu
    Robert Popescu 2 years ago

    this song is...

  • Raynee Elmore
    Raynee Elmore 2 years ago

    700th like from MEH

  • Zeina Ayman
    Zeina Ayman 2 years ago +3

    i have them amzing

  • Rendy Salim
    Rendy Salim 2 years ago

    Whats the music?

  • Nicolás Perchner
    Nicolás Perchner 2 years ago +5

    O you can buy a Sennheiser that are better, the only diference is tha is not red b in the product.

    • MLG Defender
      MLG Defender 5 months ago


    • Itzkrystal
      Itzkrystal Year ago

      There is red beats too I check on the Best Buy website they have different colors

    • 水島幸
      水島幸 2 years ago

      Nicolás Perchner but that red b is really important for many people.

  • Arian Aguilar
    Arian Aguilar 2 years ago

    Amazing headphones!

  • EdgarthePug Broarmy
    EdgarthePug Broarmy 2 years ago

    Bose QuietComfort 35 is better

  • Josh Hernandez
    Josh Hernandez 2 years ago

    Where can u buy em?

  • I Am Childish
    I Am Childish 2 years ago

    just get beats studio noise canceling and a lot of bass

  • V 10k
    V 10k 2 years ago

    God the beats studio 3 is.gonna be such a jack like 400$ for head phones

  • Justine Hernandez
    Justine Hernandez 2 years ago

    I already got them, The Rose Gold one, To match up my Iphone 6s and it didn't cost me much. We had a discount to 100 something :)

  • Spiroslp
    Spiroslp 2 years ago

    Please. Beats Studio 3 Wireless. Please.

  • Marlous B
    Marlous B 2 years ago +1

    V-moda CrossFade wireless kills Beats wireless.

    • Marlous B
      Marlous B 2 years ago +1

      +BGDISHERE _ Lol ok internet gangsta.

    • Marlous B
      Marlous B 2 years ago

      BGDISHERE _ yo momma so old I told her to act her age, she dropped dead.

      BGDISHERE _ 2 years ago

      your mother kill beats

    • Tommy Vasquez
      Tommy Vasquez 2 years ago +1

      Marlous B. True True

  • Leonardo Gallegos Aguilar

    Como se llama la canción?

    • Eduardo Araujo
      Eduardo Araujo 2 years ago

      ElchavitoLoco Xd Sahara - Dj snake feat. Skrillex

  • Tesco Bleach
    Tesco Bleach 2 years ago

    Iv got myself a pair would strongly recommend as 5 minutes charge = 3 hours play

  • Valentin Dupa
    Valentin Dupa 2 years ago

    i have beats solo2 and i don't no if i change wis solo3 because one years later solo4 come

  • Gaming with Slick
    Gaming with Slick 2 years ago +1

    Think they would release Beats Studios Wireless 3.0?

  • Lucas Carvalho
    Lucas Carvalho 2 years ago

    quanto é um fone desse

    WILD- HARAPAN 2 years ago


  • さくらoo
    さくらoo 2 years ago

    I can't wait!!!!!

  • Darien Baker
    Darien Baker 2 years ago +19

    How are they any different from the solo 2? I see absolutely no difference between them

    • Kshivod Singh
      Kshivod Singh 11 months ago

      better sound

    • Mai Va Lee
      Mai Va Lee Year ago

      Brandon you have no good ear
      should of mention him better improve sound
      while i hated solo 2 was all bassy
      solo 3 just sound rich clear deep bass not how solo 2 couldn't handle linkin park!

    • Donald Shrek
      Donald Shrek Year ago

      It gets shittier and pricier

    • Jack The Trashcan
      Jack The Trashcan 2 years ago +5

      Darien Baker more battery faster charging playback mode and faster connection to phones

  • jashai roots-cromartie
    jashai roots-cromartie 2 years ago +11

    too expensive bruh

    • Itzkrystal
      Itzkrystal Year ago

      Best Buy has it for around $240 or $260 I’m not sure the price lol I just got it for Christmas I have the rose gold

    • Hello Queue
      Hello Queue Year ago

      Noob Chill Out bro

    • On the top OFFICIAL!
      On the top OFFICIAL! Year ago +1

      In my country the solo 3s are 230$
      The solo 2s are 150$
      The beats EP are 80$
      The studios are 300$

    • Original L
      Original L Year ago

      Then go get the beats EP only 130$

    • Y. A.
      Y. A. Year ago

      Noob $300 Dollars on headphones make you poor what's wrong with you?

  • D rose1 25
    D rose1 25 2 years ago +2

    I might get these for Christmas even though it's three months away.

    • ghost deini
      ghost deini 2 years ago +10

      Only if you're a good boy! Santa is watching...

  • Cam Newton #Supercam #iWmW #KEEPpound1ng

    Theyre beat1ful

  • Omar Soria Cruz
    Omar Soria Cruz 2 years ago +2

    Song: Dj Snake & Skrillex - Sahara

    • XD YT
      XD YT Month ago +1

      Omar Soria Cruz It said thAt on the being

    • AlaaEldin Koraiem
      AlaaEldin Koraiem Month ago

      Thanks man I just wanted to ask about song and then thought to read comments first and found yours, appreciate that!

  • Umer Khan
    Umer Khan 2 years ago +3

    how are these in any way shape or form different than my studio 2 wireless.

    • Luke Gegus
      Luke Gegus Year ago

      Beuce Cohen they actually do have 40 hours

    • Hello.
      Hello. 2 years ago +1

      First of all, they're 'Solos' not 'studios'... Secondly, their shape and form are COMPLETELY different from studios LOL

    • Beuce Cohen
      Beuce Cohen 2 years ago +3

      _Umer _ really are you dumb af they said 40 HOURS OF BATTERY ARE YOU SOME KIND OF DEAF OMG😂

    • Kareem Alzobair
      Kareem Alzobair 2 years ago

      W1 chip

    • Alec Stall
      Alec Stall 2 years ago +4

      Wireless, faster charge and apple chip

  • Sculpin
    Sculpin 2 years ago

    When will they be released?

  • Arthur van Campen
    Arthur van Campen 2 years ago

    Same colors as iphone 7

  • Fabian Sandoval
    Fabian Sandoval 2 years ago

    $300!!? It should be $200 or less

  • Lando Yo
    Lando Yo 2 years ago


  • Trailington, The Cape Rat
    Trailington, The Cape Rat 2 years ago +16

    300?? umm.....No
    Yeah, i can afford them, a plethora of audiophile tier headsets are that price...but...
    "Award-winning sound"
    People don't understand what great sound is. I only made this comment to state my opinion. Nothin more.

    • Original L
      Original L Year ago

      Trailington I think beats are for fashion and the bass in them also the solo 2 (non wireless) 100$ less than the solo 2s wireless, so if you it costs 100$ to have them wireless and I bought them for the name. Btw better with iOS 10

    • 2 1
      2 1 2 years ago +1

      Brodie yes

    • Brodie
      Brodie 2 years ago

      +Peace, Love and Nachos! no

    • 2 1
      2 1 2 years ago +1

      Brodie stop

    • Trailington, The Cape Rat
      Trailington, The Cape Rat 2 years ago +1

      I know, your right. I just dont want all of the fanboys to come for my head....

  • J. Bast3
    J. Bast3 2 years ago +30

    I wish I could go up to the Apple Store nearby and trade my Solo ² s for these ones!

  • blaZein  ™
    blaZein ™ 2 years ago +4

    I want one of those

    • Itzkrystal
      Itzkrystal Year ago

      They are on sale now on Best Buy website the price used to be $300 now it’s cheaper

    • Adriana N
      Adriana N Year ago

      they are awesome

    • Ic3y Wrist
      Ic3y Wrist Year ago

      Votronix ™ it's worth it beats a great

    • Silent Flank
      Silent Flank 2 years ago


  • Xavier Alcaraz
    Xavier Alcaraz 2 years ago +2


  • The Anime Boy
    The Anime Boy 2 years ago

    Cool 😎

  • DetoPie
    DetoPie 2 years ago +88

    Make them $200 and it's fair. $300 for on ear, no thanks. Plus beats sound Ok and that it. Not $300

    • Unused 69420
      Unused 69420 8 months ago

      DetoPie got them for 200 on Amazon. Wouldn’t have payed more

    • Andrew M562
      Andrew M562 8 months ago

      DetoPie true fans will save up or go without unless the get them on sale

    • Itzkrystal
      Itzkrystal Year ago

      Best Buy has it on for sale

    • Axel 117
      Axel 117 Year ago +1

      DetoPie i got mines for 160$

    • Adriana N
      Adriana N Year ago

      moivaanmoi omg

  • Mark Wu
    Mark Wu 2 years ago

    watching this with my audiotechnica ATH M50X

    • J. Bast3
      J. Bast3 2 years ago +2

      good job, I guess.

  • Mark Wu
    Mark Wu 2 years ago


  • ezequiel saavedra
    ezequiel saavedra 2 years ago

    yeah I have the solo2 space grey /o/

  • Ricardo Eccel
    Ricardo Eccel 2 years ago


  • Dizz Tv
    Dizz Tv 2 years ago


  • Heyy Hey
    Heyy Hey 2 years ago


  • HighHeadTV
    HighHeadTV 2 years ago

    third, 20 second ago