Unboxing a SEALED iBook G3 with MKBHD!

  • Published on Jul 16, 2018
  • Huge thanks to MKBHD for letting me unbox this new 18 year old iBook! Check out the video we did on his channel: tvclip.biz/video/nIs8xAr_nIo/video.html
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  • JM YT
    JM YT 57 minutes ago

    I wasn’t even alive in 2000

  • BTS army
    BTS army 3 hours ago

    I was not born 😂

  • IIIrandomIII
    IIIrandomIII 5 hours ago

    Jesus... how old is ijustine?

  • Nick Roelants
    Nick Roelants 5 hours ago

    In 2000 is was -4 years old 😂

  • Gary SG
    Gary SG 7 hours ago

    -2 years old

  • Elijah Lee
    Elijah Lee 7 hours ago

    Wheeerrrreees plainrock124

  • Fjss 102006
    Fjss 102006 10 hours ago

    I was -6

  • Zainab Ali
    Zainab Ali 12 hours ago

    Negative 6 yrs old

  • Logan Animates
    Logan Animates 12 hours ago

    i was -8 years old

  • pk
    pk 14 hours ago

    That's What happens to me when I'm around girl I like

  • Beth Hale
    Beth Hale 16 hours ago

    I was -2 year

  • The Restoration of Dr Who

    The way she keeps commenting on the condition XD OF COURSE IT'S GOOD CONDITION IT'S LITERALLY MIB FFSSSSSSSSSSSSS

  • The Restoration of Dr Who

    She's crazy lol wtf.

  • iNoPlayZ
    iNoPlayZ 20 hours ago

    In the year 2000 I was -4 years old😂😂

  • Bella Sophia
    Bella Sophia 21 hour ago

    Why is this computer older than me

  • The Fountain Pen Desk
    The Fountain Pen Desk 21 hour ago

    I was dead in 2000 (-4 years old)

  • Jarriel Hunter
    Jarriel Hunter 21 hour ago

    I was -2 years old 😂

  • Joshua Cook
    Joshua Cook 22 hours ago

    Not even born

  • David Afolabi
    David Afolabi Day ago

    - 5 Years old in the year 2000

  • Steve J
    Steve J Day ago

    i just paused on 9:06 lol check that out ...

  • Marlon Dela Cruz

    Where was I?? I just woke up from passing out. :D

  • Khurram Ilyas
    Khurram Ilyas Day ago

    She's totally over exaggerating kind of like over acted a lot..... I don't know how mkbhd agreed on this collaboration..... She totally disgraced him.....

  • Jennifer Marea
    Jennifer Marea Day ago

    I'm only 20 so I was 1 year old in 2000

    ANAY SHARMA Day ago

    I wan not born in year 2000 🖕🏻

  • Álton D'Souza
    Álton D'Souza Day ago

    Apple logo is upside down

  • Wiki 23
    Wiki 23 Day ago


  • AlieZ92
    AlieZ92 Day ago

    "went to college when these came out" HOW OLD ARE YOU YOU LOOK LIKE 25

  • Tia Willow
    Tia Willow Day ago

    I wasn’t born ✌🏻

  • Squidle Pie
    Squidle Pie Day ago

    I'm -7 years old at 2000

  • Rohan Mekala
    Rohan Mekala Day ago

    I was born in 2000 😂

  • Name
    Name Day ago

    I was 1

  • Lynlee Stanes
    Lynlee Stanes Day ago +2

    I wasn’t born.
    Like if you weren’t

  • Faiyaz khan
    Faiyaz khan Day ago +1


  • Waseem Views
    Waseem Views Day ago

    I born in 2007

  • Cat Berry
    Cat Berry Day ago


  • Serbay Agün
    Serbay Agün Day ago

    I was 15!

  • Reshail Shah
    Reshail Shah Day ago

    She has a vibrator up her pussy for sure

  • Chloe
    Chloe Day ago +2

    Apple should make the design of MacBook like this!!! I love it!

  • Ryan Mccreary
    Ryan Mccreary Day ago

    In 2000 I was negative 8 years old😂😂😂😂

  • Saeed Khan
    Saeed Khan Day ago

    20 yrs

    MITKO BOMBATA 2 days ago

    my first phone was the lenovo a1000 lol

  • Grihmmy
    Grihmmy 2 days ago

    22 years old by then. However...long live the early days of Internet where you payed by the hour online, and 7 out of 10 websites was a man digging and a sign " under construction " and your 14.4 modem was the key to online access 👍

  • Kevin Verbeek
    Kevin Verbeek 2 days ago

    I weren’t born yet

  • LightCraft Fun
    LightCraft Fun 2 days ago

    2000 i was -5 years old

  • wingzerox100
    wingzerox100 2 days ago

    I could care less about what they are reviewing. All im thinking of is that they have great chemistry and this would make an awesome interracial porno.

  • J. AHN cover
    J. AHN cover 2 days ago +1

    I born in 2008 that means iBook is 8 years older than me

  • Dot Wolf
    Dot Wolf 2 days ago

    I was not born yet I was a tiny little fetus

  • Ashley Cameron
    Ashley Cameron 2 days ago +1

    I was -5 in 2000

  • Arjun Dahal
    Arjun Dahal 2 days ago

    one year before i took birth

  • WyattDaBeast 224
    WyattDaBeast 224 2 days ago

    I was -5 in 2000

  • awesomeness001
    awesomeness001 2 days ago +3


  • Weekend Warrior
    Weekend Warrior 2 days ago

    What was that energy drink your always drinking?

  • Thomas Coward
    Thomas Coward 2 days ago

    I love pc , and the headphone jack isnt going away haha, not everyone has to get an iphone .

  • Sara Mohd
    Sara Mohd 2 days ago

    I was born in 2003 so this is pretty fascinating to see 🤯

  • Sugar Girl Games
    Sugar Girl Games 2 days ago

    In the year 2000 I was 0 I wasn’t born

  • daddy franky
    daddy franky 2 days ago

    I was born in 2001🤣

  • Fiery Gamer 360
    Fiery Gamer 360 2 days ago +2

    You should bring it to starbucks and see what people say

  • Destiny Rogers
    Destiny Rogers 2 days ago +3

    I was 2 years old in 2000🤣

    • ella V draws
      ella V draws Day ago

      Destiny Rogers wasn’t even born 🤣

  • Trevor Todd
    Trevor Todd 2 days ago

    I was 7 years old when this came out.

  • Anshul Shukla
    Anshul Shukla 3 days ago

    I was -4 years old in 2000

  • Louie Culley
    Louie Culley 3 days ago

    I want born yet

  • fengshuice
    fengshuice 3 days ago

    Wasn’t born yet in 2000

  • Trisharmaan
    Trisharmaan 3 days ago

    Internet!!! How popular that was then!!!!

  • Rfmaz
    Rfmaz 3 days ago


  • Jannick
    Jannick 3 days ago


  • Sandy Tep
    Sandy Tep 3 days ago

     💙 I was 3 yrs old in 2000

  • Sloth Lover
    Sloth Lover 3 days ago

    I wasn’t born yet. I was born in 2010

  • Top Fitness
    Top Fitness 3 days ago +2

    Such a Drama Queen !! Reason I will never *ever* subscribe !!

  • Ameen Baig
    Ameen Baig 3 days ago

    13:16 the guy on the right looks like Mark Zuckerberg.

  • Luke Dodge
    Luke Dodge 3 days ago

    I was negative 5

  • Ismail Cem Tahhusoglu

    1 year old lol

  • Epic
    Epic 3 days ago

    In 2000 I was -7 years old

  • Gabriella Neves
    Gabriella Neves 3 days ago

    I weren’t born

  • GamerBoyy 128
    GamerBoyy 128 3 days ago

    i was -5 i was not born in 2000

  • Kaitlyn Morgan
    Kaitlyn Morgan 3 days ago

    i wasn’t born yet

  • Cambo Fixing
    Cambo Fixing 3 days ago

    Both idol

  • Vincent Laterreur
    Vincent Laterreur 3 days ago

    Gosh are they wronnnnng

  • darkbaronish
    darkbaronish 3 days ago

    2:28 OK Bye

  • dTb Music
    dTb Music 3 days ago

    To much dramatized... Seriously??

  • crafty gamer
    crafty gamer 3 days ago

    I wasn't living

  • WickedVids
    WickedVids 3 days ago +1

    I was -8 in 2000

  • jack_da_niels
    jack_da_niels 3 days ago

    Is „you guys“ the new „like“...

  • Josue Galan
    Josue Galan 3 days ago

    just watch this because of MKBHD so thank him

  • Benjamin Monroy
    Benjamin Monroy 3 days ago

    Probably in 2000 when this come out I was like 6 months old

  • Xhenos
    Xhenos 4 days ago

    i was 5 years from being born

  • JpHeroux
    JpHeroux 4 days ago

    Mkbh: yo you got any really expensive MacBooks from 2000?
    Friend: oh yea I dedicated a whole room in my house to them cuz I got so many.
    Mkbhd: yo whats the password to your security system?

  • Trump 2020
    Trump 2020 4 days ago

    Born in fall of 2000

  • Ivan Corro
    Ivan Corro 4 days ago

    Please tell me taped that... she is just pre-MILF

  • jaydeep ghose
    jaydeep ghose 4 days ago

    the lady needs to calm down a bit …

  • Harry/ Baz
    Harry/ Baz 4 days ago

    I was -8

  • Emma Stanley
    Emma Stanley 4 days ago

    I grew up using my mom's 1998 Dell tour computer so that means until 2005 and then my dad's 2001 Dell tour until 2008 because my mom's one was so slow and crashed all the time he finally let me use his. They finally got a PC in 2008 but these early years man, that iBook seems so much faster and modern compared to what I had, like this is actually really nice for it's time

  • Chase Kerstetter
    Chase Kerstetter 4 days ago

    I was -7 in 2000

  • HatedJared
    HatedJared 4 days ago

    I was 11 when this came out. I honestly didnt like the look of them as much as everyone else. They seemed like fisher price toys to my 11 year old brain. I wanted an all black PC tower.

  • msdior68
    msdior68 4 days ago +2

    Imagine if apple brought laptops new computers laptops everything out but new

  • D Double Gee
    D Double Gee 4 days ago


  • 678ytrewq
    678ytrewq 4 days ago

    А потом они поебалися ...

  • Mely Mel
    Mely Mel 4 days ago

    wow she is annoying

  • The Burch
    The Burch 4 days ago +1

    In school we had Cromebooks with handles!

  • irwanda zakaria
    irwanda zakaria 4 days ago

    2 apple freak

  • Ezekiel Manlapaz
    Ezekiel Manlapaz 4 days ago +3

    2:10 then hit pause ...you're welcome. 2019 back at it!!!