Unboxing a SEALED iBook G3 with MKBHD!


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  • Mystic Mystifyer9129
    Mystic Mystifyer9129 19 hours ago

    -4 att 2000

  • ZiKe Huang
    ZiKe Huang 22 hours ago

    I was an egg in my mothers ovaries

  • RoboticFox 45051
    RoboticFox 45051 22 hours ago

    I was not alive

  • Maria Alejandra Bastidas Torres

    This laptop only makes me think of Legally Blonde. I just wanted it because it reminded me of Elle.

  • jose cuellar
    jose cuellar 23 hours ago

    damn i hat her so much.

  • Trendy MataHari
    Trendy MataHari 23 hours ago

    Lol i was 5 years old in 2000 😩😂 cool design though they should bring a renovated version back

  • Kough
    Kough 23 hours ago


  • Angelos Antalis
    Angelos Antalis Day ago


  • Braden Meyer
    Braden Meyer Day ago

    I was -5 😂

  • Adam Hawkins
    Adam Hawkins Day ago

    I was 20!
    I’d just got my first computer in December 1999: An Intel Pentium 3 600GHz with 128MB RAM, 15GB HDD, and Win98 SE. It cost £1,500!

  • Aiden Ali
    Aiden Ali Day ago

    I wasn't born

  • jwchavez
    jwchavez Day ago

    Awesome computers, one of the first Apple products that guided the company back to success after Jobs return. I remember these ones, i was at college, when the new model came out (the white G3 ibook) i still have it, in fact, it still works! Right now it has installed an old version of linux and a BSD distro for Power PC, and even the battery still works. My ibook originally was a dual boot OS 9.2 and OSX 10.1 which was really a crap, it was slow and so buggy. Then came 10.2 and it was another computer, reliable, fast and unix powered. The green led at the end of the power cord was awesome, and so where the tutorials. Has apple forgotten some of this past glories in their recent products? Me still miss u Steve. Great video Justine !

  • Ryan Hunter
    Ryan Hunter Day ago

    Born in 2008

    THE DIAMOND TV Day ago

    -4 years old

  • Adrian Anzano
    Adrian Anzano Day ago

    8:58 close your eyes and listen to her

  • michael ziegler
    michael ziegler Day ago

    I was -6 years old

  • michael ziegler
    michael ziegler Day ago

    IJustine: 10:23 “Oh that mouse feels really nice”

  • Absar Hossain Tonmoy

    Over reacting

  • KarmaMan82
    KarmaMan82 Day ago

    I have a Powerbook G3 with Mac OS 9.2.2 and Mac OS X Tiger on it, I've found it on eBay for about 40 Euros! It is complete Black with a white Apple-Logo. Airport could have problems with WPA-Networks and newer standards. I was exactly 18 in 2000 and my car is a Renault Clio also from the year 2000!

  • Analise Adler
    Analise Adler Day ago

    So cool

  • KarmaMan82
    KarmaMan82 Day ago

    I've worked with Mac OS 7 in 2000!

  • KarmaMan82
    KarmaMan82 Day ago

    Have Fun:

  • McLovinLain
    McLovinLain Day ago

    I was born January of 2000

  • Elliott Waddick
    Elliott Waddick Day ago

    Guess what? I wasn’t born yet

  • Agus Idong
    Agus Idong Day ago

    This dumb white ruined everything

  • db Duck
    db Duck Day ago

    i was -4 years

  • Wasay Ur Rehman
    Wasay Ur Rehman Day ago

    Who else noticed the video quality between this and mkbhd's video?

  • Ethan G
    Ethan G Day ago

    Damn son I run into those every once in a while you should put Linux on it

  • My Entertainer, Inc.

    *I was -5 years old at 2000!!!!*

  • Kakan Margaria
    Kakan Margaria Day ago

    In the year 2000 i was -7 years old(i was born 2007).

  • Rayan Almutawa
    Rayan Almutawa Day ago +2

    Are you sure? Are you sure about this?

  • Marcus Jones
    Marcus Jones Day ago

    In year 2000 i was 2

  • unlimitedz
    unlimitedz Day ago

    I was -7 in 2000

  • Errol Jan Enerio

    I was 8. Haha

  • Andy Chang
    Andy Chang Day ago

    Does she have ADD?

  • Rock Respawn
    Rock Respawn Day ago +1

    In 2000 I was -1 years old lol 😂

  • agastya kainandra

    So theres Imac bigmac also ibook, macbook

  • Qais Amiri Gaming

    0.0000000001 years old

  • MonsterM8 GT
    MonsterM8 GT Day ago

    I was -6 years old

  • Gia Tube
    Gia Tube Day ago

    Lol I wasn’t born yet I was born in 2007 I’m 11

  • TeeJay Jayti
    TeeJay Jayti Day ago

    How much did these things cost?

  • Siddhant Mehendale

    dick the continue button?

  • RS has come
    RS has come Day ago

    I wasn’t born yet

  • vishal k
    vishal k Day ago

    Was she high???

  • vishal k
    vishal k Day ago

    Why is she so restless!! Has she never seen 2000s. Acting so weird ....

  • Mkxxr
    Mkxxr Day ago

    In 2000 I was non-existent.

  • Friska Dita
    Friska Dita Day ago

    I saw this in Legaly blonde 1, one of my favorite movie of all time 😂😂😂

  • Fabian Bravo
    Fabian Bravo 2 days ago

    I wasnt born 😂😂😂 I'm 16

  • Fabian Bravo
    Fabian Bravo 2 days ago

    Mora aselerada 😂

  • Diamondslimee
    Diamondslimee 2 days ago

    I was -5 in 2000

  • Naira Da Silva
    Naira Da Silva 2 days ago

    I wasn't even born lol😂

  • Delane Marshall
    Delane Marshall 2 days ago

    justine seriously hasn’t aged since her senior photo 😍

  • joshua morgado
    joshua morgado 2 days ago

    In 2000 I was in my dads nutsack....

  • Kari Kohler
    Kari Kohler 2 days ago

    I remember this computer from the movie Legally Blonde. Had that movie on VHS 😂😂😂

  • BbyGirl638
    BbyGirl638 2 days ago

    Lol I was 3 when it was the year 2000

  • Alexi Adams
    Alexi Adams 2 days ago

    I wasn't noren yet

  • Ninja o
    Ninja o 2 days ago

    -7 years old

  • tix nation
    tix nation 2 days ago

    i was 0 years old i was born oct 15 ,2007

  • F San Jose
    F San Jose 2 days ago

    In 2000 I bought the G4 Cube!!! So fun...

  • Cecily Meikle
    Cecily Meikle 2 days ago

    Justine My sister who is seven years older than me was born in 2000!

  • What Ya Reading!
    What Ya Reading! 2 days ago

    They act like they just found a million year old dinosaur egg or something LOL

  • Ansigo
    Ansigo 2 days ago


  • ava priar
    ava priar 2 days ago

    -7 yrs old I was born in 2007

  • George Howard
    George Howard 2 days ago

    Made me turn on my Power PC :-)

  • titan tuber
    titan tuber 2 days ago

    I was -3 years old

  • Patryk Szybczynski
    Patryk Szybczynski 2 days ago

    I clicked because of marques

  • Willi Billi
    Willi Billi 2 days ago

    looks a lot like a kids toy - obviously designed for someone who just walked out of the forest for the first time. OS 9?? how old is this gadget anyways??

  • Farhaan Khan
    Farhaan Khan 2 days ago

    I was 2.

  • Chet sTER
    Chet sTER 2 days ago

    oh god please dont make your opera face in an unboxing video

  • brian blaze
    brian blaze 2 days ago

    i naver see prity i book intro

  • Albert Muñoz
    Albert Muñoz 2 days ago

    i want to do my homework with the ibook

  • Albert Muñoz
    Albert Muñoz 2 days ago

    i was -2 years old

  • Giri Krishnan
    Giri Krishnan 2 days ago

    Whose that guy with Justine

  • Dan
    Dan 2 days ago

    I was 9 years old in 2000 :)

  • china korea
    china korea 2 days ago

    i was born after in 8 years

  • The Drawing Taco
    The Drawing Taco 2 days ago

    I wasn’t alive in 2000......

  • aurelius adrian
    aurelius adrian 2 days ago

    age -1

  • Nikolas Gray
    Nikolas Gray 2 days ago

    I was -3 in 2000

  • Autumn Crites
    Autumn Crites 3 days ago

    Did they have a pink one if so... Yes please

  • Dhyey Patel
    Dhyey Patel 3 days ago

    Amazing to see one of the oldest creations by Apple under the governance of legendary Steve Jobs.
    Fact: Apple changed their iconic symbol on the MacBooks as they were upside down like in this case of iMac.

  • Cody Haggarty101
    Cody Haggarty101 3 days ago

    I did not have it!!!!!! But I want it now!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hannah Banana
    Hannah Banana 3 days ago

    I was born 4 years after that

  • Rob Gibson
    Rob Gibson 3 days ago

    I always thought they look like a toilet seat

  • QUINN!
    QUINN! 3 days ago

    not born

  • AJ Larsen
    AJ Larsen 3 days ago

    I was 13 in 2000. I remember having dial up and tying up a phone line all night so I could be on ICQ and AIM hahaha

  • ThatsNiceGuy - Technology and More

    damn she’s everything that’s wrong with apple fans

  • paul kmit
    paul kmit 3 days ago

    Amazing beasts these computers are :)

  • Carlos Fuentes
    Carlos Fuentes 3 days ago

    She should change this line of business to PORN. She knows how to fake an orgasm.

  • Jason S2parda
    Jason S2parda 3 days ago

    In 2000 I was 6 months old I was born in late 1999

  • Christopher Farrell
    Christopher Farrell 3 days ago

    Annoying presenter....

  • Country Angel
    Country Angel 3 days ago

    Wasn’t even born yet. I am 13.

  • Tudawg
    Tudawg 3 days ago

    I wish Apple could release this version again but upgrade. I will definitely but one! Is very pretty and the memories it will come with it are worth the price

  • DarkBoidlesium
    DarkBoidlesium 3 days ago

    i was -6 in 2000

  • Fire Toad
    Fire Toad 3 days ago


  • winterbreeze32
    winterbreeze32 3 days ago

    golden retriever and a chihuahua

  • Λογος
    Λογος 3 days ago

    What's wrong with that generation?

  • Ba-ni-sh Ba-ra-l
    Ba-ni-sh Ba-ra-l 3 days ago

    Put Apple logo on Nokia 3310.
    Injustine:- Oh my god, it's so crispy and beautiful. Best, beautiful, awesome,cute,wow. 🐻🤳

  • Unownimus :D
    Unownimus :D 3 days ago

    0 iwas born on 2000

  • AdamIzwadi
    AdamIzwadi 3 days ago

    Wht is wrong with her??? So irritating 🙄