Wham Bam Thank You Scam

  • Published on Jun 14, 2013
  • This is my story of how I was scammed and how I then traced the scammers to Thailand... ...and then paid them a visit.
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  • chonnerone
    chonnerone Hour ago

    See, I would have hired some nasty people and went back. Anything is possible in Thailand.

  • unebonnevie
    unebonnevie 3 hours ago

    NEVER give people your money to invest! you can do it to your self easily with trusted financial institutions.

  • South Bound
    South Bound 6 hours ago

    HBSC in 2007 were thieves in the night.

  • Sam Carpenter
    Sam Carpenter 11 hours ago

    In actuality, you presented no evidence of anything. There was no obligation to give any information on your contacts I know in the US they wouldn't pay any attension to you. It is just name calling. You were cheated and now you know the term "due diligence". You aren't alone.However, your film was captivating since I live in Thailand. I think ultimately this place is scam one way or the other, since the government doesn't isn't like western governments it is hard to understand their mentality. It is best not to do business except with a bonafide company you have to check them out. Any Westerner living over here trying to start a business iwth your money--stay away!

  • Ray Seld
    Ray Seld 14 hours ago

    Brilliant production of what is a serious matter - sorry very serious. I would have invested in some help - some one who spoke english and was a local in the area or at least Thai. Don't give up.... keep pushing this message out to as many people as possible, I am sure there are others who will have pieces of this puzzle, given the volume of money... it will surface.

  • Simon Deitz
    Simon Deitz 15 hours ago

    Raid area 51

  • Depalan S
    Depalan S 15 hours ago

    learning about human nature also means that you don't try to double your money by sitting home, money has better use

  • Wander On2Wheels
    Wander On2Wheels 15 hours ago

    I'm just amazed how I managed not to skip a second of this documentary. And, yeah, you Mr. Jones has the b@lls tracking these people around in a foreign country. Published in 2013 and in keeps on coming back on my recommendations tab here. This is an embarrassment to the institutions involved and certainly a law to laugh about by the scammers. Thank you for doing this.

  • ilbs ilbs
    ilbs ilbs 16 hours ago

    I would of hired a couple of goons from Australia and go down there and knock on that freaking door until Martin would answer. Then it would be, >>> wire my money back or you die you mdrFucker! See how fast you’d get your money back. But then again it takes a certain type of individual to pull that off. I am really sorry to hear your story.

  • David Bradstreet
    David Bradstreet 16 hours ago

    Catharsis personified, with zero moneyshot :(

  • Care.
    Care. 17 hours ago

    amazing how the bank inself helped you during this digusting, theft of a coward

  • Whatyoudo
    Whatyoudo 19 hours ago

    thats a very interesting story and you are a determined man but gotta ask...why the hell did you not check them out at the start? Were you blinded by the chance to make big money in that same
    way they are blinded to honesty for the same result?? You sent some company a bunch of money for one reason only, make a bunch of money but you didnt think it was important to check all of thier claims first....you're a dumbass! Instead of doing all that travel and risking your life you probably could have just accepted your idiot mistake and set to task of making some more money!

  • Jon Barnard
    Jon Barnard 21 hour ago

    HSBC? "Reputable international bank"? International no doubt. Reputable? It may be that mention of the word "fraud" causes all these bankers to forget how to speak English.

  • Wouter van Willigen

    "I will be posting a new video in early 2019 with all the updates and answering all the questions people are always asking."

    Any updates planned?

  • Robert Ewalt
    Robert Ewalt Day ago

    HSBC lost a lot of money on investments in US banks and finance companies. Serves them right.

  • Brian Flynn
    Brian Flynn Day ago

    Defoe hold my hands up to you for the courage you have shown pity the bastards got away with it but hopefully they will get their cum tuppence respect from scotland

  • Judge Dredd
    Judge Dredd Day ago +1

    i would have tracked em down and taken one finger off, till they gave back the money..

  • Judge Dredd
    Judge Dredd Day ago

    Thailand is a shit hole. nuke it!

  • Judge Dredd
    Judge Dredd Day ago +1

    cops are corrupt over there as can be

  • Inte Dinensak
    Inte Dinensak Day ago

    I will be Dr Heindseith and say that when the Thai Police needed visual identification you should have gone and spied on the scammers untill you had it.

  • LeRoy RunRun
    LeRoy RunRun Day ago

    Sorry for your loss, you gave the money to the scammers, now your feeling guilty and want the funds back,Why go overseas to buy stock is there not a stock exchange in Australia.......I yhink you saw good interest and got greedy and gave away more money.You were very luck to get out of town with your life.

  • ben wright
    ben wright Day ago

    Wrong Kong

  • Pocket Cloud
    Pocket Cloud 2 days ago

    you should have gone to thailand organized crime and they would have gotten you 10% back, and maybe also let you kick the scammer in the balls.

  • Morad Khan
    Morad Khan 2 days ago

    Man, you're an courageous man!

  • veg4life
    veg4life 2 days ago

    all you had to do & ask , was anyone you spoke to is - if you get my 100k back il give you 10-15k because all these people live on a minimum wage so offering a minimum amount of money, anyone locals pay em a little to be nosey , to get locals personal info , pay em , remember it's a poor country locals need money , in return you get favours , also you know these thiefs location , record the thieves house or families house , that's evidence , you should of stayed few weeks or months on a fake holiday extending your visa , surveillance is hard video evidence , if you went to the same club or shop or barber or bar as a tourist where the theifs go regularly , you could of started a fake conversion asking if he knows any girls or that your a rich person looking to invest, then set up a fake sting appointment meetings , record everything , give few hundred dollars or a thousand to trick the theif as if your interested, do the surveillance in secret before reporting the crime only telling your family ,then present hard eveidence pictures audio video everything , report it to the australia police & embassy report it to thailand embassy & police offering 15k again to get yor money back, if nobody helps search local thai debt collecters offer same money again , you probably have to break the law to look for local thai thugs to rough them up do whatever , like the thugs might have to torture & break a finger first then arm or leg whichever gets the job done quickly , the thiefs may give cash out of pain or give bank details or location just get the money back & keep 15k in thai money is a very big amount for poor people in a third country , remember thailand is a 3rd world country run on the greed of money , corrupt officials & police , people pay bribes for murder & avoid jail , drugs pedos theft gangs prostitution all crimes are active , break the law for money for religion everything , hidden covered up by authorities , hidden from main stream media , i cant believe a group of muslims go round places & harassing thai people saying their not islamicly religious enough & thai police ignore it.

    sorry for your loss brother i really hope one day justice gets served & you hit the jackpot & win 100k in the lottery & get your money back

  • OneSilverGhost
    OneSilverGhost 2 days ago +2

    34:03 Australian ''Robert De Niro''

  • P. S.
    P. S. 2 days ago +1

    Never Borrower or Lend to someone you've never met before.

  • desmond crean
    desmond crean 2 days ago


  • Jack Mthembu
    Jack Mthembu 2 days ago

    Wow, man... Sorry to learn about your story.

  • Elliot Melloy
    Elliot Melloy 2 days ago +2

    For the first 30 seconds until he says his name, I thought "Yeah he watches too much Richard Hammond on Top Gear."

    • ernesto dors
      ernesto dors Day ago

      nahhh only fools and horses.....RODNEY TROTTERRRRR in real live

  • Patrick McGrath
    Patrick McGrath 2 days ago

    There's no easy lunch

  • Tony McDonald
    Tony McDonald 2 days ago

    You are a brave man but I from my experience you needed to understand the "system" in Thailand a little better to get a result. I moved to Thailand in 1999 as a member of the diplomatic staff in the Australian embassy. I am still here as a private citizen. It has been a long time but if you are still monitoring these comments try to get in touch with me. Perhaps I can help with the red tape issues.

  • nobuo19800401
    nobuo19800401 2 days ago

    It is a very good video. I felt like I was sightseeing with me.
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  • Luis S.
    Luis S. 2 days ago

    You knew the scammer address and you gave up? Why did you ask the police to knock on his door and arrest him??

  • 9009knight
    9009knight 2 days ago +1

    I hope you recovered at-least part of the money through this well made documentary .....

  • Greg Smith
    Greg Smith 2 days ago +1

    Great Job Mate... you have a career as investgative journalist

  • Orlando
    Orlando 2 days ago

    Oh mate, I am so terribly sorry about what happened to you over the internet, I too was scammed out of money although nowhere near of what you lost but none the the less, it's money lost to criminals. I admire you for your bravery and determination but in a foreign country, the odds are most likely against you and especially when the authorities are as corrupt as the criminals that scammed you. May God bless you, and may justice prevail somewhere along the way. Thank you for having taken the time to make this video which I am very sure that it will help thousands of people around the world.

  • Chronic Awareness
    Chronic Awareness 2 days ago +1

    17:13 are they even human beings? look like fucking alien yetis

  • Neil Wyatt
    Neil Wyatt 2 days ago

    We haven't had any investigative journalists in the main stream media since before 9/11, you can guess why. This is a well put together investigation and we need more of the like as a warning to us all. Don't let em grind you down mate, Good luck.

    EVANGELOSS54 3 days ago +1

    Damn I miss the times when a gentleman could simply go to the British governor of Hong Kong and have it all settled in a jiffy !

  • Adam Ski
    Adam Ski 3 days ago

    Classic boiler room scam,cleaver. Wolf of Wall Street springs to mind. They're very cleaver and convincing and pry on our quest to grab a perceived great opportunity. Sadly human greed. You did what you could.
    Wouldn't surprise me that they had to pay a ransom once arrested behind your back. Another great business opportunity!!

  • Cubicle5
    Cubicle5 3 days ago +11

    10:47 Banks are the biggest crooks on the planet - all controlled by a network of psychopaths who also control world governments.

    • Micheal Desanta
      Micheal Desanta 14 hours ago

      In other words , the Jews in the stolen land of Palestine

  • Hamid S
    Hamid S 3 days ago +1

    I admire your courage and hope you find them soon.

  • Casey Stoner
    Casey Stoner 3 days ago

    You've missed your calling. You sir were born to present documentaries. It's quite concerning to learn that someone as switched on as you obviously are can be scammed. What chance has the average person?

  • Jason Hanslo
    Jason Hanslo 3 days ago +2

    Sell this doccie to the BBC and maybe they’ll be scammed like you to buy it

  • Andile Mlindi
    Andile Mlindi 3 days ago

    Keith. I feel for you my friend about what has happened, I hope you will feel better in time. I have lot of respect for you for taking such brave actions. You have done a great job telling your story, many will no doubt learn from it. Hold your head high Keithy Baby!

  • Darren Sisco
    Darren Sisco 3 days ago

    Don't do business with Asia. Their culture is about seeing how much they can get away with.

  • Tony’s PRIMITIVE Animals

    Hey Keith you should be a detective, a lot of unsolved case will get solved. Thanks for sharing this important video with the public hopefully this dose t happen to anyone else out there in the world. If it sounds too good then it’s not true.

  • Graphx T
    Graphx T 3 days ago

    F da Pig. They didn't want to help you then got pissed off because you didn't involve them. That oz for you. I hope these c unt get some cement shoes

  • Gathering No Moss
    Gathering No Moss 3 days ago

    Trouble is that it would be just as easy for the crooks to find out where HE lives I wouldn't continue the bluffing game if I was him.

  • AcctNo99
    AcctNo99 3 days ago

    As many have said, don't do business with cold callers. Second, do your research before sending $100k. Third, I'd have carried a gun with me (would have sought one in Thailand after arriving, they can't be that hard to find) and would have felt more safe and confident in finding these people. At the end of the day though, I respect that you went this far in tracking them down.

  • Melody Smith
    Melody Smith 3 days ago

    Land of Smiles... And Scams.

  • Perry Codes
    Perry Codes 4 days ago

    With all those compression artifacts - the chance of anyone recognizing those voices is slim to none.

  • Moss Limbayter
    Moss Limbayter 4 days ago

    I'm Canadian, I bought 2 lots adjoining lots in Costa Rica 1988 for a future retirement home. In 2016 we decided to sell the lots, we accepted an offer of $90K USD. The sale was proceeding (it takes months there) when my notary (with Power Of Attorney and signing authority for the real estate sale) down there emailed that our lots had been stolen by a crooked lawyer in Costa Rica. He registered my lots as having been sold to his friend. He wrote our long expired 1988 passports and drivers license numbers as our ID and our old address as our current residence on the land transfer documents and listed the selling price as $500 USD to reduce the land transfer tax. He wrote that we signed the documents in his presence, in his Costa Rica office on Sept. 15th, 2016; but we were not in Costa Rica that year or the previous year and the Immigration office has proof because they keep track of entries and exits because you have to fill out and sign a declaration when you enter..

    I contacted several lawyers down there, they all told me that we would probably get our land back but the legal fees would be around $25K USD with $15K up front. The case would take 3 years or more and we would have to travel there several times ($5K each trip for us) to make sworn statements, sign legal documents and be present in the court during both of these guys' trials. (They must be found guilty of the crime before the courts can reverse the land registration). Their Napoleonic legal system makes it WAY too quick and easy to steal and WAY too long, costly and hard to recover stolen property...

    After weeks of anger simmering and not sleeping I decided to approach it differently. I contacted a American guy I know in the area who sells dope. He gave me the contact information for the MS-13 boss in the region. I emailed him and offered him the 2 lots for free, all he had to do was convince the thieves to sign over the properties to him. My only request was that he punish these guys in the same way he would punish anyone who stole $90K USD from him.

    A month later my friend down there emailed that "it" was done. I read the local papers, on-line blogs and community articles and verified it. Then I gave my notary authority to sign over the lots to the MS-13 guy.

    They won't be stealing land again. I'm satisfied.

  • Suzie Q
    Suzie Q 4 days ago

    I never answer calls from people I don't know especially people asking for money. These calls go directly into voice mail where I just delete them. This man seems too smart to have fallen for this very typical scam but sometimes greed makes us less cautious. To good to be true. I give him kudos for making this video admitting his mistake while trying to find the culprits. He put himself in danger. He also did a good job reminding us the part banks play in allowing theft to happen and take no responsibility for it.

  • Peter Teoh
    Peter Teoh 4 days ago

    Take all these as a learning experience, and setup your career to trace all the scammer should they come to you again, or coming up with ways to entice them (youtube has lots of "scam the scammer"). In computer security, this is called "honeypot" to attract the bad guys. And you will be the one that work with the different countries' police organization to bring justice to these people. Likely to be a team effort, and not just ONE or two person.

  • janey rekats
    janey rekats 4 days ago

    You should be a Private Investigator... great documentary on yourself. Theres a vlogger on here who i think could help you on the language side of things.

  • Google User
    Google User 4 days ago +2

    U only invest what u are happy to loose!

  • Tide Swell
    Tide Swell 4 days ago

    There are only 2 words to describe you,
    And those words are “you - dickhead.”

  • Askari
    Askari 4 days ago

    What happened to the early 2019 update?

  • Hax
    Hax 4 days ago +1

    Wham Bam thank you Mam is what me and the fellas use to call an easy one night stand

  • Joshua Hardy
    Joshua Hardy 4 days ago

    None of this surprises me. The baby boomers have a lot of stories talking about investing through a broker they've only met on the phone. There are a considerable amount of stories about them using a local broker too.
    I'm a early millennial. The idea that I would ever trust and pay someone else to invest my money is utterly repulsive to me. These guys rarely have an education and when they do I'm generally not impressed with it. Basket weaving degrees are code word for fake-job blood suckers...
    Sorry, that happened to you friend...

  • Ashutosh Upadhyaya
    Ashutosh Upadhyaya 4 days ago +2

    I watched entire video thinking he will find the bastards...... disappointed.

  • Howdideye enduphere
    Howdideye enduphere 4 days ago

    You should start a private eye business. I now there would be people in india scared of a door knock from you.

  • Saif Addeen Al-Manaseer

    "nice cup of coffee" 38:00 lol
    Very interesting and well made video, thanks!

  • Kevin Higgins
    Kevin Higgins 4 days ago

    So Thailand sucks as bad as China, saw a similar thing on TVclip regarding China is a country of scam artists (I wondered why they poison babies with melamine, google that. Makes sense now. HSBC is huge. Real criminals it seems, I will put that in the memory and never deal with HSBC and will inform others. HATE THIEVES!

  • Mad Wax
    Mad Wax 5 days ago

    Nice production

  • Paulo Chan
    Paulo Chan 5 days ago

    Haha...done that BKK-CNX train journey a couple of years ago. Couldn't pay me to do it again - mosquitos, no aircon, train in front got derailed (quite common apparently) leading to us being stranded in Sukhothai for 4 hours, nothing to drink or eat or food service, a ride from hell.

  • andy3949
    andy3949 5 days ago

    Typical Thailand for ya.

  • IAM Will
    IAM Will 5 days ago

    I always believe that those who steal from others will never have peace in their life; and that they are digging their own grave sooner than they can chisel their name on their tombstone. I'm sure this video will teach a good lesson to many and save them millions of dollars because they saw this video. And hopefully you can regain that $110K back just from the millions of views you will get from this video too.