Wham Bam Thank You Scam

  • Published on Jun 14, 2013
  • This is my story of how I was scammed and how I then traced the scammers to Thailand... ...and then paid them a visit.
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  • Mark James
    Mark James 2 hours ago

    Tip: Never visit a place where the police/justice-system are backwards (corrupt) you could end up in terrible prison conditions through not fault of your own. Places with scams and drug problems. It's just not worth it.

  • TheGreatestTeamOfAll

    Sell this to Netflix for 100k and break even...

  • Andrew Strom
    Andrew Strom 6 days ago

    THAT'S THE END!?! Pretty sad story. Can't believe you flew all around so many times, never having any sort of plan. Cops got paid off for sure--you can even see it on the Australian cop's face.

  • you tube8
    you tube8 7 days ago

    I so relate no one understanding lol

  • you tube8
    you tube8 7 days ago

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 please could I have my money back mr criminal I bet they returned every penny with interest just to be nice xxx

  • Boges Malone
    Boges Malone 7 days ago +1

    i was really hoping when he got to the door, it would open, and on the other end a woman in braids would say "we've been waiting for you Neo"

  • Bea Butcher
    Bea Butcher 8 days ago

    Wellnic???, think about it, “we’ll nick” your money

  • mogbaba
    mogbaba 8 days ago

    Several times a company with physical office in my city in Norway contacted me for similar investment. I politely rejected even I was sure it could not be a fraud. I know it does not help you , I just right my experience. May be i is worthy for someone, if you cannot invest by yourself, put your money in a bank account with high interest.
    Your persistance is great.

  • gutiersa
    gutiersa 8 days ago

    I wonder if you could have contacted the FCC. They are probably scamming people in the US

  • read1986
    read1986 8 days ago

    Great doc, so much investigation so why not spend probably £20 a day and have a translator? Im guessing there was a reason?

  • shane phelan
    shane phelan 8 days ago +1

    so the guys stupid and rich. who cares? not me. i dont know anyone with money to invest and lose. so your stupidity is not a problem your still eating and have a roof over ypur head.

  • Anthony B
    Anthony B 8 days ago

    This is of course sad and I feel sorry for the guy but, who returns an email soliciting investment on the INTERNET!?
    Sorry but come on.

  • Cee Jay
    Cee Jay 9 days ago +4

    It's always boomers that fall for these scams. The world has changed, that high trust society you grew up in is gone now.

  • Nikki Kim
    Nikki Kim 9 days ago

    I feel sorry about what happened to you. U story and investigation is so brave, I think you should appreciate the help of local Thai people. Or Thai police at least seem like willing to help you as much as they can.

  • Juan Kalustian
    Juan Kalustian 9 days ago

    this has the quality of a tv documentary. your narration sounds professional like youve been doing it for years. you should be making documentaries instead of deals

  • mick bart
    mick bart 10 days ago

    This program should go to TV to help protect others.....well made and well put together...and very courageous to actually go there and to knock on the mans door.

  • Mmichael Mattingly
    Mmichael Mattingly 11 days ago

    nice work. wish u had found then. sucks that no one will try to stop them!!!

  • Gregarious
    Gregarious 11 days ago

    I'd have a hard timer not seeking revenge.. sorry that happened.. great job on the work you did...

  • pam lund
    pam lund 13 days ago

    you deserve to be scammed fucking idiot

  • Eric In Thailand
    Eric In Thailand 13 days ago

    Well #1, You should have done your homework & researched the investment group BEFORE you invested any of your money !! #2, ANY phone call out of the blue concerning investment opportunities should have been a red flag for you about a boiler room or scam situation. #3 While your documentary was a good one, you failed to expose or identify the perpetrator's, so a BIG FAIL !!
    #4 Hope you learned not to be so gullible in the future.

  • bellesmom2012
    bellesmom2012 13 days ago

    I am just glad they didn't find your body in the bushes somewhere over there! I hate the type of people who can do shady stuff like that . I'm glad you are ok!

  • Colin Cleave
    Colin Cleave 13 days ago

    Fabulous doco great stuff, I have been ripped off so it triggered my emotions. I too trust very few now....sad aye!!

  • saul Benjamin
    saul Benjamin 13 days ago

    There as to be a way for this man to get back his money he could make his story into a movie or something just to get his money back.any way if i am going to invest in money making stuff i av to see the people in person

  • HigherWaysWoman
    HigherWaysWoman 14 days ago

    appreciate that you shared your story in hopes it could help protect others from such terrible criminal behaviors. You are correct that it pays more to be a criminal than to be an Honest Good Person. But then....You have what they do not & won't have and that is...You Own Your Soul...they forfeited theirs.
    I Am a Death Experiencer....a surgeon caused my death by hiding what he had done to me. A couple more years & I would've had 2 Doctorates in Medicine. That NeuroSurgeon (NS) bought my attorney & Judge...closed my case where I could not open it. This type of taking advantage has been still going on since 1991....and like the sketchy situations you found yourself in over seas...I have been maintained in here in the US. It's been a never ending battle not only to find proper medical care...its a ceaseless battle trying to survive those who continue doing such horrific medical crimes against people...and I have lost so much of my anatomy...having solid proof what the numerous medically licensed has done....NOT ONE MEDICAL MALPRACTICE ATTORNEY & NOT ONE STATE LICENSING BOARDS HAS EVER DONE SQUAT IN THEIR RESPONSIBILITIES DUTIES OF THEIR OFFICES. And so I know well what you have gone thru...how you have felt....still feeling....we are all suppose to be on the Right Side & being doing what is Right. ***Shakes My Head**** the lost generations ppl will sell their souls for a moment of comfort.
    I wish you & your loved ones the best....I can tell you knowing the Spiritual Laws....they who have wronged you are not living a happy nor peaceful life & you absolutely can seize the one part of themselves that is worth more than anything in this world...their souls. Yes you can lay claims to it...and even state they will serve & labor for you in how ever many life times you deem so. This is a Law that the upper echelon know very well & do not want The People knowing....for quite obvious reasons. So you lay claim to whatever you want....start Praying for them too...asking God to do whatever it takes to bring them back to accountability....their lives will be a true living hell. Yes its that easy

  • Anna Koutsogiannopoulos

    So sorry for what happened!! A lesson for all of us ❣️❣️❣️

  • Khalil Razak
    Khalil Razak 15 days ago

    You are a very brave, intelligent and good person who unfortunately got scammed by ruthless bastards. I hope they choke on that scammed money.

  • A Voll
    A Voll 15 days ago

    Any luck with your money?

  • listerone
    listerone 15 days ago

    Regardless of how American...or British...or Australian a "financial adviser" might sound I would never,in a million years,wire a single dollar to Hong Kong or any other 4th World cesspool.

  • QueenOfAll_ Lady Rose
    QueenOfAll_ Lady Rose 16 days ago

    Sorry for the lost of your money!!! i never understand WHY ON EARTH that someone would give money away OVER THE PHONE to someone that they don't know. I just don't get it?? All the best to you!!

  • Autistic Savant
    Autistic Savant 16 days ago

    You are a professional moron. At least you have a wonderful, caring wife.

  • Daniel Joel
    Daniel Joel 16 days ago

    Awesome job tracking them down. It's been almost 7 years.....did anything ever come of it?

  • peter jones
    peter jones 17 days ago

    keith you are a idiot .that's all I will say apart from I will watch your next video

  • Neil Mccartney
    Neil Mccartney 17 days ago

    Well , I have been scammed twice for a lot less money , like you I was determined to equal things up , there was only one way to deal with these scum bags that was violence in the extreme , I equalized things in my favor both times , me an equally tough cookie pal,some time , patience and boom revenge was sweet as ! Get in touch if you want revenge on these idiots , I am for hire . No money back but their cost was worse and very very satisfying.

  • Lin Mal
    Lin Mal 17 days ago +1

    I love and admire the professionalism of your Qld policeman !

  • csu111
    csu111 19 days ago +1

    Well look at the bright side. Most women would have left you and taken everything else you had. Obviously you married a good one....

  • dev bachu
    dev bachu 19 days ago +1

    Be careful bro they make u pennieless

  • dev bachu
    dev bachu 19 days ago +1

    So sad be careful with money etc too much scammers

  • C.S.Rodney
    C.S.Rodney 19 days ago

    Man sorry for your lost, but this is a great documentary, you should be looking for a new job in that field.

  • Gougoulina 20
    Gougoulina 20 20 days ago

    The only way to hurt those peoples, Is that THE peoples with money like you, Should wise up and do business with real persons and real companies NOT with an anonymous voice on the other side of the line.
    It always happens to lonely peoples NOT ALONE but lonely ones with money like you.
    Money gone but the good wife still there, go home and hold her tight

  • Pancho Gonzalez
    Pancho Gonzalez 20 days ago

    HSBC help launder money to the tune of 881 million in 2012 and was fined for this check out dirty money on netflix,.

  • Lily Love
    Lily Love 21 day ago

    I was almost expecting the horror film ending, ur head on a stick. These criminals have no conscience, they would take the last penny out of their dying grannies hand.

  • Joshua Chukwu
    Joshua Chukwu 22 days ago +2

    You are effortlessness. More intelligent than FBI

  • robert jones
    robert jones 22 days ago

    Mike Palin has nothing on you mate, we have all nearly been scammed these days, small or not, BUT at least with tales like yours, we all learn ! (don't we ?)

  • jason p
    jason p 22 days ago

    why didnt you kick his fucking door in and cut his head off with a machete instead of dropping your balls like that?

  • Mike Dickson
    Mike Dickson 22 days ago

    Do we know what state he's from? What his age is?

  • Nikola Karovic
    Nikola Karovic 23 days ago +1

    moral of the story is you need an adult to help you spend your money because only a fucking absolute cuck would give away 100000 dollars to a scam. scammers will always gravitate towards stupid rich brits who have no idea how to spend their money. Scam isnt elaborate you're just a gullible fool. Probably should have called those companies before handing over your money LOL

  • Charles Stratford
    Charles Stratford 23 days ago

    Very well documented and nicely put together video. I get what you went through as something similar happened to me only my injury was the return of an overinflated deposit into my business account. The money was corroborated by the bank but I had a sense there was something not right being the deposit was more than I asked for. I decided to return all the money back to what I thought was the sending company but it ended up being that company's 'distributing company'. Big mistake. Sharing my suspicions with the receiving bank who still had the money sitting in the account stated they could/would do nothing as there was no proof it was anything illegal so they allowed the money to be released. So funny hmmm? I also followed up with the scammers pretending to not be aware of the scam. Fortunately through my efforts I was able to freeze the account of the receiving bank and recover half my money by court order but my god the banks care nothing for the victim and take no responsibility themselves and any money the banks have lost will fall on you to pay. The scam was very sophisticated, professional and complex. People may criticize victims for not doing due diligence prior to accepting or sending hard earned money but there can be several factors at play while being scammed and two of which in my case were exhausted from working long project hours which affected my cognitive reasoning and multi-tasking. The moment I took some rest I realized the mistake I made. I still ended up having to pay out of pocket $55,000 and the RBC bank blocked all my on-line banking, shut down all my account access and proceeded to kick me out of their bank stating I was a risk when they were the ones who verified the funds and approved the transaction. I hired a lawyer who told me not to pay anything but really it was just a waste of money hiring him. The bank could never give me a clear answer to what I owed exactly but still demanded minimum payments. Honestly it was such a mess. Best to never make decisions while exhausted.

  • Happy Days
    Happy Days 23 days ago +3

    Be careful , alot of criminals have people who work for HSBC work with them abroad.
    So once they get your money , you will never get it back.

  • Matt Dodson
    Matt Dodson 23 days ago +1

    Dam I was so rooting for you mate,this video is so well put together.Its disappointing you never got to face the fraudsters but a great video none the less.

  • Ric Glass
    Ric Glass 23 days ago +2

    I will see, if I can find your enemy for you (online). throw a few lines in the water so as to speak and get back to you. I am old and terminally ill and Justice is important to me.

    • Klyuev Stepan
      Klyuev Stepan 13 days ago

      Do you think he's still around Bangkok and Chiang Mai?

  • Ric Glass
    Ric Glass 23 days ago

    My daughter got my life savings similarly, that is misappropriation to all gone. You also have my mindset, it doesn't matter if things take me the rest of my life, i will get justice. I'm still keeping things current from 40 years ago lol so there have not been too many things like this in my life, maybe one from 1983 and 1986, 2010 and after that 2012 and I have tracked them all down, just waiting for opportunity and dont want to waste money doing so. Police have been involved and I have been locked up for their belief that I am dangerous lol that was 2018/2019 so getting close now lol It was all to do with a harlot first wife and like mother, like daughter, even though I raised her as a single dad for a few years while mum was cock gobling. You might get lucky, but them knowing you are after them, will eventually haunt them. My enemies live in fear lol

    • Jay jay
      Jay jay 19 days ago

      I call bullshit

  • Nicholas Brigham
    Nicholas Brigham 24 days ago

    you would've lost a bunch of money on that trade anyways haha

  • Ole Bertelsen
    Ole Bertelsen 24 days ago

    It´s a great and well made documentary. But I really still don´t understand how you could believe in these criminals and send them money. And the stocks in the Hilton project???? It would have been worth a simple google search. So, Keithy, in my opinion, you´re a better filmmaker than business mand.

  • Bryan Sales
    Bryan Sales 25 days ago

    You make a good investigative journalist.

  • John McCarthy
    John McCarthy 25 days ago

    Great Doco, But sad that we supposedly the people have no representation within law. It seems to only protect and serve itself. We are just cash cows for any corporation or entity to exploit that then hide within it's rules or laws which make it near impossible for an individual or people get information or take action. I feel sorry for any-one that has been taken advantage of or subjected to this evil as you have.

  • hot rod daddy
    hot rod daddy 25 days ago

    WHY do people do any kind of banking or financial transactions online??? even e transfers are foolish...your cars,your phones ,your computers can and are allways being traced ,weather on purpose , by design in the system or just by inherent flaw in the system...even my comment..lol.

  • Saba Venus
    Saba Venus 26 days ago +1

    How much money have you spend for all of those trips?

  • Ananda Mañana
    Ananda Mañana 26 days ago

    Over 100K for some dudes you knew on the phone? What did you actual investment adviser think about this? Your attorney? For the cost of your flight, you could have just had them whacked.
    Good doc, though. I was shitting bricks when you knocked on the door!

  • William Harris
    William Harris 27 days ago

    Dont be so negative to thailand because you had a bad experience, ive had nothing but good times in thailand

  • devilz reject469
    devilz reject469 27 days ago

    truth is Kieth, u probably aren't related to government officials or ppl in high authority that's y the Australian law enforcement agencies don't care about u, to them, u are just a citizen. I'm sorry u lost your money but don't worry, karma is bitch n one day those same mother fuckaz gonna scam the wrong person