DOOR TRAP Glitch Is OP (epic plz fix)

  • Published on May 26, 2019
  • So now you can Glitch a trap INTO a door! Epic should probably patch this...
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  • anonymous_godi w
    anonymous_godi w 7 hours ago

    Does this still work

  • Game God21
    Game God21 Day ago

    Wish I could do these memes with you guys

  • Nick Chiulli
    Nick Chiulli 2 days ago

    Where’s Muselk’s facecam?

  • Prime H
    Prime H 3 days ago

    i love your vidoes

  • Anthony Forlizzo
    Anthony Forlizzo 4 days ago

    Lazer bean better get rectked

  • T F
    T F 5 days ago

    1v1me noob

  • Angel Sandoval
    Angel Sandoval 6 days ago

    Fuck u

  • Jiso Garcia
    Jiso Garcia 7 days ago

    Muselk sucks

  • v1 Spectrum
    v1 Spectrum 7 days ago

    Correction: better use code "Spect" in the fortnite item shop
    Muselk doesnt need your support or using his code because his already rich and has plenty of money. Godbless

  • Giovanni Pascasio
    Giovanni Pascasio 8 days ago

    Muselk is trash

  • The LA gamer
    The LA gamer 8 days ago

    Muselk I don't know if you will see this but I have a question do you mind if I make a video on traping people in a ton of different ways I just like all your trap ideas so if you don't mind would you respond thanks bro didn't stop the great videos I hope to be like you your an inspiration to me

  • Joe Tingle
    Joe Tingle 13 days ago

    I play on xbox and I'm a godin fortnite im playing it right now

  • Josh Randlesome
    Josh Randlesome 13 days ago

    Who else feels offended that he said it’s a console player he’s running at half speed 😒

  • Jagger_ SING
    Jagger_ SING 15 days ago

    Can you not make your intros 5 minutes long, thanks

    I SUCK AT FORTNITE 20 days ago

    Console is better than pc

  • Fayito 90
    Fayito 90 20 days ago +1

    Im sure i am better than you and i play on console

  • Morocco Killer
    Morocco Killer 21 day ago

    It just normal
    You can just put a trap in the roof and no one will see it

  • Mayonnaise 69
    Mayonnaise 69 22 days ago

    No one likes you

    Like to deactivate

  • Owen Asmis
    Owen Asmis 23 days ago

    muselk is a bot

  • Aubrey Torres
    Aubrey Torres 24 days ago

    Go on twitch and follow NOEISSAVAGE

  • WHOOPS gaming
    WHOOPS gaming 24 days ago +1

    I really like how Muselk edits his videos, but on this one I do feel sorry for the bots who fell for it :(

  • Bryan Garcia
    Bryan Garcia 24 days ago

    He always says people are try hard as when they mess up his memes but when enemies do it 9:10

  • [EPIC] itzzmalikk
    [EPIC] itzzmalikk 26 days ago

    Thanks for your Video! We fixed it.

  • θειος κουμαν

    Fcking klickbait

  • Bthree Gaming
    Bthree Gaming 26 days ago

    Wow you just said he was console because he was going slow

  • Sharda Regmi
    Sharda Regmi 27 days ago

  • 「No_ Waifu _No_ Laifu」

    I just love how enthusiastic Cray is

  • GC Jamie
    GC Jamie 27 days ago +5

    4:45 because your a console player you are running half speed

  • Ivan Capetillo
    Ivan Capetillo 28 days ago

    Muzelk:DOOR TRAP Glitch is OP (Epic pls fix)

    Me:DOOR TRAP Glitch is OP (Epic pls DONT fix

  • MisT PhantomZ
    MisT PhantomZ 28 days ago +1

    Anyone watching this in season 17 lol ha like tilted was so old now there’s savage station not tilted

    • TropicZ_ Deloli5
      TropicZ_ Deloli5 28 days ago

      That isn't even funny what was supposed to be funny

  • Confined Bread
    Confined Bread 28 days ago +1

    1 like = 1 memory of cray

  • Dirt bikepro180
    Dirt bikepro180 29 days ago

    Who is watching naked

  • Sharonda Stays
    Sharonda Stays 29 days ago


  • Flinch 05
    Flinch 05 Month ago

    still not fixed

  • Itz Derpez!
    Itz Derpez! Month ago +6

    Epic: *_removes doors_*
    We did it boys
    *game breaking*
    is no more!

  • Badrex201
    Badrex201 Month ago

    Lol wanna read some thin dumb

    Read more

  • Billy12216 12
    Billy12216 12 Month ago


  • 17SewerTeeth17 Tha2nd

    Dont be a bitch tht shits dope

  • Nathan Alvarez
    Nathan Alvarez Month ago


  • Bendanger 2213
    Bendanger 2213 Month ago

    Why fix mr. Long Story Short?

  • Dynamitre Just
    Dynamitre Just Month ago +1

    -normal youtuber-
    “Gets no money”
    “Makes fake thumbnail and gets a lot of money”

  • FL_ Razer
    FL_ Razer Month ago

    Is it bad that by builds are better than his and I'm a mobile player

  • Galaxy Ninja
    Galaxy Ninja Month ago

    can you Break more glass I don’t think it’s possible

  • Alex Endreson
    Alex Endreson Month ago

    hey i told u about this

  • it's me Lerry
    it's me Lerry Month ago

    Cray is a bot lol

  • Nelson Robles
    Nelson Robles Month ago

    Cray for life

  • someshinygoldYT
    someshinygoldYT Month ago

    9:07 he just left a blue assault rifle and he has a grey ar and again same thing happened 9:58

  • Banana_ PeelyXD
    Banana_ PeelyXD Month ago

    5:25 Anyone else heard noah?

  • James Sisson
    James Sisson Month ago

    Dood I already new about the glitch

  • Pepe Sitoo
    Pepe Sitoo Month ago


  • Rapidz Roman
    Rapidz Roman Month ago

    I’m subbing to ppl who sub to me

  • Dynamitre Just
    Dynamitre Just Month ago +1

    Fake thumbnails you click baiter

  • LazarBeem
    LazarBeem Month ago

    Plz get me ikonik

  • MarkStaib
    MarkStaib Month ago

    Rip hunting rifle

  • O0F Jeff
    O0F Jeff Month ago +1

    At 6:36 he had 5 kills then at 6:41 he only has 2 kills that means he probably died or cut the part out or just skipped it

  • WOW Taser ZZ
    WOW Taser ZZ Month ago

    I mean putting a trap on the door is the same as putting a trap on the ceiling of the door

    Its SOLDJABOY Month ago

    Anyone notice that he got mad for someone not embracing the meme then he kills a person doing the baller meme

  • The Devon rail Fan
    The Devon rail Fan Month ago

    Why did he say it was a glitch then put a new item thing in the corner?

  • Gannon Riley Plays
    Gannon Riley Plays Month ago +1

    Muselk gets banned. That's a cool glitch.

  • Gannon Riley Plays
    Gannon Riley Plays Month ago +1

    . ok

  • Gannon Riley Plays
    Gannon Riley Plays Month ago +1

    . ok

  • Belinda Bernardis
    Belinda Bernardis Month ago


  • Belinda Bernardis
    Belinda Bernardis Month ago


  • toothlessife
    toothlessife Month ago

    wtf did u say about consoles at 4.41

  • Eak 2552
    Eak 2552 Month ago

    Why did you say that person was on console, he could have been on pc or mobile ya 🅱️itch

    • yehCraigy
      yehCraigy Month ago

      Eak_2552 Yt hahaha offended

  • William Gaspard
    William Gaspard Month ago

    My friends and I did this, But couldn’t just edit to the actual kills

  • DCDaniel 30
    DCDaniel 30 Month ago

    U guys are not teammates u guys are meme mates

  • Raghav Chowdary
    Raghav Chowdary Month ago

    I always felt like muselk having 7 k subs

  • CodeSiren
    CodeSiren Month ago

    Fuck you it never poops

  • Tanner Gonzalez
    Tanner Gonzalez Month ago

    Click bait